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Fidelity customer service is ranked #270 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 25 ratings. This score rates Fidelity customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


23 Negative Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 92.00%.


2 Positive Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 8.00%.

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    • 41.00 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 23 negative comments (92.00%)
    • 2 positive comments (8.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 3.7 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 4.5 Friendliness
    • 4.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by klausret8er

As an existing customer with Fidelity I inquired recently about promotions when moving in about $1.1 million from a competing brokerage to Fidelity. The Fidelity responses have been extremely unsatisfactory, slow, unqualified, scattered, template based and unconstructive. The customer is clearly left with the impression that Fidelity is not interested in the business. It appears that I have no choice but to move on and pursue other brokerage options. This experience is a clear disappointment in the Fidelity customer service group and will certainly consider liquidating the existing assets which are currently with Fidelity.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at your branch to Koforidua And customer service person called Sarah made me stood for more then 30minutes after greeting her and didn't give me a sit. The was client in front of her before I went and greeted her. I was expecting her to tell me to have a sit she is attending to someone and that she will be with me soon. She wasn't smiling. You could have ask the client a permission to talk to me so that if possible Someone else attend to me, It was so bad. Customer service is about smiling and ready to service, she's always moody, she is not a customer service person but a back officer.

Posted by EcoExpatMIke

They randomly don't let me access my account from overseas.
They take a long time to post my payroll deductions to my account; so they get the float...
When I go to look at my account balances, for some reason the listings are randomized. So one day the list is fund A, then B, then C... The very next day it is Fund B, then A, then C. Then the day after it is randomized again. Very frustrating!
They REFUSE to list any email contacts. I am deployed overseas (supporting a Navy project) and calling the US during their business hours is difficult. DO they care?

I think I will be transferring all my assest from Fidelity as soon as I return the US and can have my lawyer do the paperwork...

Posted by Ben Dover

And another issue at the organization is that they sometimes do not give factual information about system malfunctions. I have reported issues and been told that the system is supposed to be that way, but the next day the issue cannot be duplicated.

Posted by Ben Dover

Multiple recent bad experiences have brought me here to warn the unwary away. If you know what you are doing, you will handle your investments yourself or go elsewhere. If you trust these people to watch out for you, you are in for a big letdown. I based my trading on guidelines that they gave me, and then they cost me money when they changed the limits of those guidelines. I am not at liberty to divulge details, but the company cannot be trusted. Some of the individuals are helpful. In fact many of them are. But when it comes to making a retirement grow, it is theirs that they care about more than yours. Good luck.

Posted by Anonymous

been a customer of Fidelity for over 8 years and every time I call their customer service number I am on hold for at least 30 to 45 minutes before reaching a representative

Posted by Anonymous

very poor service provided by your staff o and another two is continuous busy. we have to redemption our fidelity tax advantage fund-growth.we have to locate your office but your staff only trasferring call from here to there. we have to take action if such type of poor service rendered by your staff.

Posted by thundernole

At approximately 4:15 p.m. on Monday, July 27, 2015, I placed with Fidelity via the Internet 4 buy orders for various dividend-paying common stocks. The following day my orders were filled....and then some. I noted a confirmation slip for a company with the symbol "NGLS" which I had not ordered. I immediately phoned Fidelity on July 28. After speaking with a Rep for about 10 minutes, including being put on hold twice, I was told the matter could not be resolved that day and would be referred over to a dept. for investigation. I was, however, told that the NGLS order was placed at 7:15 p.m. on July 27. I was home watching TV at that time. I live alone. No one other than Fidelity has my user name or password.
When 2 weeks passed without further word from Fidelity, I called again on August 11. I was told there was no record of my previous call. Very strange since you always get a message saying the call is being recorded. I repeated my problem. The rep thought he could resolve it in 30-40 minutes. I told him I'd be home for the next 90 minutes. He called back in about 20 minutes and said the matter would have to be looked into by the fraud dept. He asked me what I was seeking. I told him I wanted to be made whole with the money placed back in my account. I did not want the stock.
The rep called back on August 12 and left a message on my answer machine saying they were still working on it.
On August 13 I received a call from the rep saying no fraud was found, and that Fidelity does not feel responsible. He wanted to know if I wanted the stock sold. I said yes and that I would decide what my next step would be to recover any loss, including removing my accounts from Fidelity. He expressed regret since I've been with the company for 30 years.
I don't know what happened at their end. I do know nothing occurred at mine. Even if anyone else had my log-in info, it would make no sense to order for my account as there is nothing to be gained. In view of my long-standing relation with the company, I believe they should have stepped up to the plate.

Posted by dnain1953

I sent this to Fidelity when a transaction to remove money took 14 days. They send a check made out to the new investment company to you. Then you have to send it on. This is not required by law. It merely increases the time they have your cash.

Letter to company: The fact is that other companies send checks directly to the place I want the check sent to. Only Fidelity has sent the check to me, causing me to be required to then send the check to the place it needs to go. In addition, and in great irony, Deutsche Bank, the bank on the check, in its country of origin would be required to settle this transaction in a few minutes, electronically. Only in the US would one use a snail to deliver mail that has to be forwarded 100% of the time right back across the country to the intended location, with further days for this piece of paper to clear. 14 days is worse than in the 19th Century. 5 minutes is the required standard in Europe and the transaction is direct and free. How can it be that all my other transactions with water companies and flower sellers are completed in seconds and huge investment house cannot do it. It is a racket pure and simple and is illegal in Europe. You have compounded the problem by sending the check to me rather than to another huge investment house, which is both absurd and not required by any regulation.

Posted by Anonymous

Today, 4/14/2015, I tried to get hold of one person over the phone from Fidelity to resolve the issue that my account was blocked, and for 3.5 hours I still have not been able to get ONE person to pick up
the phone at their end. Tried at least three different 800 numbers. What is going on? The same answering machine message and music just loop forever.
If this is a market crashing day, what you can do?
Too bad. I am getting out. This is ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not recommend that anyone invests with Fidelity.
If you are a current client, you should reconsider.
Every person I have spoken with provides a different answer and all the answers conflict. I have wasted hundreds of hours trying to get assistance and am cancelling all accounts with them. There are many other options and good options do not include Fidelity

Posted by Anonymous

Still Holding On After 5 Calls 57 Minutes And Counting Should Have Prssed The Transfer In Button

Posted by SK

Customer service from Fidelity is horrible.
I had issue with my 401k excess distribution and they gave me hard time.
I visited local branch and they say they dont know anything about 401k. I expected them to give me proper guidance but they havent.
Also customer reps say they will call back but they never called me back.

Posted by Anonymous

When I was sold this policy I was all so sold health insurance but the health did not cover my needs so with in two business days I canceled it and I was under the impression that it canceled this policy to and I have made several phone calls to fidelity insurance and no one has responded so they keep taking funds from my account. My goal is to get this policy canceled and retrieve the funds back to my account this is my 5 time trying to do this please cancel this policy and refund my money.

Posted by Disgusted Customer

I have been waiting almost three weeks for a loan check to come. The UPS driver is an idiot. I told Fidelity what happened. My check has been sent back twice. My third check was sent out on Monday to arrive today (Tuesday). I told three people at Fidelity to have it held at the hub. Did not happen. It is back on the truck. I have been waiting all day. It is now going on 8 o'clock. Fidelity tells me that the only thing they can do if I do not get it again is to send out another check regular mail. Really. My checking account is set up to make extra payments on my loan, but they cannot accommodate and make a direct deposit. They are real sorry. As soon as I leave my job, I will transfer my money elsewhere. This is ridiculous, I have wasted a whole day when all they had to do was to make sure it was held for me to pick up.

Posted by Maurice

Fidelity is a behemoth that will think nothing of wasting your time with petty administrative hassles. We're a family account for nearly 20 years and they routinely waste our time verifying a few things, no explanation why. Responses in writing and various copies required. This is a bureaucracy out of control, overly polite (very fake) or in a chat room or on the phone, but utterly disrespectful of customer time and effort required to deal with them. They should be able to do much better. Essentially, they lost our information and hassled us for it without explanation. Their customer service reps could care less about you.

Posted by dlm

INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTING!! We have been trying to get our money wired to us for a house closing. It looks like we will not be able to close next week as everything takes 5 to 7 working days and then another 5 to 7 working days. I thought wire transfers can happen the same day - we started this 8 working dates out from our closing escrow. This is after selling the stock a couple of weeks ago. They have over $1 million of our money and we are having a hard time getting it from them.

Posted by Amitinator

******Please, please read this before you open an account with these guys!!

Their high-level mantra --> "If you have less than 250K to invest, we will treat you like dirt!!!"

My company hired them on to manage all it's employees 401K account. I thought it might make life easy if I consolidated by transferring over my Roth IRA and Brokerage accounts to them as well so they are all under one investment portal. Fast forward 2 mos later and I am in the process of closing all my accounts with them because of their lack-luster and rude customer service, When you call to make appts (which btw took me three tries before I got to speak with a real human) with them, be prepared to wait at least 2-3 weeks before you are given a 30min appt. After that, be prepared to waste another 6 weeks before they can "process" the paperwork to facilitate the transfer of your Roth IRA account. In between they will not return your voicemails or ever answer the phone. Call their toll free number and those guys will encourage you to start the process all over again with them since they have no visibility into what the local office people are doing with your account. They will lie to your face and say "Oh you mailed that 5 weeks ago...I just got it yesterday!". Best of all they give you a postal mailing address when I called today to complain about the "Investment Representative" ERIC JOHNSON who was a total shmuck to me during this entire process and is probably the MAIN reason I am closing all my accounts. Until they have rotten apples like him working for Fidelity, not coming back anytime soon. Adios Fidelity!!

Posted by DS

I have tried and tried to get hold of your manager regarding my policy with no success! It is impossible to contact anyone! I was even hung up on by one represenative! You can be sure I will tell others about your company!!!

Posted by Boo2U

I spoke with Ryan Young from Salt Lake City for an hour. He was rude, and REFUSED to give me his extension or a number other than the main help line.

Posted by Fedelity User

i had bad experience with fedelity wire check service. I didnt receive any cheque after 3 weeks wire cheque request proceed, believe it has been lost. Call them to check the status, one of them told me it take 10-14 working for cheque to reach to us, so i decided to wait for another week. The cheque still didnt reach to me. I call them again to check the cheque status to understand has this cheque been transacted by someone else? they told me need to submit request and usually take 5 working day to check the status. This is really unrealistic long time for the process, i dont know what it take that need so long to check a cheque status? and why cheque been send via normal letter that no tracking at all? and if this cheque been transact by some else, who shall bare the responsibility? then i decided to ask them to cancelled the cheque and put he money back to account, this process even take longer time, 2 to 3 weeks times, when i follow up again on the following week, the answer is another 2 to 3weeks time, wow, 1 plus 2 to 3 weeks time equal to 3 to 4 weeks time. I couldnt understand why fedelity have thats slow in process in money arrangement and i dont feel my money will reach to me securely. Anyone has the same experience?

Posted by D

I have been with fidelity for almost 20 yrs,and did business over the phone which was generally a very good experience,i got online last year and since im not really computer friendly i had to ask more questions and certain mutual funds trades had to be by a broker not online ie different fund family transfers and things like under $250 trades.Well dealing with these incompetent,uncaring,slow moving reps has been a nightmare.The telephone hold times are more than 20 minutes most days and sometimes 30 minutes.Their excuse is volatile markets and heavy volume,but the real reason is not enough well trained,courteous reps.YESTERDAY 2 REPS AND A SUPERVISOR COULD NOT GIVE THE APY OF ONE OF MY BOND MUTUAL FUNDS PTTDX a popular Pimco fund.They could all care less.I called TD Ameritrade and in 15 seconds he CHEERFULLY gave me the info
Im lookin to change brokers but i have many fidelity funds and i cant trade them for free with another broker.Nobody beats Td ameritrade for customer service and reliability

Posted by joshzz

I have some ok experiences with this company but have dealt with one particular snooty lady that old me I should be using their website instead of calling them.

I tried to get advice on moving money but they told me I didn't qualify to talk to those people at their company because I didn't invest enough money with Fidelity.

If you're an average "Joe", this is not a good company to deal with.

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Posted by Anonymous

Consistently the best customer service I have ever experienced from a large company.

Posted by Twatkins

Great experience with Fidelity customer service while rolling a 401k out of their account into a BlackRock account. Reps are trained and sound like they've passed the Series 66.
Experience was so positive that I have now opened up an individual brokerage account and rolled my Roth from American Funds into Fidelity.

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