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Facebook customer service is ranked #907 out of the 940 companies that have a sportpref.ru rating with an overall score of 16.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 3670 ratings. This score rates Facebook customer service and customer support as Terrible.


3,670 Negative Comments out of 3,670 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 3,670 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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    • 16.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 3,670 negative comments (100.00%)
    • 0 positive comments (0.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.4 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 2.0 Friendliness
    • 2.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Christina Yono

I am not having luck getting my situation resolved. Please help. Please help me unblock my facebook marketplace... please let me know why this happened so it can be avoided in the future. I am a rule follower and am happy to do whatever I need to to have this situation resolved. Please help me with my messenger also. I am not able to send or receive messages. People are not able to view my group or postings in it. Please help me or send this or me to whoever can help release this block. I thank you for your time in this matter.

Posted by Aldo guzman

Hello my name is aldo i do not have access to my email

my new but i cant get in my facebook anymore it doesnt let me do it

Posted by Leigh Nunnery. ( Cheryl Harris)

Frustrated. I have tow Facebook acts. Want one. The one that shows up now is wrong one. Want Leigh Nunnery.

The second problem is someone keeps hacking in from Douglasville area and Macon Ga. believe Roger Steven Wesver

Third problem it asks for password change daily and still is wrong

Posted by Anonymous

Hello. I would like to know how to change my email in my Facebook page. I can�t login bcz it has another email that my ex husband created.. can you plz contact me new email on wish my Facebook is ..

Posted by Anonymous

reset my password with the security code I was given. Now I have to wait before I can reset it again. Can you please figure out an alternative way for me to login to my account.

Posted by Leigh Nunnery ( Cheryl Leigh)

My Facebook page is frozen. I was trying to block Jacqueline adams who has 11 followers. It kept saying needed 48 hrs. So I kept trying. When 48 hrs all locked jacqueline Adams is my husbands ex wife and has been on my Facebook for two years as working at the store and access to my Facebook without my knowledge. I want blocked and open my accts

Posted by John DeGaris

I purchased a product from a company called “Direct Sales” that was posted on Facebook on 12 December. I was told it would ship within 7-9 business days but “not to worry” it will arrive by Christmas. On 21 December, I am contacted customer service to inquire on status of order. I was told it shipped from California on 20 December. It still have yet to receive order. Since then, I have called several times daily to check status only to be told a different lie each time. My question is : Why do allow crooked organizations to sell on your website? I expect more from you.

Posted by synderala1

I bought something from a page on Facebook and I followed all your instructions to track down my order but I still couldn’t connect to track my order. Your instructions are wrong. Nothing you said to do applies to my Facebook app. I have not received my order and it has been 13 days seems I placed my order. I have already contacted the seller. She said she would get information on my order that was supposed to have been delivered thru USPS. PLEASE HELP. I NEED TO CANCEL AND GET MY MONEY BACK. I would like the stuff I ordered but if that isn’t going to happen then I want to cancel and get my money back. It is too late to give as gifts, and I really thought this page was guaranteed. Big joke

Posted by Doris NitaMoe Moore

FACEBOOK PLEASE HELP ME! I AM DORIS BENITA MOORE! PLEASE UNLOCK MY PAGE! I keep getting responses saying my telephone number and account is not active! That Is Because: FACEBOOK BLOCKED IT! Please unblock my page! FACEBOOK IS SAYING: They Can Not Find My Page, That's Because: FACEBOOK HAS IT BLOCKED! I Put In The Correct Information: MY PAGE IS: Doris NitaMoe Moore! THIS IS TGE CORRECT INFORMATION! My Email Address Is Correct!!

Posted by Doris NitaMoe Moore

Facebook, I Have Been Locked Out Of My Account/page For. Week Now!!!!! Your Technicians Have Been Working On The Problem, But I Still Can Not Access My Page. I Do Not Want A "new" Page......i Simply Want To Return To My Original Osgr. My Name Is: Doris Benita Moore, I Live In Flint, Michigan! My Only Telephone Number Is: Ayour Information To Me, This Is Not My Number: Yes It Is! Again: Can You Please Unlock My Page? I Was To Post Up The Holiday Pictures Today At Work....well I Couldn't, Because My Page Is Blocked/unactive!

Posted by Bjk19499

Please Facebook can you help me. One of your apps (slot journey) went haywire about 2 months ago and I lost close to 12

Billion coins. The game wouldn�t turn on and when I finally got on

It went down to like I was a new player. I called apple because I spent a lot of money on this game. I even have a copy of all my receipts that I spent on the game. Apple told me to go to the developer which I did and did not get any help from them either.

I told apple I was going to contest all the purchases to my bank and they threaten that they would close my apple account and since I have four iPads, phones watches, laptops and iPods I couldnââ?¬â?¢t do that. I didnââ?¬â?¢t want my money back all I wanted is to have my coins and my status back. Please help. My name is betty jean Kovach and my email is [email protected]

I can prove that I�m right because they have rooms that are closed to new people but mine are open. The room I was in was

To play it was 5 million to spin. I have been on Facebook for a lot of years and I have never complained about anything. Please help.

Posted by claudestreeter69

I demand that the account of mine thst got hacked gets closed or help me to change password. This is my life and info. This is not acceptable.

Posted by Nothing

I have a problem to login with fb account.

I forgot code when I'm trying to recover my code I give my phone no and also gmail account to recover my password .

Computer send confirmation code on gmail butt actually I didn't get any code lots of time try to resend but its useless .

So please help me

Posted by Sarah fretwell

Please ccan you connect me .. my ex has hacked my Facebook account we are going through a tough divorce and the registered email ist my name is sarah fretwell my profile title is senior Public Health Practitioner.. my new Facebook account is registered

Please can you deactivate my account with email attached as he is harressing me and my family and the police have asked me to contact you

Regards sarah fretwell

Posted by kat

i am disconected for more than 2 months.
made any step as replacing passwords ; sending id etc.
still i cant reach my homepage

Posted by James Cazel

I have been logged out of my account James Cazel. I just created the account and added some of my cousins. I got off of it a while and now i cannot even log into it. The email it is under . I have like three photos on it.

Posted by Tanya Louise

Hi I’m really not happy with your customer service at all I want my Facebook account active again please contact me within the next 2 days as I want this resolved asap or I will take your Facebook page down I don’t deserve to not be able to have a Facebook account I would fix it or I’ll make your life difficult okay I am seriously disappointed in your service and if you don’t want any more to come from this I would give me what I want that’s my account to be active again thanks Tanya Tabrett I will hear from you soon

Posted by Anonymous

You disabled my Facebook account saying I was pretending to be someone I wasn�t my name is Saundra Stone my email is I have been with you for several years I had to replace my old phone in 11/8/2017 was trying to replace my apps and you deleted me I have a photo I�d to send you but don�t know how to send it please help I want my Facebook back thanks

Posted by Elena Trevizo

Facebook not excepting my password, receive #'s assigned for new password, several times repeat to add 6 #'s via Email. I am confused

Posted by Angie ng

I kena your fb team block without information and the reason I use ppl account but I got send my identity card passport driving licence and email all to prove that is my account until now I haven't received any reply from our side, how come your fb simply block ppl account and no answer no reply, I got a lot memory inside fb account,what the way I can get back my fb account, pls call me 012-,pls contact me for any further update,feel grateful your helping,tq

Posted by Krystal Griffin

I have asked for help regarding the recovery of my account. My secure password, has been compromised. It seems to be in a roving loop of people logged into my original account. Since all data is my personal data, Including my children. I am again asking for your help to secure this account. When I attempt to secure a new password, within seconds anew one has overridden mine. Codes sent to both sms and email are overridden. Currently I can post and view. But the feeling of security is not there

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Ben Jackson and this may be quite lengthy. A few months ago I started a small business And began to advertise on Facebook and then I saw that I could boost for $10 thanking that was a good investment i did. What I didn't know that you have to set your duration and you know it set my budget is $10 has been charged that per day. I had a phone number to call and I was charge for that also. When I saw what was happening I cancel my credit card. I have tried many times over the past few much to get in touch with someone. I have an unsuccessful I got hold one in United States so they connect me but never did. I got a hold of another 800 number and they want me to set up an account with my credit card number which I refused. Now I keep getting a bill for over $88 and tell me I can't post until I pay it. I would like to resolve the issue

Posted by Audrey Benavidez

Someone keeps making fake profiles with my name and requesting my family and friends. Make it stop please .

Posted by Anonymous

This is lorzie Meadows and im trying to log into my account, my Facebook name is Yfn Levi, but they won't let me log in they say im blocked but this is my Facebook and im getting mad because y'all won't let me log in!!

Posted by Brigit

I was rubbed by a Facebook member, somebody was selling a MacBook Pro, I met him to pick it up, he was different person from the one on the profile where he was texting me . I paid $700, the seller disconnected his number and when I connected the person on the profile he was restrung me from it was another person denying that he knew what's going on . The computers battery is bad, the year he said it was 2015, I found out it was a 2012. All lies !!! The photo ID picture he gave me was fake . Nowhere to be found . I would need your help, I want to put his picture and all the evidences I have and turn it to the media, they corrupt Facebook, it not right . $700, for my daughter she is in the military . Please help me I have all the messages exchanged and photo ID,

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