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Fisher Price customer service is ranked #10 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 120.55 out of a possible 200 based upon 59 ratings. This score rates Fisher Price customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


30 Negative Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 50.85%.


29 Positive Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 49.15%.

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  • Fisher Price

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 120.55 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 30 negative comments (50.85%)
    • 29 positive comments (49.15%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 6.3 Issue Resolution
    • 7.3 Reachability
    • 5.9 Cancellation
    • 8.0 Friendliness
    • 8.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever! Can't call and get ahold of anyone was on hold for over an hour. Charged my card 3 times for same order

Posted by blair

he this is Blair I posted a comment november 6th and you guys still haven't respond please respond here is my comment if you did not read it or need to remember it, I loved GeoTrax but suddenly you guys stopped making and started making EZ railroad play and I wondered if you guys could make ez railroad like GeoTrax so I can connect them with my GeoTrax and have GeoTrax go on EZ railroad play or start making GeoTrax again. AND PLEASE RESPOND

Posted by momof5

terrible customer service department. been trying to get through by phone and via emails for the past 2 days and still have yet to speak to a person. Placed an order online more than a week ago and they have yet to ship the item or send any further emails aside from the original "we have received your order" email. Wouldn't shop their online store ever again.

Posted by blair

I loved GeoTrax but suddenly you guys stopped making and started making EZ railroad play and I wondered if you guys could make ez railroad like GeoTrax so I can connect them with my GeoTrax and have GeoTrax go on EZ railroad play or start making GeoTrax again. please respond

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased the FP rainforest friends selux musical mobile from walmart today and purchased an extended warranty. Got home not all the parts was in the box and it was their last one. It was missing the crib connector and mobile hub with mirror. I Need thes parts. Please call me at Janice

Posted by Millie

My grandson is turning 1....I purchased the Rainforest Mobil for his crib when he was born. My daughter and husband tried to use the Mobil when I purchased it....and the motor was very,very loud so they did not use the Mobil. Recently they attempted to use the Mobil because my grandson likes to press buttons and amuse himself when he is in the crib.,,he now likes his Fisher Orice Mobil....I was wondering....Can something be done to silence the motor? I'd appreciate your feedback....Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

I try too c wat I need too do I purchase this swing and not even two month its broken the motor gone in it.after take the cover off where u can press the button it start smoking then it pop loud glad that it dnt harm my premature 4month of baby.then I dnt have the receipt.

Posted by Anonymous

I need help with my swing I waas suppose to get a refund and a label so I could mail back my swing but haven't received it please contact me thank you

Posted by Carol

As a whole the customer service and company itself are horrible. How can they even run a business with the protocol they follow. I bought a vehicle (made in Mexico) from Toys r Us and it was missing parts, did what the owner's manual said and low and behold FP CAN'T get the replacement part. They want me to cut the wiring harness and render the vehicle USELESS for a simple plastic plug and a couple nuts and bolts. Called Toys R Us and can't seem to get them to take the vehicle back either. Something to be said for made in the USA!!

Posted by alainasmommy

Customer service is very nice and helpful plus you don't have to wait long but as for the company... they suck. I bought a my little sweetie swing and after two months the motor stopped working. I was promised a new motor would be shipped out to me a month later since they were on back order. Well two months later I get another text saying it won't be shipped out for another two weeks. By the time I get it mydaughter will be ttoo big for it. I paid 180 dollars for it too. This is ridiculous.

Posted by Stacy

First of all the 800 # says the hours are Mon - Fri 9A - 6P ET (not 9A - 7P). I have tried calling 3 times though with in these times and went through prompt after prompt never getting anywhere.

I find this company very difficult to deal with. 6 weeks since my order and I call the company I placed an order with for the 2nd time (first time I had to wait one more week as they had 4-6 weeks to deliver my product) to find out that Fisher Price has the product I ordered listed as back ordered now. I ordered this the 2nd week of October and now they are saying they can't guarantee me getting it by Christmas. OMG! Really!?!? Not the first time I have had an issue with Fisher Price ... I can guarantee that it WILL BE the last. Fisher Price will never be purchased by me in the future.

Posted by skip2

I have been a Mediacom customer foe 5 years, my bill has been paid on time every month, yet every month something dosent work, right now it is the ondemand, it has not worked since march 6th, this is april 16th, on april 3rd the repairman from mediacom came to fix it, and told me it was out everywhere, today i alled and was told it is not out anywhere, and has not been out, and their records indicate the repair was canceled at the door. What am i to do?

Posted by Andrew Chong

I intended to purchase full range of Thomas and Friends products (for my dauther birthday) and the Fisher's Malaysia told me they can't help but asked me to make a hunting expeditions at shopping malls. I surprise they even claimed that they don't quote "..have system to track inventory in trade.." they can't even give a full range of the product list.

Posted by Anonymous

Looking for replacement parts and when I called...3 different times it disconnected me each time. So what kind of customer service is this? Not at all impressed with Fisher Price.

Posted by Anonymous

Fisher-Price failed to respond to an issue I had about an online purchase. I mistakenly ordered downloads instead of actual CD's; when I tried to call immediately afterwards to change the order, no one at FP even knew the phone number of the music department of FP. Then I tried online via "the help desk" only to send email after email with only automatic responses. During the next 5 weeks, despite my email reminders, no one at FP Music tried to resolve or even discuss the issue. How disappointing. ([email protected])

Posted by Netherlends

We lost a little car belonging to a specific item. Mattel says: "we donít carry replacement parts for this product", and that's it. They produce these toys, ofcourse they have all the parts, it's just to much for them to provide this kind of service for their customers.

Posted by Disappointed Grammy

My grand kids search through the fisher price catalog to select what they want from grammy (me). My grand daughter chose the fisher price all in one newborn twin playset as all she wanted. I'm on a budget and told her I could afford to by it for her. I decided to order it right now before we even got to December (in plenty of time I though). Now I go to order it and it's all ready sold out? Really? In November? Why put something like that, when you have so few of them, in your catalog. I'm really disappointed in Fisher price right now. I've checked everywhere and they are really expensive every where else. I like to give my grand kids quality toys and always bought FP, but I;m really not happy with you right now.

Posted by Anonymous

When I clicked on an con for support on the Fischer Price page, it went to ASK TEC SUPPORT. At this site they asked if i would pay $42 for their help! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am also very disappointed with the customer service. My call was regarding a baby monitor that is no longer working after 7 months of use. The lady told me that monitors do not work when you have two systems and I told her that we have more than one child. She then offered to have me send back the monitors and then I would receive a new one in the mail....what would I do while I am waiting on the new one..go without a monitor. The second choice was that they would send me a new one out and then I would be charged the amount..once they received my new one, could send the monitor back and then I would receive credit on my card...very very disappointed in this customer service for such a large company. And they do not even take AMEX.

Posted by Anonymous

very monitor has broken 2 times....the first time the lady was friendly and sent a part out and it worked ( with lots more static) but better then nothing...this time the second one broke ( need to mention that they are in PERFECT condition)...and the lady says I have to send the whole system in and it will take 4-6 weeks to send me a new one..yes when my Laugh and LEarn chair was broken they sent me a $50 voucher to buy a new one without returning the product...soo im supposed to go 4-6 weeks without a baby monitor???very sad service..I buy lots from them..but am thinking about refusing to buy any of their product....ive had to phone them 5 times this year alone for product defects!!!!

Posted by Bobby Bowen

I'm very disappointed they can't find the back piece to my swing i'm willing to pay for just the batties cover for my swing but they don't carry them in stock you can order one off e bay she said, She wasn't friendly at all to me i was very upset and disappointed. Maybe one day they will have what you need.

Posted by Anonymous

I spent $70 some dollars on computer cool school and $20 per disc for the other parts. My kids PC breaks and we buy a new one but I can't find the original driver disc. They want to charge me for it instead of sending me the download. RIP OFF! I am paying more attention to Mattel & fisher prie and letting everyone know about their great driver support they gave me!

Posted by Anonymous

I am really disappointed in Fisher Price. We needed to get a battery cover for the Laugh and Learn House. That is one of the things that they don't stock, so now none of the great things about the house can be used. How does that make any sense??? They carry other parts for it that aren't a big deal if you don't have, but not the battery cover which is the biggest safety issue of the product!! Very disappointed!

Posted by DeeDee

I cannot for the life of me find where to contact Fisher Price / Mattel regarding a product I purchased for my grandson. It is important that I contact them.

Posted by janarnold

I am disapointed that the Doll house you made in the late 1960's is no longer available. It was so perfect that you could not improve on it. It folded like a suitcase had the furniture and even had a doorbell. My daughter loved hers but somewhere along the line it got lost. She is 47 now. I am trying to find one for my great grand daughter. The ones you have on line now do not measure up. [email protected]

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Posted by CrystalC

Excellent customer service! I had an issue with a product, called customer service, they walked me through some troubleshooting steps, found out what was wrong and shipped me the needed parts. Great experience!

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is awsome one phone call and everything was taking care of

Posted by 2busy2sleep

I had a very good experience with customer service. The hours listed here are wrong. They are open until 6pm EST, not 7pm. I didn't wait long for a representative and the person I spoke with was very pleasant and helpful. She tried to troubleshoot the problem first and when that didn't work she ordered me a new motor. She also dropped the price for me since the "My Little Lamb" swing I had was an older model and had a discontinue part. Unfortunately the part is back ordered for 2 weeks, but I'm ok with that. It's better than going out and getting another brand new swing when it'll only be used for a couple more months. Overall I'm pleased with the customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service was prompt and amazing! Very easy to work with! Will continue to purchase fisher price stuff for along time!!!!

Posted by Sara1

I'm very much impressed with Fisher Price customer service, lets just say, i will be making sure to purchase Fisher Price toys for my little one! Thank you Fisher Price for making it so easy to get a resolution to an issue so quickly!

Posted by J.harris

Susan was so very helpful! This is why I buy fisher price for my baby! Customer service at it's best! And this is coming from someone highly trained in customer service for over 10 years. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service! They picked up after just a few seconds. Took the time to listen to my concern (a missing piece) and are sending what I need out ASAP. The rep was friendly and efficient. I called from work, so didn't have all of the information I needed but she worked with me to problem solve. I was off the call in less than five minutes with everything I need!

Posted by clearbell

Great customer service! No hassle at all, they are sending me a new motor right away! This is my second cradle swing motor to go out, so I wouldn't write the swing itself a wonderful review, but the customer service was simple to use and an easy resolution. Now what will I do for the week until the new motor arrives?!

Posted by mommyof2

Wonderful customer service. I called the number and someone answered right away. Helped me with my snug a bunny swing. They are sending me a new motor. One happy customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I got the "My little lamb" swing from Fisher Price as a gift at my baby shower. After having the swing for a few months the motor quit working. I called Fisher Price and the representative I talked to was fantastic! She sent me a whole new motor system and even emailed me the directions!!! I was thinking I was going to have to buy a whole new swing, Thank you Fisher Price!!!!! Love you guys!

Posted by rosecurry

Great customer service. Had trouble with an IXL that was purchased as a gift at Christmas time for my daughter. The C/S rep was pretty sure the toy was defective at this point and is sending me a voucher for the price of the IXL and a a mailing label to return the defective one.

Posted by Anonymous

Amazing customer service Jazmine did an outstanding job.

Posted by momareal

had a defective product and when i called for assistant i immediately got someone on the phone and immediately with a friendly personality she solved my problem, very impressed. will continue to buy fisher price stuff with this kind of service.

Posted by Anonymous

they were very nice, professional, and helpful. We had a toy quit working fairly soon after its purchase and i was just calling to vent.
After speaking with a nice gal at 800#, they are sending us a voucher for the amount we paid for the toy. Pretty cool.

Posted by jholmes1215

Great Customer service! Helped me with the Snug a Bunny Swing. Sent out a new one! Great job. Easy to get a hold of someone!

Posted by Anonymous

I just called about the my little lamb cradle & swing that had a motor stop working after about 6months. And the representative who assisted me was amazing she helped me first trouble shoot to see if the swing just had a different issue & when it didn't fix it she put in a request to ship out a new motor assembly. I am very satisfied with their customer service when they actually are helpful. Because I was about to give up hope when I tried to call yesterday & was told they have no clue in how to help me what so ever & the supervisors were in a meeting. I am so glad I tried calling them again today.

Posted by littlemiss

They take their time with you and are very knowledgeable. Very pleased.

Posted by cobba

The customer service rep was very friendly and highly accommodating. I am very pleased with the solution they provided for a broken product I had purchased

Posted by HAPPY

I was really surprised with how great the customer service when I call last week about an important pat of a babyís toy that was eaten by the dog. They got all my information and they toy information and had the replacement part shipped right out no charge. A week later it arrived and my son is once again enjoying his favorite toy. Thank you Fisher Price large or small businesses just donít do thinks like that anymore!! Good old fashion service.

Posted by sundance

oh well the lady was real nice but she wasnt able to provide a charger for my sons dinosour
I guess I will have to make on lol

Posted by terishenette

i just got off the phone with fisherprice.. I had a really nice lady that worked me threw. I needed to get a new copy of the cd that comes with the fisherprice IXL and good thing is there was a download online she explained to me how to get there..

Posted by Anonymous

I spoke with the nicest customer representative in the customer service department--so thank you so much!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am so pleased with fisher price. The refrigerator on our Laugh and Play Kitchen broke off, after speaking to customer service, they were able to write us a check for the amount that we paid for our kitchen and use it however we wish. Thank you:)

Posted by jess315

I bought a craddle swing from fisher price. I spent a little over one hundred and fifty dollars big bucks rite! Well the swing worked for a about nine months and worked wonders for me.My daughter would not sleep unless in the swing it stoped swinging after nine months not sure if she was to heavy or what the problem was. I called fisher price and they offered to replace the swing free of charge no recipt needed or send me a refund check. The english speeking woman I spoke with was a dear, I will only buy fisher price when there is an option from now on love them GREAT company

Posted by Anonymous

The lady I spoke to was so nice abs helpful! Our rainforest bouncer baron top doesnot work and they are send g us a new one free of charge! I wish I had of called sooner! Again so nice!!!

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