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    • 16.80 Overall Rating
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    • 3,705 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

As of Monday, July 30, 2018, the newsfeed on my computer shows only one person and one story. Are you aware of a problem and are others experiencing this?

Posted by I don’t remember ( Sandra _Dou

No one has gotten back to me and my Facebook is locked up temporarily ( hopefully) because I tried to log onto it to see my messages from my recent iPhone 8 Plus that Iâve not transferred by setup to and Facebook asked me if it was me that tried to access my pages and I said yes but it didnât go any further d
Do now Iâm locked out on both of my phones

Posted by mountainsberry or kell c gallup

i have plm log in (lock up) can you help me [email protected]

need unlock how

Posted by Margie Botello Martinez

I need help my Facebook account has been hacked!!

I called your phone but I had no luck you all do not take calls! Please please call me I need to know what to do. My name on Facebook is

Margie Botello Martinez my phone number is

Please call me ASAP

Posted by Nicole Brown

I had 4 people send friend requests (people I did not know) and they hacked into my account and got into the Facebook payment option. Someone had paid me months ago and apparently they gained access to my bank account! They charged $1045 to my account and $620 went through!!!
These people are hacking into your account via sending messages.
What is Facebook doing to protect our privacy?
What is Facebook doing to prevent hackers gaining access to your private information?
I did not save any banking info on my account but it was still listed! What is Facebook going to do to insure that users are aware that their sensitive info is being saved?
I am very upset that this has occurred!!! I donât work for people to steal my money!

Posted by Anonymous

I think yâall are a bunch of liberal idiots that discriminate against the law abiding citizens that are sportsman and this offends me and others. I hope someone creates a social media that puts yâall out of business I already know of a couple that is starting up

Posted by Anonymous

My fb was hacked. Can't get any help. Made new password and forgot it. Now can't get in. Went through the steps to reset. NOT GETTING THE CODE IN MY EMAIL Facebook says they're sending so I am unable to log in. �
Don't want to have to make another account. Please help me resolve this. Need a person not the same programmed steps.

Posted by Anonymous

HELP! I need someone to call me about my Facebook account because I believe someone hacked it or Facebook is having glitches with my HOME page. I get a message that says ââ?¬Å?There are no more posts to show right now.ââ?¬Â? I can see everything under JULIE and my business page, ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR but nothing shows up on my HOME page. Would you please fix this for me? I can be reached

Posted by charlie horton

i can not acces my fb page. my email and phone number is old and I just change my password because some one was trying to hack me. this is my new number please send eamil comformation toit so i can go back into my account asap. 716 390 4640

Posted by John Walker

I lost my phone. I don't know my password to Facebook or messenger. You say you will send a code to my SDS, whatever that is, but I've received nothing. Do you have any human beings there that can help me?

Posted by Cindy Hantla Hand

I cannot login because it has my old email from 2 yrs ago I need to reset my password because it will not accept the one I had...

Posted by Mark Ferguson

Keep getting phone calls allegedly from Facebook saying my account has been compromised. Four calls in the past 2 days. State my account will be closed in 24 hrs if I don�t press 1 or call them back at

Posted by Anonymous

Facebook has become very difficult to use with no "official" support.
Why don't you look at Apple for lessons on how to run a modern tech company.
My account is locked and then it wants me to change my password.
BUT it needs my old PW but then says =that it is incorrect.

Posted by Joe Pekri

I have a problem

My account it was hacked last week

My screen name was Joseph pekri

The person hoo stole it is called now


I am trying to communicate with someone from Facebook and is impossible

I have a new account now

Joe Pekri

Can please someone contact me

Posted by Sherrina williams

I recently deactivated my account for a while I tried to log back in but I have the code generator connected to my old phone number so it�s sending it to that number which I no longer have how can I get into my account with using that using the code of if they can send it to my email


Posted by Anonymous

I am unable to down load photos to my Facebook listing as I have been informed that I need to have my iOS access token refreshed? How do I accomplish this?

Tim H. Thomas

Posted by marjwest36

My name is Marjorie Y West. as user name on some accounts. My cell phone I have had this number since 2007. There is obviously some mistake. I hope this

clears it up. Please do not remove my

cell number from my Facebook account.

Please confirm by email.

Posted by Wendy Libowitz or WENSZDAY

My Facebook page has been hacked. Another page has opened up in my name. My original page no longer has my profile. Hacked assume. If anyone can give me some intel on what I need to do, I would appreciate it! Of course there is no way to talk to someone at Facebook...EVER!

Posted by Carol Diane fishburn

I have tried to phone your customer service number for urgent tec help on my .facebook.both numbers to reach someone.are saying they are not connected..urgent help required.please call back Regards Carol

Posted by Anonymous

On 5/7/18 I purchased a new phone. I was unaware all apps were closed and I would have to open everything. My Facebook page is under DEBI GRIGGS MOONEYHAM using email add:[email protected] ~ my page has my grandsonââ?¬â?¢s picture as my profile picture and it has a field of flowers as the backdrop. My problem is I canââ?¬â?¢t remember my password as I opened it years ago and never closed it therefore Iââ?¬â?¢m unable to open my account. Each time, a total of 9 times, Iââ?¬â?¢ve tried to get help with this a new account has been opened;DEBI GRIGGS or DEBI MOONEYHAM . Iââ?¬â?¢m shocked you donââ?¬â?¢t help by phone, which I called and found that out. Iââ?¬â?¢d rather talk to someone because by trying to get this done is not being understood by your employees. Without my password to open my Facebook page I have none of my contacts and itââ?¬â?¢s very difficult to get my work done or contact any of the companies Iââ?¬â?¢m try to work for due to this problem. Again Iââ?¬â?¢ve been contacting Facebook since This is an urgent matter. Please send my password that goes with [email protected] to my newer email

Posted by Donna

I have been trying to sign in on my new phone but forgot my password and o have even done my 3 person verification and still can't get on it tells me to try again later...how to fix this I have even tried to get a message sent to my old phone and i never receive it
...going crazy

Posted by Anonymous

Account Allison Becraft has been hacked by her soon to be ex-husband and his girlfriend. Posting things which have now been deleted but she has no access to the account and it needs deleted. Can someone call me I have a police report to help with everything because the account needs deleted bc I no longer have access to it.

Posted by Bruce

I have. been locked out of my Facebook account as of today 5/ 01/18. Info from Facebook said someone tried to sign into my account in New Jersey. When I entered a new password it brought up an old Facebook account at frontier.com. Help!! HELP!!

Posted by [email protected]

I have a Facebook account but I was having trouble getting into it! So I clicked on register and accidentally made a new account ! How do I delete this account? Thanks, Linda

Posted by Bruce

My account ha been locked out since April 25th when someone tried to log on to my Facebook account using chrome on windows in Los Angles, Cal. Asked to Refresh- then enter current password-- then new password. But it will not accept my current password. Need help logging back onto my Facebook account.

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