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Etihad Airways customer service is ranked #854 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 54 ratings. This score rates Etihad Airways customer service and customer support as Terrible.


53 Negative Comments out of 54 Total Comments is 98.15%.


1 Positive Comment out of 54 Total Comments is 1.85%.

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Posted by Anonymous

EtihadAirways I am travelling on Ethad Airways from Isb to Auh to Lax on 21 Dec. 2016 flight EY 232. Need wheel chair for my wife whose eye vision is very much low. Can u please arrange.

Posted by Nastykid

I am an Etihad Silver Member and I had a travel from Shamshabad Hyd to Dallas DFW, I called up the customer care to check about the baggage allowance for a Silver member, the Representative (Akash), verified and confirmed that I am allowed a 2+1 ( 1 extra checkin baggage of 23kgs . After confirming with him multiple times i carried an additional bag of 23kg . I was at the airport for 3 hrs with my wife and the representatives here at Shamshabad Hyd, Amaranth VG Airport operation officer. Abdul Mujeeb
Duty manager GHA, after a long wait say that I cannot carry that bag . They want me to pay for the bag $300 USD, when I asked them to get the call transcript Mr. Amarnath says that the call cannot be traced because the calls are not recorded .. May be the Etihad crew(Amarnath ) should be informed that whenever any one calls Etihad the first thing we hear is " this call is being recorded " .. When i told him this he was quite.(May be he was thinking he is oversmart or i was naive to believe him). I asked them to get the call transcript or asked them to hear the call by giving my ticket details, call details ( Num from which the call was made, the time of call, the name of representative with whom I spoke ) .. They want me to pay now, send an email, wait for the email respond ..
The behavior of Amaranth VG, Airport operation officer and Abdul Mujeeb, Duty manager GHA was absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous .
The only thing i want is the transcript of the call conversation between me and the customer care representative . I confirmed with him multiple times, i told him i don't want this type of situation and he assured me i can carry an extra 23kg bag.I further asked him if i can get any such confirmation to my email he said he cannot send me to my personal email.(all this has been talked over the call and has been recorded).
Having packed all the important stuff i wanted to carry to US, i had to discard the bag at airport, Thanks to the Etihad staff at Shamshabad Hyd . My flight was at 4:40 am and i was with the Etihad staff till 3:30 am .
This is the worst response and behavior I have ever experienced with any other airline .. Never expected this would happen being a Silver member .. Hoping any one from Etihad looks into this and responds back .. Hoping this to be my final travel with Etihad ever .. After i posted this on Facebook while i was at the airport during my 3 hr wait with your Officers, i was asked to send an email so that any action can be taken.
There was never any apology from the Etihad staff for the delay or miscommunication .Though i didn't expect any of that sort from those learned men !!!

Posted by anj

had booked 3 tickets in the span of 10 mins (close to mignight) one ticket ended up with the wrong flight time for one leg for a multi itinerary ticket, this was noticed a day later and i went to their local office and called their hotline. after 2 weeks of waiting for a feedback they tell me i should have called it in within 24 hours. i did it in 36!

Posted by Ranganathan

Very poor response. I am still waiting for replies to my mails on baggage clarifications, inability to register my guest membership number, etc. They do not seem to understand my simple queries. I am traveling tomorrow. They don't care to reply in time yet.

Posted by Bass

By far the worst customer service ever, I am waiting more than 30 min so far, and counting for a representative to pick my call. Is this a sort of joke?

Posted by Anonymous

I am really saddened due to poor service of your Airlines. Delay of schedule has become a regular issue. Suffering of customers really unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

Comments / Complaint

Meals, Water, Tea, Soft Drink were not served except welcome juice.

I was traveled with empty stomach.

Travel details

Flight Number : EY 305

Flight date: 31/10/2015

Travel class: Business

From: Abudhabi

To: Kuwait

Booking reference: QGTOWX

Personal details

Title: Mr

First name: Abdul Bari

Last name: Kaleel Ahamed

Country: Kuwait

Posted by jeantarr

why waste youR time and more money they ignore you so ignore them DONT FLY WITH THEM they are a waste of time and do not respect you - you will get substandard service - this really is a substandard airline that fly under the word EMIRATES which is supposed to mean ??!!

Posted by Dave

I have travelled all over the world and used many airlines but Etihad Airways was the worst. I was travelling from Ahmedabad (India ) to Chicago and staff at Ahmedabad airport was worst. Very rude and bad

Posted by Rangyhulu

I had my bags delayed 3 days on a flight from Philadelphia to Tokyo in July 2014. I was promised $80 in compensation for having to buy necessary short term items. It has been ONE YEAR, with once to twice monthly emails and phone calls. Still, no reimbursement. Etihad flyers, beware.

Posted by Anonymous

I booked one month before and it is confirmed .

Now they are saying no seer what is this

This disaster

I will never use this flight again

Posted by Nizar Ahamed

I was traveled with Etihad airlines on 14th July 2015. from Abu Dhabi international Airport to Thiruchirapally International Airport by using the Connecting Airlines Jet Airways from Chennai to Thiruchirapally . i booked the Ticket thru Clear Trip Website. when i made the booking i checked with Etihad customer care for my baggage they advise my ticked was booked till Thiruchirapally, so i can't collect the baggage from Chennai. Even i checked with the counter staff when i made boarding at the Dubai Etihad office located at Sheikh Zayed Road they also confirm the same. and they issued the Baggage Collection paper final destination also mention as Thiruchirapally.

After i reach the Thiruchirapally international Airport, my baggage was missing and Jet airways staffs are informed me i have to manually clear my baggage manually at Chennai Airport and re board at Chennai Domestic airport. if i do the Clearance in the Chennai Airport and re board at Chennai airport then why Etihad Staff miss guide me while i am boarding at Dubai and why they issue the Baggage collection port as Thiruchirapally. because when i check with the Jet airways counter staff for boarding i show the baggage collection paper and esquire about my baggage they also told my final Destination as Thiruchirapally so i can collect my baggage only at Thiruchirapally airport only.

because of my baggage i travel till Thiruchirapally airport,otherwise i will quite from Chennai and i can Travel to my native early then my waiting hours for my connecting flight time. at least your counter staff will guide me properly when i was checking with them while boarding i will did my clearance and re board to jet airways while i am wasting for 6 hrs for my connecting flight.

because of this bad experience i was totally upset, i came to vocation for Eid and i reached here without my baggage and the next day i was traveled again to Chennai to collect my baggage. all this happen because of your staff's miss guide me and lost around 2 days from vocation to collect the baggage and i missed the EID and festival mood was fully spoiled because of this journey

Posted by Patel

This is kiran patel. I lost my bag in January. I clam three time for my beg nobody reply me or not give me money what I lost.

Posted by Markus

Poor service;
Poor Product knowledge;
Customer Services the worst in Middle East.

Posted by Markus

Eithad customer services has no idea about service. I transferred points from Mobily Telecom to Etihad Airways to use in an upgrade for flights.

After a week Etihad Airways account still show no points received from the transaction. I written a email to Etihad Guest email address. I received a automated email with a number reference. Three weeks later I have had no further feedback other than one email stating that they are attending to my request. The flight is this coming week and by all practical reasons it is now to late.

Two days after my initial email I called Etihad Airways customer services. A word of advice here please prepare yourself to have the upmost patients. Firstly the agent of Indian origin has no proper command of English language. I asked to be transferred to her supervisor. She could understand the query but did not even know about the partnership between Etihad and Mobily. Mobily is owned by Etihad. She has no product knowledge of her company and I had to explain to her that points earned on my mobile account could be transferred to Etihad. All is very clear on both companies websites.

She promised to look into the matter and call me back. Until now there is no call back after I have listed my mobile number in the email and repeat over the call.

I called back the next day with more or less the same scenario with different agents. I proceed to sent another email. For the rest of the week I probably made 5 additional calls.

One of the calls was answered by a more competent agent whom said she will make a note of the upgrade and speak to the other department dealing with the request. The department dealing with the request cannot be contacted by phone. No suprise here.

After two weeks of constant emails and follow up the redeemed points was credited back to Mobily account. I am dumbfounded and cannot accept service such as this. Etihad should not be licenced to operate an airline and should close their service department with immediate effect as they are just throwing money in the water having this department.


Unethical Behavior And Pathetic Service Of Supporting Staff/cabin Crew
I Want To Share With You About The Worst Ever Travelling Experience With The Emirates Airways
I Was Travelling In Ek572 Flight On 31st May, from Dubai To Kolkata .my Seat No. Was 22f (zone E). Since The Beginning, The Behavior Of Crew Member(a Lady) Serving On My Berth Side Was Rude. All The Services Were Delayed And Late Compared To Other Side. Even After Requesting Many Times Or Pressing Attention Button, No Body Was There To Attend.
But, The Limit Crossed, When I Requested The Lady For A Drink, But She Did Not Provide Me The One Even After Half Of The Journey And Many Reminders, Neither She Informed Anyone About This.
I Had Heard A Lot About Emirates Services And Also Traveled Via Emirates, But Never Had Such Bitter Feeling With Any Airline Services. While Going To Dubai By Emirates Flight Ek573 Dated 16.06.2015, The Quality Of Service Provided By Your Crew Member Named Ms. Yun Shih Was Just Amazing.
But, This Experience Has Really Made Me To Think Of Travelling By Emirates Again.
Lastly, Inspite Of Expressing Any Apology Or Regret, Your Cabin Crew Member Made Fun Of Me At The Time Of Departure.this Is Completely Unacceptable From Any Reputed Global Airways.this Is A Dent On Your Big Name.
Now, I Request You To Kindly Look Into The Matter, So That Same Experience Is Not Repeated With Any Other Traveler

Posted by m1098

I traveled twice June 2015 with Etihad and I feel I made a bad decision travelling with them. A list of whats bad is much longer than whats good. In short, poor products, poor service, unknowledgeable and impolite cabin crew, bad and inadequate food, bad boarding techniques, delayed and sweaty flights, poor website, cramped seats made my experience with ETIHAD, VERY BAD.
1. while booking through their site, it hung up half way and did not continue. restarted and tried again twice, again it did not work. I had to call their call center and complain, them book on the phone. 2. I was travelling with an infant. No infant bassinets were available on both trips. Its an easy excuse for them to say "first come first serve basis" and "limited bassinets available". whats the point of advertising for a nanny when even bassinets are not available. 3.On the flight the flight was delayed to depart from the gate and was late by 40 minutes. 4. To add insult to injury, the temperature was way too hot. 5. Every few minutes the announcement keep happening very loudly that sleeping babies wake up and cry. 6. The meal was limited and very ordinary for a "premium" airline. The quantity was less too. 7. The cabin crew on both trips were neither helpful nor knowledgeable. i asked for vegetarian food and was given an omelette, despite me having made a request for vegetarian meal without eggs during reservation. When I pointed this to the cabin crew, the purser was very casual, unprofessional and unsympathetic whith is response "oh you don't eat even eggs?". ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.8. The entertainment system did not work for 40 minutes for no one in the flight, It only displayed route map and nothing else. The collection was not impressive either. 9. I called the cabin crew multiple times, they said they would come back, but didn't come back. 10. The bus service to Dubai is very less. I had to wait for 3 hours for the shuttle bus. Even low cost airlines have better service. 11, The seats were very cramped, i have travelled in far more comfortable seats even in low cost airlines. Definitely not worth the extra cost. 12. Small narrow bodied planes not comfortable to get in or out. 13. During my onward trip, it was ridiculous to see that the bus we were transported from the terminal to the plane was the last one, despite being told that we were given a priority as we had infants. The bus with infants were the last to board.
Will not recommend this airline to anybody. Some low cost airlines provide better and more efficient service at lesser cost.

Posted by Worst Name

I was so excited to fly with ETIHAD from Abu Dhabi to Kathamandu on 29 May' 2015.Since etihad is leading airlines i love to fly with it.

But unfortunately I had a very bad experience during my flight. Lots of Nepali who fly with ETIHAD from Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu does not eat beef. Its sin to eat that in our religion. But your crew ask all of them tto eat beef bec they do nt have another food except beef. I did not eat any thing during my flight.

I am flying back on 12 June with your AIRLINES from Kathamndu to Abu Dhabi I hope I will not have that kind of bad service in my coming flight.

My Details

Shiva Parajuli

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Posted by Refund

I have cancelled my ticket on 29th of April from Bangalore to Riyadh, its been a month still I have not got the refund yet. So please help me out with this and there is no one receiving my calls in Bangalore Etihad office.

Posted by KG

I am a frequent international traveler in business class. I had generally decent experience on most airlines for my international travels in business class. In March 2015, I flew ORD to HYD and back in business class on Etihad. I should have searched the Internet for reviews of this airline. I did not. I had horrible experience on Etihad.

I flew on Etihad EY150 from ORD to AUH on March 7, 2015 on my way to the final destination, HYD. On this long flight of >13 hours, the cabin crew ignored me while they served food and drinks numerous times to White and Arab passengers. The flight attendant waited on the Caucasian passenger in front of me over a dozen times for wine refills, other beverages, and desserts, but ignored me even when I raised my hand and had my seat light on hoping to get attention.

After poor quality experience on the ORD-AUH flight where I was ignored during food service and whatever little food served was horrible, I was hoping to get use the lounge to brush teeth and refresh, and have a snack before my flight to HYD.
I was dismayed by the appearance and quality of the Etihad business class lounge in Abu Dhabi. The men's rest room was very small. No shower facility. There was an Arab man in his traditional Arabic dress lifting his leg up and washing his feet in the washbasin. What an ugly sight to watch. There was an Etihad attendant watching the Arab man wash his dirty feet in the washbasin and not letting anybody else inside. It was so nauseating that I couldn't go in. The food available was very poor. The lounge was tiny. I rated the Emirates business class lounge in Dubai at the highest possible score of 10/10. I would give your lounge in Abu Dhabi the lowest possible score of 1/10.

On March 19, I returned from HYD to ORD via AUH on Etihad in business class. This time, I traveled with my 80-year old mother. We are both of Indian race and ethnicity.
On the HYD-AUH flight (EY275) of 4 hours and 20 minutes, there were no blankets. The cabin manager told me that Etihad eliminated blankets in business class on short flights. But, this was business class flight of 4 hours and 20 minutes that started late at night. My 80-year old mother was shivering and she fell sick when we arrived in Abu Dhabi. In AUH, the flight landed in remote area, not at the gate. We had to wait for 30 minutes to get wheelchair for my mother, then another 20 minutes to get a bus, 15 minutes of travel in a wheelchair to security point #1, 20 minutes in wheelchair to security #2, and 35 minutes for a third person to push wheelchair to US Immigration and Customs in AUH. While this was happening, an Arab man almost ran away with my Rolex watch as we went through security. At this airport, you have remove everything including your watch and go through security in a crowed narrow area and if you are not watching, Abu Dhabi airport employees and Etihad employees are waiting to steal your belongings.

Two hours of going from remove landing area to 3 different security checkpoints meant we had no time to go to the business class lounge. We landed in Abu Dhabi at 7:15am and our next flight was at 9:30am. My 80-year old mother was starving and shivering and could not even get a cup of coffee, and was hoping to get coffee on the 15-hour flight from AUH to ORD leaving at 9:30am. When we boarded EY151, we were offered lemonade or orange juice or champagne, but no coffee was available. I repeat, this was at 9:30am. So, we had to wait for coffee until the first meal service.
When the meal service began an hour later, unfortunately, my mother and I were subjects of racial discrimination by Etihad flight cabin crew on flight EY151. Although we were seated in the middle of the cabin, the flight attendants who provided food and beverage service several times to the people and in front and behind kept ignoring us. At age 80, my mother wanted to eat early and sleep, but we were always the last ones to be served food during meal time, and this too after I had to raise my hand and wave repeatedly. We only got leftovers on this flight of >15 hours, and only after repeated attempts to get the attention of the flight attendants. The Indian couple who were seated in front of us were also ignored while the cabin crew made several trips to pour wine and whiskey to the Caucasian and Arab passengers on the flight. The flight attendants were disrespectful to us and behaved as if they did not like serving to non-Whites. Finally, after I complained to the cabin manager, a black gentleman was sent to serve us. He was nice to us, but the attitude of the other cabin crew was racially discriminative and painful to us.
It was an utterly humiliating experience to be ignored by the cabin crew because we are of Indian ethnicity while they paid full attention to the White and Arab passengers on the flight. This was in business class and on a flight longer than 15 hours.

If I experienced racially discriminative experience on Etihad only once, I would not have complained. However, I experienced the airline's racist attitude when flying from ORD to AUH on March 7, 2015 as well on AUH to ORD on March 19, 2015. My similar experience again on March 19, 2015 on the flight from AUH to ORD confirmed my belief that this airline has racist attitude. I filed a racial discrimination complaint about the airline with DOT.

When we arrived in ORD, we had to wait for 30 minutes for wheelchair for my mother. Her two checked bags were badly damaged and torn with wires around the rims coming out. At the baggage claim area, we showed the damage to her bags to Etihad baggage office attendants, but they quickly dismissed the damage as nothing to do with handling by Etihad.

I had another flight EY3164 from ORD to New Orleans (MSY) after a long layover. When I picked up my own checked bag in MSY, it was drenched heavily in rainwater and coated with thick mud, again showing how badly Etihad handles bags. My belongings were badly damaged.

Etihad quickly rejected our complaints about damage to bags.

When I booked travel in business class on Etihad website, the airline presented one itinerary for me with domestic flights MSY-ORD and ORD-MSY on American Airlines. This was an Etihad ticket. AA was portrayed as a partner of Etihad on Etihad website for earning frequent flier miles. More than a month after completion of entire travel, no AA miles have been credited for 3 of the 4 Etihad flights. I did not receive mileage credit for ORD-AUH, AUH-HYD, and AUH-ORD. American Airlines said Etihad does not allow them to give mileage credit for flights between USA and Abu Dhabi and vice versa in business class. They said I did not receive miles for AUH-HYD Etihad flight EY274 because the booking class was Z. When I contacted Etihad, I should have received miles for Z class (mind you, this is business class, not discounted, and booked on Etihad website) and I should contact AA. Well, Etihad says to contact AA and AA says to contact Etihad.

For my mother who also completed travel in business class on March 19th, as of April 25th, no miles have been posted to her AA account for HYD-AUH and AUH-ORD. She also flew in business class, and this business class ticket was booked on Etihad website.
So, for those of you hoping to get frequent flier on one of the US airlines while flying on Etihad business class ticket, forget it. Etihad does not give frequent flier miles for flights between USA and Abu Dhabi (these are 14-15 hr flights) in business class. You see zero miles in most cases. Etihad has the worst possible alliance with other international airlines.

So, in summary, avoid Etihad at all costs if you are flying in business class. Food in business class on Etihad is horrible. Etihad toiletry kits contain bare little. Etihad entertainment system in business class on 15 hour flights is so skimpy that you have to watch the same movie again and again. It is 1/50th of what Emirates offers. Avoid Abu Dhabi airport. Etihad's business class lounges are dirty, smelly, and lack basic amenities one would expect in a business class lounge. Etihad destroys your checked bags. Etihad is not a member of a good airline alliance. You get no frequent flier miles for flights between USA and Abu Dhabi. Avoid Etihad if you are non-White or non-Arab because their employees seem to be trained to be racist.

Please do not fly on Etihad. If you do, you will experience nightmares.

Posted by Anonymous

luggage lost in transit, no help or whatsoever from ground personel, no feedback and a pathetic atitude towards customers with problems created by etihah

Posted by sean

the only way to reach to reach customer service is by email for which they never care to respond

Posted by Etihad nightmare

My watch was stolen when going through security at the Etihad exclusive area of Abu Dhabi airport on 29th November 2014. Watches must be removed and placed in a tray to go through a X ray scanner, after I went through the scanner I was directed to a booth for a personal pat down and not allowed to collect my watch and bag. When I returned my watch was gone – the Etihad security female consistently told investigators that she was minding my watch and bag until I returned but it went missing within the minute or so I was in the booth. My passport and boarding pass were taken, preventing me from leaving the area. My next flight was due to board in 40 minutes. I was told I had a choice of staying and viewing the security tape, paying for a hotel for the night and purchasing a new ticket the following day or completing my flight and Etihad would view the security tape in my absence, with the hope of locating my watch and sending it to Sydney on the next flight. I was dragged from person to person but not allowed to write down names or contact details. I was scanned, my bag scanned twice then emptied whilst the security female kept saying she had my watch last and did not give it to me. Etihad has been reluctant to talk to me, totally disinterested, accused me of having “at all times care, control and custody of my watch” and generally thrown all barriers up to prevent an investigation. The only time I receive a response from Etihad was when I email the CEO, James Hogan. I have been accused of “inconsistencies in my version” which is ridiculous as I pointed out their security video tape revealed exactly what happened and who the thief was. I have been refused a copy of the tape so presume Etihad is protecting its own employees. Etihad even suggested they will do all they can to locate my watch 30 days after it was stolen. I notified Etihad that I would not return on my booked flight as the flight to Sydney was terrible, stuck in a seat in a very hot plane without water for 2 hrs whilst our flight take off was delayed – this before a 14 hr flight, my reading light and dvd unit did not work and no spare seats.. A true nightmare. Etihad are refusing to refund the cost of my stolen watch and the unused portion of my flight despite having a medical certificate stating unable to fly at that date. Never ever use this airline if you value your jewellery and want a trouble free flight.

Posted by Anonymous

Initially I submitted my Medical and latest diagnosis report on Saturday to Meda and also to newyork Ticketing center. But today morning(after 48 hrs) I get a negative response from Monika Greb.

This is highly disgusting, Actually based on your site information,

its advice to submit the MEDIF form(A,B,C) before 72 hours of the flight departure- But the region ticketing offices are closed and even based on call center advice I have submitted to MEDA through the E-Mail.

Need a stamp from the Dr. - I have submitted the MEDIF form given by an hospital and a DR from the hospital. IN Hospital dr's will not have their own stamp(Words from the Hospital Patient Advocate).

Need clearance from American airlines- This is very new request from Etihad Texas office. And this is coming to me today. Why I didn't receive this yesterday morning? Delays happened on Etihad side and perfectly not from my end(I sent my sent items mail MEDA and also to Monika). There is no advice from the call center guys or in the website to get clearance from multiple airlines if it is linked one. There is no proper guidance for a medical guest planning to travel through Etihad airways.

Posted by HG

I would like to file a complain to air aviation regarding lost baggage for me, my husband and 2 kids.

We have boarded jet airways flight from Rajkot - Gujarat(India)

Fligt informaiton:

Rajkot to Mumbai (13th Jan-2015)
Mumbai to Bangalore (13th Jan-2015)
Bangalore to Abu Dhabi (13th Jan-2015)
Abu Dhabi to San Francisco (13th Jan-2015)

Passenger Names:
1. Kiran Kumar Thakkar (Male - Adult)
2. Harsha Ganatra (Female - Adult)
3. Adhya Ganatra (Female - Kid)
4. Isha Ganatra (Female - Kid)

We have checked in 4 baggage at Rajkot Airport with person name (Shivraj) and confirmed that we will receive our all 4 baggages at San Francisco airport.

Unfortunately still we don't have our luggage at all. I have some important medication which I need to give to my twin kids and some food, forumula, clothes and jwellery and some cash inside my luggage and also a musical instrument in one bag.

COuld you please let me know when I will receive as there are some medication and food which is perishable and need to use immediately.

Pleaes let me know urgently regarding my luggage so that I can act accordingly. who will pay for medication and clothes which I need immediatly.

Thank you

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Posted by Anonymous

My first experience with Etihad was truly excellent! My daughter and I were supported through some difficult issues with tact and friendliness at both ends of our flight: Kuwait to Vietnam. The Etihad customer service manager in Vietnam went beyond her call of duty to help us out of a potentially disastrous situation. We owe her a large Thank You! for her incredible kindness ~ she saved our trip to Vietnam! In the chaos of the moment I never got her name, she was working on Oct17, 7pm at the International airport of Ho Chi Minh City. A big Thank You to her and her co-worker (who helped to keep us informed), Taurus Ho.

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