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Exxon customer service is ranked #765 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 23.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 29 ratings. This score rates Exxon customer service and customer support as Terrible.


28 Negative Comments out of 29 Total Comments is 96.55%.


1 Positive Comment out of 29 Total Comments is 3.45%.

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    • 23.45 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 28 negative comments (96.55%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.45%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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    • 1.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Triumphman

I contacted Exxon Aug. 24, 2017, about getting a tank of bad gas. No one ever responded.

Posted by Anonymous

I have lived in Milton,WV all my life and have always shopped and got my gas at Exxon at Milton and never had any complaints at all up until the last few months this business is going to crash if you don't do something new owners or operators working there do not know how to run it.I have been short changed not once but three times never have coffee made if they do its set all day, no lids for the cups,or no cups, no cups for fountain drinks, they say we ordered them just haven't gotten them, they don't open till 7 or 8 when the lady named Nancy ran it she was open at 6 am never had these problems they people now are just rude . I have stopped there my last time will take my business elsewhere I've always put Exxon in my tank so I'll drive 10 miles out of my way I guess .But you need to look into this asap to save a businessand your name

Posted by Cheyenne

Today, gas was $2.15 for regular. I should get 10cents off per gallon right since I selected car wash...............nope! My gas still rung up at $2.15!!! Then (when I was in line to get my coffee the FIRST time) I asked the clerk "when does the car wash open?" since it was 7am and the sign said closed. He said "Oh, I am sure it is fine, he just didn't roll over the sign on the door. Just pull up and it will open when you put in your code."
I go back - put the nozzle back and realize I don't get a receipt with my car wash ticket on it. BACK INTO THE STORE I GO! I wait in line for 7 minutes (now being completely late for work and having spent 15 minutes so far at your gas station) to get my receipt. He says "ya, I know" when I tell him about the non-functioning printer on the pump.
I return to my car and pull up to the car wash - I enter the code which the machine accepts (the $9.00 code that was supposed to get my 10cents off per gallon which didn't happen) AND THE DOOR WILL NOT OPEN!!!!! The terminal says I can pull forward but the door does not open. Obviously your clerk has no idea what he was talking about.
SO - I did not complain about the 10cents different because the employee was in a hair net - obviously trying to help because someone didn't show up. I knew he would not be able to fix it. I now am out a $9.00 car wash, $1.30 or so for the discount I should have gotten on gas and was 20 minutes late to work. As well as being the most agitated person you could come in contact with in a parking lot!
I am disgusted at this Exxon! I live a mile from here and it is the most convenient stop for me, as well it is right next to my work. EVERY TIME - I am not kidding, EVERY TIME I have gone to get a car wash in the last 6 months the receipt has not printed! Every time! The staff inside say "ya, we know, no one does anything about it," or "sorry, you'll have to call my manager." If you notice - there is no name for the manager of this location on the website.
I do not complain on websites.... that is not my thing and I am way too busy to waste my time knowing that most situations are a one-off. But, I want my money back and I want Exxon to do something about the manager, owner, whomever they have to make this a REAL gas station. It is terrible and a disgrace to the Exxon brand.

Posted by Anonymous

Cashiers are very incompetent and not knowledgeable of the products they even sell. Purchased two gift cards at $70 and when trying to activate them got error saying cards had not been activated at the register when I went back someone else was on the register and I was told I would have to wait for the store manager to come back to work before I could even get my $ back for these worthless gift cards. These were supposed to be gifts and now I have to explain why my gifts are worthless because of someone else's incompetence. I will never give Exxon another penny of my money for anything after this embarrassment.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying all day to get through to customer service to make a payment and got no answer after putting in all my information, was left hanging for half an hour several times and still no answer, now when and if I get through tomorrow I will be charged a late fee which is not my error, I am so disappointed with customer service, why have this option if you can't use it!

Posted by norm

Sunday 6 p.m. Nacogdoches and 1604 a long haired man with a ponytail and the young girl with shaved side of her head we're very rude to me today and threatened to call the police for nothing. the man claimed I was being a smart-ass when I didn't move the way he suggested he called me a smart-ass. good luck with that. I will never go in that store again and I will tell all the people I know about his behavior was unprofessional. thank you and you can reach me at area code

Posted by No name

Hi I feel the gas in my car every 3rd day when I off . from my job cam to fill the gas . this station
Some time 6 or6.30 I ask cashier to give me key for bathroom she told me every day service manger put the sign
Bathroom is out of service. Cashier.all so very root to the customer. To I cam 4 pm same thing. 7-23-26

Posted by Chean

I am customers long time for ExxonMobil

Work hear old town alexandra.

This gas station is not allowed for using the restroom all the customer

That cashier is very root she used very bed word to me .station# 2

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Jeffrey pruitt i went in to fiddle stix exxon gas staton at 1421 B East Andrew's Ave in Henderson, N.C on 06/21/16 around 4:45pm to buy a drink & the clerk named arthur was totally disrespectful & cursed me, complaining about how long it took me to select my drink. I couldn't believe this guy. I told him my purchases & the purchases of his other patrons were what kept his business open & profitable. Arthur then said he doesn't need my money & he didn't care what other people thought if they didn't come in his store he didn't care. I surely hope this is not Exxon's idea of service with a smile. I asked arthur for the Exxon customer service number & he refused to give it to me. Arthur told me he was the customer service department. Whoa! If that's true then everyone at Exxon might to start looking for another job bc he will run your company in the ground. I will never return to that store again. I will spend my money at the Minute Shop or the BP bc Fiddle Stix is between both of these stores. I advise others not to shop at Fiddle Stix.

Posted by Anonymous

With Everyone from Lake Village, AR and Greenville Ms there is NO EARTHLY WAy TO GO INTO EXXON AT LAKE VILLAGE, AR TO BUY ANYTHING BUT LOTTERY TICKETS. You can't get thru the doors to purchase anything or pay for gas. . This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!
Why can't a booth be set up apart from the store's main entrance and selling tickets there so those that need to purchase gas or food and get in and out w/o waiting 4 hours in line. It is RIDICULOUS for a well known company as yours EXXON to run a business like this with only 1 person working the damn lottery tickets AND NOONE else can purchase anything. It has been this way for 2 weeks I will NEVER go to another Exxon again!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase gas at the Jefferson Davis highway Exxon Gas station and the man gave me no gas.... The tank underground was empty.... But he took my money and gave me no gas... I took pics of my gas needle at the Exxon then he refuse to give me my money back....so I drove to Maryland, off of Bladenburg Avenue....and I ran out of gas just traveling 8 miles to the other gas station... The man cursed me out after not giving me gas.... I could not feel the gas going though the holes.... My number.. Name Sillette Sheler

Posted by Adamp

This lady at an Exxon in Waco isn't selling cigarettes to anyone of age. She is being very stubborn and even called the police. She said she is the manager at the Exxon at 5th street in Waco. She is refusing 22 year olds of cigs.

Posted by Fa2015

I recently used to Riverton Wyoming Exxon good to go gas station the manager there Diane found it funny and amusing when I asked if she could exchange a 50 dollar bill for two twenties and a 10. Her do I look like a bank do I have a bank sign in front and continued on with her attitude so I walked out went across the street to loaf n jug where I am now going to shop and I will tell everybody else to go because they served me and after I was done I went back over there and told her that I'm sure Exxon and good to go appreciate her keeping running business off because this is not the first time I've been in there or heard of this Diane the manager being really rude 2 people and complaining even when she smoking a cigarette outside and there's customers inside that she has to go inside way to go Riverton Exxon good to go because I spread the word if about how she doesn't care about customers or her business earning yearly incoabout houses in care about customer business for for a ring yearly yearly income

Posted by Anonymous

About two years ago, a particular neighborhood Exxon station in Jacksonville N.C. started placing trash cans near the entrance where previous yellow stripes already prohibited parking, when I asked about it, I was told that cars parking in front of the door prevented the clerk from spotting drive offs (not paying for gas). Then people started parking between the trash cans and the gas pumps, blocking people already at the pumps. After a few months more, people started parking in front of the pumps with no intention of buying gas at all. When it's busy, it takes maybe three times longer to get gas. Last night, I saw a guy pull in with his Mercedes, he stopped in front of a pump that's been out of service for three weeks. He saw the bag over the nozzle and pulled up to the next working pump. I saw that the gas filler cap was on the other side of the car which indicated he wasn't going to buy gas at all, so when he got out to go inside, I calmly pointed out that if he wasn't buying gas he shouldn't block a working pump. He said OK and went inside. When he came back out, I pointed out a couple of customer parking spots that were closer to the entrance than the pumps, but the clerk inside came out and said "not to harass the customers, it isn't any of my concern". I said sometimes it is, when I want to gas up close to the office and some joker is blocking the pumps. She said "You can go to the Circle K to buy gas if you want to start fights". Anyway, I paid for the gas I bought and left. I will never go back to that gas station to buy anything again (Well, *eventually* I probably will, but I boycotted WalMart for 15 years when they irritated me in '92, to their loss of maybe $14,000 over all that time). Also, there's the rule of "For every customer that complains, there are ten more that don't complain but never return". May that Exxon go broke while the coddle the trolls.

Posted by Anonymous

I drive a semi truck and saw the diesel was a cheap price in Houston, Tx corner of W.Airport Rd. and Fondren. I went inside and asked the lady (black about 30 yrs old) behind the counter if she would take a comdata card. She said no. Then a man behind the counter stood up and ask me what I was asking. I repeated to him and he said yea yea yea three times and the lady look at me and shouted: I said NO!!! I said, he was saying yea yea yea. Never again will I, or my wife buy from there again. Seems these people need to take some people skills classes. Oh well, other stations will gain from my purchases.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my gas station I use for years, y use always outside, but today I went inside and I toll the cashier please can you cash out my lottery ticket was only $5 dollars but he toll me ? No because you buy the ticket somewhere out ? He left and toll me I'm very busy bad act I never use this gas station any more ????? Gas station address,

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to find someone who can answer a question I have regarding your commercial airing now in my area. Life takes energy. For some reason, I am fascinated by the music in this ad. I was wondering if it is computer generated ? Or from musical instruments ? I am talking about the middle of the ad where the music is rising to a crescendo (lady in kitchen) and continues to rise through the next two scenes. I know it seems like a crazy question, but I simply love the music.

Almost makes me love you again even after the Exon Valdez spill.

I'm from Seattle Wa

I would sincerely love an answer.

Posted by bch208

I went to get gas today at the Exxon on 1st Street in Roselle, NJ.
I work in Cranford so it's on my way back from lunch and I figure let me stop and get gas. It was approx 1:25 PM. I pulled up and I said please fill it up regular cash, The attendant was a young tall dark (but not black I think maybe middle eastern) had an attitude from the begining like he was going through some personal issues. He asked me again and I repeated it he then proceeded to fill out my tank. When he was done he proceeded to remove the gas muzzle and recap my tank. I noticed that he was trying to close the door to my gas tank leaving the black plastic thing that holds the cap out and I said "can you please put it the right way I don't want my gas to evaporate or get an engin light on", In a really nasty way he said "I don't have time for that and I don't do that". I said "but you took it out so you should put it back you can't leave it open". "He said I don't know how to do that and I don't have time for this" and he walked away. I got out of my car and tried to do it myself but it seems like he gott he plastic thing stuck and I couldn't get it to budge and at that point he was walking back towards me to take care of a customer on the other side and he lauged and said "I see you can't do it either". I said "Ofcourse not I'm don't work in gas station and I didn't take it out and you left it stuck". I said is there a manager here and he said "I'm the manager and I already told you I don't have time for that". If it wouldn't have been because I was on my lunch break and needed to get back I would have seriously called the cops right there and then. I paid for my gas to be pumped and I shouldn't have to drive away with my gas cap half off stuck and the gas door open.
NOw I know why this gas station always looks empty and why it was the only gas station I passed that didn't have a single car in all four or five lanes. Only one car came in while I was there. I will never use this gas station and I will be letting everyone at work know what happend. I work for a huge company in Commerce Drive Cranford and I will also be facebooking and telling everyone about it. There is no excuse for such horrible costumer service. I find it hard to beleive that he is the owner but obviously he wasn't going to be giving me that inforamtion and telling me he was the manager made the whole gas station seem worst.

Posted by Anonymous

It is 5:30am, 11-8-14. I am at the Exxon, 3201 Brooks Rd. Tell me way I can see your employee drinking a soda with the doors locked and allowing customers to walk away. Where do you guys get these people. I travel very very often, and I see this more and more. Customer service sucks!

Posted by becky

Man who works at the gas station tried to steel my truck hitch he said you can not wash your truck you need to take off. The truck hitch you will get free gas ! What??? He was very rude when I went In the store to make a complaint he was yelling at me in front of other customers .

Posted by Anonymous

The sign stated price of 3.53 the pump stated 3.55 and know one could fix it very very poor customer service. This is not the first time I have had problems at 11202 Jefferson Ave Newport news VA

Posted by Anonymous

I was at the Mobil gas station on Walton and Sashabaw Rd in Waterford Mi and the total for my order $6.96 so I gave the cashier a 20 dollar bill a dollar in quarters, and 96 cents. the cashier proceeded to give me the change of $14 explaining that my change should be $15, the cashier was going to argue with me and pulled out a receipt that shows $20.96. I'm not going to put up a fight for a dollar and people make mistakes but this is the third time this has happened at this store with this same lady cashier either someone is gaining extra money off me,or they just plain cant do simple math either way they lost a customer. sad because I've been goingon since I was a kid

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Perkey Pantry Mobil in Dundee today to turn in lottery coupons. As the clerk Brittany was waiting on me the Manager Leeann jumped into the transaction. The clerk was knowedgable in what she was doing until the manager intervened and stalled the transaction. I said to her that Brittany had it. She then took over the register and stood there going um, um, um. Clearly not understanding how to do this. Brittany had it. Holding the transaction up. This was rude and time consuming. Thank you for you time.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the exxon store located on the corner of elizabeth ave and clinton ave in the city of newark,nj at 10:30 pm tonight, and my daughters and I wanted to get a 79 cents drink. Of course, because the area is considered a little much on the weekends I suppose, one of the three attendants proceeded to tell me that the machine was broken after I protested about not receiving a cup from behind the counter. First of all,a customer shouldn't have to request a cup upon entering the store, they should've been located in the fountain area and also there was not a sign that said the machine was broken. No customer should be treated in this manner just because they are not dressed in a certain manner as if they are homeless, on drugs, or a potential shoplifter. Earlier in the week I came in the store and was given a cup with no problem, so what was the problem tonight? This infuriated me so much that I said something to them about it and I also said if I knew where I could copmlain that I would definitely do so. I would appreciate it very much if someone will respond back to me from the corporate office about this matter. My name is Joe Ann and I can be contacted at 2

Posted by OIde Salt

To all bikers out there especially you folks from South Tenn /North GA please stop by The Cougar Express Chevron on HWY 68 near Copperhill TN. We stopped there on Friday to get a cold drink and check our map, and the Manager followed us around the store and did nothing but hassle us, she would not let us remain in the store to cool off and drink our drinks. We moved to another part of the store where there was a food service area set up too look at the map, and she came back there and demanded to know "What was this?" I told her we are cooling off and drinking the drinks that we had purchased there, and she said this is not a food establishment and stood there until we left.

My mouth was bleeding from biting my tongue, but I knew that if any hell was raised, we could find ourselves in deep sh*t with banjo music playing in the background. My Wife asked where the restroom was and she stated "We ain't got none"...as we were leaving I noticed the restrooms in the far corner of the building.

The above was posted on a biker web- THE BIKERS CODE - and is going out all over America. These folks were 'straight bikers' (not 'outlaw'). Pretty poor example your company is setting.

Add your review!

Posted by will

So, to Anonymous who commented on 5/22/2014, the sign being wrong by a couple of cents is an issue? If the price is off by a couple of cents, there is no need to be angry. Maybe irritated, but not HOPPING MAD. I mean, price skimming happens when the price is WAY off.

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