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Experian customer service is ranked #515 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 357 ratings. This score rates Experian customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


330 Negative Comments out of 357 Total Comments is 92.44%.


27 Positive Comments out of 357 Total Comments is 7.56%.

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  • Experian

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.96 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 330 negative comments (92.44%)
    • 27 positive comments (7.56%)
    • 2 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.1 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 3.2 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by CL

Pitiful service. For the second time in about three years the company has merged two commercial accounts I manage. They cannot correct the issue and do not even seem to be capable of understanding why this is a problem. Some of the least knowledgeable technical service groups I have ever worked with in 32 years

Posted by Symmi

I just found out that experian has been taking a monthly fee from me for 17 months now and I had no clue. 17 months ago I went online and for $1 I got my credit report and it said if I don't wait to pay a monthly fee and start a membership then call this number to cancel, which I did. My debit card is through the government so I don't get statements and it does not tell you who or where the money was spent when you call. And I never received any kind of receipt from you saying you took money from me. And the fact that not even once since that first time have I been on the website to check my credit report, so I've been paying you for something I never even used bc I cancelled it. The only reason I found out about this was bc I saved 40 on my card for my daughters school pictures and I checked it today and 17.99 was gone, messed up. If that didn't happen God knows how long g this would of gone on for. I want all my money back, I never signed up for a membership, I never gave you permission to take more than $1 from me.

Posted by Anonymous

Your voice mail box was full to leave a message to have you call back. Your customer service is far below the standard corporate level in this county

Posted by Anonymous

You Sent Me A Letter Stating That Im Deseased Why Did You You State That To Synchrony Bank
My Name Is Frances Battista Del Balzo I'm 66 Years Old In Great Health... Why Are You Trying To Screw Up My Credit Rating... Its Pretty Sad When You Cannot Talk To Anyone On The Phone You Have Bad Customers Relation If You Cant Speak To A Person On The Phone.....please Try To Staighten This Out I Would Hate To Involve My Lawyer In This Dispute

Posted by Lynette

My issue is that you do not provide an option to ask for a name correction in the report you sent to me. How are going to prevent fraud against me when you misspelled my name.
Lynette Washington

Posted by Anonymous

i have requested a citgo gas card to replace my gulf card and i am being refused and being refered back to gulf and gulfs credit Dept. says they do not know why your doing this as i do not owe Gulf a sent my bill is paid every month.now i want to know am i going to get my new gas card or not never mind any more reports that have some wrong info on them. you may contact

Posted by pts

Trying to cancel service for credit check. Getting the run around from Jeremy Flowers. I no longer use the service, nor want the service. Left voice mails. Seems like he is the only person that can cancel the service. This is bull!. I will not pay for service not used and a customer rep that chooses not to call back. PTS South Carolina 4-28-2016

Posted by JoshDeez

I have been trying to reach someone for over an hour now. The only thing I can get is "pay $12.95 for your experian credit report and use the number at the bottom of the page to access a dispute." I will not buy a credit report when I have one right in front of me. This is a joke. I have called the "customer support" number and pressed every option possible. It all leads back to the website that wants you to pay $12.95.

Posted by kikofrn

It's almost impossible to get a hold of a live person. I've tried every number I could find online and nothing. My credit report had some false things on there that weren't mine and I can't get in touch with anyone to fix it. I tried going through their website, but I ended up getting a screen that says "Unable to honor request at this time." This is extremely frustrating, I hope this company goes under as soon as possible.

Posted by Creditqueen

This worked perfectly! I filed a dispute via website with no movement. I called spoke to a rep. She advised me that Experian did not accept the documentation, although Equifax and Transunion had. The documentation included fax cover and letter directly from furnisher. Luckily, the call dropped because the other representation actually took ownership of the situation accepted the documentation and my file will be updated in 24-72 hours.

Btw, have some time on your hands because the hold times are ridiculous! It will take about 20-30 minutes to get a rep on the line.

Posted by casner

From the annual credit report site, Experian will not give an online report. This has happened repeatedly for me and my wife. They are not complying with the law as intended.

Posted by RP

The worst policy of automatically start membership after 7 day trial. And it's not asked in any form as far as I remember. It automatically starts trial period and if you don't look at your credit card transactions, you can't get refund for more than a month. Woooow..what a customer service even if you did not use any service...!! and you just forgot to stop which's been started automatically...!!! not satisfied at all period.

Posted by Anonymous

This was hands down the absolute most HORRIBLE customer service experience of my life. YOU will never have my business again Experian. The "supervisor" Savannah which I"m sure is not her real name just flat out refused to issue my refund for the trial membership despite the fact that I could not cancel the trial membership on day 7 due them being closed for New Years.....and she refused to transfer me to anyone else to resolve this...she "has no supervisor"...Right.

Posted by pisseduser

I called and called Experian. they DO NOT ACCEPT calls if you are trying to fix your credit report or clear an erroneous claim! Options when you call are to buy a copy of your report or lift a freeze. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER EXPERIAN. why do companies listen to a fly bu night fraud company with no customer service???

Posted by Anonymous

After explaining that I did not order a monthly monitoring membership I was told that I did, when I asked for something to be sent proving this, I was told it could not be done, but that they would provide me with a cancellation number. I was still never told where that number goes, how do I even use the number in case my credit card was charged again without my permission. When I requested they back off charges that they could not or would provide proof of purchase I was then given a fax number to request receipts and to submit a formal dispute of charges. Experian you had one job, make me the customer happy, which you have failed at!

Posted by Anonymous

I thought credit bureaus were supposed to be held to high standards. Be warned...hidden in the Terms and Conditions is a requirement that you pay for a monthly fee. My credit card was charged with a $19.95 unwanted monthly fee.

I cannot imagine what value $240 a year could be provided by this shameless company. Steer clear!!

Posted by Kumar

Call Protect ID customer service on 08/09/2015, very ride attitude of representative and Supervisor

I hope someone take a proper action.

Posted by Anonymous

Unable to speak with a live person. Call either disconnect or puts you in the question for at least 15 minutex or more. Why provide number that forbid me from discussing my dispute. This fraudulent info about my residence and I notice it is a note regarding dispute when in fact you. Never discussed with me when asked. You continue to cover up fraud on my account. I have live at the same address for the past over 25 years. In fact at that address since 1986.

Posted by bob

Beware of Experian webpage. Trying to determine why my insurance rates went up a whopping 26% I was informed by Progressive Insurance that it was based on a change to my credit score and they directed me to Experian. Got on site and input the information they required to see the report. I found that my score had been reduced to 760 because of a recent car loan I took out. I exited the page then logged back on to find that I was now a "member" and would be billed $21.95/month by Experian. No where did the site inform me I was signing up for a monthly charge for this membership. Had to call a customer service number to cancel. They were courteous and responsive, but someone that does not double check would get hit with this monthly charge automatically, e.g. a senior citizen. This should be reviewed for fair business practices issues.

Posted by hypchick

DO NOT use Experian.com, you will regret it. Go to annualcreditreport.com for your free report every 12 months. Experian.com is a bait and switch, smoke and mirrors website, with extremely poor customer service. It is hard to notice you have signed up for a membership, and they will not refund or assist at all. I went to get my free credit report, thought nothing of paying only $1, until my bank statement arrived with $21.95 membership.

Posted by sara527

When I attempted to sign up for a 1$ credit report, I was charged almost 40 and an additional 21+ for a membership I did not ask to sign up for. Experian refused to assist me with this and could not even offer to find me a website where I could file a complaint. Don't use experian and their false advertising. It is no surprise there are so many negative reviews.

Posted by Anonymous

I am thoroughly disgusted with your service. I have been a customer since 2012 and not once have my phone calls been returned, usually the calls are auto disconnects. I have been trying to get a copy of my first credit report when I joined and the 12-10-12 report. When I joined I received this notice from you, You membership gives you the confidence you need to look after your credit. We encourage you to log-in regularly to take full advantage of the benefits your membership has to offer, such as unlimited access to your Credit Report and Score Tracker. Notifications like this are an important part of your membership, and in helping you stay on top of your credit. Please honor it., Respond by either emailing me the reports or call me at . I need these documents for legal purposes and really don't want to escalate this matter. I'm sure you will honor your obligation in accepting my payments. I expect to hear from you today. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I applied for a credit report for me and my husband was charged $1.00 for each and then immediately sent an email to Experian to cancel the membership. I was charged $21.95 today on my account. Very aggravated have sent emails and not one response.

Posted by kc1234

Absolutely the worst credit company you could possibly use. Experian claims to charge you after a 7 day trial but charges you after 6 - they count the few hours you register as a 'day' in that 7 days. Furthermore their customer service is rude and will not help to refund inaccurate charges. DO NOT USE EXPERIAN. There are plenty of customer service friendly credit reporting services out there - and this is NOT a good one!

Posted by Anonymous

Awful website and telephone responses. Even the first recorded message which was supposed to direct me to correct link kept cutting off without finishing the message or allowing me to follow through. I don't trust this company at all!

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Posted by Pay it back course say sorry.

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Lord I confess I have made mistakes, I have accumulated too much debt, and now I cannot imagine overcoming it without your help.
Please Lord, I beg you intercede on my behalf. Provide me with financial help to breath again. Please forgive my sins, Lord. Walk with me and help me to make the right d escisions throughout my life. In your name I pray. Amen. MORINE Barnes 57. Donald 58, Myola 36 & Rommel Edwards 34. Graham 90.

Posted by Wade

I had a major issue with my credit report. There was a mistake, and I was given a negative flag for a judgement that wasn't even mine. I spoke with a customer rep named Wisdom. She went above and beyond her means to help me with my problem. My issue was resolved very fast and I would like to thank Wisdom from the bottom of my heart. She is a perfect example of how a representative should be. A+ for Wisdom

Posted by Liz

I had an incorrect phone number on my account which was triggering a fraud alert. I finally reached a person and he was so kind. He attempted to explain uploading proof online, but I just didn't understand (yes, I am old) so he worked with me to correct the one digit that had been entered incorrectly. Many, many thanks to this gentleman for helping me correct this error on my report.

Posted by Anonymous

Good number. A human answers right away. I was transferred to somebody who could help in no time at all.

Posted by Anonymous

This worked. I called and went through the steps, i went to a rep within a couple minutes and found out the information I needed! Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

714 area code # worked. It is directly to their HQ in LA. In 15 min I had an answer. Quite amazing....why couldnt they just put this number on their website etc (I think I know) but I agree I hate the credit reporting companies as much as I hate banks...

Posted by Anon

Use the 717 number, an have your Pin ready! I was immediately transferred to a live person who FINALLY was able to help me out. If you are trying to remove your freeze, make sure the info you are entering is the same info that you used when you set up the freeze!

Posted by Anonymous

I called the number listed next to the charge on my bank statement 877-297-7790.Within 5 minutes, the customer representative pleasantly and effetively issued a refund and stoppoed future charges. After seeing all the bad experiences on these comments, i am grateful that mine was so easy.

Posted by Devot harder of Experian

Experian is beyond horrible. While trying to refinance a loan I found I there was a requested credit freeze on my account and my wife's. Very strange since I never requested one. This is just an unscrupulous way for Experian to extort/steal $3 per person. If Dante's Inferno has any truth these people should be placed in the inner sanctum of hell. You also have a better chance of hitting the freaking lottery than getting a competant friendly person on the phone. Experian out to outsource their customer non service to a call center in India like Dell does. At least those people are polite and have an IQ higher than room temperature. Better yet you could grab monkey's off an organ grinder and get better help.

Posted by Anonymous

Had an issue with their Security Freeze service and could not reach a human being to get it resolved. Found the 714 number did connect with a live person and Margaret was able to assist me to my satisfaction. Many thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

The 714 number does get you to a live rep. I just had the pleasure of speaking to Mary whom resolved my problem fast and accurately and she was a sweetheart. THANK YOU MARY, THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by anonymous

The 714-830-7000 really works. I've been trying to get a live person for 2 days. This is the WORST company, but the customer service representative was VERY VERY NICE and very knowledgeable. Solved my problem instantly. Watch out for the operator, she will try and discourage you from talking to a customer service rep.

Posted by Anonymous

This number really does work! 714-830-7000 I have been trying for a week to reach a live person and because of a comment a previously left on here, I called this number and within 10 minutes was able to talk with a representative and had my problem solved! FINALLY!!!

Posted by Anonymous

i called the 714 number and was assisted very quickly by both robert and ronald who were professional and helpful with my account problem...

Posted by Anonymous

To Contact a live person for mixed files 1-714-830-7000 This is the mixed file department, Had my sons files with my own. "Bonnie" said this would take 24-72 hours to post and had the information fixed (hopfully) in less than 15 minutes. I realize this is an exception rather than a rule with Experian. Please try this number, I hope it Works as good for ya'll as it did for me. RHL

Posted by Moxie M in Big Bend,Wi

I got good service from
my telephone representative, I believe it was Erin. I do not wish to be billed monthly or any more than the free 14 day trial. Please remove me from your billing
Mary Steinbauer
S93W23205 River Oaks Dr.
Big Bend, Wi 53103 as of 10/01/2011

Posted by Jack

the 1-714-830-7000 number absolutely works. I had to find out if a freeze was removed and they confirmed this and knew the date range of the removal I had requested. They also reviewed my address history. Given the problems I had with Experian I was not sure if this number was legit but I am sure it is.

Posted by Anonymous

The 714-830-7000 number worked for me. I told them there was a freeze on my account so I didn't have a report number. They sent me to "special services" and had it resolved.

Posted by dono

just used 714-830-7000 and got real operator and transferred call to a very nice lady who set up the temp. lifting of the freeze.

Posted by DezyningMom

Bounce around in Experian voice mail hell, which told me to go to the web site, which was another convoluted, useless process. They need to update their information, because what is said in the voice customer service isn't what is available on the site. However, I did somehow manage to get in touch with a fabulous customer service agent, Bonnie, who easily helped me complete my transactions.

Posted by Lucy444

Hi All, I just got off the phone with a wonderful customer service representative with Experian who I reached by calling (714) 830-7000. Its good to note for any of you who need help, that their office hours are from 8 to 5 pacific time. That means if you are on the East coast, wait until after 11:00AM to call. I didn't need to order a report or give a report number. The lady was quite knowledgeable and very helpful. i will say this; the website is not very useful if you have a problem and need to speak to someone without having to waste your annual credit report order.

Posted by Excellent credit bureau

Experian is the one and only credit bureau that manage the data on your credit report properly. Their credit reporting data are well organized and easy to understand. They removed the negative marks based on your credit history. They are following the FCRA guidance.
Excellent work!!!

Posted by Ms.C.

I have used this company for many years. I have had problems in the past with this company. But for some reason I stuck with them too help solve some tramadic issues and low and behold I had gotten the help I needed.

Posted by Anonymous

Many of the problems have been corrected. Customer service people are located in Texas and they are happy to speak to people. The phone system is a mess but they can't help that. Management is also awful but the phone people are the good guys. Believe me, they are not working for the money or because they are treated right because they aren't!

Posted by 7-day trial period

If you are look for a number to cancel your 7 trail membership with Experian then you have to call the following # 1-888-888-8553. They will be able to help you out with that request.

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Posted by workerbee24

Hello, I currently work for Experian as a customer service rep. I just want to let everyone know that I'm not this evil, money hungrywitch callers make me and everyone else that answers the phones out to be. When customers call in, I do understand their frustration. ALOT of the stuff can be extremely misleading especially when it comes to 3 bureau reports. It's a charge of 29.95 but the way the website is said up it DOES look like it's free. However, I can say I've muted calls MANY times because I could not control my tears. The things people say to me are completely hurtful and uncalled for. I've been called every name in the book in told that I need to be taken out and shot. I wish more people understood that there is a true limit to the things that I can do. I wish I could help every last one of you and get everyone who asked a refund (because most of the time I agree with the people and not my employer) but I can't. The company is pretty sketchy and even I called in and cancelled my membership because they were going to start charging ME an EMPLOYEE after six months.

Posted by Anonymous

There are great people that work for this company but management is the problem. The employees can't do anything about the problems and the company doesn't care even though they like to pretend that they do. People get through all the time and complain and complain but it's usually a lack of understanding and creditors that tell untruths. They certainly aren't always honest.


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