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Fingerhut customer service is ranked #856 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.83 out of a possible 200 based upon 99 ratings. This score rates Fingerhut customer service and customer support as Terrible.


96 Negative Comments out of 99 Total Comments is 96.97%.


3 Positive Comments out of 99 Total Comments is 3.03%.

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    • 19.83 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 96 negative comments (96.97%)
    • 3 positive comments (3.03%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Frustrated in Oregon

I received a gift from Fingerhut, from my parents. The items were ordered for my daughter's birthday. One of the items was a miss-pick from the warehouse. On the return paperwork I'm advised that I'm responsible for the shipping charges to trim the incorrectly pulled item (the call tag stuck to the item is for a you, they sent an appliance). There's a number on the paper for customer service, great, I'll call and get the proper item sent and a ups call tag to send the erroneous item back. No such luck! They won't talk to me, won't expedite me to a manager because they can't share account information with a non account holder. But wait, I was given the account balance owed and available credit by the automated system. All I provided was a phone number and 4 digit code, that I guessed. Nice security. Poor customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I Be A Member Of Finger Hut For Year. And I Would Like For Everyone To No About Them. Please Do Not Buy Anything From Them. Because Their Stuff Is No Good I Have Bought A Bed In A Bag From Them And It Was Torn And Bought A Pin Elephant From Them And They Do Not Want To Refund My Money Back Because It Had Changed Colors On Me And I Paid Too Much Money For For It Who Going To Sit And Pay A Hundred Some Dollars For A Pin Elephant That Change Colors. So Im A Very Good Customer Of There And I Will Not Be Buy Ant Thing Else From Them. Ms. Carpenter

Posted by Anonymous

Are you serious Fingerhut. Tried to make an order today and when I spoke to your customer rep she was clueless. Great job. I'll end up going to Walmart or some other place to purchase my items. You people should really be embarrassed

Posted by Anonymous

I have 6 credit accounts and one new car loan,three years old.I have never been late,ever!!.and called finger but two weeks ago and asked,where is my invoice,they said it has not been generated yet.Now its March 28th,still no invoice,they are purposely trying a to make me late,I don't understand.I am a disabled veteran,in a wheelchair,I don't deserve this.And your prices are twice as high as,Wards,getting ton,stone berry,target,Walmart,or any other charge account.why is this?.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently applied for an account. Social security.I am Donte L Camack

I would appreciate your response in this matter thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I need to speak to someone about someone fraudulently trying to open an account in my name. I have called and called but you can't even get an operator... I have also sent emails from website to customer service but no response. They are the worst I have ever seen. Any advise as to how to reach someone . A real live person...

Posted by Kimmydee59

Hello, there is something wrong with you're website. It freezes and is slow. Can't order anything. The catalog site.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not havecan account but I need to talk to someone about a product I purchased through one of your members

Thank you


Posted by Anonymous

I got fresh start credit made my monthly payments on time. when I called to inquire about my revolving card all of a sudden they claimed I missed a payment nd they giving me a second chance with fresh start. each representative tell me a different story even when I called in with my receipts they need to do better training of their representatives

Posted by Maria Perez Burnett

Hello My Name Is Maria Perez Burnett I Buy A Ring For My Husband The Ring Broke I Try To Get In Contact With The Company To Please Replace The Ring But I Don't Get Any Result They Give Me Different Numbers To Call I Still Have The Broken Ring.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to place an order for some reason it would not let me do it on line called customer service several times the first time the person was very rude second time she would not place my order told me to try on line again called back and asked for a supervisor she would not connect to one I tried to order again and was very rude so I told her to cancel the order I was waiting for her to hang up so I could do the survey she must of thought that she hung up the phone NOT I got talked about like I was a piece of dirt on the floor to her co-worker when she realize she didn't hang up the phone I informed her what I heard I asked for a supervisor again was left on hold for 10 minutes no one ever came what a shame when I spend money it does make her paycheck shame on her

Posted by biggmike07

I rate you 0 because I can't order anything and the Web site is frozen. So no Xmas here. Enjoy I'll pay my bill and end my relationship with finger hut. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi i have receive a refund yet i been waiting since nov 24 still havent got my refund yet

Posted by jlove

Fingerhut rob me for 6 months my payments were set up automatically my due date was on the 27th of every month but my payments were coming out on the 28th Fingerhut took late fee from me for 6 months increase my credit limit and my payments you're late every month and I was not aware of it..

Posted by Stay Away

Right out of a Horror Story, their customer service is the worst I've experienced. Although their WebBank credit service competes to qualify as a tie for first place. No matter what I did, who I called, which email, which chat person, they all refused to help cancel a wrong order. Three times I requested corrections, still no correction 48 hours later. Never gave me the coupon code, even though they emailed me the promo code in their own email marketing blitz.
Good luck if you try - just beware and know everything is extremely overpriced and help is not available.

Posted by Fixey-Lady

Shop online with, they're the best and its products are superb compares to Fingerhut (they suck big big)! Overpriced and customer services are ridiculously horrible, too! never gave me a hard time and they increased my line of credit within two months. Don't give any more business to Fingerhut - they suck royally!

Posted by darcy

At first, they were good, but they won't let me exchange earnings (lemon day one and I have worn it once). Therefore, I paid in full and closed my account less than an hour ago. Screw them.... I will never, ever buy their products again or reopen an account with them. I have been a loyal customer for a year and spent at least $5,000.00. They suck big time!

Posted by Amy

the worest service in the world shipped my oreder to the wrong address spent days trying to fix with no help at all

Posted by Boogy

Been waiting over a month for my money to be put back in my account and customer service sucks!!! They are so rude

Posted by Anonymous

I was given a credit for 400 bucks, last year. I checked out a recliner, it said I didn't have enough credit. But it was sent. I returned the recliner, now am in collection for a chair I should have never received. My credit score went from 700 to 500 because of this huge mistake on your part. I also get phone calls. Your mistake, fix it. THANKS, JANIE STEWART

Posted by Anonymous

Started doing business with fingerhut to build credit boy was that a mistake they were ok at first not they are horrible customer service is not very friendly they are rude they dont care about your concerns or seem willing to keep your business for a good paying customer refuses to increase limits theirs so much I can say about this company all these reviews are right people beware if you do business with this company use them just to build some type of history then dump them flat

Posted by Anonymous

I have sent you a few emails telling the account in Leonard Jones name was forged. I have not seen where you understand. I have talked to my attorney about this matter. I have never ordered anything from you. The person who forged my name is Patricia Jones I am asking you to please send me a copy of the signature and agreement that I did not sign so I can take it to my lawyer. Leonard Jones 3100 sweetwater road apt I am very tired of receiving information that I did not order or agreement email your company is wrong for harassing me. I told you from the first notice what happened. Let me know when the information will arrive.


Leonard Jones

Posted by pb01915

absolutely awful...charged for purchases that have been returned as if you do not like it they still charge you a portion not 100% you can go to a store with your receipt and get 100% back. I ordered 2 things and sent 1 back second one was an over the door rack for $30 and my bill got to over $100 for what. This company is a rip off. Will not use them again...cut up card.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had such a terrible service in my life .I cannot understand the people I talk to .This service is so bad that I all I want to do is pay you off at then I will never do business with you again .I will not refer you to anyone I know.So please stop the phone calls or I will have to report you for phone misuse.

Posted by No. Your business

I have had a fingerhut account for approximately 4 months. I faithfully make my payments. Two weeks ago I made a payment online for 60.00. One payment only. Fingerhut took 2 payments of 60.00 the same day. When I called them on to tell the it messed my checking account up they told me they would reverse the payment in 24 to 48 hours later. 72 hours later it had not gone back to my account they informed me they were sending a check. I told them no as quickly as you took my money out you put it back. They would not!!!!! Needless to say I am ticked off I immediately canceled my account and will neve never deal or recommend fh to anyone! Anyone. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with you have taken a double payment from me messed up my checking account and you are going to send me a check! Pack sand!

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Posted by Edward Malave

Edward Malave

Would you please stop sending me catalog on my old address because I moved and I have a new P.O. Box mailing address

That can be a risk for hackers

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know who all you people talked to but I have nothing but great service with Finger Hut and all my stuff was shipped with a week of ordering!!!!

Posted by onesatisfiedcustomer

It took so long to get someone almost an hour but when she answered I got the best person.

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