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Firehouse Subs customer service is ranked #291 out of the 939 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.01 out of a possible 200 based upon 54 ratings. This score rates Firehouse Subs customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


50 Negative Comments out of 54 Total Comments is 92.59%.


4 Positive Comments out of 54 Total Comments is 7.41%.

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  • Firehouse Subs

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    • 40.01 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 50 negative comments (92.59%)
    • 4 positive comments (7.41%)
    • 6 employee comments
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Disappointed

Some of the crew members they currently have working there are overly nonchalant. They hand out sloppy subs and seem like they don't care about the customers. When I used to work there some employees would be very nasty to me. There was favoritism shown in scheduling. The old general manager would give me three days a week part time, which was great. But when a different manager started making the schedule I was only getting one day a week.That I don't care attitude is displayed in everything they do, the customer service, dish washing, food prep, cleaning, sub preparation and boxing. Ever since the general manager left it has gone down hill significantly. I quit working there because of it. These series of events took place in West Columbia South Carolina.

Posted by Anonymous

I ate at the Cedar Rapids Collins road store today. The place is as a pig sty. There were no clean tables. The garbage was over flowing. There was a puddle of something spilled right in the middle of the floor and people had been tracking it. There were only about 5 other customers in the the place. Only 1 customers in front of me waiting for food and 1 came later behind me. There were 3 employees. I waited 10 minutes for my sandwich and wiped off my own table..

Posted by Anonymous

I came for lunch at your shop in Niceville, Fl. They were to customers in the store. The unsweetened tea was empty and was the lemon aid. The manager had no idea that they were both empty. She said she would have it made up right away. Only three employees in the shop. I had my order sat done and ate it with righter drinks being filled. Very disappointed with the serve and the manger. As she insisted thattherewaslemonaid in the fountain machine. Ihavebeen theshop many times and I can feel a very anger tension here

Posted by Anonymous

I forgot to add that it was the Mayfield Road location and the manager that was crying was NICK.
I spent 26.75 what a waste of money. On food that was not right.

Posted by Anonymous

I went in while 1 person was ahead of me and 1 waiting on their sandwich and after me maybe 4 or 5 other customers placed their orders while patiently waiting maybe 10 minutes or so I see 3 of 5 customers pickup their orders and leave, I got up went next door to Shane's bar be que placed a order recd it and came back my order was still not ready I sat down and continued to wait after another 5-10 minutes go by someone behind the counter calls my name and says oh we lost your order and said we will have it right up so I continue to wait as I really did want the sub I ordered. Oh the incompetentcy is not over yet 5 minutes go by and the someone at the country calls out and says what all do you want on your sandwich so what this tells me I'd they still have not started on my sandwich so you know I sm pissed the f$%&* off at this point and said you know what never mind just give me a refund and don't worry about me coming back. I was told I can't have a refund because the manager had the code and she Is at Walmart I suggested she call her and get the code because I have been here over 30 minutes and need to go I was told she will be in in 20 minutes. So 20 minutes rolls by she strolls in with her Walmart packages and does my refund finally. And also during my wait one of the workers was sitting in the dining enjoying his sandwich and had finished His meal during the time I was still there waiting for my lunch. As far as I concerned VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE THE ENTIRE SUNDAY AFTERNOON CREW INCLUDING THE MANAGER NEEDS TO BE TERMINATED BEFORE I SPEND ANOTHER DIME THERE. Thank you for hearing my concerns and I hope the appropriate actions are taken to better my communities shopping experience in our neighborhood.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a police officer and eat lunch at your Niceville Florida restaurant on a regular basis. Everyone I order cornbread brisket and every time it's wrong and have to send it back. On 9.2.2017 the same thing occurred. It was sent back and came back incorrect 2 more times. My wife's as well. Bybthis time my lunch break was over and I had no time to eat my meal. There was also a family of six seated next to us and their meals were incorrect as well and had to be sent back 4 times that I personally counted. Now the store was fairly slow. There was a new manager who was doing her best to accommodate the patrons but as much as she did, the employees would mess up orders. I just wanted to make you aware of the issues at this store and ask if you could fix the problems before the loss of patrons cost my city a great business that I really enjoy eating at.

Posted by Anonymous

As much as I like Firehouse subs, to day I took my grandson for lunch and ordered a Kid's Combo, as usual, and was told because they now have a sub the same size for $3.99 he couldn't have any vegetables on his Kid's sub and if he wanted vegetables on it then he would have to order the $3.99 medium size, which does not come with a drink or Rice Krispie treat. This whole conversation with a rude young woman makes no sense to me.

Posted by sethmon

Staff appearance is horrible at this location on University blvd. A lot of talking amongst each other and yet sub's are made wrong. The girl cashiers are the worst I've ever seen. Red hair. I guess they just hire anybody and the food quality is not there anymore

Posted by Bry

Manager sitting down rude cashier girl..not professional at all. This store has really gone downhill

Posted by Jmaloof

I asked for the sandwich to to warmed four times in a row different times each time they are cold. My last order at 1640 Lake Woodlans Tx 77380 will be my last order never going back again. Manager took my sandwich back to heat it up and didn't returen for 13 min so we left. This was order number on 5/27/2017 1:47 pm cashier Chase C. Tea is always old they make new tea in the same stainless steel canister resulting in dark tea that is days old. You can't keep making new tea on top of old tea the results is old tea taste. If you have 6 inches of tea left over from the morning you can just make new tea on top of that it looks dark and taste terrible. I've told the managers many times they look at me like I'm a fool and they have an attitude.

Posted by Amy Whitmore

The firehouse sub in Fort Worth on Rosedale has the worst manger I have every seen...He is a very rude man.I over heard him talking to one of his employer like they where nothing and the sad part is this wasn't the first time or the second time I've heard him do this.I went to firehouse subs everyday for lunch but I will not be going back again because if that's the way you talk to your employees I can't support your business.

Posted by Anonymous

I was asked to hold through the drive thru in Pearland, Texas. That's completely fine by me as I worked in the service industry and understand you get backed up sometimes. Well 5 minutes goes by so I ask if anyone is there. Wait another minute and ask again. Waited a 3rd minute and asked again. At this point I said screw it. There were 3 cars behind me.and then I look over... Not a single person was in front of me. They were doing nothing!!! I pulled up to the window and waited. It took another 7 minutes for them to come up to the window and with a big smile asked "hi how are you doing today!". Are you kidding me? This is how you do business? I asked family members for firehouse gift cards because of how great your Subscription are. I would understand if this were the first time. No its the third. And it has gotten worse each time. You have lost me as a customer and I will be spreading the word to everyone I know. Shame on your company for not returning my calls. It wasn't even to complain. It was to let you know own because of how much I liked your establishments. Won't try anymore. You will be like quiznos soon. Great sandwiches. Horrible service/marketing.

Posted by [email protected]

I used to visit your store and have your chicken salad sandwich, but you added peppers and I hate peppers it should be optional so I quit going until you fix it, please let me know, thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

Whom ever is the owner of Firehouse Subs on 103rd st Jacksonville FL your employees are costing you money. They close the store early and sit inside milking the clock while customers pull up they shake their heads at them as to say we are closed at 8pm on a Friday night. This just happened tonight to my husband and I as we pulled up to your store. They were all sitting at the tables playing around and enjoying themselves as you pay them to do nothing. Just thought you might want know. And maybe screen your staff a little better, maybe do some random drug testing while your at it and check your money intake a little closer. In my business I guarantee you that they would not have a chance and I hope this does help you in determining what kind of people to actually run your business while you are out of sight. Clean house, that's all I can say.

Posted by Anonymous

I am so tired of calling your customer service number, having to leave a msg, and never called back.

I've filled out customer emails and still have not received help.

Pls help me!

I purchased a gift card from you for my son for xmas but my post office told me they accidentally returned it back to you. That was a week and a half ago. Pls have it returned to me since I purchased it or I will have to get a refund quickly. I don't have enough money to buy something else until I get the gift card or my money back from you.

Pls contact me

Posted by Anonymous

Called to place order,was put on hold,hung up after 4 minutes.So drove to location,went through drive up, it was closed.Sign read closed so they could serve their customers better.Went inside,long line.So I left.Terrible service.

Posted by james

This Is James From Tennessee ( Again ) I've Been Readind Reviews About Firehouse Subs Dating Back To Jan 2015. Only One Was Positive ! Firehouse Franchise Owners

!!!!! Alert !!!!!!! This Is Your Investment Going Down The Drain ! Firehouse Corporate

!!!!! Alert !!!!!!! This Your Repitation At Serious Risk ! Do Something About It !your

Competitor Subway Would Love To Have Your Customers.and If You Are Not To Coward :call To Let Me Know You've Red This.

Posted by Anonymous

This Is The Same Customer That Left A Message To/for Tom Davidson About The Red Bank

Tennessee Store. My Name Is James Lawson ( Senior ) My Phone

Posted by james

Tom Davidson owner of red bank Tennessee store needs to call me. he offered a free sub for my wife and I. his store reneged. is this how firehouse does business? I KNOW it is Sunday ! but owners don't take days off. some one with authority must call me by 7 pm TODAY ! or I will become a PERMANENT EX-CUSTOMER OF FIREHOUSE SUBS FOREVER !!!!!!
I will also tell others.

Posted by you did me wrong

Have A Major Complaint . Had An Issue With 2 Sandwichs Took Back One Untouched And I Was Questioned Left And Right . I Was Harrassed And They Refused To Give Ne A Refund,coupons Or A Gift Card Or To Give My 12.00 Sandwiches I Paid For Back. . Unethical Business Practice. . I Want My Money Back Now Theres No Compermissing Now.

Posted by Kimmykaye123

Went to firehouse sub's on east brainard in Chattanooga tn and this was only my second time ever and I don't think i will ever go back the food was really good but the customer service was forid besides the rudeness of the manager lady who was obviously having a bad day or? There were 6 people working behind the counter and only 3 customers and the one man said he had already been waiting for his sandwich 20 minutes already and my husband and I waited for about 30 minutes for 2 med Italian sub's while they were not making anysubs and when we noticed they had given us a small drink size instead of a med the manager lady said they were the same price so tough but we ordered our food to go and asked for med size and if that was a problem they should have said something before we paid and not waited till later and also the lady manager decided to get an attitude about it and started smarting off loudly about it while we waited for the food and served people who came after us and also left the store to socialize with a guy who came in the store and then huffed past us back in making it quite uncomfortable to be there and one of the employees a nice young man was the only one there who actually apologized for the wait and had great customer service when the manager was not there to see otherwise I was greatly disappointed in the service entirely, the food was good but not worth dealing with the wait and the horrible management issues

Posted by Anonymous

I thought the purpose of online ordering was so you could order and it be ready when you get there. Not in Decatur Al. We ordered 20 minutes before we left and still had to wait 20 after we got there.People were ordering while I was waiting and getting there food before me. Crappie service.

Posted by Yeti1861

Today I went to a store to get a Italian sub. The manager asked if I wanted it fully involved, they didn't point out what fully involved was, they told me they wouldn't give me the corporate number of a copy if my receipt.

Posted by Ray

My first experience with Firehouse Subs near Cabela's in Gonzales, LA was fantastic. Attentive staff and great food. My second experience at the Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge, LA was quite the opposite. The place had virtually no customers. There were three staff members behind the counter having some sort of private discussion. There was no "I'll be with you in just a minute", nor any acknowledgement at all. After a few minutes we decided to go to another establishment where our patronage was welcome.

Posted by DSietas

Went at 8:04 and was told that I had to take my order to go although they close at 9.

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Posted by SAM

Best Subs Around.
Wish You Were In Santa Maria Ca.
I'd Be Able To Frequent You More Often
I Rate You A 10÷÷ All Around.
Sam Drake

Your Help For Firefighters Is To Be Commended.

Pps. Love Your Pickles

Posted by Anonymous

I came to the Firehouse in Oxford AL, and one of the workers by the name Brandon was so rude and rolled his eyes at me. He used some vulgar words under his breath like I wouldn't hear it I just don't appreciate it. I love coming to Firehouse but it will be awhile before I come back to the restaurant.

Posted by Tyler Cole

I Was at Austin, TX. And I Tried A Meatball Sub & It Tasted Fresh. This is Great, This Place is Almost like Subway or Jimmy John's, But Firehouse Subs is Awesome! Amazing Service, Friendly People & Fresh Tasting Meat. I'll Still Eat here.

Posted by A Fan

Firehouse Subs has great subs! I have never had a bad sub or service. Our family just had a birthday/going away party with 32 in attendance at one location and Firehouse Subs was very accommodating. Additionally they purposefully and publicly give back to emergency services within the community. I will admit that they are a little pricy, but the quality is equivalent. When I want cheaper I go somewhere else, but when I want a great sub I will go to Firehouse and get my usual #10

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Posted by AJSmonkey

This has to be the absolute worst company to work for. The store I'm working in has nothing but problems especially with the employees and management. I have never encountered any situation like this. The store is understaffed and the the employees and management do nothing but chase away the new hire employees. I'm about ready to quit because who wants to work in a situation like this. I don't get it,they need help and the due nothing but cause problems for the new hires so they leave.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my daughter worked at fire house subs in august 2017. She worked at the store in guelph on clair rd.
She only had 3-4 days shift. There was a guy josh that told my daughter to f..ken do ur job right! He also said he can fire her on the spot but she doesnt know if he was a supervisor. Wesley is
The manager he never put her name on the schedule or had a name tag.and also she only worked 2-3 hours a day. I think she could of had a week or more as it was her first job!!!!
I hope someone says something and or get a better daughter was a
Always texting him for her schedule
Bad manager no one ever said hi to her!
For a first job this shouldn't of happened
Thank you

Posted by Firehouse hires child molesters

I was walking by a firehouse subs when I saw a sign for "now hiring sign holder" I went inside and compliance application.i was called the next day by a manager named "chop"..I was hired for 6 days a week..the next day I went in and chop told me sorry that they hired someone else. I asked if it is because I am disabled and in a wheelchair (I have osteoporosis,brittle bone disease)... she said no,it is due to me having tattoos..(wich I can cover and none are offensive)... so I was lied to, manipulated,and just plain disrespected..The other sign holder "chop" has working for her is a two time convicted child molester and ex doctor that lost his doctor license for sex w kids and illegally prescribing strong drugs... so I can't work at firehouse bc my tats..but a 2 time convicted child molester can hold the sign???!!!!

Posted by Michelle

It's unbelievable that I've worked for firehousesubs over a year and Friday the 19th of February was my last day after hearing the owner John york ofPlant City Florida talk hateful an disrespectful things about me,(employee)when I was on break an to his shocking look when I stood up an then he realized I was only 2 feet away on the other side of the wall by the hot sauces.I told the DM,an she knows an heard him and when I confronted her about what he said about me an I told her he is a disrespectful ass!,she replied I know,but I can't say anything.I am not gona let this go..this is harassment.

Posted by Anonymous

Firehouse should be ashamed of their treatment of their employees. Their store in Col. Hgts, Va schedules employees for 2&3 hr. shifts at $7.25 an hr. A,waste of gas! Often when employees show up atvtheir scheduled time they are told labor is too high to punch in so take a seat in he fining area and wait to be told they can punch in. These employees can't leave even though not being paid! Raises they are promised never come through or are delayed. This week all employees were forced to sign an agreement stating if they called out for inclement weather they could be fired. We all know how people tush out for a sub when we have ice and snow...really firehouse! Shame on you for caring so little about ypur employes!! Yes'lets risk life and limb for you, for a mere $7.25 per hr. Better yep employees are yold not to come in sick, but if you don't you have to provide a doctor's note. Yes, firehouse lets drive the cost of benefits up which you DO NOT provide. If you actually treated your hard working employees better your training costs would come down. Let's hope you learn some good business sense. As for my business, you lost it. I was a big fan of firehouse but you meed to treat people with respect and not skip so much on the meat you put on these sandwiches. Yep trimming that mere 1 oz sames you money while it losses your customers.

Posted by n/a

Ms.Gloria is so unfair to her employee, she very inconcerate toward her hard working employees. She is all about herself. I know it takes a hard and a determing person to keep a company running but the way she act towards her worker does make any sense at all like she's not human, like she doesn't have feelings, like she don't hurt like any other human being. MS.Gloria should treat me employees the way she would like to be treat.


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