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5 Positive Comments out of 90 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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    • 29.56 Overall Rating
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    • 85 negative comments (94.44%)
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Posted by noble muse

I have homeowners and motorcycle insurance with Foremost, which is a subsidiary of Farmers. I wanted to apply for auto as well so that I could claim the multiple policy discount. Well when I tired this Barb just pushed me around and about the block so back to the start. PLUS they don't answer the frickin phone and play really obnoxious music and stupid announcements. Really not very customer oriented but then what Insurance company is. They are all licensed thieves.

Posted by Anonymous

Agents are useless they do absolutely nothing

Posted by Pissedatfingfarmers

They added people on our policy without consent and people who have no drivers license and charging for people who are not suppose to be on my policy.

Posted by SDP

I got the run-around and was not satisfied with the response.

Posted by Kathy

Bad customers service. The agent name charting green has nasty attitude. She gave a quote and we paid already for the whole year. A few days later, she bill me and said I still her money. She didn't honor the contract at all. I understanding that sometime the policy can be change in 6 months or a year. This is only few days. I told her I want to cancel and she had an attitude. It's hard to cancel with farmers. She said we had to sign the cancellation and come to her office which I never heard of that before. Now she doesn't want to cancel my policy. This is ridiculous. Never with farmers again.

Posted by ralphjr

Farmers insurance takes advantage of the elderly with the worst attitude one could think of. My vehicle was involved in an accident with an individual that was insured by Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company, my car was hit in the rear and my car was totaled. Instead of treating me with some professional respect through the settlement process, Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has been treating me as though I had committed the worst crime in the history of mankind and they have employed some Mafia Style Harassments with me and I have got no help from the State of Alabama Insurance Office nor the State of Tennessee Insurance Offices to contain their harassments. I have made several appeals for help not from a cost standpoint but from harassment standpoint and both agencies have ignored the harassments saying that these techniques are between me and the insurance company. For the last two years both agencies have taken sides with Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company as though they are one big happy family. Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company has never recognized all the expenses involved in the accident much less offered a fair cost, when I did not accept their offer, they dumped the wreck car in my drive way and I had no way to get to my house, it was an intentional act and they were proud of it, this is one of the many harassments they made over the past two years. I did some research and my insurance, State Farm said that they have never heard of this happen in the insurance business, but yet with appeals from the States, they are allowed to do business this way. Just to add an insult to injury, they sent a small increase in their settlement offer just before the two year closing required by state law knowing that I did not have enough time to accept the offer. In my research, I have concluded that Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company as a whole and there are many companies that make up Farmers Insurance and they are the worst insurance company in being fair with the settlement of claims. Something needs to be done to stop this madness.

Now, I appreciate the person that has set up this compliant forum and I know it has help many people get their message out to as many people as they can. But, I make an appeal to everyone that we need to take this issue to a higher level because we are just talking to a small audience and Farmers Insurance continues to treat people unfairly and get away it with no accountability, in fact I know they take pride in what they do as their profits get higher.

I recommend that we all put our efforts on establishing a nonprofit company, similar to AARP, AMAC, or 60 Plus but for Auto Insurance oversight, so we can reach more people and make the insurance companies accountable for treating people more fairly. We can provide a website with helpful information to all people regarding Auto Insurance in addition to ratings and complaints. We could have lawyers, car repair business, Auto Parts companies, etc to advertise to help with the finances of this nonprofit company. I encourage you all to send out a solicit for help from your social media networks and let�s get this nonprofit company started, I am willing to help, I just don�t have enough experience to get it started.

The following is a quote from another web site to validate why we are victims of Farmers Insurance:

Farmers Insurance Internal Memos Released! According to memos from Farmers Insurance, Dietz and his colleagues� salaries and bonuses were tied to practices that encouraged the delay, denial, underpayment and forced litigation of claims. One document encouraged adjusters to settle small claims below their value, adding adjusters should learn ��to say �sorry, no more,� with a toothy grin and mean it.� Make sure to read this document! This was taken from : Farmers Insurance Colossus Internal Memos!!

Farmers Insurance Urged Employees to Pay as Little as Possible on Claims Farmers Insurance Group of Los Angeles, the nation's fifth-largest auto insurer, had run nationwide promotions urging its employees to increase profits by paying as little as possible on claims." In June the North Dakota Department of Insurance fined Farmers Insurance $750,000. "Farmers gave employees goals to tighten payments and handed out bonuses when they met the objectives, the department found. Farmers' campaign, which included brochures and pep talks, had slogans such as ``Quest for Gold'' and `Bring Back a Billion.'". Farmers

Folks, we need to take action for ourselves and future generation, we are at war with this company and lets fight to win.

Ralph E. Johnson

Posted by nanay

Farmers Insurace in Carson Street Carson California is worst ever, Their agents are not helpful, they are rude they don't take care of the customers, they dont knwo how to be polite and friendly that's why a lot of their customer left that insurance company. Poor owner

Posted by Anonymous

I was on hold for 40 minutes and couldn't get anybody

Posted by Anonymous

long time customer who is angry & disappointed. phone calls not returned more than once,cannot seem to cancel a policy without a lot of problems .tough to get a straight answer..oh, I forgot its all my fault .threaten to cancel all my policies.never any issues when BILL FLEETWOOD had the agency. guess I must end being treated poorly and shop around.Iwill.

Posted by Donald

Farmers insurance takes advantage of the elderly and disabled living on a fixed income by getting them to switch and then not honoring their commitment and raising the monthly premium and policy price.

Posted by CarrotTop21

Farmers Insurance Is The Worse Iv Encountered In Outrageous Rates In Detroit & Sneaky Tactics To Red-line The Rates. The Service I Received From The D.morrison Group In Southfield Was Ridiculous-it Was If They Couldnt Be Bothered, Weeks Of Unreturned Phone Calls & No Sense Of Duty When Confronted!!on A 1000 Swift Home They Jumped Hundreds Of Dollars Over $3600. No Claims Good Home
&good Neighborhood! The 1 Prior Adjusted & Down-graded &changed My Policy Without My Knowledge-increasing The Rates Over 3yrs! I Would Never Recommend Farmers Insurance!!! L.b.


OMG I thought that I was the only one to get thrown to the curb by this so called company! I would actually call it legalized thievery... I have so many issues with this I don't know where to start ! Was in an accident Oct 1st NO fault of my own had full coverage on both my trucks. I stopped into the agents office 5 minutes after the wreck and gave details to her secretary and 5 days later the agent wasn't even told about it... They left me high and dry to be beaten up by The Hartford company who would only pay half of what it was going to cost. I literally had made at least forty phone calls to The Farmers Com, The Hartford Com, body shops, car rentals, the police department which screwed up the accident re[port, missed work, lost sleep, weight and grew many grey hairs over this whole NIGHTMARE! My Farmers agent did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me as if I didn't even have a company !!! This went on for almost a month and asked Farmers if they would at least cover the amount that the other company would not, they asked for my cell phone number and would call me back that afternoon. That was the last I even heard from them, and that was OH probably 5 weeks ago! "REALLY IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?" I pay six months at a time never been late on the trucks or the renters ins just to be kicked to the curb by Miss Amber Patch Troxell my so called AGENT??? I mean they had my age wrong they had my girlfriend as married to me but I was single on my policy, the had her email as mine and her address as mine! COME ON MAN I have my own business and have for 35 years and that IS NO WAY to run one (A SCAM YES) but not a business! The only way I would refer this Company to anyone would be my worst enemy and then would feel bad about even doing that! Am also still waiting on my refunds I've had coming said they were sent out the 26th>>>Must be coming from another country. Signed LONG GONE AND GLAD OF IT....

Posted by Anonymous

Very upset with Farmer's adjusters! They took the side of the other insured when I told them he was at fault. They disregarded anything I told them based on the police report ( which missed a lot of the details). I no longer wish to be with this insurance company and can't believe that I pay so much for them not to be in my favor. Such a BIG disappointment.

Posted by sunshine

I am a senior citizen who has never had a claim until last year due to small fire in home. They mishandled and informed all furniture had to be moved out for cleaning using company they dealt with. Said company, ServiceMaster, damaged most furniture and did lousy job of cleaning it, increasing claim.
Immediately my premium was raised and keeps being raised, and
also now the refuse to insure a 2nd property I own.
Others with problems, do what I did. Complained by letter to Foremost,Farmers,21st Century, Az Dept of Ins and FTC. Get those formal complaints out - pls be activist.

Posted by vv2014

My previous agent, Frank, is excellent. However when he's joined another agency,Mark Schlegel, they give other agents to help me. They are 2 out 3 times never keep their words. They don't fix their errors on my documents and payments for months. They said they will look into things and will call me back but never did. They just gave me a quote for my third house insurance and then asked me to pay more and more on my premium. Please save yourself trouble and stay away from Mark Schlegel agency.

Mark Schlegel


Posted by Anonymous

Tried to combine my insurances to get better discount. Agent in Broken Arrow ok. Gave me a price knowing I had a ticket he typed out my applicationn saying lets put it in and if they reject it, they wii send it back to was for a year policy I went ahead paid $1429 my Hartford for same coverage $1279 .2 month later get a bill for $2200 call agent he tells me it is ok you've paid up for the year. Next month same thing called agent again said dont worry its ok. Then get notice my cars are cancelled for non payment
So I cancelled all my policys. Without me knowing and thinking Cancelled They REINSTATED ME TO USE THE REST OF MY MONEY I ONLY USED .IT FOR 3 MONTHS MONTHS. After months.THEY FINALLY SAID THE PRICE CHANGED BECAUSE I didn't say my I had a ticket expiring in a couple month.If I knew I would of waited I was insured already.
My agent wrote out the app I called twice he said dont worry its ok.
I had insurance I wouldn't of doubled my cost. They cancelled me,then Reinstated me without my knowledge use $ about $1200 of my money. I wouldn't worry about online spammers on line we have to worry about our homeland. So depressing. We know they owe all that money to the tornado victims that they didn't pay properly.

Worst of all I had cancelled my home and rentals they again cancelled those for non payment THEY, again reinstated me and used the rest of my $900 on a 2 pay account.
What's worst is THEM CANCELLING ME EARLIER WITHOUT any MONEY DOWN WENT AHEAD INSURED ME the last 6 Months no money from me, AND are trying to get me to pay that. Tried hasseling Called on collections to get me to pay. I didn't find out for Months untill I called for refunds they didn't send. I had already gotten insurance with AAA.BETTER DEDUCTABLE S AND SAVED $1200 for my coverages with they my ticket had already expired.
. Ended paying 2 companies. What they did was IS CROOKED.

Posted by Anonymous

Have been trying to cancell an Umbrella policy, but get the run-around. Kepp telling me to go on the net and then there is no way to cancell there. And your security code must be a joke?

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get my trailblazer repaired since December 26th. It is now February 28th and I'm still waiting to have someone call me back so I can proceed with getting my vehicle repaired. I don't know how this is legal to operate this way when your vehicle is an integral part of your day to day operations!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with Farmers is the worst one I have had in my life. You raised my insurance 32% because you claimed I had a bad credit rating which was totally untrue. I called Equifax and talked to 2 different people who told me there was nothing in my credit report to cause that much of an increase. They also sent me copies of my report and there was only one late payment over several years which was on an account I signed for my grandson. His payment because he had a total breakdown after the death of his mother, who was my daughter. They gave me a rating of 753. two others gave me ratings of 793 and 796. To me it is disgusting how you can deliberately lie about people to the insurance commission. I just wonder how many others you have done this to. I think you should be reported to the federal commission and If I can find a way I will do it. I have all the documentation I need. I have told several people who have asked about home owners insurance to stay away from Farmers and I will keep on doing so.

Posted by lsshy

Four yrs ago we turned in a damage claim to Farmers in Omak WA, due to a huge rain/ WI d storm we had in which a portion of our roof was blown away. Farmers refused our claim and said they did so because they felt the damage was catoptrics. Not true stall, so we dropped them and went with USAA and when our roof began today leak again thos last year we turned in a claim to them and within one week they paid our claim and we finally got our roof fixed correctly. Thank God for USAA Insurance. This really worries us because we still have our life insurance through Farmers and we pretty positive that if one of us passes away Farmers will not pay on our policies and that could be catastrophic for us. Can you insure us that if something happens to either of us that you will pay off on the policies we have been paying on for over 10 yrs?

Posted by Very angry client

My husband and I have had Farmers insurance for 40 years, been with the same agent for 27 of those years. We have always been happy with our rates and our agent until we had a claim. I repeat we have had Farmers insurance for 40 YEARS! without a calim. I recently backed into a post which cause $3,000.00 in damage to my 2012 Silverado Truck. The claim went smoothly and all was fixed. Much to my suprize I just received my next bill and my rates have gone up $400.00! I now repeat 40 years without a claim! When I called my agent about the increase I was told that is big business and there was nothing she could do. Now I feel after 40 years with no claims I have already paid any claims I would incured and now I am to pay again and her answer was "Go to State Farm and see if you get anything better". Well after all this time of being a loyal customer I expected to get better treatment than that. Now, because of her attitude even if I have to pay more somewhere else I will just because after all these years I thought a good record meant something! Just wish I could find a way to talk to somebody hirer up in the company just to let them know how crappy this is.

Posted by Yougottabekidding

The agents for this company never pick up the phone when you call. All calls go to voicemail and messages are not returned. I spent four days trying to contact a local agent about a claim and never made contact. I finally called the 800 number for customer service. The customer service agent was friendly but could not help me and I was referred to someone else. The person I was referred to was friendly but could not help me resolve the issue and I was referred a second time to someone else. I'm still waiting to see if that person will call me back. With current technology and cell phones, this is ridiculous!

Posted by puffy

went into a Farmer's insurance office. The first thing that happened was the payment for the new policy was deducted from my bank account. Two days later I was informed that Farmer's could not insure my car because I didn't have auto insurance for at least 6 months previous. Well, neither did I have a car in the previous six months. They refused to refund my money, but decided to insure my car for 1 month only. That completely SUCKS AND SO DOES FARMER'S.

Posted by Anonymous

no selection to match my inquiry need. multiple choose options selections that did not work for me. trying to get a letter of experience on old policy. what a nightmare

Posted by aprilisi

i had farmers insurance for 30 years,which i took over from my husband,after he got alzheimers.he was a smart man, so i thought farmers was good.anyway, one window was broke, by a tenants son,at the apartment i own.they denied was only 700.00!i checked my policy,and i was covered for terrorism, cypher attacks and everything that is very unlikely to happen.before that they raised my accident, .no was getting on my nerves..i'm moving to state farm....silver lining..i save a boatload of money

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Posted by Ed

Been with Farmers for many years and they HAVE come through and provided great service. Was in an accident a few years back and my agent, the claims adjuster and Farmers lawyers all did a great job. Great service - NO COMPLAINTS.

Posted by Anonymous

Farmers Rocks!! I've always had great service from the agents and the claims department.

Posted by Montana

Our Farmers Agent, Matt Ashmore, is always avalable, saved us over $180.00 per month on three cars, and nearly $800 annually on homeowners insureance over AAA (whom we had been with for over six years)

Posted by sjwolf

Use to love Farmers. They insured my home, 2 cars and 1 of two motorcycles (the second bike's policy was "farmed out" to another company). We donated one car ... the rates went up ... no longer multi-vehicle ... motorcycle doesn't count. Motorcycle rates have slowly been going up ... no tickets or claims of any type. Checked with Harley Davidson's insurance offering. Both bikes covered for what I was paying Farmers for one. Cancelled existing motorcycle policies handled by / through Farmers. Now I have a mid term adjustment ... will be contacting my agent for a written explanation of the cause of the increase. I will probably terminate my association with Farmers.

Posted by Tom King

The fastest and best, filed claim and adjuster was there in 5 days. Wrote a very fair check to replace my roof on the spot. Be proactive and check your deductable before you have a loss is a good idea. Mine was very high and don't remeber talking to my agent about the possibilities if I had a loss.

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Posted by JENAS79

This Is From A Family Member Of An Agent. Farmer's Insurance Has Made It Impossible To Sell Insurance Due To Overly High Costs To The Customer, Overly High Payouts To Their Stockholders, Without Regard To Their Stakeholders!

Our Pay Has Decreased Almost 40% And We Cannot Make A Living At Something We Have Been In Business To Do For Over 20 Years. The Agents Are All Upset About This And Yet The Company Does Nothing About It.

The Company Only Cares To Pay The Employees With The Giving Of Hundreds Of Policies Only To Those Employees Who Sell Life Insurance---which Is Completely Immoral, And Illogical When Those Agents Who Have Pushed The Life Products Are Not The "better" Or Best Or Most Hard Working Agents In The Agency, Plus It Gives A Totally Unfair Advantage To Those Agents For Life, Because Then They Are Given To, Given To, Given To, While The Others Languish Without Feeling The Company Cares Or Gives A Damn About Them At All.

In Other Words---farmer's Pays Those Agents Who Give More Pure Money Profits Back To The Company As Is Found In Life Policies---so Farmers Makes More Money On The Front End And Give Hundreds Of Policies To Those Agents Who Sell Those Policies Vs. Giving To Those Agents Who Sell More Auto, Home, Or Any Other Type Of Insurance Because Life Insurance Gives The Company More Money. And It Lowers Morale Of All Agents Who Are Not Part Of The Giving Of Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Found In The Policies Handed Down To The Handful Of Agents Who Are Able To Sell Life.

Life Insurance Is Not--and Especially In This Economy--something People Can Afford, And Farmer's Is An Antiquated Old-school Club Where They Do Not Care About Their Agents, Give Them Too High Priced Policies To Try To Sell So Their Clients Are Going Other Places And Leaving The Farmers Agents Which Is Making The Agents Feel Like They Are Going To Work To End Up Having No Job Because In This Economy Their Checks Are Going Down, Their Policy Counts Are Doing Down, And Their Hope Is All But Completely Extinguished.

Farmer's Insurance Does Not Care About Their Agents----they Care About Their Stockholders And What Money And Profits The Higher Ups Can Make---they Pay Their Upper Management And All Other Employees Vs. Their Agents Much Higher Money While The Agents Are The Only Ones Who Are Completely Dependent Upon The Policies That Farmers Is Issuing At Too High Of Prices, Leaving The Agents To Sell Products Which Are Too High Priced In Order To Give More Money Back To The Stockholders And They Don't Care About Their Agents---who Are The Front Lines Of Their Business.

Farmer's Charges Too Much For Their Policies In Order To Give High Profits To The Stockholders---who Do Not Matter If You Have No One To Sell The Products. The Agents Need To Make More Money The Agents Need To Make More Profits. The Agents Need To Be Able To Make A Living. The Agents Who Have Devoted Their F'ing Lives To This Company Deserve Better Than Farmers Is Treating Them To.

Farmers Is Taking Money Away From Their Agents While Forcing Them To Sell Insurances For Uncompetitive Pricing.

Farmers Does Sell A Super High Quality Product And Will Be There For You If You Have A Claim--they Do Not Bicker About Things Where There Is Real Loss--but They Are Completely Ignoring The Agents Who Are Working A Super Job Every Day For Them,while Apportioning Extra Policies From Retired Agents Only To Those Who Sell Life Insurance ---- Who Are Able To Sell Life Insurance --- Because Almost No One Wants To Buy New Policies In This Economy --- Vs. Giving Many To Their Longest, Hardest Working, Trying As Hard As They Can, Type Of Agents.

All Of This Ignoring The Really Good Agents Whose Clients Love Them And Who Go To Work Every Day Trying Their Best And Work Until There Is Nothing Left Of Them For Over 20 Years Only To Be Gone Over In Favor Of Someone Who Sold Life And Is A Kiss-up Agent And Puts More Money In The Pockets Of The Company.

Over Time, Being Glossed Over And Disrespected And Ignored For Their Efforts, Leaves The Agents Not Wanting To Do Better, Not Wanting To Give More To The Company Because The Company Gives Them Nothing Extra To Feel Better About. The Company Does Not "get" That When You Give Some Policies To All Agents You Are Incentivizing An Entire Work Force By Giving A 'bonus' Feeling To Help Everyone Else Deserving Of That Bonus.

There Are Just Too Many Good Agents Who Are Not Being Recognized And Who Have Not Been Recognized -- Ever -- By Farmers And Over Time It Lowers Morale, Takes Away Their Will To Want To Do More, And Especially In This Kind Of Environment Makes Them Give Up Any Hope Of There Being Anything Different Ever.

Farmers Needs To Give More Policies To Those Agents Who Have Dedicated Their Lives To The F'ing Company, Who Show Up To Work 5 Days A Week, Work All Day, Work Hard, Harder, And Hardest Only To Lose, Lose, Lose More And More Clients To The Economy And Structure Of Premiums At Farmers And Structure Of Pay At Farmers.

Farmers Needs To Pay Their Workers--pay Their Agents More Money Vs. Taking It Away In Higher Premiums Which Force People To Go Elsewhere Which Takes Away All Money From The Agent, While Farmers Is Overly Myopic About Their Paying Back Their Stockholders With Higher Premiums While Placing Their Agents In The Position Of Losing, Losing, Losing Policy After Policy After Policy.

We Have Been In Business With Farmers For Over 20 Years And Are Losing, Losing, Losing Money Every Single Month By 30-40% And Are Now Wondering If They Will Even Be Able To Continue Working And What They Will Do For A Living Because Farmers Is Not Paying Them Enough, And Do Nothing To Pay Towards Their Business Rent The Way Other Companies Do.

All In All, In This Economy, Rather Than Helping Their Agents, They Are Not Paying Them Enough, Are Not Competitive In Their Rates, Are Paying Too Much Profits To Their Stockholders, While Giving No Care, Consideration, Or Thought To Their Agents-- Those Who Are Selling Their Products Who Are On The Front Lines Alone While They Get Rid Of Their District Managers So They Can 'save' That Money And Put It Into The Company.

Farmers Has Left Their Agents Alone Without Hope, Help, Or Consideration.


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