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Facebook customer service is ranked #913 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 16.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 3708 ratings. This score rates Facebook customer service and customer support as Terrible.


3,708 Negative Comments out of 3,708 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 3,708 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 16.80 Overall Rating
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    • 3,708 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Bruce

I have. been locked out of my Facebook account as of today 5/ 01/18. Info from Facebook said someone tried to sign into my account in New Jersey. When I entered a new password it brought up an old Facebook account at frontier.com. Help!! HELP!!

Posted by [email protected]

I have a Facebook account but I was having trouble getting into it! So I clicked on register and accidentally made a new account ! How do I delete this account? Thanks, Linda

Posted by Bruce

My account ha been locked out since April 25th when someone tried to log on to my Facebook account using chrome on windows in Los Angles, Cal. Asked to Refresh- then enter current password-- then new password. But it will not accept my current password. Need help logging back onto my Facebook account.

Posted by Lillian Grey

I can't log into my Facebook account my old email was which I don't use anymore can't remember my password and I'm a recording artist and I don't want to lose everything I have in there please help me thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Account disabled. Reason unknown. Facebook refused to provide details on why they disabled my account. Just started an account and only had it for one or two hours before their flawed firewall security system logged me out and notified me that they'd be contacting me once my account had been reviewed. Can't think of what I could've done to violate their terms of service after using my actual name, uploading non-profane photos containing no nudity, and only sending friend request to people I knew. This was complet FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! It is beyond my realm of comprehension as to how a website with a very poor wrap for customer service and and a major lack of privacy and security got to be so popular. The big question is: How do you not get your account blocked or deleted by their flawed firewall security system??? Why the do people like using this website so much??? I hate you facebook!!!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am in urgent need of help for a small start up business account that has been shut down. No one will help or communicate with me. I am emailing staff calling offices and this number is not correct. Please can facebook actually offer some help. We have ads and promotions running at the moment and can�t access our clients. Email me please . I can�t bekiebe how unhelpful or understanding Facebook is.

Posted by Anonymous

I have somebody trying to con me out of money using Facebook could you please call my number thank you they�re using your company saying they�re part of it supposedly I want $950,000 on a giveaway and they�re trying to get 475 for me to send them a money order

Posted by edos

My Business.Facebook won't let me add a payment method because it says I am not the owner, but I am. It doesn't give me an option to change that either. My ads are not working and I cannot remove the business profile like I would like to do because my payment method is not working. So I wanted to take it off. Also I don't really know why the ads are not working at all. It doesn't tell me anything of what's wrong or give any help.

Posted by Sue Tedrow

I have been blocked from my Marketplace on Facebook for 3 weeks. It is also interfering with me posting on my other sale sites. I have contacted FB support numerous times and all I get is generic responses. Not sure what’s going on but very close to just deleting my account🙁

Posted by Robbob13

I have been using Facebook for many years. I am [email protected] When I log into my username and password it shows as Robert C with no other information. Can someone please contact me. Robin . Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Please help me.. I was deleted from my original account and subsequently made other FB accounts, I don�t think I did anything wrong.. I never get a response from you, I just want my original account back, I had that for 2 years, what can I do now? . can you please help me?

Posted by Jcpeeps2

I am trying to recover my Facebook account. I was incorrectly accused of impersonating and my account was revoked with a lifetime of contacts and connects. I am hoping that there is some way to appeal this action as starting over is proving to be a pain in the neck. Please help. Greatly appreciated. John Peoples

Posted by Mona

Cant get into my accounts forgot my password, and I have new email address, please help, mounaalbazi

Posted by Sharon Tipps

I got a text message on my phone from AccVRFYCenter stating ââ?¬Å?your details have to be entered by the end of today

Phone that show on the message

Is this legitimate?


Posted by Aldo guzman

Hello my name is aldo i do not have access to my email

my new but i cant get in my facebook anymore it doesnt let me do it

Posted by Leigh Nunnery. ( Cheryl Harris)

Frustrated. I have tow Facebook acts. Want one. The one that shows up now is wrong one. Want Leigh Nunnery.

The second problem is someone keeps hacking in from Douglasville area and Macon Ga. believe Roger Steven Wesver

Third problem it asks for password change daily and still is wrong

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I would like to know how to change my email in my Facebook page. I can�t login bcz it has another email that my ex husband created.. can you plz contact me new email on wish my Facebook is ..

Posted by Anonymous

reset my password with the security code I was given. Now I have to wait before I can reset it again. Can you please figure out an alternative way for me to login to my account.

Posted by Leigh Nunnery ( Cheryl Leigh)

My Facebook page is frozen. I was trying to block Jacqueline adams who has 11 followers. It kept saying needed 48 hrs. So I kept trying. When 48 hrs all locked jacqueline Adams is my husbands ex wife and has been on my Facebook for two years as working at the store and access to my Facebook without my knowledge. I want blocked and open my accts

Posted by John DeGaris

I purchased a product from a company called “Direct Sales” that was posted on Facebook on 12 December. I was told it would ship within 7-9 business days but “not to worry” it will arrive by Christmas. On 21 December, I am contacted customer service to inquire on status of order. I was told it shipped from California on 20 December. It still have yet to receive order. Since then, I have called several times daily to check status only to be told a different lie each time. My question is : Why do allow crooked organizations to sell on your website? I expect more from you.

Posted by synderala1

I bought something from a page on Facebook and I followed all your instructions to track down my order but I still couldn’t connect to track my order. Your instructions are wrong. Nothing you said to do applies to my Facebook app. I have not received my order and it has been 13 days seems I placed my order. I have already contacted the seller. She said she would get information on my order that was supposed to have been delivered thru USPS. PLEASE HELP. I NEED TO CANCEL AND GET MY MONEY BACK. I would like the stuff I ordered but if that isn’t going to happen then I want to cancel and get my money back. It is too late to give as gifts, and I really thought this page was guaranteed. Big joke

Posted by Doris NitaMoe Moore

FACEBOOK PLEASE HELP ME! I AM DORIS BENITA MOORE! PLEASE UNLOCK MY PAGE! I keep getting responses saying my telephone number and account is not active! That Is Because: FACEBOOK BLOCKED IT! Please unblock my page! FACEBOOK IS SAYING: They Can Not Find My Page, That's Because: FACEBOOK HAS IT BLOCKED! I Put In The Correct Information: MY PAGE IS: Doris NitaMoe Moore! THIS IS TGE CORRECT INFORMATION! My Email Address Is Correct!!

Posted by Doris NitaMoe Moore

Facebook, I Have Been Locked Out Of My Account/page For. Week Now!!!!! Your Technicians Have Been Working On The Problem, But I Still Can Not Access My Page. I Do Not Want A "new" Page......i Simply Want To Return To My Original Osgr. My Name Is: Doris Benita Moore, I Live In Flint, Michigan! My Only Telephone Number Is: Ayour Information To Me, This Is Not My Number: Yes It Is! Again: Can You Please Unlock My Page? I Was To Post Up The Holiday Pictures Today At Work....well I Couldn't, Because My Page Is Blocked/unactive!

Posted by Bjk19499

Please Facebook can you help me. One of your apps (slot journey) went haywire about 2 months ago and I lost close to 12

Billion coins. The game wouldn�t turn on and when I finally got on

It went down to like I was a new player. I called apple because I spent a lot of money on this game. I even have a copy of all my receipts that I spent on the game. Apple told me to go to the developer which I did and did not get any help from them either.

I told apple I was going to contest all the purchases to my bank and they threaten that they would close my apple account and since I have four iPads, phones watches, laptops and iPods I couldnââ?¬â?¢t do that. I didnââ?¬â?¢t want my money back all I wanted is to have my coins and my status back. Please help. My name is betty jean Kovach and my email is [email protected]

I can prove that I�m right because they have rooms that are closed to new people but mine are open. The room I was in was

To play it was 5 million to spin. I have been on Facebook for a lot of years and I have never complained about anything. Please help.

Posted by claudestreeter69

I demand that the account of mine thst got hacked gets closed or help me to change password. This is my life and info. This is not acceptable.


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