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Firestone customer service is ranked #542 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 117 ratings. This score rates Firestone customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


112 Negative Comments out of 117 Total Comments is 95.73%.


5 Positive Comments out of 117 Total Comments is 4.27%.

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    • 30.07 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 112 negative comments (95.73%)
    • 5 positive comments (4.27%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I went to your location at 17320 Main Street, Hesperia,CA, today 7-5-18, attempting to address an issue I had been having with my 2006 Avalon, where the check engine light had been coming on and off following having my car serviced at your store in Walnut,ca off Nogales. I was told by someone presenting themselve as this store manager that he would be unable to assist me as his diagnostic person was out and no one else could operate the dianostic equipment. When I inquired how long the person had been out he replied two months. I explained to him that why wasn't a person employed to cover for this person until he was able to return to his position his response was that the company could not do this because the position belonged to the person who was out on disability. I informed his that this was no way to do business and how this was not providing good customer service to our community. He expressed that he'd been informing corporate of the need to have someone to perform this duty but to no avail. At this point I would have to rate your company with a negative 1 due to this situation being allowed to continue for teonmonths withiut consideration givien to perform ti your customers expection of providing quality customer service. I will Not be bringing my car to this facility lication ever again and will express my dissatification to all whom I know to never patronize this location.

Posted by Anonymous

I brought my truck to Firestone in West Haven Connecticut and October 2017 for them to put on their diagnostic n check before I move to Florida not knowing seven months later I'm still here in my truck still wasn't running right it went from just checking to make sure that I can make it to Florida with the move to still in Connecticut this day seven months later $7,000 dollars out of my pocket and $1,200 Firestone credit card that I didn't even need and now I can't get out of that I will never bring my truck to Firestone again and the tires that I put on my truck because they said the tires was no good supposed to have been Firestone tires with lifetime warrant they gave me some other kind of crazy tires lifetime that I thought was firestone unto I got a flat had to pay $50 for a brand new tire which they said lifetime warrantee yeah right warrantee on what every little chance they get is going to cost you money no matter what nothing is a lifetime warranty with them their service sucks I want to people before they even decide to go to Firestone anywhere find some better place to take your vehicle because if you don't you're going to be in the same predicament I was in spin in your life money on a truck or vehicle that would probably only cost you $1000 be smart early and don't be dumb like I was $7000 later

Posted by Angel

Hello I was a customer there and my name is Angel here in Bernalillo New Mexico very bad customer service they told me they can repair my tire I get a call 5 hours later stating that they cannot fix it because the tire is very damaged from the mail so I went to Discount Tire today and they fixed it in a heartbeat very good customer service at discount I will never go back to Firestone then he try to charge me $180 of stuff that I didn't ask for he wanted to put wipers on my car give it a new put on a new belt and do other stuff on my car I will never go back to that place again

Posted by Richparra

I had an appointment that I made the day before in person. I was to wait for my oil change and brake flushing and wanted to make sure I didn't have to wait too long. I even brought my truck in a bit earlier. I sat down at 10:30am (appointment was 11am) and I began to wait. They didn't even start to work on my truck until 12:30pm (2 hours waiting already) and it was close to 2pm before it was finished. INEXCUSABLE!!! I was very upset and voiced my opinion to the salesman at the counter. He asked what I wanted him to do about it? He said he'd get the manager but the manager wouldn't come. He was too busy to talk to me. so, I paid the bill and left. Shortly thereafter I recd a call. It was the manager and he apologized for my long wait and said he was sorry and that I had slipped through the cracks. Whatever that means. Then he reversed the charges and gave me a full refund. He was hoping this would satisfy me. I was very upset as my time is just as valuable as his. I had an appointment to get to that I had to reschedule and workers on a construction site that I need to check on. So, I was disappointed but did appreciate the money back, however as far as being a continued customer in the future, I don't think so. I have been a customer off and on for over 30 years and have had this happen to me in the past at Firestone stores in California. I decided to give you another chance here in Arizona as we just relocated here a few months ago. It seems like nothing has changed. There were other problems too. I'm very disappointed. Firestone @ 1239 Guadalupe Rd. Mesa AZ 85202

Posted by Anonymous

I Bought Four New Tires For My Dodge Pickup In November Of 2014 - The Tires Up To This Point Have Been Great - They Show No Tread Ware And The Little Rubber Tips Are Still On The Tires - My Point Of Information Is This - While Inspecting My Tires Recently, I Discovered Checking On The Sidewalls - After Checking The Dot Numbers I Discovered That The Tires Were Actually 4 Years Old When They Were Installed On My Truck - I Realize That There Is Probably No Recourse, But I Would Just Like To Tell Someone About This Situation

Posted by Treisha

I had my 2013 Buick Lacrosse towed to the Firestone in North Miami Beach on March 11th which was on a Sunday morning. I was told charched $740.05. Picked up my car on Mon and Thurs my car had to be towed again. Now I paid for the inspection, tensioner, pulley and oil change....if they did an initial inspection on my car Mon, they should of caught that the coolant that was originally leaking from my car would of been fixed. Now I have to pay $609.74 for a busted water pump and added special coolant. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! They reall got over on me and because I'm a woman, they really did a number on me. I have to wait until next Friday to get my car because I don't have that kind of money laying around.

Posted by Rochell

Very unhappy with the service of the damage to all four of my wheels when I took my car in for service to buy 4 new tires. The tools they used, damaged all 4 of my wheels in the same place on all 4 wheels. I have a 2013 Lexus ES with very low miles and very well maintained

I very unhappy that they're wanting to send my car out to some unknown company to buff the damage. I need to know what steps to take to fix the issue. My car has been garage kept and it has only 25k miles and I am the only driver. I do not drive my car on a daily basis. Please reach out to me.

Posted by Anonymous

Dont buy any tires, or get an alignment from them. I got bad tires and bad alignment. My tires were balance incorrectly and alignment was worst than when i brought in my vehicle. I am really disappointed.

Posted by TA

FIRESTONE 5300 westheimer in Houston, TX neglected to communicate the cost of additional services provided on my car and charged me for it after all I requested was s diagnostic. Lied about compressor being out and wanted to charge > $1,600 when all the car needed was 2 new O rings.

Posted by Anonymous

I Was Not Service Because They Did Not Had Me On Their Appoint List. I Made The Appt. On Line And Got Confirmation Number For It. I Showed Them My Email. Their Answer: I Dod Not Have You On The List....nice Customer Service Carlos And Rubin. I Needed A Oil Change...

Posted by Angry

I have never been so dissatisfied with my service. I have been a customer of Firestone for quite a few years now and my most recent trip in was to check a noise and replace my lower tensioner pulley at Firestone’s diagnosis. I received a phone call a few hours later telling me I needed front end work done immediately and my bill would be over 1600. I have my children in the car with me most of the time so I tell them to make my vehicle safe again. I pick my truck up after 2 days. I leave the store and the same noise I came in with was there still and I was down 1/4 tank of gas. I bring my truck back into the parking lot and tell the guy inside who informs me that the guys that worked on it weren’t there so he couldn’t give me any answers about my gas or the work that was done and I needed to bring it back again the following day. I bring my truck back a third time for the work to be completed correctly and leave it for another 2 days. I pick it up and everything seemed fine for a couple of weeks when the noise in the front end returns. I contacted Firestone for a refund and was denied. Pretty sure this is a lemon law issue... I was instructed to bring it back in by the general manger. He tells me he will be there when I drop my truck off. He was not. He never called me afterwards. I pick my truck up again after leaving it inconveniently and now a couple months later the noise has returned! I called to dispute my charge due to my dissatisfaction and was told to call the general manager back. Are you serious!?! At this point I have called him and left him a message and have not heard back! I want to speak with corporate!! This is ridiculous

Posted by Anonymous

Several years ago I bought the lifetime warranty on tire rotation and alignment at the Firestone store st the Huntington Mall in Barboursville,WV 25504 for the last 2 years I haven’t been able to use it because they always want me to leave it 5 or 6 hours! Today I just asked for a rotation of my tires and they said 2 1/2 to 3 hours!!Really people I left and went to my Walmart and was in and out in 30 minutes. Never will I buy or recommend Firestone. If your going to sell these services you should have staff that can do these small jobs quickly and efficiently. No longer a customer of Firestone. KS

Posted by Anonymous

My wife's car went in for power steering noise they replace the rack Tha car was ok for 2 weeks noise came back left car overnight said there was air in the system really ??? Picked up car wife started car could not move steering wheel was making noises too while driving AGAIN to firestone to leave car overnight to b picked up on Friday. Doesn't anyone know how to fix cars over there? I told many people not to come here to get ur car fixed on face book I gave them bad reviews I told them install America parts made in the USA from Napa not Chinese crap they use, they all laughed next I'll go to corporate and tell them what kind of business they are running here on people's cars can't even fix your own car correctly !!!! I mean 3x to get it right ??????? And they are still in business here?????

Posted by Anonymous

So far I am completely dissatisfied with my service . I made a appointment for 8am for 2 tired. I made a appointment so that I didn't have to wate. 40 min later they finally put car in garage.....verry pissed

Posted by Anonymous

This is disturbing for me to say, i had my car ties changed at your shrewsbury shop massachusetts. The following morning i noticed my iphone charger and adopter was missing and when i called the store manager he said to me that he dnt want to waste time on the charger issue after the tech who worked on my car said he knew nothing about the charger. The manager was rude to me can someonetell me how i can have this matter concluded?

Posted by Anonymous

I am highly upset I only go to firestone to get my oil changes and I was not near one so I went to somewhere else and they wouldn't do a oil change because the firestone on garnersferry columbia sc stripped my oil plug out to the point where they couldn't get it off. I went to the firestone location and let them know they said sorry but you can't get a oil change for another week we have no they mess your car up then deny you service. stay away from this place!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am at the Bayonne FIRESTONE . I am waiting for my car to be ready . No one is working on the car for 30 minutes now. The brakes were repaired and the brake fluid was bled and the system is not working . The new manager does not realize the level of anxiety when no one is working on the problem !
I am concerned that the car will not be ready today . I need it for 7AM tomorrow .

Posted by Silverado tires

I stopped into your west Saginaw highway location in Lansing MI to order tires and make a appt for the following weekend spoke with the tire Manager and was told that she would have the tires and made my appt for the next Saturday at 11 am got to the store and was told they didn't have the tires yet I asked that being I drove a hour and twenty minutes to get here if she was going to do anything to make it right and the answer was a rude NO that it wasn't her fault because she was off the last three days well Firestone has lost a customer and I will never recommend them and also will give Discount tire my business......I guess customer service is not part of the Firestone business model

Posted by Clspisti

If I could give a zero rating, I would to the location on Memory Lane in York, PA. I had an inspection performed at another establishment and they informed me that the tires had significant dry rot, which should not show on a tire unless it is 5-7 years old. These tires are 2.5 years old. I went into Firestone, they looked at them and agreed. However, instead of making it right, they wanted to charge me for four new tires but at a 50% discount because 30,000 miles of the 60,000 mile warranty was used. They want to charge me for new tires to replace the ones they sold me that were bad to begin with. Since 30,000 miles of the 60,000 mile warranty was used I suggested that instead of charging me again they should refund to me 50% of what I already paid them for bad tires. Of course, they refused. Insisted they could not give me “free” tires or give me any of my money back. Watch people, you don’t get what you pay for. I would rather pay 100% somewhere else more reputable than give them any more of my money.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a scheduled appointment with Firestone for Saturday November 4, 2017 for 9:00 Am and was told my the attendant that they only had two mechanics and my wait would be two hours for my old change. Very disappointed in the customer service with Firestone.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get a simple oil change for two of my vehicles since last Friday from Firestone on Dawson Rd Albany GA. I understand that they are very busy but this morning I noticed that they were NOT and the Mgr named David told me that the only way to get my oil changed is f I left mt vehicle.They were not not bust so I asked why if they are not busy and he replied "I am SUPPOSED to have some appointments coming in" I am not sure how he turned away my business for an appointment that WASN'T in the store. I have spent over$1,000.00 with this store

Posted by Pt cruzer probs

I called to come in before I show up for four new tires and an alignment. They put all four new tires on before they even check to see if they could do an alignment after a four hour wait but they told me would only be two hours and I'd be out of there to tell me and now they cannot do the alignment because of other parts. Now I'm driving around with new tires on a horribly aligned car and don't have enough time to take off and fix the parts to get my alignment corrected before these new tires go bad. 0 out of 5 stars

Posted by chris

I had an 8 a.m. appointment at 9:15 a.m. They pulled 3 vehicles into the maintenance bay who arrived after me. I guess a couple of buddies needed tires before me. All I can say is you lost a customer for life. I have never been treated this way and am closing my account with Firestone. So sad.

Posted by Renita

2/11/16 I had my car towed to the Wylie W544 Firestone,called them this morning to find out about my car good customer service on this.. They called and told me the cost good I was dropped off a lady walked in after me he took her first, she was trying to get him to move her car in front of the other ok my turn I opened up an account payed then he tells me I could get my car a lady opens the door to where i had to walk across a greasy bay area, now I must tell you now I walk on two canes I almost fell, but i didn't that was a blessing for you and me, tell me why I had to walk and get my card, if I choose to use it again I will not use the one on 544

Posted by Robin

I want to Firestone to purchase tire's I want to get the tires rotated the front too we're at because I didn't get an alignment they never told me I need an alignment they said it was in the computer that guy never told me personally I need an alignment I have the paper to prove it so I had to purchase some more tires from Firestone I spent $1,300 on tires in about 4 months they gave me a deal on alignments I had a problem with my car leaking they put a seal on it I got home the next day I had huge puddles of radiator fluid transmission fluid on the driveway call them up they put another seal on it still had a leak they told me to take it to the dealer the dealer Marlette said yes you have a leak they're putting on the wrong seal so I went back and they ordered the manufacturers seal so far it's not leaking but the customer service sucked I don't even have words to say about the time I spent there is ridiculous

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Posted by Dave in Knoxville

This is "Dave in Knoxville" who posted yesterday about the Firestone Center on Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee.
I received a call today at about 1:30 PM from Jerry. I forwarded a copy of my post to them last night. He asked what he could do to help. During our conversation, he more thoroughly explained what was not explained well the day before...he had been quoted out of context. He explained how some valve stem monitors, not all, could create problems. He explained that it doesn't take high temperatures to break down a tire, that running a flattening tire as little as TWENTY FEET, can make a tire unreliable and dangerous. He explained the reason Firestone never just "water soaks and plugs a tire" but rather takes them apart to be certain the integrity of the tire has not been compromised. I was originally told there was a "white dust" in the tire...which meant nothing to me and sounded like a bunch of c***. When I looked in the tire in my trunk I could see the shaved rubber, don't understand how that happened but it did happen.
Jerry has offered to resolve my problem completely to my satisfaction, I believe after having spoken with him, that he will. I will be returning to Firestone today.

Posted by Kellee

I would like to thank the staff of the Frestone located on Tanglewilde and Westheimer in Houston TX. Stephanie and Angel were very friendly! I was having some strange grinding going on when I stopped quickly and Stephanie saw a few mistakes with my brakes that had been done about a couple of months prior to today at another Firestone location. Everything was replaced from the rotors to the pads under warrantly with no questions asked...just a smile. I have found my new store locations and will continue to bring my Mini Cooper and VW to this location from now on. Thank you again for the servuce with a smile!!

Posted by Anonymous

My tire pressure light was on my daughter and I were traveling from EL Paso Texas to Ohio so I decided to stop at the Firestone Wilson Tire Center Drew Wilson was at the front desk I told him want was going on with the tire indicator light was on and that we were traveling. Excellent Customer Service we were in and out with in minutes!!! Firestone Texarkana

Posted by Anonymous

My tire pressure light was on my daughter and I were traveling from EL Paso Texas to Ohio so I decided to stop at the Firestone Wilson Tire Center Drew Wilson was at the front desk I told him want was going on with the tire indicator light was on and that we were traveling. Excellent Customer Service we were in and out with in minutes!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I need to report the outcome of a recent sales transaction that occurred in Kinston, NC. I called this store on 2/17/14 to inquire about 4 tires for my 2005 Lincoln LS. I had downloaded a price quote from one of your websites. A rep named Steve took my information and agreed to hold the 4 PZ900 tires for me. I called him again on 2/18 and explained I would not be arriving to pick them up until 2/19, and he again assured me he would hold them. So, we had several conversations about my car being in the repair shop and my needing to come there and buy tires, and how the local Camp Lejeune shop did not have the tires I wanted. I had to rent an SUV to drive all the way there from Jacksonville, about 1.5 hours. When I arrived I was told that Steve was not there, and that they would not sell me the tires. A man named Stevie apologized for the misunderstanding and that they assumed I was coming with my car to have the tires put on. But, Steve said he could not sell me the tires without my car. So I would not break down crying in the lobby, I just turned around and walked out to my vehicle. As I sat there, Steve came out and said that he was calling the district office to see if he could in fact sell me the tires. While waiting, I explained to him that my car was in the repair shop because I had had an accident due to my tires being bad. I had run into a ditch and into a tree during the 2/11 snowstorm, so it was impossible for me to drive my car all the way to Kinston to buy the tires. To make matters worse, I had a new job all the way in Asheville, NC (6 hours away) I was supposed to start in 2 days. Thankfully, the district office told him that he could honor what I was told, and he sold me the tires for the price I was quoted online. In spite of the unfortunate ordeal that occurred, Steve was completely professional, courteous, and genuinely compassionate. It's so difficult these days with most businesses crumbling ethical values, and Jacksonville is notorious for taking advantage of women and military service members. So, the fact that Steve went above and beyond for me today was absolutely amazing. He has restored my faith in people. Corporate needs to recognize this man, and I will forever be grateful to him. Steve didn't just sell me a tire today, he made a difference in my life! Thanks to him, I will not lose my job. Please, tell him thank you again for me. I'm now a customer for life, thanks to him.

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