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Firehouse Subs customer service is ranked #306 out of the 941 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.87 out of a possible 200 based upon 55 ratings. This score rates Firehouse Subs customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


51 Negative Comments out of 55 Total Comments is 92.73%.


4 Positive Comments out of 55 Total Comments is 7.27%.

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    • 38.87 Overall Rating
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    • 51 negative comments (92.73%)
    • 4 positive comments (7.27%)
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Posted by DSietas

Went at 8:04 and was told that I had to take my order to go although they close at 9.

Posted by Firehouse fail

Always check you food at firehouse. 3 straight visits where they repeat my order back to me correctly, repeat my order correctly when they hand me the sandwich and it's wrong when I get home and open it.

Posted by 56

Absolutely not going back to Firehouse worst service you could possibly emagine. They didnt greet me, it took them 19 minutes to cook a simple sub on top of that when it was finally ready she gave it to me and said here in a negative attitude. Waste of money never ever going back.

Posted by Sarah bentin

In the Bourbonnais location, my friend and I walk into the restaurant as we were about to place our order they told just it was a 25min wait because they still had phone orders to do first. What about your customers in the store. He told us if we place a order over the phone he could get us in like that.

Posted by Anonymous

Prices for subs extremely high...customer service very bad...we walked in and we were not greeted...the attendant had an attitude and never smiled. The price of a medium sub versus a large was $3 just for a sandwich...not a combo. Will never come back to any Firehouse Sub.... completely disappointed $16 for a large and a medium sub...give me a break!!!

Posted by Anonymous

We take my mom. Out once a month decided to go to firehouse on Fowler. Was not good. My son an mom got beef with peppers onions and cheese. Hers had no peppers. He wanted only cheese. Ended up with onions and both were cold. My daughter and I got hook and ladder. They were both cold. And I said no tomatoes I an aleric I got tomatoes. Everything was really bad. We usually like firehouse. We usually go in Brandon. Not a good experience on Fowler

Posted by indyvan

i logged a complaint against the beech grove indiana firehouse about a month ago. i still havent got any response back. i guess this is why you have a low raiting. you dont care.


Posted by Anonymous

I go to the firehouse store on Emerson Ave in beach Grove Indiana. The past 3 or 4 times I have been there I can not get what I ordered. Today I ordered a stake and cheese with tomato and mushrooms added.i also asked for a couple extra pickles. I had to ask for the pickles again when I got my food. They never put them in the sack. When I got home, they didn't put any tomato's or mushrooms on and the meet was tuff. This has happened far to much over the past few months. The employees seem to have become lazy in this store. No firehouse greeting when we walk in

I would like to think upper management cares enough to take some action.

Bob Van Sickle

Posted by Bobb

Waiting over 45 minutes for a sandwich. Never coming back.

Posted by Not Happy

I placed a call-in order yesterday at the Firehouse Subs in Spring Hill, TN because I was running late for my sons baseball practice. I could not understand the girl that answered the phone and had to ask her three times what she said. I was very specific on my orders and repeated what I wanted three times for my sons sub and my sub. When I told her what I wanted on my sus (turkey, cheese and the peppercorn ranch ONLY). She asked if I wanted everything on it. I told her "NO" and repeated two more times what I wanted on my sandwich. Something told me to check my order before I left but I was in a hurry to get to practice so I checked while driving only to find out that both subs were wrong. My son only had turkey (was supposed to be ham and turkey) and mine had everything on it. I called and asked to talk to the manager. The person that answered the phone said he was the manager and his name was Alex. I explained what happened and he said he would NOT be able to help me unless I brought the sandwich and receipt back in to the store. This is after he asked my name and what I ordered. I told him I could not believe that was his customer service and that I was going to contact the HQ and share my experience on social media and he said "OK". This is what happens when you hire young, worthless employees who don't care. I will not eat at another Firehouse Subs again.

Posted by tmargetta

So we started eating at Firehouse in Ames when they first opened, it was awesome. Staff would always greet you with a smile and say something nice like "Welcome to Firehouse" or "Hi, thanks for coming" the food was fantastic with lots of meat on the sandwiches, and the place was clean. STOP. . . . this is not the same Firehouse any longer. . . rude staff, filthy store, and barely half the meat they used to use and small portions over all. I paid close to $35.00 for two 8 inch subs and 2 kids meals and we left hungry and sad. I will not return unless I hear through the grapevine that there is either new management or new staff. I took pictures of how terribly dirty the place was, heck the napkin holders had so much dust and filth on them it looked like they had not been cleaned in at least a month. I had to ask for a towel to clean our table and when he brought it, he put our food down on the dirty table and wiped around them, really?? We will not return.
Even more irritating is that I tweeted to them and got not even the slightest apology, I emailed them through their webpage not once but twice and still no response. . . they know this place is crap and do not even care. What if Chris Sorensen knew would he care????????

Posted by Anonymous

I'm at a local firehouse in RoanokeVA store and this place is nasty.. food on the tables napkins all over the floor manager isn't to be found

Posted by jenise611

I had an encounter w a bad customer. I have a disability and work w a service animal. This customer intimidated me and brought in a "pet" dog and started putting me down and demanding my dog was not for service. An employee was kind and stepped in, putting himself in danger for me angainst this angry customer. He went above and beyond by protecting me, my service animal, and my daughter. I am more than gracious and thankful that we all made it out of there alright after he took care of us. This happened over three months ago but I was in the hospital getting treatment and am just now able to write about my experience here. That customer scared me more than ever and I appreciate the way your employees take care of me every time I am in there. This location is in Albuquerque, NM on Academy and Tramway

Posted by Anonymous

Visited Firehouse with 2 friends in Arizona, after a few days camping and living off of no frills food and lots of hiking we were excited to get a good big meal. We had never heard of firehouse and decided to give it a try.

The customer service was awful. Rude, talking amongst other staff ignoring us, and put off by our presence.

The food was not good. The restaurant was hot inside and stuffy, it smelled bad. The sandwich I got was this pitiful blob of food no civilized person could consider food. It was if an overweight 9 year old were tasked with creating a meal. After a few bites I couldn't put anymore into my mouth and trashed it. Had to drive further into Tucson to get a decent meal.

For what its worth my friends didn't hate their meal but were disappointed and will not be going back either.

Posted by Anonymous

3 strikes ya OUT!!! We drive over 20 min to Cedarhill,Tx to get your sandwhiches and they screw up everytime.... you spend a pretty penny to eat here and they screw up your order and if you catch it your experience will take over 45 min to re-do your order! You have TOTALLY LOST MY BUSINESS!

Posted by papasonken

I had a sandwich to go and when I got home I found some stone or something very hard and I chipped a tooth when biting my sandwich. Its a shame, because I really liked your food and now I will not be going back.

Posted by Anonymous

Establishment is unbearably hot even in winter. Having food in these conditions is unsanitary, puts it out of temperature. Manager wants to talk taking forever to place order. Can't call in an order and run in to pick it up either. No fast service. Employees give dirty looks to everyone as its an inconvenience that people come in there to order food at a restaurant.

Posted by D

My husband and I had always been Firehouse customers when we lived in the Atlanta area. The service we received was great. Now that we have moved to TX, the closest Firehouse is in Conroe. The minimum time to get two sandwiches is 30 minutes, absolutely no customer service and the employees could care less about getting the sandwiches made. This is so disappointing. Someone needs to take charge of the Firehouse in Conroe, TX and start over with all new employees that appreciate having a job!

Posted by Anonymous

Went to location in Bossier City La on 12/16/15 to purchase (6) $5 giftcards fr stocking staffers, upon telling the cashier that I wanted the $5 amount giftcards, she spoke "there's nothing $5 could buy, I refrain from saying anything but the other worker must heard her also went over to whom I guess was the manager. I work retail and know how important. Our customers are, I guess my 6 $5 giftcards isn't that important!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am just wanting to let you know how dissatisfied I was with the treatment of tour employees. We went into the restaurant having 20 mins till closing and we were giving dirty looks and they wouldn't even speak or look at us. There was no reason for that kinda treatment. Needless to say we will not ever go to one again

Posted by Hugh

I just left the store at Southern and Baseline in Mesa, AZ. I have gone there numerous times and with the exception of few visits, I have found their customer service is non-existent. To night was no better, but worse.

The girl at the register had a small mix up on my order. That was not the issue. It was when the sandwich was delivered, I mentioned to "Tiffany" my order was no correct. Boy, if looks could kill. You'd think I just insulted her mother. Tiffany went back, made a new sandwich and returned. She literally placed it on the table without stopping and told me to have a nice day.

Never once was there an "I'm sorry" or anything remotely resembling customer service.

Posted by Wolfy

I typically do not give feedback, but unfortunately this is the 4th time in a row that there has been an issue. The last 4 times that I have ordered a salad to go, firehouse employees have forgotten to include salad dressing and twice forgotten plastic silverware. Additionally, twice the lid of the salad was ajar. I do not like to complain. I typically enjoy firehouse food and more often than not donate when making a purchase. Quite frankly, for the price I expected better service.

Posted by christine

This was my first time eating here with my partner. We ordered to go. I'm at the store that's in lakeland fl on south Florida ave. I told the young lady at the register no mayo no mustard. I'm not sure if she put it in or not. Anyway we drove home and my partner had already left for work. I was opening my sandwich and as clear as day there is mayo and mustard. I am never the one to go back to a restaurant and return or complain. I'm a little upset because now I have to go buy more food because I can't eat mayo and mustard.

Posted by Anonymous

Me and my suster stopped at firehouse sub to eat sandwich after long wait at Doctor office we order turkey provoke let tomatoes I was eating lettuce n timnayiess I couldn't taste turkey I bought it ti managers attention I will never go back fir sure pkace is very nice no meat on sandwich charge a little more add some meat location 205 us highway 46 Totowa N j

Posted by Anonymous

I have always appreciated your company's story and your involvement in the community. My sister is a Lieutenant with a neighboring fire department and I'm a huge supporter of those willing to risk their lives for all of us.
Went to your McDonough GA location today with my son and we ordered lunch. Surprised and offended when they refused my cash payment, stating "it might be fake". Said they don't accept bills over $20 and don't have a counterfeit pen. I'm a single Mom. Eating out is a treat for us. We had chosen to spend some of our Christmas money at your establishment. The way they looked at us and said that embarrassed me in front of my son and made me feel like a criminal. Our money wasn't counterfeit.

It certainly won't happen again. The Jimmy Johns sandwich shop in the next plaza DOES have a counterfeit pen and was happy to have our business.

Again, highly offended, embarrassed and disappointed. Perhaps a review of your 'no cash over $20' is in order, or consider the investment of purchasing a counterfeit pen. They sell for around $3 each.


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