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Famous Footwear customer service is ranked #719 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 25.14 out of a possible 200 based upon 34 ratings. This score rates Famous Footwear customer service and customer support as Terrible.


33 Negative Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 97.06%.


1 Positive Comment out of 34 Total Comments is 2.94%.

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  • Famous Footwear

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 25.14 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 33 negative comments (97.06%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.94%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
    • 1.3 Cancellation
    • 2.7 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Good morning I filled out an application for store 304. The test however is not coming up. Could the test be sent to my email address

Time is of the essence. I really want this job.

Posted by Anonymous

Very rude and unkind people tried to call in a formal complant with manager who ended up yelling at me and saying i was making it all up they called my mother names

Posted by baby5love10

so in the mist of all of this.. I recently had an experience with a new pair of shoes that left only one of my heels blistered just after wearing a few hours, and after reading the return policy and contacting the store manager from where I purchased within the past week, she suggested I call the customer care number 1-888-869-1053 bc there is nothing she can do on her end unless the shoes showed actual damage. well I just got off the phone with a C.C rep and after making note of my complaint and request for exchange, I will have mail the shoes to their warehouse in st. louis where they will then inspect shoes and go from there if I receive refund/exchange it will be in the form of a gift card via email. this is literally fresh I just bought 2/28/18, wore them 3/5/18, just called today 3/8/18 so iam still currently healing my blistered heel,(and for some reason this only happened on one foot/ my left!). I get the whole return policy, but come on they need to find an easier way for their customers when things like this happen.. I spent a whole lot of money that day for my whole family, if these things continue or they do not approve my request I will consider another place to spend my money..

Posted by Debbie

I went to Famous Footwear in Front Royal and was told I couldn't return my defective Asics tennis shoe. But I could return them if they could be resold. They is a defect in the sole. There should be some kind of return policy for defective shoes. They should go back to vendor whom Famous Footwear purchased them from. I should not have to do this. I will never shop in your store again.
These shoes were purchase on May 20, 2017. Haven't been able to wear them since 6/8/17. I would like to return them and get my money back. I wear asics all the time. Never had this problem before. They were $69.99 plus tax.

Posted by Ripper

So How are you supposed to know if you are satisfied or unsatisfied with your purchase/purchases if you can not wear them/try them at its fullest? You try them at the store to see if it fits and how comfortable you are but thats only at the 35% of what you do with the shoes in order to see it was a good purchase and we are satisfied let us try it a week or so a 100% of the time that we are wearing them

Posted by Forever Grateful

I lost my Pandora Bracelet 12/15/2016 approximately noon that my Husband had just brought me for my Birthday. I called store #3322 (which was the wrong location)& asked Taneesha to please look up & down isle. Again wrong store so she found nothing... I left my phone # I stated, "that there was a 50.00$ reward out if found." I then ordered another Pandora Bracelet in disappointment that I had lost the original. Friday 12/16/2016 approximately 3p.m. I had a voicemail from Sharon @ store # 3322 saying that I had called the wrong store & her son Kyle who works @ store # 2350 had my bracelet. Apparently, I had dropped it @ the front door & a customer who did not purchase any items had picked it up & brought in it the store & gave it to Kate @ store #2350. I had no way of thanking this honest customer( he had made no purchase so we had no contact information). I do however have the names of the honest employees that went above & beyond. This letter is too thank them very much & they refused too take the reward money. If you are reading this Corporate office please recognize these individuals for their loyalty, honesty & kindness to a Customer who has almost 800 points with Famous Footwear.

Posted by Sasa

You guys have a store in Anchorage,Alaska at the Sears Mall who has a very racist man running the store, who repeatedly verbally abuses Alaskan natives! This behavior is unprofessional and unacceptable. We as a native village and corporation members here in Alaska will not put up with it! If nothing is done by years end to have this person removed or suspended we will boycott in Alaska and make it known to the rest of the country! Nothing is more demeaning then to have a Muslim man telling us to leave because we are native!

Posted by Anonymous

So I bought a pair of Sperry shoes. After a week, my heel hurt so bad I had to see a Dr. Diagnosis was planters and a heel spur. Not happy for the amount I paid but can't return them because I wore them. How am I supposed to know I am not satisfied if I can't wear them?

Posted by Anonymous

Visited my local store today store #2486. Sale in progress and very little help available. There were so many open boxes littering the aisles it was very hard to walk. In addition boxes were stacked unevenly. Wille trying to remove a box the ones from the shelve above came down and I ended op with a large bruise on my forearm. I guess someone had loosened then on the next isle. Not my best experience in this store. Perhaps move help would provide better shopping for all.

Posted by SLB

Store in Exton Pennsylvania is supposed to open at 10 AM it is now 10:30 AM on 6/27/16 and no one is in sight, store still locked and no one is answering the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase 2 pairs of work shoes @ famous footwear @ creek wood commons in kcmo store #210. I wanted to exchange one pair for a different style same price. Was told I had to have a receipt, I did not think I needed it for an even exchange. I read him the policy on the counter he stated he did not have to help me at all. Bad customer service he did not know the policy, nor did he know how to run the register let alone the store. He stated he could look it up on my rewards # and then stated I did not use it, but my receipt I now have states I did. I feel he owes me an apology and will take this matter further if need be. His name is mike and he was suppose able the manager. Bad manners and customer service.

Posted by NikkiL

Worst customer service ever! Stay away from this company! Shoes are very uncomfortable and when u receive them in the mail the box will come in pieces, bent, and torn so u will throw it away then when u try to return the shoes that u have never worn they will refuse ur return and yell at u on the phone! VERY BAD BUSINESS EXTREMELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a pair of sketchers slip on sneakers on line, when I received them I had forgotten that they run small so I had to bring them back to the store closest to me, East Windsor NJ. It was an even exchange, however I was made to pay full purchase price for the same item that I had just paid $30.00 for. Why? Even exchange is even exchange. I should have told them to keep them and get my money back. Will never shop Famous Footwear again.

Posted by Nkinz

I had multiple returns to do and had my returns in a re-usable bag from another store. An associate asked if I wanted to hold the returns up front and I declined since I was going to do an even exchange for the same shoes just needed different sizes. Since I declined, both associates began to follow me and my sister around the store as we tried to find a pair of flats and tennis shoes for our mother. They followed us around the entire store acting as if we were stealing. We had our receipts and the bag was open. I have never experienced such horrible customer service and all we were trying to do was find the same shoes (different sizes) for our mother. Store 1749 has horrible customer service and I am not happy about how we were treated.

Posted by John Smith

I bought a pair of running shoes at the 6230 E Broadway Store in Tucson on 11/2. I was told I could bring them back for a full refund if they were not satisfactory. I wore the shoes around my home for about an hour when I began to get a blister on my heel. I returned the shoes less than 24 hours later and was offered only an exchange option. Because I had worn them, that was my only option!
I find this totally unsatisfactory and not very competitive with other similar outlets!!!

Posted by WW

I bought 2 pairs of shoes from the buy one get one pair half off sale at this store in Palm Coast Florida, but the 2nd pair had one problem with the right side shoe so I did not wear it and returned it the following week for another pair. The store manager decided they would not evenly exchange it but charge me full price for the 2nd pair even though they were the exact same price? said the sale does not apply anymore. This is unfair as we shopped here for the specific sale. I will not shop here again in this case.

Posted by very disappointed

Famous footwear has the worst customer service ever. I have been in 3 stores over the last week. I was never greeeted (even though the 3 people working were all standing at the register) Afer waiting waiting between 10-15 minutes for help, I finally left, I was told as I walked out to have a nice evening! Unbelieveable service, Famous footwear used to be my go to for boots and tennis shoes. Never again By Famous footwear.

Posted by donthaveone

This store has been always bad, The last time I went there I purchased 2 pairs of shoes for my kids.One of them started ripping after one week for no reason.I went to the store to get a refund since the item was defective, but at my surprise the clerk told me that their policy allows them only to exchange the shoe.I'm fed up with their cheap merchandise and just want to go shop somewhere else.I dont have time to transport their junk back and forth.

Posted by clevadiva

That was the rudest costumer service rep ever. Just to think I didn't want to order from famous footwear in the first place!! This cemented my notion to never shop at famous footwear again! My order was cancelled and all of my information was accurate. So weird, I guess it was the meat to be because I didn't want to buy from them anyway but they were the only store with the shore in the color and size I needed for my boyfriend.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my daughter sneakers on 8/28/14 from store #2670 in Aberdeen, NJ. The Vans sneaker have started to rip in the tongue portions of the sneaker. I tried to return them stating "I think they are defective". My daughter has had many pairs of Vans before and never had a problem after 5 months of wearing them. Your manager Sandra rudely said "I am not in the business of buying back used shoes and take it up with Vans". I said "I guess you don't stand behind the product you sell". This caused the customer in back of me to hand the shoes to the manager she was buying and say "I don't want to buy these". I have contacted Vans to help resolve my problem. Professional managers resolve problems not treat customers rudely. Famous Footwear should take a closer look at managers who are representing the Famous Footwear name.

Posted by consumer

Don't bother to call customer service, they are not helpful in any way.

Posted by Cindy

I bought two pair of Guess shoes at two separate times. Each pair has broken at the toe. I took them back to the store to exchange but they had sold out of the shoe and the similar ones were not in my size. The manager sent me to another store [a long drive] where they had the same issue. I returned to the original store to just get a refund and they refused to refund my money. They were unable to exchange/replace the shoes and unwilling to return my money even with receipt because it had gone two weeks past their 30 day return policy. TERRIBLE customer service. They're not willing to be accountable for their bad products.

Posted by bob in buffalo

Hi. i purchased a pair of Rockport walkers 4 months ago. A seam due to poor workmanship came loose. I called in to the store of purchase. A rude welcome and NO desire to solve my purchasing of a flawed shoe. i called the contact number 1-866 432 6687 and spoke with Mary, a customer rep. NO solution. Then a "manager", Michelle, who tried to offer a non workable solution.Finally, I was given the name of the MANAGER OF CUSTOMER CARE, Mr. James P. (they don't give last names). I made a phone appointment. HE NEVER CALLED> Net result: me and my family are finished with this third rate shoe store. I asked if these shoes were "seconds" . they said no, but it seems that they may well be.

Posted by Suzzz9

I shopped in store and had the best sales associate #653896. She was so helpful and polite. She had a smile on her face and was beyond willing to help me in any way. I have never shopped in a Famous Footwear before and because of this sales associate I will now ONLY shop with you. I find that people are willing to take time out to complain about something, it was only right that I take the time out to applaud her kindness and willingness to do her job. I wish I had her name to speak of her personally. Please let her know what a fantastic job she is doing.

Posted by Anonymous

Was treated horrible. Shoes made in China. My foot felt on fire. Manager rude n unconcerned. BAD BUSINESS

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Posted by Victoria

I would like to giv the highest compliment to your customer service rep Lori M. She went above and beyond to assist me with my problem; before speaking with her said I would never do business with Famous Footwear again. I am a very pleased customer now and will definitely do business with your company again. Sincerely, Victoria Hardmon.

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