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Fandango customer service is ranked #882 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 71 ratings. This score rates Fandango customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Christina

I contacted Fandango customer service line on Dec 10th concerning a refund since the theater in Newport Ohio had projector issues and the movie did not show. The theater employee advised we could go to a different movie or request a refund. Since we were traveling, we chose to request a refund. After almost 45 minutes in the call que, I finally got a Fandango representative and went thru the scenario. I received a confirming email of my refund request on Dec 10. 2017 and a promise of a update email in 3-5 days. Today is Jan 3, 2018 and no update. I have sent emails requesting a update resolution. But no reply there either. Worst customer service ever.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Customer Service Ever. Waited 55 Minutes On Hold For Refund Until Answered. Then They Would Not Refund The Service Fee. There Was No Service! They Want To Wear Callers Down So They Just Give Up On Trying For A Refund. The Self Service Site Is A Joke. Can't Change Password Or User Name Because Robot Keeps Saying My Valid Email Address Is Invalid. Go Elsewhere!

Posted by Ashley

I purchased tickets on fandango yesterday for "IT" and it charged my debit card but never sent me and email with the ticket scan or anything. Can't reach anyone for a refund. Pathetic company.

Posted by Bert4wine

I'm guessing your "buyer tickets" area is down. I have been in the retail business for a very long time. When your recording says ( after some time finding the right number to call) that operators are busy and call back at another time....... then the phone goes dead. And trying to call the Theatre directly, and no answer.... well. I've spent a good portion of my time figuring out other ways to get tickets for our group, and a few others trying this morning.
At least you could have a little more information for the public.
I usually don't complain, but I do like to send kind comments. This warrant a complaint!
This has pissed me off.
Thank you
Bert Soske

Posted by Anonymous

Fandango's customer service is by the far impecably nailing it at being one of the shittiest. Fantastic job at being unreliable, and lacking in every sense of "customer service" This company is a joke. I highly encourage everyone to find their services elsewhere, ANYWHERE OTHER THAN FANDANGO. Not unless you want to be ripped off, then by all means....

Posted by Anonymous

trying to reach customer service keep getting disconnected. Need to speak with live representative.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Fandango gift card that I can not convert to tickets. I fiiled in the information down to the pion number, hit accept and the screen goes back to the beginning, Repeated the process, same result, please help.

ps on hold for 25 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

im frustrated. trying to find my tickets i just purchases. i want to talk to a live person. this is bunk!!! my home number please call me.

Posted by Anonymous

Repeatedly attempted to call to resolve a checkout issue with the website but every time I get an automated response saying their support is currently busy with other calls and to call back at a later time, then hangs up. Completely worthless.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible Service -brought Tickets And Was Charged 3 Times The Amount No One Answered The Phone To Help What A Rip Off..

Posted by Chat

I've tried the chat and was disconnected twice. Then the third time said a 20 minute wait. I called directly and they told me to call back didn't even place me on a queue. I want to cancel my tickets and credit my fandango account and I keep getting an error message ... I've been trying for the past hour with no assistance and the show is in 1/2 hour now

Posted by Anonymous

I bought tickets today for The Shack and the charges were posted on my Discover card but I never received the email tickets.

The tickets were fro the 3:35 show at the Hollywood 20 in Greenville SC

I either need a refund or the tickets.

Mark Sweesy

Posted by Anonymous

Please spend a little more $$ to hire more than one person for "live chat" gimmick. Re: attempted use-- week day-- Tues.-- 2/21- 3:00pm EST. It is an insult to any potential "VIP" Customer. Marketing strikes again.

I passed out after waiting for over the recorded "56 minutes" recorded by Fandago.

2 tix purchased online for 2/22- 7:00pm only- "Newsies" here in Altamonte Sprngs. Fl 32701

$21.00 ea. tix.

No confirmation # online other than "Gravity" last October.

AMC no help here in Altamonte Springs, Fl. 32701. 17 year old box office lone employee--"I don't know anything". I respect that honesty. No "supervisor" working at 3:30pm today.

Am I screwed out of $42.00 or can a refund be made somehow without going to Vatican City for permission?

Yes, I tried to understand online "refund" instructions. Can't. Entire website too convaluted for any brain let alone these mature senior lobes. Don't worry. Your time will come also.

Please phone this 77 year old Actors' Equity stage manager professional for 56 years with some response from a non-corporate live voice. Please do not use the overused the cliche word "policy"

Call if anyone reads this by WED. -- FEB. 22-- before 5:00pm. EST.


BYE,BYE $42.00.

Film & B'way production of "Newsies" originally a bomb by Disney.

However, if you don't know that nor care, Actors' Equity Assn. (professionals) current tour is selling very well. Disney should cash in on this one shot deal nationally. It helps ensure my insignificant pension each month for 21 years of management.


Chuck Linker

Posted by Anonymous

I got an email this morning with a promo code for free movie tickets to see Silence this weekend. When I go to purchase the tickets, I get an error message that the promo code is invalid or expired. What's going on?

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service ever. I have been waiting at the phone for 1 hour and 20 minutes without any answer finally, 55 minutes later I got somebody for a live chat. I told her that I didnt receive a confirmation for my tickets and she said you need to talk with a customer service representative. Still waiting and I cant take my kids today to the movie. I dont want to pay twice.

Posted by savtadonna

There IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. They say call back later, over and over again. I was charged for a movie that the theater did not let me into. Trying to get my money back - no luck at all. Wont be using Fandango anymore.

Posted by GMAN472412192016420

This policy is the definition of a rip off.
I purchased 3 senior tickets and was not able to make the movie & was not able to cancel before the movie ended, they are able to keep my $53 plus dollars.
My only response is "SORRY"

Posted by Anonymous

How Can You Call This Customer Service When You Can't Talk To Anyone

You Don't Have Any Service At All

Posted by Anonymous

I'm pretty displeased with the fact that I can't speak to a customer representatives!! The recording continually hangs up on me. Not a lot of custom service if you can't speak to anyone!!

If for some odd reason someone would call me back here's my


Very disappointed customer!

Posted by Wsinger

Simply the worst company all the way around and should be reported by everyone to the Better Business Bureau and even a class action suit considering how many people are ripped off by Fandango. It is impossible to reach customer service because there is ZERO customer service. It is completely impossible to get a refund or change the date of the movie you want to see. I don't know how this company stays in business. The way they treat consumers is nothing short of criminal.

Posted by bennym

I called customer service and they failed to fulfill any of my promises. I called for a refund that has to do something with a promo code but they kept transferring me to the same number I called them by, I never got my refund. They just decided to waste my time on trying to get one.

Posted by Anonymous

I have contacted fandango 4 times and have yet to receive a reply. I have tried to call customer service also have yet to receive a reply. I have called and sent emails. My problem is I received a gift card, tried to remove the gray sticker on the pin number, the pin number came off. sent a picture of the front and back of the card but no reply.

Posted by Mike n

I am another victim of fandango, just like the person below who received a $25 gift card for Christmas and turned out it was already redeemed. Customer service told me the store never activated it and I should take it up with the retailer it was purchased from. I find it hard to believe and I think there's something else going on.

Posted by Anonymous

I know am joining the "I hate Fandango" club, and vow to never use them again. I'd rather show in person to have the show sold out, than buy from them online.

I accidentally purchased tickets for a Friday night show, when I intended it to be for Saturday. Within moments of realizing my error, I contacted customer service. Was on hold for 1/2 hour before my turn. And because my tickets didn't allow 2 hours before the show, there was ZERO FLEXIBILITY OFFERED. There just has to be better customer service than this.

I even went so far then to make the purchase for Saturday night, hoping it would prove to the customer service agent I called on the phone that an error was made. It didn't make a difference at all.

Posted by Dissatisfied

Fandango is a shady company. They make false promises, they do not keep there word and they do not care about their customers. There are countless comments and reviews detailing how Fandango offered to give refunds, credits, exchanges or movie tickets and then failed to provide those services. I hope other consumers will become aware of this information before ever having to deal with Fandango.

T-Lee: Thank you for contacting Fandango Customer Support. My name is T-Lee. How may I assist you today?
Christie: Hi Tiona
T-Lee: Hello Christie, how may I assist you today?
Christie: Thank you for taking my request.
T-Lee: You are welcome. How may I assist you today?
Christie: I signed up to be a VIP Fandango member.
Christie: It included 2 free gifts and perks.
Christie: One of the perks is that i can refund or exchange tickets.
Christie: I bought a ticket to see Zoolander 2 but did not watch the movie.
Christie: I would like a refund or credit for an exchange.
T-Lee: I am happy to advise you on this.
T-Lee: Purchases made on are only eligible for a refund or an exchange 2 hours or more before show time. Once we are beyond that 2 hour window, we are unable to process any kind of refund or exchange for Fandango credit. You may return your tickets using the self-service tool in the future up to 2 hours before the show time or contact us within that time frame.
Christie: A 2 hour time limit was not mentioned when I signed up.
T-Lee: The refund policy is available for review on each page of your order from your select your show time. I apologize for any frustration this causes you, but we cannot offer a refund or Fandango credit less than 2 hours before the show time. If you would like to view our refund policy in full, please visit the following page:
T-Lee: Are you still connected?
Christie: No, the policy was not present when I created my account. I joined because I thought I would be able to exchange or refund tickets. I think this is false advertising to bring up a policy after the fact. I am very upset and disappointed.
T-Lee: The refund policy is available for review on each page of your order from your select your show time which is the critical place. I am unable to offer you a refund for this order. is the anything else I can assist you with before the chat is terminated?
Christie: I appreciate you having this chat with me but I have not been assisted. If there is nothing you or a supervisor will do for me, I will file a complaint.
T-Lee: We respect our customer's decisions, my supervisor is also governed by the policy set by our corporate office and is unable to process returns against it.
Christie: Okay.
T-Lee: Thank you for making Fandango your choice for online movie tickets. Have a great day!
T-Lee has disconnected.

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