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Esurance customer service is ranked #195 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Esurance customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


24 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 88.89%.


3 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 11.11%.

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  • Esurance

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    • 46.31 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (88.89%)
    • 3 positive comments (11.11%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 3.6 Issue Resolution
    • 3.4 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 4.0 Product Knowledge

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Posted by tdwilliams4232

Esurance Customer Service is the WORST. The E in Esurance stands for Electronic...correct? Then why cant I get an of my policy documents emailed when I need them? I spoke to a so-called supervisor name Patty and he actually told me that he wont email a copy of my sr22 to me. Not only that, but my entire policy is not made available to me online. I explained to Patty that I had an emergency situation and he still refused to email me the doc that I need. I have been an customer for about 10 years and my loyalty means nothing to this company. I WILL NOT be renewing...they made a bad situation worse and they SUCK

Posted by A Unhappy customer

This company is full of bull crap! The customer service reps are very rude and need to be retrained on a lot of things. I got transferd to 5 different departments that's NOBODY CAN HELP ME IN! When I finally did get to the correct claims department the lady Sarah hung up on me and was rude. They told me that they took the false hit and run accident off my report but it's still showing up! I shouldn't have to be on the phone for 2 hours getting the run around with rude ass customer service reps. Who can't even give you the correct answers to your questions and concerns I have. Y'all need to do better. This is one of the reasons why I'm leaving Esurance. Y'all SUCK

Posted by Esurance Victim

IF you are researching a new Auto-Insurer and esurance is on your radar for being competitive- RUN AWAY FROM THEM FAST. I have been a brand new esurance auto-policy customer for less than 24 regular business hours and this company is a nightmare. Seriously, I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone with the Customer Service and what the company as a whole (multiple reps, agents, supervisors of BOTH departments, many, too many transfers...). I am actually a victim now, their incompetence has cost me money, not to mention the aggravation of it all. Avoid them like the plague.
It's true you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always better. And it's not always REALLY cheaper....they tried to jack up my rates within 12 hours of issuing the brand new policy for their own mistake. TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I Am A Car Salesman In Ny Needed To Get Id Cards Corrected For Esurance Customer Worst Experience 3 Hrs It Took But They Told Me It Was Going To Take Overnight Up To 24 Hrs Non Professional Company

Posted by ejpolson

On January 1st of this year, while traveling on Pacific Ave between Forest Grove and Cornelius, a driver entered the highway from a driveway on the north side of the road, entered the center divider while speeding up, and pulled into my vehicle. It happened fast enough that I did not have time to react to avoid the collision. We both pulled to the right shoulder of the road immediately to exchange personal and insurance information. He told me that he didn't see my vehicle as he sped up to merge. I asked how he couldn't see a 2007 Chevy Tahoe that has automatic daytime running lights, to which he simply stated again that he did not see my vehicle. Based on the other driver's insistence that he would insure his insurance company would cover all repairs and his pleading that I not let the police sort the accident out, I felt it best to immediately contact the police and report the accident.
When the police arrived, he and I both provided a statement (police report is attached). The investigation seemed to take longer than I thought it would. It turns out the reason for the length of the investigation is that his Washington driver's license came back as being suspended, so he was going to be cited for the accident. Though there was evident body damage, my vehicle seemed to be in good working order, so after the police left, I continued driving the vehicle. I was a little rattled by the suddenness of the accident, so I decided to go find a parking lot and park for a bit to settle down. I also decided that I would forgo the errands I had intended and try to make a little money driving for UBER.
Immediately upon returning home that evening I completed an accident report for Oregon DMV, and filed a claim online with my insurance company (Esurance). I received an email on January 2nd from Esurance informing me of the claim number and adjuster assigned to the claim. On January 4th, I received a letter concerning what would be my responsibilities during the claim process. On January 5th, I emailed Ms. Sobieck a copy of the accident report completed by the police at the scene of the accident. On January 7th, I went to the Forest Grove Police Department to get a copy of the police report submitted for the accident (attached).
On or about January 6th, I was informed by Ms. Sobieck that Viking Insurance, the insurer of the other driver, had reached a decision that they would assume 85% of the liability, leaving me to cover the remaining 15% of the costs of repair. She recommended that I take the offer, and they would attempt to recover the remaining costs during arbitration. I called the adjuster for Viking Insurance, Ms. Corinne Hashenberger, to find out why they were trying to force me to accept any responsibility for the accident. She told me that they determined, based on their insured's statement that he was doing 10 mph while merging, that I "made an insufficient effort to avoid the accident." I told her that I had clearly told them he had accelerated quickly and there was no opportunity to avoid the accident. She maintained her assertion that I'd not made sufficient effort to avoid the accident. She expressed no concern that the speed limit was 40 mph and that attempting to merge at 10 mph would violate the Oregon Vehicle Code that requires drivers to act and a "responsible and prudent manner" as well as section 811.285 that requires vehicles to safely merge at the posted speed.
I continued to drive the vehicle as I had been doing previously. While returning from Portland on the 7th, I noticed a grinding noise coming from the front left wheel, which took the brunt of the impact. I decided that the vehicle was probably not safe to drive anymore, so I decided to take it into the shop for repairs and did so on January 8th.
On January 9th, I sent an email to Ms. Sobieck asking what recourse I had for the loss of potential income while my vehicle was in the shop for repairs. I followed up with a phone call on the 10th to talk directly with her. She again asked if I had any passengers (a question posed during my initial statement) to which I again responded that I did not. She then informed me that there may be an issue with their policy while driving as a public conveyance. I again informed her that I had NOT been doing so. I had been on a personal errand which I had decided to cancel after the accident. She let me know that she would let me know what the result of the investigation over the public conveyance was.
I received a certified letter from Esurance dated January 20th informing me that they would not cover any repairs on the vehicle until the investigation was complete. I have since provided them with the fact that it was four hours between the accident and the first public conveyance I provided.
At issue is the following statement found in my policy (appropriate section attached) section 1.F of EXCLUSIONS FOR PART I: LIABILITY COVERAGE: "For that "insured's" liability arising out of the ownership or operation of any vehicle while it is used as a public or livery conveyance, or used to carry property for compensation or a fee. This Exclusion 1.F. applies to, but is not limited to, the delivery of magazines, newspapers, food, or any other products. However, this Exclusion 1.F. does not apply to shared-expense car pools." This statement clearly states WHILE it is used as a public conveyance and provides, as examples, the delivery of periodicals, food and products. I interpret this to mean that I would have had to ACCEPTED a ride request and be in transit to the pickup point or have picked up a passenger for pay. Neither of these conditions were in play at the time of the accident meaning that I am needlessly being denied the use of my vehicle.
On January 25th, I stopped by Bruce Chevrolet (the repair facility currently working on the vehicle) to find out what the status of the vehicle was. I was told that in addition to the body damage that has already been repaired, they found that the left front hub (the controlling part of the suspension for the four-wheel drive) was shattered and needing to be replaced. At that time, I reminded him that there were two other issues that presented themselves immediately after the accident; the "Service Suspension System" warning indicator started coming on intermittently, and there was a new "thunking" noise coming from the rear end upon acceleration. He then informed me that after several attempts to arrange for payment for the repairs, Ms. Sobieck had told him to "cease all work on the vehicle and that the only way it would be paid for is if the other insurance company paid for it or if Eric Polson paid for it."
It would seem to me that an adjustor has the power to make a decision based on facts and/or testimony and/or logic. In this case none have been applied. I testified as to exactly what happened from my point of view. Viking made a decision that considered neither my testimony nor facts presented in the police report and instead took the claim of the at-fault driver that neither coincide with the police report nor Oregon law regarding responsible and prudent driving practices. Esurance made a decision based on a misinterpreted policy statement and chose to ignore testimony to which an oath of truthfulness was given. Based on these comedies of errors I am left without a vehicle since my policy does not cover a rental vehicle, and Viking made no attempt or offer of assistance.

Posted by Anonymous

I need help printing new cards for Mark Nelson. Policy number

Posted by alliealia

Esurance is an absolute nightmare if you have to file an expensive claim. I have struggled with them for two years after my then husband ran over something on the highway. There was some pre-existing scratches to outside of the vehicle and grill because he didn’t take care of the car, but nothing pre-existing under the car. They covered the scratches on the outside of vehicle and said the damage under the car, which had damaged the transmission of the Mercedes and ripped the wiper fluid tank.was pre-existing damage and they refused to cover it. The transmission of my car will cost at least $8,000 to repair and they will not even pay for the tear down for an assessment. They want me to pay for the tear down and will only cover it if they find themselves at fault–what a thieving bunch of criminals this company employs! I am now with Ameriprise through Costco who charges far less, and is a much better company. Do not make the mistake I did–Esurance is little more than a scam company pretending to insure your vehicles. I would have given zero stars but have to give them at least one. You can do far better with Ameriprise or Amica, reputable companies with very decent pricing and excellent service.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to call Esurance on 01/01/2015 Granted I know this is technically a holiday however it says they are here for us 24/7 so, when I called; I thought I might get to talk to someone but I was wrong-No Answer?? after holding for 23 minutes I hung up. If the wait was going to be longer maybe they should have a recording stating so. 24/7?-Just another company stating info that is not correct. Think I will go to Safeco they answered...

Posted by justice

Esuarance is very unprofessional, non compassionate, and untruthful. My vehicle was towed a week before Christmas last year do to esuarance failing to show proof of coverage to NV DMV. After speaking with a representative who assured me that the problem would be taken care of immediately. I even asked him to email records of our conversation in which he did do so. Two months later my vehicle was towed because changes were never made to my VIN showing that I've had coverage the entire time of me owing my vehicle. I've been going back and fourth for a year and I've provided every piece of documentation they asked for which always seems to end up lost or unreceived.The supervisor Ben continues to leave emails that fail to disclose the submission of proof I hold in regards to the conversation with the representative. If your looking for a honest ensurance carrier please avoid doing business with esurance.

Posted by JonesFamily072013

I spoke to 3 different customer service reps today and out of the 3 i spoke with it took the third one to simply do his job and correct the issue. I had gave Esurance almost $400 2 days ago and I woke up to find my policy canceled while I had two cars currently being drove. It took a total hour for them to reinstate my policy that should've never been canceled in the first place. One rep I got name Susan Agent ID: 821 kept asking me what is it that she can do for me because my policy's just canceled after I had explained the situation 4 times someone please fire her, for her lack of concern and customer service skills.

Posted by tiramesuto

Well to a customer whom needs Sr22. I had a background check done for a job and find out my license has been suspened for 3 mnth due to your company failed To send my was sent with incorrect license number and birth date.not mine but my I get it next day air and was told I need to pay fedex which was 25.50 to have it delivered because noone knew yet what was done the first time. So I set an acct up with fedex and recieved my next day air paclage on my acct # so I bring it downtown Chicago after I pay to park plus driving on suspended license than pay for train ride to and from .I give the paper and guess what I was told what was done the first time which your company sent wrong info in for my Sr22 which ended up suspending it. Your company did it again resent an sr22 with wrong license # I called and I was told oh my yes its our fault. Ok I ask to have it mext day aired again correct..but im not paying for your companies mistake amd would like the FedEx I had to set up cuz I was told to and it wasnt there fault.well its all changed now it was your companies fault and im told no promises to have it refunded to ive been put out of my way, jeopardize my job as im a nanny..n my car taken away also fines.eyc
Etc. Well I call today nope not next day aired as it wad to be from friday. No documentation of a second tracking number. I am gettung close to calling BBB amd an attorney.

Posted by esurance sucks

so I sinned up with esurance a few months ago. They ran my driving record and gave me a very good quote. 2 months later my insurance premium when up 40 usd per month on top of what I already paid. I called them and they said they had updated driving record but, I had not accidents or tickets after I sinned up. I agreed to pay more money and moved on. The next month my premium went up 60 usd more!!!!!!. I finally got tired of them and cancelled my policy 4 days before my next month started (month to month policy). They where suppose to give my some money back since I cancelled my policy 4 days before my coverage period ended but instead they pulled 123.58 dollars out my bank account a few days after. I called the company looking for answers to this matter but they were not able to give me a good explanation other than my policy is being reviewed by some agents. This company is a joke in my opinion and I wouldn't recommend any body getting insurance trough them.

Posted by Msj

Can never get through to claims rep Steve monteil and when I did he lied to me. Stay away from esurance. Fine if you don't need them but beware if you do!,,,,

Posted by the shaft

zvi i remember allstate very well after the 94 la earthqwake hundred of homeowners got the shaft from the good hands co they will love you to keep paying your premium but if you have an acidentthey will turn your life upside and down anddo allthe tricks in the book to cheat you stay away and if you have an acident hire an attorney fast do not deal with them especialy on cases of uninsured motorist you will get the shaft

Posted by gbrant

was satisfied with esurance until i got in a accident and needed them. it has been a week and no one has looked at the car yet. no sense of urgency or concern. don't waste your time or money. find another insurance company.

Posted by jennyrett

Was involved with a car accident with a person with esurance. The accident was entirely the other persons fault. I went through the other persons insurance (esurance) for repairs. Esurance took 45 days to declare the car a total loss. They valued the car at over $6k, but will only pay out $5k because that is the policy maximum. OK, so I am fine with that. What I am not fine with, is because it took esurance 45 days to declare the car a loss, the body shop wants $2500 in storage fees. esurance told me it is my responsibility to pay those storage fees. What??? esurance's negligence to handle the claim in a timely manner is why the body shop had to charge storage fees. They are the worst insurance company, the reps only know how to 1)not answer their phones, 2) make excuses for how long things take and 3)try to insist you go through your own insurance first, even when the accident is their client's fault. Just terrible!

Posted by Anonymous

homesite is the homeowner's insurance division of esurance. i have been on the phone in "press this" hell for about half an hour. Now i'm on hold awaiting a customer service rep-a distinguished position i've arrived at only by fooling the auto-router. This is by far the WORST (or best, I guess?) system I've ever encountered for not letting you get to a human being. I'm still on hold. No idea how good the service is once you're talking to someone. This complaint- so far- is solely about the ability to get to a customer service rep. unreal.

Posted by Anonymous

worst service ever. every time i call the recording hangs up on me. classy.

Posted by Mia

I was rear ended by one of Esurance's policy holders, let me tell you they attempt to make you feel as if it was your fault. Brooke Jugo is a manipulator with a lack of communication skills. She attempts to diagnose you over the phone what your injuries are and down plays your symptoms. She should not be allowed to speak to humans, she lacks compassion and should look for work elsewhere! She is in the wrong field.

Posted by diamineindistress

Not good about assisting there customers with road side assistance issues, I had high expectations of this company too bad it turned out to be a flop. OOh well back to Geico where I dont mind paying for good service

Posted by gatorfan64

lack of respect for innocent bystanders. as being one of those who was rear ended by one of your clients on 6/4/10.damage was done to the rear end of my blazer. a new bumper is needed, but your adjuster decides out in the field that it can be repaired instead of being replaced. to most consumers that is poor customer service. repairing something that could possibly be the difference in helping save some ones life our their loved ones in the case it may happen again. you as a company that sells a product or service are responsible for doing the right thing.

Posted by Anonymous

i loooove how every month they are real quick to take the money out of my account but have yet to send me an insurance card or any written document of my account. account was canceled and they STILL took a payment out, overdrawing my account 3 times because this crap came out!!! gotta love it!!

Posted by Anonymous

Dont waste your time with these scammers everything is fine until it comes time for them to back up your policy that you have been paying for for years,

then they make work for your claim by calling you a liar on everything, and replacing your parts with crap. to make a story short you get what you pay for.

Posted by Anonymous

I called at 1:16pm on a Friday (non holiday) and got a recording that the office was closed and to get a quote go to the website....which WOULDN'T LOAD!!! I guess customer service is a priority to them. I found another company!

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Posted by rollerfu

No issue with the claims dept.
Claim was handled within 2 days (shop had check in their account).
Policy questions can be answered quicker, very tiresome to ask any questions of this dept.

Posted by Anonymous

I never have had a problem with this company. I always get through every time quickly. Every one has been very nice and intelligent and professional. I have been a customer for 1 year now. I recommend them to my family.

Posted by thanksforcalling

I'm literally 5 minutes away from leaving this company, but the customer care team has been nothing but helpful. Their prices are amazingly expensive.(Full coverage on a 98 Toyota COROLLA: $220 a month) I switched cars in the middle of the month, and I knew, what with proration and everything, that the next bill would be a bit high. So I switched from a $110/mo policy to a $220/mo policy, and my next bill was a staggering $492 even. I still haven't payed the whole thing yet, and it's a month later. The care team itself has been great in helping me set up arrangements for the amount though. Any time I can't make a payment, they automatically give me a 10 day extension and a small late fee.
So, even though their billing system is nothing short of disgusting, I gotta hand it to these people. Every rep I get speaks English, and every rep I get knows their stuff. Not to mention, they all sound pretty happy to be doing what they're doing, which is, as awful as it sounds, customer care for an insurance company.

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