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Fifth Third Bank customer service is ranked #725 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 129 ratings. This score rates Fifth Third Bank customer service and customer support as Terrible.


126 Negative Comments out of 129 Total Comments is 97.67%.


3 Positive Comments out of 129 Total Comments is 2.33%.

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  • Fifth Third Bank

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    • 24.93 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 126 negative comments (97.67%)
    • 3 positive comments (2.33%)
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to get a lien release on a car that has been paid off since 2014. Name Shirley . NONE OF THE NUMBER I HAVE CALLED DEAL WITH THIS.

Posted by Tonya

i am very disappointed with 5/3rd bank right now because my mother had an account with this bank for nearly 30 years and passed away in march of this year, since that time i have been trying to close her account. I have been getting the run around and I have submitted the required documentation to have access of this account. The current balance has not been released to me as next of kin and monthly service fees are still being charged.


A Family Member Has A Car Loan With This Bank. And Always Makes Their Payment Within The Grace Period. And Never Late.and They Receive Phone Calls From This Bank At All Different Hours Of The Day, And Saturday And Sunday.and They Are Very Rude.this Is Not Legal. And The Bank Executives Ought To Address This Very Poor Practice.these Are The Kind Of Actions That You Would Expect From A Back Alley Lender!

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot believe I cannot reach my own bank I didn't eat certain hour and a half to be Bank hours this is ridiculous I feel that you guys are not up-to-date

Posted by Anonymous

Your phone system for after hours is ridiculous. I don't have online set up, I simply have a car loan with you and wanted to call and get the balance of my loan. Your recording spun me in circles and eventually dumped my call. I called 3 times total never got to a representative, I don't even think speaking to a CSR is an option and I never got my loan balance. I find it hard to believe a nation wide bank does not have a 24 customer service line for customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Greda Brown
Greda Brown
in the last week. 4/5/16. problem happened 4/1/16
The people working in 5/3 in Melrose Park are some thieves.I made my Mortgage Payment in full .The guy gave me my receipt and my change left and went back to work and to a funeral out of town check my account on line and my mortgage payment is showing $10 short reread my receipt and It says paid full amount .Been so slow checking my messages finally do and it is some bogus message from 5/3 talking about they made an error and gave me back to much money and call them.I guess after I left they went back in my account and stole $10.I am going to file a complaint against those thieves . they stealing money know trying to make me pay it back. If they can not count they should not be working with money. I do not even live around their why should I have to waiste my gas because of your error.Somebody is going to pay for Touching my Account .If you can go in my account after I have left what other violations of my privacy can take place.
I wonder if they had treated this situation like this if I was Hispanic or White or is this just how you treat African Americans.

Posted by DU

They are rude and give you the run around when you ask a question. They have had a title to our camper, and won't release it. They got their money and we have no title. This was done thru insurance due to it being a loss. They sent the title to a address in Wisconsin. The office had been closed for a year. They were told to send it to Indianapolis. This was beginning of November 2015. Well here it is the second week of January 2016!

Posted by Anonymous

On December 31,2015 my lawyer and I went to 5/3 rd bank in Gurnee Il. to close my brothers account . My brother passed away on Dec. 27, 2015 from a massive heart attack, it was quite a shock. Upon entering the bank my lawyer asked a teller if we ccould possibly use an empty office, that was right there, for me to sign some papers he brought, he also explained to her why we were there.She got another man from another office, my lawyer explained to him why we were there, this man went and got Matthew Rothmann,(ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT) he was very skeptical about us using an office, Him and his side kick escorted us to an office 5 feet away and stood there, my lawyer asked if we could have privacy, reluctantly they left us. When we were through we went to Matthew's office with the side kick in tow. Matthew represented your bank as a insensitive, arrogant, selfcentered ass. Never once did her make us feel welcome or tell me that her was sorry to hear about my brother, never smiled or made us feel confortable, he made us feel like we were wasting his time, he spend about ten minutes with us. We were able to close the accounts, but left feeling like we were criminals. Hopefully your executives from your banks receive customer service ediquet classes in there training, Matthew must of been out sick that day. If the shoe was on the other foot I'm sure he would feel the same way. I will never do business with 5/3rd ever again, I have never been treated this way at any other bank I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Anonymous

Totally ignored by drive thru teller. Was working with back to me. Rang buzzer 2 times before she turned around and then told me she was busy doing her work. When I asked if I wasn't part of that work she became condescending talking to me as a 2 year old on how to push button for service. What? All she had to say was "sorry." I was ONLY person at bank. Sad.

Posted by none

The worst telephone customer service I have ever encountered with a bank (and there are some very bad ones...) Some banking institutions still believe in providing excellent support but Fifth Third Bank is definitely not one of them. Run for your life!

Posted by dfazio

I am pulling my account and will never do business with this bank again. For the third time, since I have been a "valued customer" of this bank, my account has been defrauded again. I reported the fraud and was told that the money would be credited back and the fees credited within 4-5 business days. I was also told that because the account was now over drawn that in order for me to elect to overdraft my account all I needed to do was bring the account balance to the positive and I would be able to over draft my account again but would not be responsible for overdraft charges because of the credits that would be applied in the coming days. It is now day three of this absolute craziness that is my banking experience with this company. After being told to bring account to the positive, I was then told it would be okay for me to use my card at the ATM. Tried to use ATM and could not get money out. Called customer service and they said there is no reason why it was denied and could not tell me what the problem was. Bank manager and teller both told me that I could use the card according to what they know and they can't explain either. Called customer service and they said that because my direct deposits had not cleared that was why I could not withdraw money Had to wait until those cleared by 7:00am the next day. the next day at 11:00am I attempted to withdraw money and I could not. Called customer service again and they said that it showed that I should be able to withdraw and cant figure out what the problem is. Disputes department said that I could not use card at ATM for cash because system has not updated. Told me that I could use my card for purchases but not cash and in fact they also told me that I could get cash advance from store if they do that and that I could get cash that way. Went to grocery store to buy groceries and went to use my card and it was denied. Look like complete fool and had to leave 200.00 worth of groceries sitting in a cart when I left the grocery store. Unbelievably embarrassed!!!!!! came home called customer service and was told again that they show that there is no reason for the card not to work and cant explain it. Card active, account active, overdraft active. WAs hung up on by customer service and supervisors alike several times. was told by one customer service rep that if I was a better money manager that I wouldn't be in this position in the first place. Mind you, someone stole money out of my account so what that was supposed to mean I have no idea. Thought I would try one more time to figure this out and called customer service who keeps trying to transfer me to disputes department who says they cant do anything and that I have to talk to customer service. Anyway, now am being told that because the overdraft amount is "so large", the system will not allow continual overdrafts so that is why I cannot use my card at ATM Or at store. Then they said that the system will not allow an override of those fees, mind you these fees are going to be credited back to my account because it was my money until 2-3 days from now. which does nothing for me since I have no cash and no way of using my card to by groceries or anything else for that matter. SO here I sit trying to figure out how a bank can hold me hostage from my money that was stolen from me so I can feed my kids. One customer service rep supervisor seemed very proud of the fact there bank gets disputes resolved in 4-5 days as opposed to other banks who do it in 7-10 days, again, how does that help me get through and feed my kids for the next 3 days. I am so frustrated and furious and totally dismayed that no one seems to be able to give me the correct information or be able to do anything sooner to get me MY money. Hense why I will be leaving this institution and their very unprofessional customer service. I am not a wealthy person and I do live paycheck to paycheck and having my account cleaned out by someone and no way to access any money for 4-5 days to feed my kids just seems a little to much to ask of this "valued customer". They say that they record calls for quality & training purposes and I certainly hope that is the truth because someone needs to look and listen to what is going on and maybe some retaining needs to occur. Having 8-9 different people tell you something wrong 8-9 times doesn't seem very customer service like to me and shows the lack of either knowledge or just complete disregard for the customers. Being hung up on because you are trying to understand and figure out what is going on with your account is deeming and belittling and I wont go through that again. If the only thing I can do is write a review to warn others away from this institution then that is what I will do. You may have taken my money............... but you haven't taken my self respect or my fight for what is right.

Posted by Wish we'd gone elsewhere

DO NOT GET YOUR HOME MORTGAGE WITH FIFTH THIRD BANK. Customer service is terrible. They do everything at the last minute leaving the home buyer no options but to give up large amounts of money to close the deal. They do not return phone calls and show up for appointments 1 hour and 15 minutes late. The stress they will put you through is not worth it. Look elsewhere for a mortgage.

Posted by curry05james

What a joke you can't even give a person a call or 24 hours to get money in the bank when something goes though and I don't care if you charge fees as long as you pay my bill that goes through

Posted by Anonymous

Your w117 st office has called me a lier. In April I spoke with a rep that assured me that all my checking account s were to cover one another or hit off my credit card account. Now they say that was never the case. I have fought with you over and over about this situation. Please help me to get this resolved. Robert corwin

Posted by upset customer

I have been a fifth third customer for over 25 years, normally great customer service. Today went through the drive thru to cash a few checks. I was in a hurry so the checks were folded in half.

The clerk, Debbie Leach opened the container and started huffing and puffing. She said and I quote, "This is a mess, what do you expect me to do with this?" I was completely floored. She then proceeded to wait on another car, (that was in the other lane and came in after me !!). After that she waited on a walk in customer as my transaction just sat there on the counter.

I was so upset that I parked my car and walked into the branch. By that time, another clerk completed the transaction and gave me the cash. Debbie laughed and said, "that looked like something my 4 year old grand kids would do"... I just shook my head and left.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never use 5/3 bank again. My mother went into a nursing home and due to dementia she didn't keep her bank records. I asked for copies of the imaged checks to give proof to medicaid about her expenditures (I was on her account). Almost 4 weeks into the branch (5117 W Saginaw Hwy Lansing, MI) supposedly working on my request, I was called to 'remind me that there is a $5 printing fee for each image'. When I gasped and stated that neither my husband or I were made aware of this fee, I was told by the banking rep that she had full recollection of telling me and my husband this. If this were the case, why was she suddenly calling me to make me aware of the fee? I spoke with the branch manager and was told that he confirmed that not only had the rep told me about the fee, but that another team lead said she also informed me of the fee! I never spoke with anyone other than the initial rep. So the branch manager pretty much called me a liar. I am educated and fairly intelligent and would acknowledge had I been told of any fees regarding this. IN FACT, had anyone told me of the fee, I wouldn't have requested the copies of these checks. I don't have the money to spend on this type of thing. Regardless, I am picking up my statements and I will NEVER do business with your company again. Customer service is NOT your strong suit. I had trouble with 5/3 even before this. But this is the icing on the cake.

Posted by Anonymous

I applied for a Home Equity Loan. A week went by and no response from them. I called and was told the person handling my loan was on vacation that week. Will be back the following Tuesday. WHAT? So no one has even looked at my application yet?
I received a letter from Fifth Third Bank two weeks later. It states Important Information Regarding Your Easy Home Refi Application. I read all of it and thought maybe I was losing my mind and misunderstanding what I had applied for.
And then I sent off an email with the same letter attached stating "this is absolute insanity. What are you doing there"? Received this from you guys today. This is where the total confusion sets in. I did not apply for a REFI loan. I applied for a Home Equity Loan. I have the Good Faith Estimate from you showing 10 years and a fixed payment plan. You sent me forms I questioned being needed and then insisted they had to be answered and sent back in order to process the loan. The IRS one alone would have taken weeks if not more to get a reply from them. Lowest on the list of their priorities I'm sure. You sent two, the same documents (unknown sender) within 7 days for help with Mortgage Delinquency and Default Resolution Counsel. With a 746 credit score and no late payments or delinquencies? That was an insult .Twice. Neil was fired at the Flat Rock Mi location halfway through processing my current loan with you. I can understand now why.

Posted by sheila

I have a complaint that you charge a person to cash a check that comes from your bank. What is it that the CEO's don't have enough money that have to some how figure out ways to steal it from honest hard working people. At least Jesse James used a gun.

Posted by angry customer

I am a manager at a big corporate chain in which all of our stores bank with fifth third. Everytime I send my employees to get change from the bank in Blue island Il., they give them attitudes and make them wait long periods of time. Today we went to get singles and they had none. How does a bank not have singles? I'm sorry but those girls don't like their jobs and should not have one working with people. Someone needs to address this issue with them because who knows who else they are giving attitudes to.

Posted by Sam

I have been trying to get a release for my car title for a month. I have called and only spoke to someone once that said the release would be sent out in 5 - 7 days. That was 3 weeks ago. I have sent three emails and called 2 more time and didn't get through. I may have to go through the BBB to get some results.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst voice prompt system I have ever encountered. After being transferred to a line that isn't even a 5/3 number, I called back. After holding more than 10 minutes the computer told me no one was answering and hung up. This happened a total of 3 times. Wasted almost an hour between trying to get to a human, explaining what I needed, being put on hold and hung up on multiple times. Poor service. They can't even get a phone system that works.

Posted by James

Been trying to reach someone on their Mortgage sales number - 1-866-351-5353. Despite being within the advertised 'open' hours, it plays music for a couple of minutes and then disconnects you. It's been like that for the entire day. If they can't even get a sales line working, what chance after actually becoming a customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow.............cutomer service was horrible.............called for a payoff balance and after answering a barrage of questions was told to go to a branch office for the information..........I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for 10 minutes and then said I could be transferred to a supervisors voice mail and they would return my call at their convenience...........I am still moved by the Smart Business article done on Mark Stefanski but if I were him, I would stop coddling his empoyees and put a boot up their arse to remind them of who is working for whom.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been Trying For 3 Weeks To Get A Lien Release On A 2008 Chevrolet Aveo

VCan You Have Someone Contact Me Asap

Thank You.

Posted by FJWX

When we took out a CD with the Fifth Third we were told there would be interest penalties for early withdrawal. We did a partial withdrawal and only then discovered that their penalties not only eliminated accumulated interest but they also reduced our principal balance. I complained but was told the details are in the fine print of the CD documents.

I also asked why I was never notified of my MRD requirements. I was told that it is contained in the CD document and they refused to give me the information I need to complete my 2014 tax return.

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Posted by aethan

Been a customer with 53 ever since they bought out my small local suburban Chicago bank. Their customer service is excellent, they resolve issues promptly and they agreed to wave an overdraft fee once so I`m very satisfied with their service.

Posted by chefphix

I just talked to Alex and he was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone having a problem. I tried to put money in my husbands account at another bank and it cleared my bank but never showed up in his account even though they cashed the check. I felt very confident after talking to Alex that this problem will be resolved. I am very happy with 5th/3rd. Thank You for great customer service.

Posted by amanda

5/3rd Bank has always been great with me; even when I have messed up. Every bank I have been inside, in Indy; the people are always so friendly.

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