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Posted by Antonio Melro

Not only they managed to loose my checked-in baggage, but also didn't provide any kind of customer support. After more than one month, I have no replies from the airline, no compensation, and cannot activate the travel insurance to recover some of the value I lost.
On board, the passengers were disruptive on both flights to and from China and they both departed delayed because the on-board staff couldn't simply seat people down and prepare to departure.
Food served on board was also terrible.

Posted by ronwebb888

Had a very bad experience regarding a reservation. The reservation was made in June. Our seats were changed from Economy Comfort to Economy without notifying us. Attempts to complain online were met with "system error." Direct phone complaints were not helpful. Spent more than 2 hours on the phone with no resolution.

Posted by unhappy customer

We pay top dollar to fly Finnair, however for a 2nd time within a year have had to fly with a Portuguese leased plane. These planes were fit to fly 30 years ago, however not today. Broken seats, toilets not working etc. Felt as if whole plane is falling apart. This apparently is standard between Helsinki and Miami flights. We were promised that we would get a refund for the extra leg room we paid for, plane did not have it, however we have heard nothing from Finnair. Up to now we have held Finnair to be a high quality carrier, hopefully it becomes one once again.


Baggage Lost
Business Trip Without Clothes
4 Days
Now Returning Back Already,
Worst Airline Company!

Posted by Anonymous

I was travelling from Manchester england to helsinki finland. When I arrived at helsinki my suitcase had been damaged. I could not get the handle up to pull it along. It was working fine when I checked my baggage in at Manchester.

Posted by david

may 29 2016 arrived bangkok international 6-45 am for flight to helsinki 8-55 am,only 2 economy check in desks open, 85 minutes to get checked in, passport control another 65 minutes, no thai staff in passport controll to explain my flight time or help with information, as a seasoned traveller to bangkok it normally it takes me 50 minutes to check in and clear passport control,finnair advised me on friday to arrive before 7 am,because of security,had a third/fourth desk being open for economy check in the problem could have being solved, 2 check in economy desks for 300 people is just not workable or acceptable, considering the check in passport control delays,at 8-55 i felt my flight had departed and i was stranded in bangkok not knowing what to do next, david walsh

Posted by Engelsmanni

I wish to complain about the inefficiency and care with which Finnair handled flight rebookings during Week 13, when reservations were disrupted by the Brussels Airport atrocity. Our original reservations, award flights with Finnair Plus (67ARXS, were between Helsinki and Gran Canaria on 27 March returning 2 April, with flight changes at Brussels and Madrid (and vice versa). After the Brussels situation arose on 22 March, and once the continuing closure of Brussels Airport had been confirmed, on (I believe) 25 March I called the regular Finnair ticket office at 22:30, and the agent very kindly dealt efficiently with the necessary outward flight reservation. But the really rather poor service offered by the Helsinki Finnair Plus office for the RETURN RE-BOOKING was surprising. I first called the regular Finnair ticket office from Gran Canaria on Tuesday, 31 March, which meant that I was put on telephonic hold for some 20-25 minutes, but I was told that, since there was no news from Brussels concerning cancellations, nothing could be done. Although the extent of the damage at Brussels must have been clear, Finnair did not update its information online after 30 March for MORE THAN 36 HOURS. On Friday, 1 April, I then attempted to phone the Finnair-Plus office again, and my call was ON HOLD for a FULL HOUR (at c. 9-10:00 Finnish time) -- when my call was eventually answered, I was told to call again 3 hours later for closer information -- but I refused, pointing out the sheer cost in time and money of waiting on hold for my calls to be answered. At this point, therefore, the Finnair-Plus agent reluctantly issued the necessary new reservations (this time via Hamburg). MY COMPLAINT IS THEREFORE THREEFOLD: (1) the poor service provided by the presumably under-staffed Finnair-Plus office (Brussels was obviously out of service throughout Week 13 and most of Week 14); (2) The cost of being placed on telephone hold for well over an hour was considerable, probably 70-80 Euro in all; (3) Since our original request had been for Finnair-Plus reservations between Helsinki and Gran Canaria, why were we given extremely inconvenient three-stage reservations, Helsinki-Brussels (with Finnair) and then Brussels- Madrid and Madrid-Gran Canaria (both with Iberia -- and the same for the return journey. Finnair, after all, flies the same route DIRECT -- and this is what we were, in fact, eventually given for the HEL-Gran Canaria flight on 27 March -- though, again, not for the return journey on 3 April (Air Berlin + Finnair). All in all, Finnair-Plus seems not to have handled the situation as a whole very flexibly or indeed intelligently. This was a mixd experience of Finnair service, however, since the change in the outward flight reservation, late in the evening, was certainly handled well.

Posted by Karl

My reservation was canceled and ticket refused at the counter with no reason,and in contrast to e-mail information that I received from Finnair. The root cause was most probably a computer flaw. There was no chance to get help at the airport or to reach customer service in Finland within 60 minutes before the gate was closed and the flight took off. So I missed my flight, which was the last flight that day and I missed my business meeting.

Reaction via e-mail only in Finish and 12 hours after the fact.
When calling next morning, reaction on the phone was very friendly, but the damage to me had been done already.Ticket was promised to be reimbursed. This is ok, but not a real compensation. No questions on other damages or additional costs.
This is my first really bad experience within 5 years of regular flights with Finnair. I am dissapointed nevertheless.

Posted by not satisfied

Dear finairways I complaint 4 weeks ago and got no answer .I would like you to reply before i go public with the issues Or just close your complaint forum if you guys dont want to reply .

Posted by Vibhuti

I always use Finnair for travelling, but I was very dissatisfied with the services which they offer when you are travelling with kids. I paid for lounge, with two small kids I was asked to wait for two hours without any reason. Because I was with kids! My father and many who were travelling in economy comfort got offer to upgrade for business class, but I was not offered although I too paid for economy comfort. Because I was with kids! Is this your service for people, who are travelling with kids?

Posted by Anonymous

bad customer service,rude russian speaking woman,all they want is to finish conversation,they don't care,they hang up on me when i was in the middle of a sentence,just worse company,my sister's plane was late,so she missed her connection,and had to wait for next fligth from 5pm.until next day 3.30pm,she does not speak english,she was not given anything like a food voucher even,lucky she had cell phone,so i was able to finally talk to someone,it was not easy,it was not my sisters fault that she had missed her connection,they just don't care,we will never use finnair,and i will tell everybody that they suck.

Posted by Tony Adami

Last Saturday I flew Finnair economy from Helsinki (flight QF 036)to Singapore. The food was awful; vitually inedible. I chose a pork and rice option for dinner. The pork was a brown paste and the smell and appearance of the the food most unpleasant; like cat food. The breakfast was not much better. Also, the aircraft shuddered violently during take and landing which obviouisly alarmed some passemgers. Qantas should also be told about this complaint.

Posted by katy

I flew with Finnair into Bangkok last month. When I initially got onto the plain I thought I was back in the 80's. The decor was dated, of poor quality and seriously lacked what most other airlines offer. The entertainment set was not entertaining. There was about a handfull of options to watch (not fun for a 12 hour flight) and the actual set it self was so bad you could hardly see the picture, the touch screen did not work properly or the remote. And I was not the " unlucky one" as many other on the flight had the same issue.

Once your on- you dont have much choice so off I went to Bangkok. Upon arrival I was waiting and waiting for my bag- to be told it is not coming and I can get it tomorrow from the airport! It wasnt until I was about to leave that the customer service worker provided me with a 70euro cash passport card. With this my reaction was ' ok- not so bad, good compensation- have taken responsibility for thier mistake. WRONG.

The following day I flew to Laos- with my bag only to put my card in an ATM machine and to be told ' insufficient funds' - about 4 times. I tried another machine and another - same message. I messaged Finnair via facebook - 2 days later a response. Initially they tried to be helpful in stating to try different things, then they informed me that their records show I have withdrawn the funds already.

I did not as the ATM would not let me. All in all there have been over 30 emails with zero compensation. Some of the worst customer service I have received- One email the employee told me ' theres nothing more I can say'. Another told me there is no option to discuss issues like these over the phone as they do not have a number for complaints.

Overall- with this link -/Finnair and many other alike affirm the reasonS why not to fly with this terrible company. I will NEVER fly Finnair again AND INTEND TO SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH ASMANY WEBSITES AND PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. With the quality of service and the condition of theirplanes I would think that any one would have to be desperate to use Finnair.

Employee names : Satu Salo and Taija Hanninen.

How to complain about Finnair customer service

Resolver is a completely free complaint-resolution tool that puts the British consumer directly in touch with the customer service providers who can resolve their complaint.
By providing you with all the tools and contact details needed to raise and manage your complaint, we put you firmly in control of your issue.
Using resolver you can:

•Keep all your correspondence in one place
•Go straight to the correct contact point within an organisation
•Make use of a series of simple templates to help make raising your complaint as simple and quick as possible
•Receive reminders when you get a response from a company or organisation
•Get an automatic notification when it's appropriate to escalate your case to the next management level within a company
•Package up and send off the whole history of your complaint to an ombudsman or other regulatory body if necessary

BY SEARCHING IN GOOGLE : Finnair Complaints you are able to see the amount of unhappy consumers there really are!

To date (2.10.15)- I have not had a reply from Finnair after emailing them ona daily basis for 6 days. IF YOU FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE AND ANYTHING GOES WRONG BE PREPARED FOR THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Posted by Mini

I have recently taken a trip with Finnair from Brisbane to Budapest and back that I was deeply disappointed with.

The first bad experience occurred on the flight between Singapore and Helsinki due to the fact that the entertainment unit was not working at all. That can happen, and I would have been all right with it if the crew handled it in a professional manner. But this wasn't the case. I have asked for roughly eight hours the unit to be checked, every time getting the same response, "I will reset it for you", but none of them ever came back to see wether it was working or not. After about eight hours when I asked again I was told "Sorry m'am, it is not working". I would like to state here that I have travelled a lot, with different airlines to different parts of the world, and it did happen before that the entertainment unit simply didn't work. The only difference was that I left the plane happy as the hostess apologized for any inconvenience by giving me a little gift. They turned an unhappy customer into a happy one.

But this was nothing compared to what was to come. On my way back I wanted to check in at Budapest airport, but it turned out I was allowed only one luggage. If the ground staff were a bit more professional (I am aware that you can't control that) I could have taken my second luggage (a small bag) as a carry-on because it would have fit in my little back-pack. I was told "Finnair doesn't allow that". At this point I had no problems, rules are rules, so I wanted to pay for the extra luggage. Now this was the point where the drama began, as THE SYSTEM DID NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CARD. How can anything like this be possible when technically we are living in a cashless society?! I had to pay cash, so the ground staff pointed me to a local bank (OTP) ATM, the only problem was that it did not recognize my Australian card. How do you think I felt when I was told that I could not get on the plane without paying cash. Luckily I got dropped off to the airport and my
lift was not in the traffic jam on the freeway yet, so could turn around and pay for the excess fee in cash. I wonder what would have happened if this was not the case?! Do you think that the problem has been handled professionally? I doubt it. Would I have missed all my connections because the SYSTEM DOES NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CARD?! If that was the case, it wouldn't only be a complaint letter.
When I arrived to Helsinki I went to see Finnair helpdesk and I was told that it shouldn't have been a problem at check-in. That was the most disappointing. How can a ground staff dictate different rules to the airline rules? I strongly suggest you check out who is working for your airline and train them properly.

Honestly, this was the worst flight experience in my life and I will not be shy to rate Finnair as the worst company.

Posted by Vikas

2 days back I traveled by Finnair from Toronto to Delhi via Chicago and Helsinki and though I am still jet legged I could not wait for long to write about the horrifying experience I had in my flight from Chicago to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Delhi .And guess what I did not face any issue from Toronto to Chicago because that flight was operated by American Airline .In short in my flight from Chicago to Helsinki AY 10.The crew members were rude and unhelpful .They were getting irritated on almost everything even if a passenger asks for a glass of water more than one or 2 times . The food was bad and seats were not comfortable at all.On my flight from Helsinki to Delhi AY 21 the experience was no better, a crew member named 'Bajaj' purposely forgot to give food to me while standing right in front of me and when I tried to remind him about it he very conveniently ignored me, I guess this a way finnair wants to save on cost and run the airline . As if it was not enough, when I arrived at the airport I found out that one of my brand new luggage was broken .I am not sure if such blogs will make the airline realize how they they are ripping off the passengers but I hope my feedback will help the travelers make the right choice. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM FINNAIR .

Posted by Vik

The reason behind my travelling to UK was due to the funeral of my father, who passed away on 3/8/15. In spite of the difficult times I was already in, I had to suffer more due to the mishandling of my luggage by your airlines. After I reached at Heathrow I realised that my luggage was not there and in a situation where I should have been rushing to see my dead father I was made to run here and there on the airport to search for my bag. I was told by the Finnair authorities in Heathrow that I was not travelling with a bag at all ! How could they have missed on a 23 kg bag altogether ?! I am surprised that how the guys at Delhi just processed my suit case without even tagging it.
Instead of helping me find my baggage, I was told at the Heathrow Airport to coordinate with the Delhi Airport. Does the airport not take responsibility of the luggage that a passenger is carrying ? Were they not supposed to coordinate internally and give me a resolution ? I repeatedly told them that I was carrying a suitcase with me which they did not agree to. Hope Finnair is not expecting the passengers to book a seat separately for their luggage.

Post all this activity, my wife who is in India currently called the Delhi Authorities repeatedly requesting to search for the suitcase and threatened to take legal action after which the bag suprrisingly came rolling out and was sent to London 2 days after my arrival in the city.

Whereas I was required at the Hospital to sign documents and make arrangements I was following the matter up with Finnair. Instead of fully concentrating on my father's death and my family as I was running around and calling you, catching cabs back and forth to Heathrow not only to enquire but also to collect it. Could Finnair not even deliver the bad that they mishandled ? More than the cost, which I suffered from this amateur mistake, it's the pain and stress that it caused me and my family which is very bothering.
You must understand that my normal clothes and suit for the funeral was in suitcase that I was carrying with me. I was already in a lot of pain due to the death and the non arrival of my suitcase made it even more difficult to cope. I had to buy clothes immediately and arrange hotel night stay for 2 days. Also food in the reclaimed baggage went off and damaged clothes and suite case was damaged from the outside.

I would request you to look into this matter asap and expect that I shall be fully compensated for the very difficult situation I was put into.

Posted by Anonymous

AY5652 7/31/2015
I was unable to select seats or a meal on this AY-IB code share flight through neither the Finnair or Iberia websites or reservation lines. The IB agent told me to call AY and, guess what? The AY agent (A self proclaimed "supervisor" with an attitude, named Amanda) told me to call IB.
Incidentally, the customer service line for AY had a wait time in excess of 20 minutes at about 1300H on July 28.
Great customer experience, guys.

Posted by catherine hock


i would like to file a complaint regarding a purchase during the flight. The amount billed was wrong and i noticed it only after receiving my credit card statement. The flight was from Helsinki to Brussels. HOCK/CATHERINE

The purchase was KIEHL's Midnight recovery concentrate. 30 ml.
My visa card was billed 89.50. I'll of course give you my full credit card détails upon request.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Catherine Hock

Posted by NoFinnairEver

Turned away at the gate/customer service-long wait and disconnects after couple of minutes speaking to the representative: My 14-year old daughter was turned away from the flight at the boarding gate in SFO. She flew this route (SFO to LED) when she was 12 years old on her own (as Finnair did not provide unaccompanied services at that time). This time, Finnair's co-shared airline (American Airlines) had a change of rule which does not allow minors (including 14-year olds) to fly on their own in order to connect to Finnair flight from JFK. Even though at the check-in, AA flight attendant offered unaccompanied services for which I paid; however, at the gate, my daughter was turned away. I was offered to accompany my daughter for $4,000 to JFK. When ticket was purchased via Finnair website, nothing was mentioned regarding this change with co-shared flight, considering, that I had to specified my daughters age. Also, Finnair website considers young adults from age of 12 to 25. Customer service numbers are unreachable with the wait of over 20 minutes and after two minutes the line disconnects, repeatedly. I also have to call Finnair office in Helsinki for a refund, incurring euro charges on my end from Finnair.

Posted by Anonymous

Finnair's service has in my case been extremely bad. I was denied access to a flight, booked half a year beforehand, because of overbooking. I was not given any compensation at the airport, even if EU regulations state that you should have one. I have in vain tried to get one. The ground service wasn't good enough and now it is extremely difficult to reach and get feedback, when asking for compensation. Couldn't be worse.

Posted by Paddy

Since Friday 12th I have been trying to change my booking 6MXZG5. Whenever I try to move to the next page I get the below message. The cost to change the ticket on Friiday was 50e, I tried to change then but could not, I managed to get onto the system on 13th and the cost to change was 73e, I again tried to chnage the ticket but your system would not accept my name on my credit card!!! I have called my HSBC bank and they say the problem is with Finnair. What the hell is going on with Finnair. Seriously you folk need to wake up becuase your customers will not put up with this appauling service, thie really is 4th world. I have just called your Shanghai office and all they can say is sorry we have problem with the system. Now I just talked to Shanghai and I am told I have to pay 800RMB which is double what i could have paid on Friday was it not for your system. I need to change this flight to return on 10th August at 1115 so i have no choice but to pay. This is a disgrace Finnair, why should I have to pay for your error.

This is what the computer error message is - Bad Request The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client SHOULD NOT repeat the request without modifications.

Posted by SML

It is an extremely awful experience to try to contact a finnair representative. One hour of waiting and got disconnected. When a representative was available to answer the phone, it was beyond extremely awful experience. Instead of helping me, she basically just hung up on me while I was still trying to explain that my husband's name isn't as shown on his passport(because of them too).

Posted by CYH

Finnair's customer service is close to useless. If nothing goes wrong in your booking, flying long-haul flights with Finnair is a good steal. But once something happens and you need to modify your booking or you just simply need help, you're screwed. First of all there is no toll free hotline, this makes life very hard for people overseas struggling to find a landline. Secondly, the social media accounts are very inactive, while the chat service essentially can't help you change your booking because you have to call them. Neither can they solve technical issues. The website's booking system is particularly dull, it doesn't know how to handle re-bookings and people end up with being charged twice, two bookings, and even not being able to book anything. So Finnair if you're reading this, you need serious upgrades with your sites. I've tried calling the hotline to reinstate a booking only to come to the website a few hours later and see 2 bookings that can't be changed at all. These officers don't seem to know much, you have to keep pressing for them to tell you the exact details and options you have. When I asked when will my booking be most updated the response from the live chat personnel was actually "I do not know how busy the *insert country* office is". This means that Finnair your booking system is not integrated and its causing a lot of people headache. I've heard similar horror stories from friends!

About the youth ticket and the booking system. If you change your flight less than 2 months before the departure, there is a very high change you will have to pay a lot more than the 75 SG dollars as promised initially. I changed the return date on my return youth ticket and it amounted to 350 SGD. But then it became another price ticket type which meant that instead of 2 luggage, as I have earlier booked, the new ticket only allows 1 baggage. Which doesn't make sense of course, how can I leave with 1 luggage when I came with 2? Evidently the website booking system is not smart enough to identify that a change of flight on a return youth ticket would mean that the new flight has to be a youth ticket type.

Posted by LTT

Finnair website offer no customer services at all. The so-called 24 hours customer service hotline in Finland does not work. And no email address can be found on the webpage to reach them. It is also very annoying that they instructed the customers to enter only the First name when booking a ticket, I tried to enter a double first name and the system does not allowed. No other airline is like that. Now, I was also told that there is a risk of not able to go on board if the name is not matching the passport. Why so simple things Finnair have to make it so complicated?

Posted by MS


I returned from a week long vacation from Dubai to Helsinki. It is a 6.5 hr flight. At Dubai airport, Finnair personnel did not have a plastic bag for packing my baby's pram. I was advised to get it plastic wrapped by paying 20 Dirhams from the next counter operated privately.

Inflight, my disappointment was increased further by their services. They were selling juice, water and were not interested in any service provision in the flight. For eg, if the pilot came near toilet from the cockpit, the airhostesses simply closed the curtains, without telling the passengers to go the other toilets. It felt like we were being thrown out of the area.
They did not have any microwave oven for heating baby's milk-only hot water and we had to keep the bottle in plastic container. All airhostesses were rude and interested in only selling products or alcohol.

The blankets provided by them were not clean and not plastic wrapped, simply delivered by hand- so unhygienic.

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Posted by bungleboy

We booked flights in April 2010 for travel in January 2010 from Helsinki to Manchester. I had a message the day before we were due to depart that there had been a schedule change. I duly tried to contact them on the number left on my voicemail (3 euros to call them). They said they were very sorry but they had overbooked the flight and could we stay another night in Helsinki and fly later. I said no - however they took no notice and told me we had been booked on with British Airways to London Heathrow with a connection to Manchester - all in all we would arrive approx 5 hours later than originally scheduled. Given that we had booked the flights so far in advance I asked for an explanation as to why we had been pushed off the flight and we were not given any explanation whatsoever. We caught the flight to LHR with BA but Finnair in their wisdom didn't check our baggage through to Manchester which meant we had to collect our luggage from Heathrow T3, go through passport control and transfer via the underground to Heathrow T5. A lot of people will know what its like coming out of T3 - its hard work and takes a long time. Eventually after getting heathrow express to T5 we tried to check in were told that we were too late for connecting flight and there were no more flights that day. An interesting point is that BA said that even if the luggage had been transferred correctly etc etc then we would have not made the connecting flight anyway which really annoyed me! To BA's credit they put us up in a hotel and gave us dinner and breakfast and flew us up to Manchester the next day on a flight of our choice.

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