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Family Dollar customer service is ranked #844 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 892 ratings. This score rates Family Dollar customer service and customer support as Terrible.


881 Negative Comments out of 892 Total Comments is 98.77%.


11 Positive Comments out of 892 Total Comments is 1.23%.

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  • Family Dollar

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    • 20.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 881 negative comments (98.77%)
    • 11 positive comments (1.23%)
    • 28 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 1.8 Friendliness
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Posted by Stella

Dallor store 10th sheridan is closed 9:01pm. Because it short of staff. That is not acceptable. Need new management. Need help with hiring EMPLOYEES. There store is always disorganized and have box blocking the lanes. Unsafe for customer's.

Posted by Smere

Family Dollar on Sabinal, Tx does not honor the sogbs they have posted for discounts... I went in and saw that the cheetos were on sale for 2 for $5 for the bigger bags and got bags but they rang up at regular price. I told the lady cashier about it and she went to check and saw the signs also.. She pulled them down and said "ohh they expired yesterday, do you still want me to honor it?" I told her " yes if you can because there are 4 signs posted, not just 1" then she turns around and tells me "well I can't do it because it expired yesterday.. I guess the asst. Manager forgot to take them down" ... So i asked "how can you not honor it if all the signs were still hanging out on display" and her reply was "well I don't have honor it but I could if wanted to"

Posted by Glamnana

We have customers out here at 1900 East Livingston Avenue trying to find out why the store is shut and locked, no notes on the door or anything else. And me beinh handicap I had to walk down here and I have to walk back home for nothing!! The power is on so that's not an excuse and for them not to put a note on the door is a very big inconvenience to all of us. At the time of this writing it is 3:30 and afternoon

Sincerely Linda Anderson I'd appreciate a call back to let me know what the heck was going on on here on Sunday afternoon!!

Posted by Anonymous

Store #666 Charlottesville Va.they Have The Worst Customer Service Especially The Manager Who Never Talks Or Helps.the Older Cashier Think Robert Is His Name Is Polite But Is Overly/personally Friendly To Ladies.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a complait. I bought a phone from a store in greeley Colorado and i didn't even leave the parking lot I opened the new phone and there's no battery,charging cord,and then got the phone out and the screen is shattered. In very up set about this . I spent my last name 70 dollars on that phone and then getting the phone open and finding all that was missing and the screen. I went back in the store and the manager was rude and talking to me like I was some young kid and then saying that the numbers didn't match. Its not my fault that you family dollar are allowing stores to sell that kind of merchandise to the community. I fell I should be reimbursed for the phone and also some thing for the way I was treated in front of other custermers that day was embarrassing to me and my family. Thank you for your time hope to hear back

Posted by Dee

Family dollar has the worst supervisors/managers I have ever seen I have been kicked out of the Pueblo West store twice for nothing I have been told I have been told that they witness me stealing even though I corrected them by informing then who it is they supervisor tells me she knows it's me so I have decided if this don't get resolved family dollars corporate and that one employee will see me in court and I'll the proof I need is stored in family dollars camera I demand you do something about it

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Family Dollar store in Dolton IL. today 3/22/18, the cashier named Mirtha was Extremely rude and Disrespectful to me. This employee should be Disciplined for her behavior. Please contact me so I can explain what happened.

Posted by Terri

Store staff should not be talking on cell phones (tucked in her shirt and held by her shoulder) while ringing up customers. And why does FD at Harford/Christopher always run out of bags? They then use trash bags..I got 12 misc cans all dropped in one undoubled trash bag, and lighweight stuff in another. I once asked that cans not be put all in one bag and got a nasty look. I ended up w.squashed donuts

Posted by Anonymous

March 5 went to return a water jug that had black in melted plastic on . I didn’t notice this until I started to put water in it . Quickly stopped . Because it was wet the manager of store #12000 a new one in Stuart Fl, gave me a hard time, she did eventually give me a refund & I bought other items . However because of her attitude you have lost a customer

Posted by Cynthia

Went to your store in new haven ct on whalley ave..another customer was arguing with me and o e of you employees got involved speaking to her in Spanish..I found it very rude and unprofessional..I would like to speak to someone in your office but seems like no one wants to answer the phone?????

Posted by Lynn

By far the worse company I’ve worked for . They’re is a see something, say something policy & you are supposed to get reward I’ve never got rewarded. I’ve had multiple issues with the company and the district manager is so careless he doesn’t even bother to respond.... I was thrown into a ASM position without being trained it was basically like this here is the safe codes and the alarm code now close tomorrow night by yourself . This company is by far the worse . Nobody bothers to even respond to me

Posted by Anonymous

Store #08210 Family Dollar Employee Threw Basket At Me. While She Was Placing Dog Food.i Move Her Cart. She Wouldn't Give Me Her Name. This Person Always Has Very Bad Attitude/ignore Us Customers/nasty. Spent 44.46. At 68 I Dont Need To Be Growled At Spending My Money.

Posted by Teresa

Hi, I live in Tombstone, AZ and for the last 3 weeks the store here in Tombstone and Elfrida,

and Bisbee does not have bags for the items you purchase, the employees and store managers state that is because corporate does not have any to send to the stores.. This is bad. due

to they are using regular garbage bags and this makes it very difficult to carry your things..

Please explain to me why Family Dollar as big of corporation that it is are short on bags for there customers items!!!!

Posted by Gewoon_me

I bought a can of your coffee, it was so fine ground that it overflowed my coffee maker. I saw there was a 100% guarantee on the can all i had to do is return the EMPTY can to any family dollar store for a refund with the receipt or a replacement. I went to the store in Alex Bay te return it, that's where it was purchased. I was told because it was empty they would not refund or replace the coffee! I also asked for the district manager's name and phone number and was told that they didn't have it! Now i will refuse to go into ANY family Dollar Store and will be contacting the Attorney General's Office in the morning for fraud!

Posted by Anonymous

There is something wrong with your website. I have tried to complete my application many times. It will not let me finish or save and continue. It is almost if though it is fighting against me. At this point, since it has been so difficult and affter many attempts. I am finally exhausted in trying. I just want to let you know, there are some technical issues on your apply website. If you fix them, I may try again another time! Thank you!

Posted by Proudmother

Hi My name is Mary, I just went to one of your family dollar stores in Tulsa Oklahoma. I was going there to get some of the items on sale from your sales add and there was a coupon for $5.00 off your purchase if you spend $25 or more well I did spend that much but I couldn't use the coupon since I only purchased the items that were on sale. I also wanted to get 4 of the Digiorno Pizza's that were in your sales add for 2 for $10 but was only able to get 2 of the pizzas because at the location I went to here in Tulsa only had the supreme flavor rising crust which was on sale and the Pepperoni flavor pizza was stuffed crust and they were not on sale. So I am a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER and I also think that you sending these sales adds out in the mail with items on sale and a coupon for $5 off after you spend $25 your stores should be able to ring those coupons up and cannot, then the associates say that if you get the items that are on sale that you can't use the coupon! WHICH IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!


Posted by Fed up

People remodling garrettsville oh store hiding scrap inside back room, semi trailers for new shelving, loading on company time and letting one of their dogs fieces in iga yard, leaving dog locked in car all day with out window down, Kevin is one of the people loading while on company time and with dog .two went to streetsbro recycling and one went to c&b in windham oh .was told its agaisnt policy to do this and nothing was done to stop them .

Posted by Anonymous

Store#01933 needs to be shut down, dirty as hell,isles blocked, only one door works, one register only, no bags. Damn sorriest store I've been in. no more business from me

Posted by Kate

Very negative experience! Employees of store #02179 in Landover MD need to be trained better! Customer service is very poor! The first time witness a female cashier throwing multiple shopping baskets on the floor from behind her register, while there is a long line of people in front of her?! Also she was very rude to customers who were not African American or who did not speak a lot of English.
And the other day a male cashier refused to accept a valid $5 off coupon. Customer didn't speak English. So he just took advantage of her!
Very sad... changes and proper training needed badly...

Posted by Very dissatisfied customer

I was at a Family Dollar store today in Columbus Ohio when I was leaving the building to go to my car and just happened to notice and employee sitting in their vehicle next to mine probably not realizing that I was coming to my car it was parked next to them when I realized they weren't just sitting in their car they were smoking in their car in the parking lot a Family Dollar parked next to a customer with small children horrible horrible customer service and morals in the worst part of it all was this was a store manager I only know this because I sent my daughter in later

Posted by Rosalie

Waiting in front of family dollar store that is not open at 8:25 when the hours are clearly written on door saying 8:00 opening

Needed something specific that they have! Very disappointed
In East Hartford CT

Posted by St.louis mo store on grand and m

The family dollar store in st.louis mo.the main Street is grand and magnolia is very unclean the workers are rude.They require customers to check there outside bags at the counter.I check my bags at the front counter when I checked out my bags were gone.the manager on duty stated family dollar is not responsible and I have to deal with it.They gave me coporate number,no one responded back to me, know I am out of 45.00 dollars of rulers groceries.If a store require u to check ur bag they should have security present to watch.The store manager has not contacted me for even a sincere apology,this has happen to several customers in my neighborhood,as a community we need better treatment and service and most of all responsibility from ur store manager and the staff there .

Posted by fgrhh

the family dollar store in Watford city n.d on s.main.Has very rude people working in there.they put items where is says sale price then will look at you when you ask why it's full price they will say someone must of moved it when there store employees stocked them like that.They are VERY rude and sarcastic.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to call your headquarters phone and was waiting for over an hour. I tried over and over. Never got through! Not a good way to treat customers. Yvonne Young.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very unhappy with your company.i live in Enid Okla. They had some Christmas cookies and they would not sell them to me. They would rather trash them then sell to a senior citizen on a fixed income. This is disgusting that companies are doing this to get a tax write off. Thats whats wrong with our people would rather let people starve and trash food for the all mighty dollar. I have always traded at your stores but i will go somewhere else now! Yvonne Young

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Posted by jewel

i really love coming to the family dollar on 4807 maple avenue the manager there really understands the people and is very nice to everyone last year i made some comments on how this store was handled now i look on the bright side because everytime i come into the store the manager is always busy and the the store always looks so clean this manager is always helpful to everyone i can now gratefully say that family dollar on maple is very much an real benefit to our community please keep up the good work

Posted by 's Charles

There is this one worker who is awesome, the store number is 11735 & her name is Rosa. She is thehaving best worker ever. I give her customer service all 10s

Posted by Ybre 205

I just moved to the cascade Rd area in Atlanta and love going to the family dollar store but every time I go there is a man outside panhandle it's so annoying to be approach ever time I go there is there anything you can do about this, love the store and employees very friendly and helpful but help with this problem. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Roscommon Micjigan The Worst Experience At A Store Ever!!!! Cashier Very Rude Would Not Hand Me My Bags Had To Reach Over The Red Carrier To Get My Heavy Bags And Than She Told Me I Had To Put My Carrier Back. I Told Her My Hands Were Full Of Bags And She Told Me I Carried It Thru The Store And I Needd To Put It Back. She Told Me I Should Of Got A Cart Than . She Said Your Not Going To Put It Back And I Told Her Once Again My Hands Were Full She Grumbled As She Snapped It Off The Counter And Walked Around To Put It Back I Asked For Manager Snd She Said She Was (scarry). I Told Her She Was A B. And She Told Me I Should Of Put The Carrier Back. I Told Her She Was Also A C. I Dont Evev Swear. Boy I Have Never Ever Been Treated So Rotton By A Cashier Let Alone A Manager. A Friend Is Taking All My Purchase Back To Return It To Anothrr Family Dollar. I Wont Ever Go Into Anothrr Family Dollar. I Talked To District Manager Extremely Nice. She Said It Would Be Taking Care Of Immediately.

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like to thank and commend your staff at the store at Park st near Washington st for their assistance and care this morning.
I entered the store approximately 9:00 am. I am a diabetic and began to feel light headed and sweating profusely.
Upon telling this to the cashier, multiple staff members rushed to my aid. I was made comfortable and given orange juice. An ambulance was called but I recovered prior to its arrival.
Again I'd like to Thank the staff for the genuine concern and care they showed.


Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Family Dollar store #07288 on Elm Rd Warren Ohio on 9-2-16 at 16:51:53 and I must say that the cashier who was working was one of the sweetest and friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She greeted everyone with a smile and kind word. I'm sorry I didn't get her name but you should know what an asset she is to your company! Kudos to Family Dollar for hiring such a great person to represent their business! She made my shopping experience very memorable and if she hasn't moved up in your company by now....guaranteed she will soon!

Posted by Story

Yes my name is M.Mason I was in your store on March 11th and I was in the process of purchasing and item that was on a sale in the weekly added unbe know to me the add had finish for this week but my complete is that they haven't been removed from the Rick so I asked for the sale price. The assistant manager on duty called her manager to ask her if it was alright to give me the item that was averted in the paper she said no as a regular costume in this story and the only one with the complete I found this unexpected BL I work in retell and if we advertising and items and don't remove the ads we would honor that item to the customer and they would not give me a manager's name the item was Clorox bleach on sale for $3.75

Posted by Lin

We finely have one in Great Bend Ks. And its so cold in there I hate to shop there,you have to ware your coat and gloves.Would hate to work for a company who doesn't care for their employees or customers.
The management is wonderful.But a little heat would be appreciated!

Posted by Anonymous

Merry Christmas to you. I wanted to take time to thank your company for coming to our small town. We are so happy to have you as our largest store in town. We have three service stations (to by milk and bread) and one cafe. Our Family Dollar is so busy. The poor workers can't keep up with stocking and waiting on customers. I think it is a wonderful problem and shows the community how badly we needed you. There are like old ladies that can't drive 20-60 minutes to the closest store. I have seen many get their cart and go up and down every isle. They have a since of independence. The manager in Bremond is so accommodation and always has a smile. Thank you again from the small guys.

Posted by Anonymous

I go to the one in our neighborhood Cherry and Live Oak, Fontana, Ca. There is a lady there her name is Beth she always has a smile, and greats with such joy she brightens my day aswell as my friends. get gal

Posted by Anonymous

The store @ 1653 Mt. Hope Ave. Rochester, NY was filthy (11/2/13). The staff however were very pleasant and helpful when I couldn't find a couple of items.

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Posted by Rhonda

Hi my nsme is Rhonda in NC. I just quit the family dollar because they hired me as an assistant manager. Went to work at the store in Newton Grove and the manager was so hateful. She made me feel like I couldn't do the job. I left there then was placed at a Dunn NC store that was closing because of so much stealing and not to mention nasty. Was told that when the Dunn store closed that I would go to a store in Smithfield. Guess what, they hired someone during the time I worked at Dunn store. The Dunn store that closed had so much stealing with the money each night. We were less by $20,00 or more but then one day I just happened to take deposits of 1/4, 1/7 and 1/10. Now where was the deposits of 1/4 and 1/7 being held until the 11th of January? Told about this but nothing was done? I think it was the person in charge of store. Getting money out and putting it back in when they got paid? Now that person still has a job. I wouldn't even bother buying food from them, their stores are infected with mice and rats.

Posted by Anonymous

yesterday 9:00am. I was at the counter. The manager Chrissy walked away and sat down at a computer. I told her I was in a hurry could she please check me out. I ask her 4 times before she came to do this. when she got to the counter she replied " you need to ring the bell if you want service. It's right there." Her tone was rude. so I rang the bell forcefully 4timessaying "Is this what you want?" She then told me to "Take your money and leave." She would not check me out and made it clear that it was her store calling me inappropriate. also when customers leave the store she makes derogatory remarks. one person came in to get change her comment was"What do they think I am, a bank. This happens in Thermopolis, WY. Small town so hard to shop here if people are this way, so I think people just put up with it. I know lot's of people who have sought other employment due to her attitude. She's the one who needs to go.k

Posted by Anonymous

OK my husband went down to the family Dollar on Bragg Blvd in Fayetteville NC. He went in and inturduse his self and ask to speak to manager the young lady come up and told my husband that they were not hiring and that she did not have any application's she was very very rude. My husband ask her don't you you need to take the shin down if you were not hiring anyone.

Posted by Lostinnotoiletpaperworld

Good day. I work at the Family Dollar store in Neptune, NJ & i was the only one hired after assisting w the opening of the store from day one because of being a " hard worker" according to one of the project mgrs. My gripe is that after filling in when other employees called out or quit for Mary, the mgr. of Egg Harbor while Maria, the DM was on vacation? The ungrateful, selfish woman refused to provide me w toilet paper upon requesting it for the lavatory. Furthermore, Mary instructed me to use the mens room instead claiming she did Not have the keys to the office. Bs!! Sure i used the mens room. Yet, after using it? When the Asst mgr came in Melissa?, she relayed to me that paper-toiletry..was placed in the woman's bathroom. Here is where Mary went wrong. She has her own personal keys to the office. Melissa told me that even she has her own keys to the office. Mary did Not want to help me w toilet paper because she knew that the store is not her store and she was going back to hers and who cares in her mind that i covered for her on my days not scheduled to work. The sneaky, conniving, way that she went about denying me toilet paper indicated to me just how selfish & ungrateful Mary from Little Egg Harbor is, and all i have to say is everything you do here? You pay here. Thank God for social media. I am dying to see how she talks her way out of this one. Maria's mistake was giving Mary too much power covering for her while she was on vacation. Thank you to all, and good night.

Posted by Anonymous

The manger at family dollar Mary told my daughter put an application in and she did. Back ground check came back and she said she loss her application in and to put another one in and she did and she promise she was gonna hire her but she didn't and hire who she wanted to hire she's not a good manger then she ask her do she want to go to aileron and she suppose to call the manager over there but she kept saying her lines was busy. She got all the skills for the job.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm not a customer but an employee can our boss treat us like crap because she does she also talks crap about us to a customer that use to work there and also she says the cashiers ain't nothing to the company when they is the first person a customer sees I'm tired of her treating everyone like crap I work to hard for this

Posted by Donovan

I am a vendor that delivers to family dollar in Olathe co, the store manager is really rude to us and treats us like crap! She always waits any where from 10-30 min to check us in! She does this on purpose she knows we are busy as well! Here store is always behind and sloppy! I try and still be the bigger person but get disrespected! You should employ someone in this store that cares about the company and others!

Posted by Anonymous

I have worked Chamberlain, SD for a year..on New Years Eve I had some time to kill and went into the store for the first time..I was appalled at the conditions of the store..there was no heat,clerks with winter coats on checking people out,sign on counter asking for ones and fives as they had run out several times thru the day they advised,and the place was filthy....It was the worse shopping experience ever....This facility is in dire need of help and heat and a good cleaning and organization......If I were associated with this store I would be ashamed!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Family Dollar 3200 lancaster has the worst staff to work for... the managers are in a relationship and talk to each other on their phone all day and tell us that we can't. They use are very unprofessional to customers and each other with all the vulgar language and loud music. They steal merchandise and blame it on the customers as well as giving favors to their favorite employees. The female cashiers drop their go backs anywhere in the store and blame the recovery person for not doing his job. They need to replace the entire staff with real professional people.

Posted by Anonymous

The managers and some employees at the family dollar in Dallas Tx. Steal products by making them D100 items or by giving a price override on them after closing time.
Plus the managers are in a relationship which makes it hard to work around and with them.
3200 lancaster Kiest location.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by veryconcernaboutmydaughter

My daughter is a new employee for family dollars located in Gary, Indiana. She has been there for maybe two weeks and she and her manager on duty were robbed tonight. First of all, where is the security guards to protect family dollars employees and customers especially around this time of year? Secondary, why are there only women working the late and closing shifts? Family dollar needs to take better care of their employees and customers, ASAP.

Posted by Anonymous

I used to work at family dollar and I quit cuz of my manager she is very rude and blamed everthing on me she never did her job she was always on her phone she told us it was ok for her to b on the phone but we arnt allowed customers always complained about her cuz how rude she was to the and she talks about her employees behind there back all the time I loved working there I just couldn't stand her any more her store is #2584and nothin is never done about her I feel like nobody cares what we all think they will keep whoever there they don't care what we think or feel I would really like somethin done about her customers even made complaints on her to corporate and nothing is said to her

Posted by Anonymous

I am reporting about a worker very unprofecional and rude to customers. Today Dec 9,2015 at 17:51;53 store #03401 in San Antonio Tx . A worker was rude with an elderly lady in front of us .she gave customer total and customer asked in a surprise voice how much. She continue to give total but never mention it in cents too. 187.00 instead she should of said 100.87 cents. Worker was getting upset with customer when really was her fault. This hasn't been my first time reporting her to manager or talking to workers about her.

Posted by [email protected]

I went to Goodman plaza for an open interview and one of the girls was down grading me for leaving a job family doller in2008 was in the interview for 10 min she states it concerned her

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern I do not know where to begin I am an assistant manager at store number 895 in buffalo new York located in the towne gardens plaza it is a very old store older than most stores and has seen its day the store is literally falling apart ceiling tiles water damage old freezers floors are horrible it is a disgrace to the entire company people live off this store associates and customers!! Recently I just started there with my store manager Danielle and her first assistant cilla they are the best management team you can ask for I myself may not be a star player but with those two I feel like family recently our dm Lisa comes in and trashes our store now she knows she tricked them into coming to help fix the store up she doesn't understand anything about 895 period we are a very busy store we need more cashiers we take on more freight because we sale more than others sometimes it gets so bad we find our selves cashing all day because it is so busy but we get slammed for that but Lisa doesn't the customer come first??? They are the reason we are open she demands impossible task to get done doesn't come in to help or check out what's going on she rather tell other managers we are her worse store well miss Lisa our store is bringing in the dollars and the counts for something!! Secondly she doesn't even know her associates periods our cashiers have personal and family problems one is even homeless with his daughter but I guess that wouldn't matter to her because she thinks he is stealing without just cause or I have another associate going threw a bad divorce and has to call off alot she doesn't care as long as recovery gets done I'm talking about Lisa and the rest of our associates are hard working people with families who can't just up and quick like the other 15 managers who ran threw the store its so bad that some cashiers never knew any of family dollar policies most of our worker don't take breaks or lunches because its so much work to do and they fear for there jobs its a shame just because we work in the ghetto the company doesn't want any thing to do with us because that's how we feel at 895 just a bunch of rejects who got stuck where nobody wants to go where are you when we need you my letter my not make it to the top but my letter will make it to someone who cares!!! Than we are in plaza that closes extra early we are the only thing open late into the evening waiting to get robbed someone will get hurt seriously 10pm when the plaza closes at 8 for safety reasons most of the female staff won't even work at night because they are afraid. Danielle and cilla have made excellent changes in the short time they have been there and still get excuse my language shitted on like they haven't done anything give our staff some recognition they have broken there necks trying to keep this store a float I ask that you do something before I have to bring in others to get involved no one should work in an environment where they are uncomfortable no customer should have to eat from a dirty store ceilings open spiders etc and no associates should have to deal with a dm who doesn't care about them or give them credit for your work all negative feedback only gives back negative thank you for you time I truly hope to hear from the council of family dollar soon your loyal associates from 895 buffalo asstmanager Johnny Kidd

Posted by Anonymous

How is it a manager that has never had a job only 19 is running a store and is always leaving but still on the clock in mohave valley az and noting is done if I was to steal a 99 cent pack of gum I'd get a misdemeanor but she more or less is stealing thousands it's ok by best buy what a joke

Posted by Anonymous

I am not upset I didn't get the job. I am upset that family dollar had people working hard to get a new store open and everybody wasn't guaranteed their jobs but they said they would call everyone and let them know. And no one has called and I am not the only one that didn't get a phone call. I bruised myself and worked hard and I don't even get a rejection call. Shaking my head Family Dollar.

Posted by Anonymous

District 241 Region 29 need to have their higher ups looked into. I was with the company for almost 3 years become assistant manager after four months then a year later made manager. After 5 weeks at my new store I was fired for supposedly being rude an cussing at customers. You can ask anyone I've never been rude to anyone. It's wrongful termination. Not happy. I'll tell everyone about how this company works.

Posted by Wayne90160474

Familydollar hr dpt in nc nt doing there jobs on complaintcall for the pass 4 yrs had a discrimination false accuse of stealing whn they find out it wad the employee s .location 180 eh crumph.Memphis tn 38106 manager whitemustang cyrine talk bad about customers heard a young lady who was talking real bad about me language tht even the streets dnt use ppl who steal the over look but ppl they dnt like for no treason they lie and unlawful ly bann iwas lied on 2013 hr did nothing until someone else had a run in the option 4 hr north Carolina humanresource need to unbann me manager knw tht I found out about the hatredness I heard on the phone see the lady left the phn phn I heard thm all being disrespectful and talking badly crudeness this the girl tht laugh whn thm ppl who stole mybike she thought it was funny um thinking about suing for pain and suffering unlawful bann in 2012 and 13if they replace these ppl by March 25 iwill drop it just replace all the staff the man director dating lady manager who wrkd feb 5 second shift 3 pm

Posted by Will

I worked for the one in Holyoke mass store 2579 the Manager there is Ryan Bradley he treats his customers like and has very offensive language towards his employees likes to talk very Fresh to his whole team about his sexual life I believe this is Sexual Harassment! On top of that he be buying from his Employees and goes & smokes it behind store property were the Cameras can't see him!! I believe he should be investigated & Drug tested so the results speak for them self's!!!! I will no longer enter that store no more!!

Posted by DAS

Rome New York store needs to have their management team and stores looked at by higher ups, for at least 3 days out of a week,attacks on good employees is awful, so is the cleanliness of the store, people want to work but don't want to be treated like garbage when they give 100% and then some, SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a comment about procedure at a store which my daughter works at. She has been informed time and again that she is prohibited from dialing 911 or a local number for the police when there is a disturbance or strange acting person hanging around the store. I know that customers are what makes the world go around for retail stores but to allow them to cause disturbances and disrespect the store and it's employees is very poor management. If this is current Family Dollar proceedure it is time to change it. With the economy and rampant drug use it is only a matter of time before someone is injured or worse. I wonder is this was the case in Michigan where the store was robbed and appears that two young people lost their lives due to insane policy like this. Someone needs to be checking on idiotic direction like this being given to the employees of this company while there is still a company left.

Posted by xzkslzx

June 18, 2013


My name is Kyle Leighton. Up until today, I was an Assistant Manager at the Family Dollar located at 180 Waterman Drive in South Portland, Maine. I am writing this letter to tell you my concerns and my reasons for leaving so abruptly.

I had been working as an employee for Family Dollar for about 3 years. I started off as a regular employee and was promoted to Assistant Manager when the position became available only a few months after I started. Up until today, I had been an Assistant Manager for about 2 and a half years. I have always been reliable, hardworking, courteous to customers and have never had any customer complaints. Yesterday during my shift I came across an email that was written by my boss, the store manager, Melody Strout, to the District Manager, Al. It stated that she wished to hire an employee from the Bridgton store as an Assistant Manager and demote me for not doing my job properly. I was completely unaware that she was not satisfied with my work and was unimpressed that she did not take the time or effort to make me aware and instead was deciding to demote me without my knowledge. After doing my job for 2 and a half years without any complaints from customers or my boss, I wouldâ??ve thought I was doing it right. I had to train myself to do everything because I was never trained properly by my superior from the beginning. In my work experience, it would be a better practice to let someone know when or if they are not doing their job properly and help them rather than automatically demoting them, especially after they have been on the job for over 2 years.

Also, recently there was a new employee hired who decided to falsely accuse me of sexual harassment. I havenâ??t heard anything regarding the accusations other than the original complaint and was never contacted by any managers regarding the matter. This caused my hours to decrease from almost 40 hours per week to around 25 hours per week. The District Manager, Eric, talked to the employee, Jami, and saved her phone number to follow up on what was going on in the store, and never even contacted me to speak with me about the matter. This created a lot of stress for me and caused my paycheck to decrease due to my lack of hours. This same employee was seen with drugs at work by 2 other employees and when I stated my concerns to Mel, they were ignored.

Between the false accusations by the new employee, the decrease in hours and finding that email, it has become too stressful and created a hostile work environment for me. I enjoyed working with the public and there were many regular customers who said that I was the only employee who showed exemplary customer service at that store, many of whom said they would no longer shop there if I leave. I cannot work for a manager who creates a hostile work environment and though she tells others that I am not doing my job properly, canâ??t even take the time or effort to help me and would rather just demote me after working there for 2 and a half years. To me, that is not how a superior should act. I worked very hard in the time that I was there. Many days I would work open to close, sometimes with no break, due to poor scheduling or call outs that were not covered. I consider Mel to be a poor manager and can no longer work for her. I would appreciate being paid for the vacation hours that I have accrued and will not have the chance to use.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Kyle Leighton

Posted by Cam71770

Hi guys I work for family dollar I have been there so far now five years.i want to praise one hard working lady in dillon sc.she has been working for familydollar for 41 years and still loves it.shes a great person to work under.i think she should be congrated on.her name is Linda herring.i want to be with the company that long or longer.we take very good care of our customers.and treat everyone with respect.our customers are always our first priority .thank you so much.

Posted by Anonymous

I applied for employment at store #7054 in Cody, Wy. I called back a few days later and was told by Kathy Love the store manager, whom I worked with at Wal-Mart and she told me and I quote "You are un-hireable". She has lost a number of people in that store, so I would like to know why I am Un-Hireable.
With the years of experience I have working with the public and running a cash register!!! I would like an answer to this question!!!


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