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Fido customer service is ranked #560 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 317 ratings. This score rates Fido customer service and customer support as Terrible.


297 Negative Comments out of 317 Total Comments is 93.69%.


20 Positive Comments out of 317 Total Comments is 6.31%.

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    • 29.31 Overall Rating
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    • 297 negative comments (93.69%)
    • 20 positive comments (6.31%)
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Posted by Kanwarpreet Singh


I call Fido Customer service regarding my plan. I have been Fido with more than 3 years never ask for any loyalty or what so ever. I saw a promotion on Koodo that they are offering 2 GB more data than me for same price . I talk to fi do nicely but they are so rude and they told me to change to Koodo and they don't care. Like, in 21st century you trat people like this for using their product . Shame on you

Official company reply

Hey there!

Julien here from Fido's social media team!

That's definitely not the kind of experience we want for our customers! I see you wrote to us on Twitter! We'll continue with you there!

- Julien

Fido Solutions 6/21/18 7:00PM

Posted by Becky

It is a horrible experience on the phone today. I called in for a plan that my sister just got one minutes before, and I spent almost one hour over the phone and no one can resolve my problem. The representatives just kept saying the plan is not in my system, and provided me the more expensive plan. Excuse me? The company has the cheaper price more data plan, but they offer me more money on the less data plan? It is unreasonable the representative told me the plan I want is not in my system, because they use the same reason to refuse my sister at the beginning, she argued with them for half an hour and they give her the plan finally. They also told me because my sister in the company for 5 more years. however, I am using the company phone for almost 5 years too. Actually, we lived together and my whole family are loyalty customers. It is so annoy to argue with them. In my opinion, they didn't want to help me, and they did not concern any of my words. Anyway, I really want to cancel all my fido line now. Horrible feeling!!!!!

Official company reply

Hey there Becky! Saad here from Fido,

I'd like to assure you that this is not the kind of service we'd want to offer.

We'd very much like to look into it together with you and try to turn your experience around. You can reach out to us by PM or DM on Facebook or Twitter. Check out this link for more info

We hope to hear from you soon!


Fido Solutions 6/1/18 8:59PM

Posted by KK1403

I have in one week had two unfortunate events which confirmed that my decision to leave Fido was 100% the correct one. The first issue regarding a charge to a dating agency which I would not be crazy enough or stupid enough to spend 90 dollars on a dating site. I think any case it was heterosexual and I am absolutely, without a scintilla of doubt, gay! Then when i did decided to leave, I was forced to spend 3 days figuring out why the blocks on my phone were not cleared. Over a period of 3-4 days and multiple calls to different support staff, no one was able to figure out that it was Fido THAT HAD LOCKED MY PHONE TO FIDO preventing any other provider. I had only just read that the CRTC had made locking of phones to any network illegal. Then one of the support team tried to pressure my friend to keep the phone with Fido as we were having these issues. That cemented Fido's overall strategy to dissuade customers from choosing other carriers.

Official company reply

Hey there, thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We're sincerely sorry to see that you took the decision to leave us.

Regarding the 3rd party charges, those are generated by an external company. We're simply the mean to bill you. If there are any unjustified or erroneous charges, you would need to contact the 3rd party company to request a reimbursement. We can provide you the contact information if you require so.

As for the unlocking, I would like to precise that the CRTC ruled that the unlocking of any device must be performed at the request of the Customer without any wait time nor can we charge for the service. If you want to have your device unlocked, please contact us. We'll gladly assist you with your request!

You can reach out to us here >

We hope we'll have the chance to talk to you soon :)


Fido Solutions 4/7/18 10:27AM

Posted by Old Dad

The government needs to look into the service provided by FIDO. To wait 1 hour for an agent to answer the phone only to be transferred to another phone to wait another hour is totally unacceptable.

Official company reply

Hi there,

Claudia here from Fido :)
We're sorry for the longer than usual delay times. We've been busier than we normally are but I assure you that all our agents are working as fast as they can to get to everyone as fast as possible.
Should you need assistance with your account, we can also help you in Private Message on Facebook or Twitter. Check out this link


Fido Solutions 12/8/17 9:48PM

Posted by tanya

I called in to trying to sort out things for my bill, called twrice on the 9th two different reps told me that my last billilng was 138.05 and then Im good for cancellation. A week later, I recieved another payment that I have to pay
around 165. So, I called in again today, trying to figure whats going on. but the rep was impatient, kept raising her voice and being very rude. I felt very uncomfortable talking to her, she almost made me cried. very bad serivce, the reps were not properly trained, they have no idea what they are talking about.I dont see her enjoying her work, becuase she keeps yelling at me. She should send back to training and learn to manage her emotions. That was the worst customer serivce I ever had.

Official company reply

Hey Tanya!

That doesn't sound right at all!

We'd love to get more details about what happened and I'll invite you to contact us via one of the following link down there, please.

Reach out to us via social media here : or send us a DM on Twitter:

Hope to see you there!

- Jallil

Fido Solutions 9/24/17 1:03PM

Posted by Refixed2

I've been having service problems with fido since Friday. All our phones (8) are out of service when we attem calling or receiving calls to most landlines. Fido kept denying this until I threatened to end our contact. They've put us on hold until our phones went dead,out of power. Fido customer services equal Bell mobility,which is so lowwwww

Official company reply

Hey Refixed!

That's definitely not the kind of experience we want to provide.

Reach out to us via social media here : or send us a DM on Twitter:

We'll look into it and I'm sure we'll find a way to help you out with the situation!

See you there!

- Jallil

Fido Solutions 8/7/17 5:46AM

Posted by Norma

I just received a "reminder" of my past due account with Fido.

I purchased the phone online, it was sent to me and I did not - I repeat did NOT activate or use the phone!! Not once!! I contacted Fido within two days of receiving the phone and told them I was not going to proceed with the new phone or the account. They informed me to use the enclosed label to send back which I did immediately. I received confirmation they received it. I then received a bill for over $93.00 so I called Fido and I sat on the phone with a man named Sam for over a half hour getting him to correct this and now they send me a notice of collections threat saying I owe just over $55.00!!??? How the hell can I owe money on something that never came out of the box?????? It was returned to you in tact within the time alotted. NOT ONCE used or activated.

I called Fido again and they told me I owe the money - no excuse - just that I better pay or I will go to collections. I have never been so angry in my life!!! I have since filed a complaint with the Ombudsman as I am getting nowhere with Fido and also with the CCTS. This company is just ripping people off and it needs to stop!!! It is robbery!

Official company reply

Hey Norma!

That doesn't sound right at all and it's definitely not the kind of experience we want you to have.

You can reach out to us via social media, we'd love to have the opportunity to look into this and see how we can make this right.

You can message us on Facebook here : or send us a DM on Twitter:


Fido Solutions 7/13/17 11:41AM

Posted by s

Horrible!!! Tried to get an issue resolved and couldn't at all. The employees don't know what they are doing at all and are extremely rude. A total JOKE!

Official company reply

Hey there! Nick here from Fido.

This is definitely not the type of feedback we like to hear and we'd love to turn this experience around for you :)

Please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter, and we can help out!

Here are the links:

See you there!

- Nick

Fido Solutions 7/4/17 2:19PM

Posted by Anonymous

made a mistake and transferred more than 500 Canadian Dollar to my fido account .I called fido customer service many times till now every time they told me I will send you your check and money back I asked them when they answered it takes 3 weeks time after one month and half they told me It isn't possible to send my money back .Evert time I asked them to talk with a person responsible they told me they are.But I told you there is no one responsible in Fido company they just talk no action at all.No one knows How I could get my money back from the Fido account. I want to see a person not just talk to many person that they have just sit there to say it is in process and no one knows the answers.Why there is no one to see for this situations.Just different speaker no action.

Official company reply

Hey there!

That doesn't sound right at all. We'd love to look into this with you and see how we can resolve that.

Send us a message on social media so we can look into it with you. You can message us on Facebook here : or send us a DM on Twitter:

See you there :)


Fido Solutions 5/8/17 12:27PM

Posted by Mohan

I have been fido customer for 4 years and more but I never had any issues, this time I got home phone and got cancelled within 7 days in January 2o17, never got that credited after 4 months still. What kind of customer service are you providing ? In last four months, I spoke to several customer care representatives I mean twice in a months even after I didn't get my billing issues resolved but they used to say that we can't do it right now, when you get your next bill, will do the adjustment so I got my bill today but none of credited is adjusted yet that's why I got my preauthorizes cancelled

Official company reply

Hey Mohan!
Nick here from Fido :)
This is definitely not the type of service we want for our customers, we always want to give the absolute best service we can!
Weâd love the chance to take a second look at your account, and get this resolved for you.
Send us a message on Social Media and weâll be glad to help!
You can message us on Facebook here : or send us a DM on Twitter:
See you there!
- Nick

Fido Solutions 5/2/17 1:59PM

Posted by Anonymous


I am a current customer with Fido. I have made three calls today and I am extremely disappointed with FIDO' customer service and your behavior of cheating customers.

Here is the issue: I am an existing customer with Fido since 2011. My current contract will end on May 2017. So I made the call today regarding cancel and renew my contract. One customer representative told me that since I am a loyal customer with FIDO for a long time, I can get an additional 500 MB data based on my current plan. I have double checked with him the details and I am confident that what I understand is correct. Then, the call shut down due to some technology reasons, so I have to call the customer center again. However, the new representative said I am not available for the 500 MB since my plan starts in 2013.

The reason why I felt so disappointed is I spent about 30-45 minutes on the first call to discuss the details of the plan and to ensure what I understand is correct. The fido representative mentioned on the phone that they are experiencing some technology issues so if the call shuts down, he will call me again. However, he did not do this. I understand that my conditions may not be available for the 500 MB add on but it is your responsibility to tell me this at the first time instead of wasting around 1 hour to discuss with me.

I felt being cheated and disrespected by FIDO and I can not believe that I chose it for 6 years. I understand what I complain right now sounds like a customer trying to get more benefit from FIDO but actually, it is not! I did not make up any of it which can be evident in the phone recording. I can totally understand FIDO's policies and I respect policies. In exchange, I need respect from FIDO instead of spending one hour of me and tell me to stay in FIDO and then use some technology issue as an excuse to withdraw what you say.

I did not make up this if you can check the recording of my conversation. I felt extremely disappointed with FIDO today and regret to chose it for 6 years. I will not recommend FIDO to any of my friends.


Posted by Mark-P.

FIDO - Worst Cellular Administration Ever!!!

I ordered a second Tablet (LG GPAD III 8.0) from FIDO back on December 13, 2016. It was supposed to arrive within 3 days. FIDO has made countless excuses (i.e. "Product is Backordered", "Offer is No Longer Available", etc.) for non-delivery since then. I have interacted with FIDO 39 times to date hoping to resolve this issue and contacted the Office of the President and the Ombudsman's Office. FIDO then breached the Hardware part of its own February 6, 2017 "Executive Resolution" with more of the same excuses. The Advisor (Samuel) at the FIDO - OTP then sent me on a wild goose chase (sending me a link for a "substitute Tablet - IPAD Air 2 LTE 128GB", then he revoked that resolution offer, without respecting that he was wasting more of my valuable time. The amount of misinformation, errors, delays, confusion, etc. are unconscionable, and evidence FIDO's Administration cannot deliver its products and services in a competent manner. It would appear that being constructive and civil does not lend any help to resolving FIDO created issues. 66 days later I feel thoroughly disrespected. Why does ROGERS appear to be running FIDO into the ground? Mark P.

The FIDO Reserve Number

Posted by Annonymous

FIDO has the worst customer service I have experienced in my life. I was with Bell for 12 years and never had the issues that I just experienced with FIDO.

I am on a long term trip in SE Asia. I asked them to put my account on a temporary suspension until I get back to Canada in November 2016. I got an email confirming this would be applied to my next bill. But when I received the next bill, I was charged my full monthly bill and also saw some collect call charges to my bank that were not accepted by FIDO.

I unfortunately lost my SIM Card in January 2017. Upon reaching Fido through online chat, I was told they could not send me a new SIM Card. So I asked if they could put my account on hold because I couldn't even use my plan without a SIM Card. They said they could put a block on my number but not put my account on hold and I would have to continue making my monthly payments if I wanted to keep my account. If you can't send me a new SIM Card, at least put my account on hold so I am not paying for an account I am not even using. Even though, I didn't agree with how FIDO handled my situation, I decided to just let it go.

Then when I received my bill on January 28, I noticed my account that they charged me my full monthly rate and charged for a collect call to my bank (TD Bank). I spent 1 hour talking to Katherine on Online Chat and she told me she couldn't help me. So I asked for a phone number that I could call from a landline. She gave me the phone number but didn't give me any instructions on how to make a collect call. It was like she was happy to get rid of me and not have to help me as she showed a lack of interest or concern in the 1 hour conversation. Due to my lost sim card last month, I couldn't make the call from my cellphone. I was concerned my collect call would not be charged correctly as that is ironically what I was calling about. I spent an 1hour 30 minutes on the phone with Mandeep as she tried to get my bill corrected. I mentioned to Mandeep my concern about this collect call not being charged correctly and me ending up in the same situation again. My fear came true and I got a $183.20 bill from my hotel when I checked out the next day. Also, I learned on this phone call that the temporary suspension was not accepted by their back end team. I didn't get any communication telling me this. As a customer, I feel like I constantly have to fight for good service from FIDO and trying to get my money back since they don't care about the customer. They refuse to pay me back the $183.20 as they said I dialed the collect call number wrong.

Also, when I told them I would be cancelling my account with them. They threatened me with I would lose my plan and phone number. I had my phone number for 5 years, long before I switched to FIDO. I will be sure to cancel my account as it has been a emotionally draining and stressful experience with FIDO since I have switched to them in October 2016.

Posted by joe1million

OMG! Just spent an hour on the phone with Wendy trying to get account set up--her computer kept crashing, I repeated information, the credit check didn't come back, her manager said to get more in-depth information so I answered, at great length, more questions, but then another manager told her, no, that form wouldn't go through, I had to go into the store, but why, Wendy, why ??? I asked, my credit rating is just fine, and well, I don't know, but thank you for your patience, she said. And that was that.

Posted by Anonymous

Tonight's customer service support was the worst experience since I've been a Fido customer. Not only that I sense that she was in a hurry to finish our phone conversation, but sound very frustrated and not even willing to help. Her tone of voice was very arrogant, telling me that we have a communication problem. And yes, there are many people in Canada having English as their second language. Her negative vibe even make me raise my voice, because of her inability to really listen. I didn't catch her name because she was talking with the speed of light. My call was around 8:15 PM approximatively from my mobile phone ending in 2690. Respect and attitude are something that cannot be learned on the job. You have it or you don't! If you want to keep your customers, you need employees who self-portrait Fido with service excellence in action.

Posted by No CS

Fido doesn't have customer service - I have been trying to get access to my account for the last 6 months. Keep giving me the run around, so lame that even if I asked for a supervisor, ended up still with a rep claiming to be a supervisor; who was rather easily caught in the act.
Surprising that not only they are still in business but don't have class action lawsuits against these SWINDLERS.

Posted by Dalila

I spoke to a terribly rude female customer service agent from Fido. I called them to contest a 50 dollar overcharge on my bill. I was charged for minutes included in my plan, I never went over. I had the bill in front of me with each and every call I had made. The previous month I had noticed my normal calls were being billed as extra time and I called their customer service to bring attention to the issue. The rep gad told me there was a problem with their minute tracker and he was going to put a note on my account. Do when I received my new bill and noticed the unfair extra charges, I called them right away. I have been aFido customer for a ling time and I had never received such a rude customer service like today. I had to argue with the woman. They were trying to convince me to accept I had gone over, even with my bill showing otherwise. Then after a lot of effort, I asked this woman to go over the calls with me with a calculator, she was so rude, saying she didn't need me to tell her how to do her job. But when she finally did, she had the nerve to tell me there were calls I had made that were showing in her system blah blah blah. Fido trains her agents to blatantly lie. At the end I did get the charges reversed for "being a long time customer", not because they wanted to admit their mistake. I advise every Fido user to keep a close eye on their usage. I wonder how many people they gave ripped off. A lot according to the Montreal Gazette. I'm thinking about jumping ship.

Posted by Anonymous

Been a customer for over 12 years. I'm loyal to the Fido but I dont receive the same loyalty from Fido. Customer service is getting worse. Very rude reps over the phone. Their service with the cistomers is making me to cancel my plan after 12 years. Hopefully they will hire more friendly and helpful people to serve the customers.

Posted by Marlene E.

Fido sucks! You pay for their mistakes no matter how you explain.They aren't honest to tell you what to do to save but trick you instead so you be pushed to pay what they charge you. I suppose to pay only $75.00 or less but i paid double because they got me. Well done...good for your business. Not for the consumer. Helloooo we're trying to save here. If you do not want to lose customer, please be honest.

Posted by Mark

Fido completely lies and uses the bait-and-switch tactic. Tried to get their home internet promotion which said specifically goes to Nov 30. I tried that very day and the promotion was gone. After 5 calls to Fido someone from the correct department finally called back (their contact #s for Home Internet goes to Phone it's so badly organized) and said it was my fault for not ordering earlier EVEN THOUGH I TRIED BUYING IT NOVEMBER 30 THE VERY DAY THE PROMOTION WAS GOING THROUGH!!! Horrible customer service and fraud of a company

Posted by Andreas

Hello guys please read my reviews for this garbage company . PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR THIS COMPANY IF YOU BELIEVE ME. Very horrible costumer service, you must to wait 45 minutes minimum to speak with someone . But i am VERY STUBIT because i do 2 years plan . But the most important the signal is very pour and for one reason the data gets lost immediately . And when i ask how is that happen only know with the fido they ask to call the phone company . PLEASE STAY AWAY FOR THIS GARBAGE COMPANY . Andreas .

Posted by Daniel

Fido customer service is very bad.
The customer rep just tells lies whenever you talk to them.

Posted by Johanne Breland

Just wanted, please don't buy the extent warranty . It's useless. Forgot password and wanted to know my history. Email was fine but password was wrong. Called fido .now my email is not verified. Why then for the pass 3 years my bill as been coming through my email address .what wrong with this scenario? WHY CAN'TAKE GET INTO MY ACCOUNT?

Posted by Fido_is_terrible

I got a new samsung s6 with a plan from fido last april and a week ago suddenly the phone stopped charging. i didnt take the insurance that they had on the phone because it's stupidly expensive ( i guess 10 or 11 dollars every month on top of my monthly bill ) so i called customer service and of course as expected they didn't help at all. What they do is they avoid responsibility as much as they can, as if their father owns Fido. What the f*** customer service???? you are their to find solutions and help the customer but all you do is the complete opposite. Fido is a multi million dollar company who can't afford to fix or replace the phone that i got from them ?? Such a cheap and low company. I am cancelling my 70$ plan and i will start a bad propaganda against this greedy corporation to make the people aware of how cheap and bad you are ! WORST COMPANY EVER !!

Posted by prince

customer service 0 out 10 they have no respect for the client ive talk to 6 diferet person in 2 days and they all the same even the supervisor fckin faggets so dont go with fido its expensive and ripp off they screw u over so bad and im proud to say go fck ur self

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Posted by VEE

alright, I dont know how to start this but, I just want to thank a sales rep. named (shout out to this guy and the manager (forgot to ask the name) who're very, informative, patient and helpful even if it was last minute. The guy was so nice and told me about whats happening and what not, he was also more than willing to lend us his employee discount if we want to purchase other items. I dont know about all the negative comments on the other side but we've been with fido for almost a decade now and there is not plan on switching anytime soon.. or never!

Posted by Chris

I've been reading some of the nasty comments about Fido. I'm absolutely appalled at some of the derogatory language. Who's rude? Anyway, I don't believe them. I've been with Fido for ten years and have had very few problems. Those were resolved without issue. As for those squawking about overages, try dialing *3337. I use it regularly to keep track of my data and airtime usage, so there's no excuse if I do go over. Otherwise, I don't expect Fido to babysit me. And as far as waiting to speak to a rep is concerned, I usually get right through. Occasionally, I have waited 10 or 15 minutes at most. Generally, my experience with Fido has been excellent.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Fido Booth at Yorkdale mall, the service was poor. The lady was not informed about products and had computer issues. I left and went to the Fido Booth in Woodbine Center. Trey was amazing! Not only was she professional, Trey took the time to explain products, options and general information. It's hard to find good customer service these days and I hope Fido values this great employee.

Posted by Rm

Had a rep call me and ask if I'm happy with service. I said yes. He asked if I could suggest any thing I would like to see. I said "Less cost" just kind of off the cuff. He said he could have someone from different department call me and review my current package and explore options. Great customer service rep called back. We discussed my current package and realized I was over using my data. It was determined that it was the phone. She offered me a $270 credit. She also suggested looking into my phone settings.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had the BEST customer service that I can remember. Unfortunately I don't remember the agent's name but she was so polite, thorough and extremely helpful in handling my situation (which involved an astronomically high bill due to a scam). She kept me on hold for a long time but checked in every 5 minutes to keep me posted and updating me on what she was doing and when she finally got me she was able to resolve an extremely complicated and stressful issue.

Overall I would say FIDO's services are ok - but this particular agent just raised the bar for the entire organization. I only wish that I remembered her name :(

But please do not hesitate to reach out to me for further details and information. I want to make sure the agent gets the recognition she deserves!

Posted by Anonymous

Been with Fido over 15 years never had problem with them.

Posted by anonymous

Great service for sure, no idea why people are complaining. Seems like a lack of understanding on their part and a severe lack of patience.

Never had a problem speaking with any FIDO rep

Solid 8/10

Posted by Eva

Hi there I just want to comment about the customer service I received today when purchasing my new phone from wireless world north hill fido store.

Alexasandra did a great job in answering all my questions as well as provide exceptional customer service!

I hope i enjoy the service and the product

Posted by Jay Singh

Been with Fido from last 10 years. Any issues I had over the course of time were resolved in a very reasonable manner.

Their plans suck, you say?

No doubt but at least Fido makes an effort to provide great customer service unlike the big 3.

Posted by Ricky Alan

Been with Fido prepaid since January 2000. Never had a problem with the service. Never had a bad experience with the staff. Most of the problems occur because people are not familiar with their plan,enter into a contract and use a credit card.

Posted by Jaderi

Been with FIDO since 1997 and to be honest I never had any problems, a few issues here and there but they came to a satisfactory end.

Only thing I don't like are the zombies calling 3 days after I missed payment, really?...calm down 15 years with you guys.

I'll give FIDO 7 out of 10.

Posted by James

New fido customer (2 phones on $56 plans).
First call to customer service.
Spoke with lovely girl from south of Ottawa.
Had 3 issues:
1)billing mistake because of computer glitch while 2nd phone being set up at purchase time (Future Shop) - fixed
2)set up visual voice mail plus - done
3)set up internet account login (2 phones on one account) - done
All issues addressed successfully and to my absolute satisfaction.

Posted by bryology101

I have been a Fido customer for nearly nine years now. I've had a variety of run-ins with customer relations over the years, and have found their staff to have steadily improved over time.

My last incident was me attempting to cancel my contract so I could do a phone upgrade before I was eligible for a free upgrade. I got bumped around a few times until I got the cancellation department. Once I had the rep on the phone, she was absolutely excellent and provided the best customer service I've ever had with a phone company. She stayed on the phone with me for nearly 45 minutes, all the way through my new contract creation, and she caught an error the Future Shop guy made when he submitted my new contract as 3 years instead of 2 years.

Thank you! I'm so happy that Fido has taken steps to improve their customer relations, and I'm staying as a customer because of it.

Posted by CarlyGoesRawr

I have been with fido for four years, My parents have been with them for about eight. I think there service is amazing. The other day i wanted to figgure out why my bill was as high as it was. The rep looked over everything and told me i went over my data without realizing it. He even gave me a $10 discount just for the touble of watiing on hold for two minutes (He was getting my information). Overall i think fido is great, They constantly have great deals for people who for example dont use data but talk alot, or do a little of both, or people who are constatnly on there phones. I am cerently paying $50 for everything unlimited for my IPhone 4s. GREAT DEAL

Posted by kysmeas

had a fido rep call me to renew my contract, she modified my contract to save me 10$ a month by cutting off a service i wasnt using.
friendly, sent a new phone with my new contract (free)

I'd like to see more cell companies out there seeing what they can do to save their customers money.

Posted by Anna

Well, I am quite happy with Fido customer service. I think that I must have spoken to a total of 5 rude CSR in 6 years, which is not a lot. I think that they should be more cautious and strict in their recruitment process. A lot of the CSR are very young and immature people which tend to judge people just by the sound of their voice. If you sound like a recent immigrant, some CSR tend to immediately be kind of more familiar with you as if you used to watch the sheep or the pigs with them. After the usual greetings, you can quickly guess that saying "Good Morning, Thank you and Good day" sums up any good manners some CSR might have. It's a pity.

Posted by f4te

Having been with Fido for over 8 years, they've always been gracious to me. I now have the best plan they offer, and a bevvy of discounts.

Pro tip: be polite, but firm. And Customer Relations is your friend.

Posted by Lorne Boldt

My Fido phone was dark after charging so I went to Conestogo Mall and spoke to Julie who fixed the problem quickly. She was polite and very pleasant. I have had nothing but good dealings with Fido and recently got a call advising I had excess minutes and if I wanted I could use them to NOT pay for a year which I gladly agreed to.

Posted by Anonymous

very satisfied with the service i received from this company

Posted by a

i have being a fido customer for couple of years now, i love there service and customer service it one of the best i have ever dealt with. satified with package and overall,

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Posted by angryrep

I find it ridiculous the number of compaints about fido representatives and customer service,i am a fido representaive myself. I have only worked her for 6 mths but I can tell all you people that you are way to quick to judge. ALL FIDO REPS ARE NOT LIKE THIS! I am an employee who prides myself on doing a good job and being able to assist my customers. I have never hung up on a client, I have never been rude to a client. I apologize if you have bad expierence with fido reps but referring to us all in a derogatory sense is not fair. You need to remember we are people just like you. We have feelings and for me to read this and see what people think is ridiculous. We like all you people have a job to do and we have rules that we have to follow. If someone came to your job and started telling you how to do wouldnt you get little angry. We dont judge you when you call in with questions or concerns, we do our best to help with the situation at hand. I have never personally had any complaints about my customer service skills and have had many people actually take the time to tell my supervisor how well I am doing. I goes to show you that every person is different every situation is different. Next time you post something negative take a minute to think about the person your hurting on the other side. Nobody like being insulted including us. Fido is not a bad company, no matter what company you deal with you are going to get irresponsible and uninformative reps but we arnt all like that. So please think before you post. Your talking about someones wife,child,mom, grandchild etc and for the record most employees are college/university educated so we arn't idiots and we are well trained. Some reps are just lacking some of the basic skills needed. But the rest of us are more than qualified to do the job right.


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