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Posted by Elizabeth

A couple of years ago I returned a dress to the Pensacola Express. When I entered the store a young male offered to take my bag with the dress while I shopped. When I went up to finalize the return he told me it was not returnable or exchangeable because the tag was removed. I know with 100% certainty that I did not remove the tag. He removed the tag. Lesson learned, never let them hold your bag when returning!

Posted by Anonymous

I wish I had read some of these comments. I didn't know Express return policy is a nightmare until I tried to return a suit which didn't fit me. I was treated like non entity In spite of spending thousands of dollars over many years. The issue was I removed "the do not remove tags. Honestly I have never paid attention to them as I buy clothes which I like with no intention of returning. I was told to put the suit on Ebay by their sales clerks.I talked to their corporate guys who were of no help.I didn't want a refund but an exchange but I guess my business is of no significance. "Our policy"has been repeated to me by everyone I talked to. So buyers beware this isn't a place to shop for friend's gifts because it will be a nightmare returning merchandise.

Posted by Outraged

So I have always enjoyed shopping at Express for over 30 yrs when I got a job working for Express when I was 19 years old. Recently I had a cami I needed to exchange for an xs. I had not had to return or exchange anything in awhile so I had no clue their policy changed. The associate said nothing to me about this new policy if I didn't have the receipt. It was a 16.90 cami I just needed a smaller size. I was buying other items so she never did a courtesy check or said anything about this exchange. They did not have the cami and I was buying other items so she took it the price of the cami off one of the items I was purchasing. Still had no clue what she was doing but let it go because it was the end of evening and just wanted to be done and it seemed okay because she was doing an exchange on one item. Of course, now I end up with an issue with that item and I did not car for the way it fit so I went to RETURN IT. I HAVE THE RECEIPT AND I PAID $54.00 in cash for this sweater. To get my money back...the same way I paid.. which was cash, I just needed my receIpt. NO THAT IS NOT THE WAY THIS POLICY WORKS. I DONT GET MY CASH OF 54.00 back and in fact I had to purchase yet another item in order to exchange this one so on top of the $54.00 I won't get back if for some reason I had to return this item, I am also out another $23.48 for this exchange. I understand I am not paying any extra for an item but it is the principle. I can't receive a gift from someone and return it without having them do a search on them. But yet they can not give me back my cash of $54.00 and a mdse credited of 16.90. They have no right to keep my money if I have the receipt. AND THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO BECAUSE I AM SO ANGRY. I WAS LOOKING THROUGH MY RECEIPTS OVER THE LAST MONTH AND I REALIZED I WAS OVER CHARGED 3 DIFFERENT TIMES IN LESS THAN A MONTH. EACH WAS A $10 increase on one item on my receipts. So not only are they keeping my money for an exchange they ARE OVER CHARGING ME FOR THEIR ITEMS....BUT NOT JUST ME BUT ALL OF US HAVE THAT CHANCE OF BEING OVERCHARGED. I WENT BACK OVER THEIR POLICY SO I COULD TRY AND UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THESE EXCHANGES AND WHEN I DID THEY ACTUALLY HAVE STATED THAT WE SHOULD LOOK IVER OUR RECEIPTS SO THAT WE ARE NOT OVERCHARGED BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SO WRONG IF WE WERE. REALLY. I WENT OVER ALOT OF OTHER POLICIES IN THE PAST 12 hrs and I saw no other business posting that kind of statement. I have never heard of something like this from a retail store. It seems to me they should be able to fix this problem but since the aren't getting much feedback or backlash they have chosen to just let it go while they collect our money that does not belong to them. I am sure there is something that can be done. I just can not understand why this company can't fix this and this is why I am so very angry about what they have now done with this exchange/return policy..I feel like I am being scammed by them!!!

Posted by Rrisky1

Expedia is bad my daughter booked a flight and it cost $219 and after all said and done the charge her $1050 and then they told her she would get the money in 3 to 5 days what kind of bullshiiit is this, my daughter is 22 and and a 1000$ is a lot and she won't get it back for a few days. We will never never book with them ever again, and when she called customer service, I think she was calling India what kind of is that.

Posted by D

Just went to express today at the NJ quarterbridge mall location and their return and exchange policy is extremely difficult, unreasonable and unfair to consumers. The explanation we got from the manager is that "it's the limitation of the system" and "I feel like an a** every time I do it." I was forced to purchase a shirt at full price in order to exchange for a pair of pants that didn't fit. So smart consumers be aware and go elsewhere with better service!

Its quite a shame really... end of my journey as a loyal customer of 10+ years!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a party dress for my grand-daughter at Express Salem,NH Oct. 2013. I went back to the same location to return the dress in Nov.2013 expecting a refund or credit as the dress had never been worn. The manager refused to take the dress back because she stated they had a no return policy on party dresses and my grand-daughter must have removed the no return tag from the dress. This was NOT the case. It never had such a tag. I never would have purchased the dress if it was not returnable as she was not with me at the time of purchase. The dress had the tags attached with the original receipt which by the way only states that Express has a 3 month return policy, nothing more. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.

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