Posted by NHlady

I would give zero stars if it were possible. Never have we had an electric company (forced upon us I might add) that was so thoroughly terrible. Their rates are astronomical and their customer "service" is deplorable in the extreme. In 17 years of living here and having PSNH I never had any of the issues that we have had to deal with with eversource in a matter of months. The very first bill we received was over $400 for a month and we knew something was seriously wrong. It took repeated phone calls before they admitted they had "misread the meter" and rectified the situation. About a year ago, they again overcharged us $30. and a lady on the phone admitted we did not owe it, and it would be removed. It never was. It's been a year and dozens of phone calls and broken promises and every bill still reflects that $30., and every month we write a note on the bill and pay the bill BUT NOT THE $30. Despite all of this, it's still on every bill.
We called them several times over electrical lines laying on top of tree branches right over our driveway (car), and they have never done a thing or returned a car. We also called them because the spot where all the lines are connected and go into the house is just above and inches away from a LEADED, diamond paned casement window. When you open the window, there is a chance it will come in contact with the live wires. Someone could get hurt. They have never returned calls about this either or done a damn thing.
We have had a job loss. Previously we have never once been late with payment, and they sent a nasty note saying we had to pay the bill by such and such a date or we would also have to pay a deposit! Seriously??? First of all if we can't pay the bill, how can we pay a deposit in addition to that? Secondly, We owed a total of less than $200. Surely they have real deadbeats that owe tons more that they could spend their time dunning.
Go online and check out the salaries of the top mucky-mucks at Eversource---It's public record. These guys make MILLIONS per year plus benefits.
It is appalling that we have no choice in this society of several energy companies to choose from. We have filed at least 4 formal complaints with the State of New Hampshire against Eversource and of course nothing is ever done.
If there was any way to choose another power company we would, or better yet, get off the grid completely. The system is corrupt and stinks to high heaven, and Eversource is the WORST!I