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FPL customer service is ranked #480 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 32.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 206 ratings. This score rates FPL customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


191 Negative Comments out of 206 Total Comments is 92.72%.


15 Positive Comments out of 206 Total Comments is 7.28%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • FPL

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 32.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 191 negative comments (92.72%)
    • 15 positive comments (7.28%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 1.9 Reachability
    • 2.0 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

You have the worst customer service. It is impossible to reach live person

Posted by Anonymous

How dare FPL ask a caller a million questions without offering the chance to speak with a live person. Where does this huge profiteering company have a customer service department available for customer questions that do not fit into any of the offered categories? It is outrageous for FPL NOT to provide a live person who can answer specific questions.

IF i could, i would NOT remain an FPL customer.

- Anonymous in Miami Beach

Posted by Mack

Can't speak to anyone! Very frustrating. Have a specific need which doesn't fall under their voice prompt system.

Posted by CCG809

FPL has NO customer service -- I spent over half-hour giving a robot prompts -- no option for a human came up -- the only way I was able to get a human on the line was to speak gibberish into the phone each time the robot spoke -- it works -- but by the time I got a human I was irate --
also -- "Julia" the online customer service "person" is another robot with programmed answers -- they put a cartoonish picture of a woman up next to the chat box -- they should not insult customers trying to make them think they are chatting with a person -- disgusting --
FPL to you: pay your bill and shut up

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible - cannot reach a customer service agent to help me with my bill which is saying past due (NOT)!!!!!

Posted by George Mercurio

I need Maryann from Naples to call me for the amount of pipe needed to put my electric underground this what the contractor who is working on my project said needed to be answered unless she is sending that information with the invoice she is sending me?

Posted by Vella

I have tried to get power on my property for 5 years. Most recently I was told that I need one of the really tall poles with transformers on my side of the road. But many others on my road have something called catch poles. I was also told in a nasty voice that they needed to know where I plan to put something on my property. I have sent two site plans. So I would offer to draw you a picture so that you would know where I want to put something, but I have already done that twice. My property is surrounded by tall poles with transformers. Probably six or seven of them. Is there something special about my piece of property that I cannot utilize a catch-pole?

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible you can not get a representative is automated. Asking for a representative is not an option !

Posted by FPL Consumer

It is terrible that FPL doesn't have a live person to talk to for a customer with a specific problem. Shame on them, they certainly can afford to pay someone answer the phone. It is extremely frustrating when there is a specific problem.

Posted by Anonymous

It's A Discrace That A Company Like Fpl Does Not Have A Human To Answer The Phone Or Questions That A Customer Would Have. The Worse Customer Service Ever.....

Posted by Cheryl

Mot sure if this is the correct place and if not please forward. I keep forgetting to contact for about a street light that has been out since Irma. It is located . Thank you for your help.

Posted by Anonymous

I don't have a phone that can call out and I desperately need help making my bill payment. I was only given unto tomorrow to make a payment. I'm on social security and my money comes in on the 3rd of each month. Please let me pay the $267 dollars on the 3rd of April and the balance plus another $222.42 on the 3rd of may. I only receive money once a month. My account Thank you

Posted by Susan

Without a doubt, FP&L has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I want a live person and it is impossible. Good luck if you need any help. You won't get it from them. They are TERRIBLE and deserve a customer service score of 0!!!

Posted by Gloria

I am so irate over trying to get someone to talk to. On your home page you give NO options to telephone. I appreciate that many items can be handled by the internet but you give no phone number to call. Then I had to do a google search for a phone number to call and saw a 1-800 number that I called. I then went through a series of what my problem was,three to four times and there was NO OPTION TO TALK TO A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE. Then I had to do a web search again to see if there is any way to talk to a human and it was on a page that said to press 1 and then 0 two times. I tried that four times and finally got a human. Then they couldn't help me because the can't see my bank info. I was paying through one bank and it was supposead to be coming out of another.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried To Describe A Problem W/tree Limb Possibly Threatening Power Line///no Success....

Got All Kinds Of Questions A Bout Billing///none Apply, Very Concerned........
..name Is Ralph M. Mull

Posted by christopher

Can someone plz send me a link in how to download an old billing statement..I need the bill cycle of when we had hurricane here in sarasota..I need to show fema I had no power here on s lockwood ridge rd for like 8 days plz contact me at plz I need that copy of billing statement ty

Posted by Axel

Impossible to speak with a live human beign, specifically to resolved a bill issue. I think a customer deserve a line to speak with someone, the automatic machine does not offers ANY OPTIONS in over billed issues.
Please add a live customer service line, this Is the same as ignoring customer needs and it�s like this is done on purpose.

Posted by Ff

The customer service phone number does not provide a way to speak with a customer service representative. That is just wrong.

My question concerns how to change power service from the seller to the buyer upon the same of a house. Can it be done without turning off the power?

Posted by Anonymous

a dead line. It doesn't even ring

I need to speak with a live person and cannot. Very bad customer service

Posted by Anonymous

This was tricky and I am still waiting on a human - TERRIBLE customer service!!

Posted by Anonymous

Their customer service is TERRIBLE. It takes forever to get ahold of a live person and that is only if you have the patience to listen to multiple useless menu options over and over again. When I finally spoke to a live person, I made
a simple request that a letter be prepared to verify power outage during Hurricane Irma. They informed me the letter had to be mailed. Although all other correspondence is sent to me electronically, for some absurd reason they told me it has to be sent snail mail. I never received the letter and I am still battling with the to get it. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Posted by PH

Received a email saying 'Update communication address' on closed account to receive balance amount. But when I update new address online, it was always taking old address. Tried phone number to reach several times, but could not reach anyone in person. Very frustrating.

There is no option to transfer balance from closed account to new account as well.


Posted by Lynn

Why no email option. My address was prepared for a new pole a number of years ago. Instead yesterday without contacting us, FPL put a pole in our front yard!!!If this is to help carry the wire load it doesn't make sense when I thought about it because they are apparently doing every other street which leaves a long run and then shorter run between streets not an even load bearing run which would be the only explanation for adding power poles. Aside from that how many years do we have to pay our utilities on time to be considered good customers and kept updated on news that we now have a giant pole in our backyard and front yard! 5years? 10years? 15years? 20years+? All of which we qualify for as FPL customers and no still chopped liver! I wanted to weep when they started the work but I'm getting older and losing my energy for fighting poor customer service and disregard for homeowners who CARE about their property and have a right to know what is going on and not have to ask a young man while the work is being done. I'm so close to crying right now that I'm ending this. I wish respect for us was as necessary for your company as it is for me to pay my bills to your company. I wish you had competition.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to call FPL for 3 Days on multiple different numbers to only get a recording of how much I owe them no explanation no way to get a representative because that option is not available on any of the phone numbers they make it extremely difficult to get a hold of them all they want is your money they're very expensive all they have are foreigners answering the phone so they don't explain the bill they just say nope nope nope we don't have it you will pay it just that no one wants to help anyone other than to collect your money good luck the only way I got a representative is because I said I was a business instead of residential so that I could finally get through good luck to all of you this company sucks

Posted by Linda Marx

After being an excellent customer for more than 25+ years, I called today to work out an issue of a mistake made by FPL in my billing and I was hung up on. I need someone to call me and work out this minor problem in billing. After this many years of perfect payments by me on all of my accounts, I am very unhappy with your service. Please call me at 561 804 9078 concerning account Thank you. Linda Marx

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Posted by FPL a job well done

Yesterday a lighting stroke the transformer next to my house and the power went out, I called fpl and they came fast, they change the transformer and the power came back. I want to thank the workers first, and the company next for the excellent job they did, very professionally, and a very nice group of people. That���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s why I recommend them for a job well done, thaks

Posted by Karen

Ms Lopez, an account supervisor, in Miami was a pleasure to talk with. The is very helpful and is working on my issue with SurgeShield. She will call SurgeShield and address with them on issues. She is truly a valuable asset to Florida Power and Light. My thanks go our to her.

Posted by Bbzea

It is more than apparent, FPL has worked tirelessly for going on 3 weeks in preparation, coordination and execution to restore inevitable loss of service due to Irma. I lived through Andrew and the quality, service and timeframe of restoration have far exceeded my expectations. Lessons learned and processes improved. Barnone a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude goes out to all FPL workers, contractors and company for your exhaustive efforts in what could have been so much worse. This was not an insignificant storm. The Florida Keys, the Caribbean who suffered real devastation and do not have basic necessities is where any human energy should focus and deserve our full charitable attention. Crews from all over and in Florida have banded together to give FPL customers their most and best demonstrating grit, tenacity and commitment to all Floridians' well being. I say Thank you From my family to yours

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to thank all FPL for the great job for restoring power as quickly and safely as you did. Please continue to do the great job that you are doing. Stay safe.

Posted by Anonymous

My Name is Pamela Jackson and i just wanted to take the time out and thank you and all of the help you had around the world that came to help becsuse of hurricane irma. I lost power sunday sept 10th and i just received ppwer just 10 mins ago. This was the longezt i was ever out of power and to be honest i wss mad and misable plus i hsve my 5 year old son. All i wantef was my power on not knowing what it actually takes to restore power witbout anyone getting hurt badly..you or us so once again thank you so much anf i appreciate everything you had to so we wouldnt have to endure the heat another night and another cold shower. Keep doinf the awesome job that your doing!!

Posted by Anonymous

From Verbenia Drive in Satellite Beach, we thank you so much for your hard work and getting our lives back on track!

Posted by Anonymous

Thank You Fpl
Got Our Power Back Within One Day Of Outage. You Guys Are Super.
Bless You, Our Hard Working Men And Women..

Posted by Rhonda

During Hurricane Storm Matthew we were without power for 7 hours. We are very thankful the responders from FPL going out in the storm conditions to make sure we have power. Thank you so much for all you do. Just know we don't take it for granted. We truly appreciate it.

Posted by first timer

I'll write a letter - my preferred means of communication but wanted to comment on this site because of all the negative comments (circa pre 2016). Really! why bother with this unscientific method of commenting? But since you do: I had an exceptionally good experience when speaking with "Danny" this week. Knowing the temperatures lately are significantly higher than usual, I called to ask why my bill is so high in spite of carefully monitoring the A/C temp. and what setting would help lower my bill and also while I was at it, I asked about appliance usage and costs per kilowatt. It was an unusually helpful experience. Speaking with knowledgeable, caring employees is the exception today, rather than the rule. Danny ought to be your #1 spokesperson. First time I've been impressed with FPL.

Posted by Anonymous

I Just Wanted To Say Thank You For Fixing My Street Light One Of Your Guys Was Going Down My Street And I Asked Him To Look Into Getting The Light Fixed And He Said He Would And Its Working And I Feel Safe You Do Have People That Will Go The Extra Mile Thanks

Posted by Pat and Tray

The new year brought some problems with our power service. We had flickering lights, power failures, outages to half of the house,etc.After the joke got old about paranormal activity, we actually got around to calling in our problem.It started with the pleasantness of the phone person late at night to Vernon showing up at 1:00am and immediately diagnosing the problem with a confirmation that a crew would be out in the morning to replace the deteriorated line and system causing the whole electrical debacle.Sure enough, Anthony and J.C.arrived at 9 am and without missing a single beat, replaced the old with new. After they cleaned up any minimal debris, the final product displayed was nothing short of precision artwork.Our most gracious gratitude to Vernon, J.C.,Anthony,Herald and the female phone representative (whose named I failed to write down)for being prompt, pleasant,efficient,knowledgeable,attentive and in taking pride in their work.

Posted by Anonymous

Again, FPL gave me the greatest personal service. I found the ground wire on my Meter was loose and called to find out what to do. A person by the name of Chantelle answered and gave me info on what to be aware of and was sending someone to look at it. To my surprise at 10:00 PM a gentleman in a huge truck was on my door, looked at the cable, informed me to call my electrician and was very courteous. Thanks again for the great service provided!Tony D. Monjer.

Posted by Tedgolf

We have had an ongoing problem with the Lenneox A/C which is 5 years old and we have had 3 coils and 2 complete unit replacements. We were told to call FPL for an insulation study as we needed more in the attic. We call and Don Macfarland cam out and what a told relief to have a component and informed person show up. He did a complete check of our system and the split between return and duct temp was on 2 degrees. We call our A/C service and they were here 8 days before and said everything was OK. Now no A/C and they came out $81.00 service call and said we need coil number 3. Don called again today to follow up and that is way more then we ever expected. FPL has one Excellent employee and and one satisfied customer with FLP no so with Lennox GREAT JOB....THANKS FOT YOUR HELP

Ted Newhook

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with my bill and after a week trying to get to the right person I finally found GRACE TAHUAHUA who gave me the best service I ever receive by phone. Thank you again Grace.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to let you know that Mr John Van Vleet of the Service Planning Department did an excellent job of taking care of an issue that I was trying to get resolved for several months....He had action and completion necessary in less than one day. His phone number is 561-479-4511 in Boca Raton area. Too often we fail to commend employees such as Mr Van Vleet. He deserves to be commended on the action he took. I appreciated it very much. Carol Jackso

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Posted by Ex fpl

I'm a ex fpl employee but with the new Meters in place I don't think we need certain meter readers that's wasting company's money during Christmas couple of your employees were shopping on company's time while there's a lot of people out of jobs around here in brevard county my son was let go from fpl meter readers and yet you have guys wasting company's money on fpl's time I think these guys are leads that are making more money and wasting fpl's money


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