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    • 30.58 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 552 negative comments (92.62%)
    • 44 positive comments (7.38%)
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Posted by Anonymous

There's an error on the second page of the freeze site. There is no place to check freeze credit report. The three options deal with temporary lifting a freeze by time or party and to permanently remove a freeze. There is NO option to initiate a freeze. After trying several different numbers and trying to send an email, I had to google to find a place to leave a comment. Don't you beta test your site? I still can't sign up for a credit freeze by phone ( on hold for 10+ minutes) or by an email address. Your rating in my book is
.0000 out of a possible 10. Never called back for a survey either.

Posted by Anonymous

Very Difficult To Avoid Using Profanity - Because Equifax Certainly Deserves To Be Addressed In Profane Terms - But - I Shall Be As Nice As Possible. Here's My Issue: To React To The Recent Massive Hack Of Equifax Data - I Did The Preliminary Sign Up For Both Myself And My Wife For The Credit, Etc., Protection That Equifax Purports To Offer. It Happens That My Wife And I Share The Same Email Address. When We Rcvd Follow-up Emails - One To Me - And One To My Wife - That Contained Links To Set Up Credit Monitoring Accounts - I Proceeded To Set Up My Account - Following The Instructions In The Email Addressed To Me - Which Process Appears To Have Been Completed Successfully. When I Then Attempted To Follow The Same Procedures To Set Up An Account For My Wife - In Her Name - Using Her Birth Date, Etc. - I Got A Msg That Told Me That Account Had Already Been Set Up. After I Dug Into This A Bit Further - I Arrived At The Conclusion That Equifax System That Processes This Input Is Unable To Discriminate Between Two Different Individuals - With Different Names/birth Dates/ssns, Etc. - If These Individuals Happen To Share Same Email Address. I Then Called Several Different Equifax Customer Service (as Applied To Equifax - An Oxymoron) Reps - Who Indicated That Folks Who Share Same Email Address Cannot Be Registered For This Credit Monitoring Service Using Same Email Address - I.e., It's Necessary To Create An Additional Email Address (or Addresses) For Each Individual To Be Registered Because Equifax System Can Only Handle One Person/registration Per Email Address. There Was No Explanation Offered For This Bizarre Situation - Other Than "that Is The Way The Equifax System Works." In All Of The Widespread Criticism Of Equifax's Handling Of Fallout From This Hack - I Have Not Seen This Particular "only One Person Per Email Address" Issue Discussed. But - As Far As I Am Concerned - This Is Just Another Indication Of Equifax's Ineptitude & Lack Of Sophistication In Dealing With Even The Simplest Cyber Issues - And Probably Another Indicator Of Why Equifax Was Ripe For Hacking In The First Place. I Have Never Dealt With Any Entity Online That Had A System Incapable Of Discriminating Between Individuals Who Share Same Email Address. As You Surely Understand - This Is A Substantial Inconvenience For The Untold Numbers Of Folks Who Share The Same Email Address. Therefore - Strongly Suggest That Equifax Take Whatever Steps Are Necessary To Allow Folks Who Share An Email Address To Register Under That Common Email Address - Using As Discriminator Their Personal Information - For Credit Protection Offered By Equifax.

Posted by Anonymous

first tried to submit request for credit freeze and fraud alert on your website. completed form, read terms + conditions, agreed to tc, clicked submit: was immediately told you could not process the request at this time.
proceeded to try calling
long wait to speak to an agent; told call needed to be transfered to another agent, then a long interview about credit cards and credit limits, and who might have requested a report. I was surprised and sad

Posted by n1ckethi1ck

To change your School Grades, Hack into any Database, Get Facebook Password; Twitter; Any Email and Other Social Media, Spy On your partner to test their Sincerity, Keep tabs on your Employees, Increase Credit Score, Delete Bad/Criminal Records or Reviews or any job that requires hacking.

Serious people only, don't contact me if you are not serious...You should contact or text me on


Posted by BOWIE

I called each of the telephone numbers listed on this website. Each one had a recorded message that the department was not open and that I could enter a dispute online. I tried to enter an online dispute and received a message that I could not do so but would have to handle the dispute by phone. Customer service is non-existent either online or by phone.

Posted by Anonymous

C/s reps barely spoke English...extremely long whole periods...supervisors failed to handle/investigate issue...negative attitudes...unprofessional....unskilled or trained...

Posted by cramttu

I have called several times to get credit freeze removed- please assist

no one is able to help

Posted by Mrs

It is impossible to file a dispute to file online. Shame on you! Transition was extremely easy and outstanding response time

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to talk to a person in the United States !!!!! The only person I can reach is in India..........
REALLY !!! I'M PAYING for Credit Protection and I can only talk to someone in India. This is very poor customer service. I need someone to please call me at 806 791-3105 or 806 438-1129 cell number. Dottie Baker
Asap. I'm very unhappy with the customer service. Thank you

Posted by MelissaJ1983

I have been attempting to rectify my credit file with Transunion and Equifax for over a month now. Transunion has been amazing to deal with. Equifax on the other hand, absolutely impossible. Terrible customer service. I have sent in disputes and they come back rejected. I have paid off items that were in collections and am now told they will stay on my credit file for an additional 6 years because I paid them. Had I not paid them, they would have dropped off my credit file in 2017. 1 year from now. So, instead they will now sit there showing as PAID but still showing past due by years!! Which is considered negative for an additional 6 years now. Transunion removed them from my file within 14 business days, no questions asked. I showed proof of payment and not a problem.
I also disputed an old Student Loan that was closed with negative balance, I rehabilitated my student loan in good standing now for over 2 years, I requested they remove the old one on my report, as it was showing twice now, negative and the good one. Transunion removed it no problem, Equifax said no. I called Equifax to get updates on my other disputes and they would not even ask my name, SIN..would not look into anything, just gave me general answers. I have contacted them many times by phone, fax etc. I just sent in a complaint letter and if that doesn't help I will file a complaint with the Ministry of Consumer services. I am trying to apply for a mortgage and this is absolutely ridiculous!

Posted by [email protected]

I have tried 3 times to submit a dispute with you re: SCA. They have no reason to have this still on my credit report. I submitted a dispute with TransUnion and it was removed immediately. For some reason I can't get past step 3 of your report. I do not owe these people. I paid it before it went to collection. Please help me.

Posted by anonymous

No way to reach a live human being at Equifax. Maybe the 1 rating is unfair since it is not possible to speak to someone. Please hire some humans to answer your phones instead of your computer garbage robot!!!!!!!

Posted by Kim

Called Equifax. Representative's accent was so strong I could NOT understand what she was saying. Finally had to ask for a supervisor. Called again the next day for a different issue and got a male whose accent was just as bad. Does Equifax outsource to a foreign country for these calls? Why have people answering the phones who can't speak clear English? Ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous

When equifax receives a collection from an agency instead of typing the whole name of the person that is getting filed against they use initials and the address. So if anyone if your family shares initials there's a good chance your credit will suffer from someone else's debt. Knowing they hadn't entered the correct information and my credit score is getting destroyed because of their laziness I was hung up on from their customer service or disservice as I would call 2 times today after being on hold for 30 minutes. I'm blown away that they're so sloppy and careless with people's credit. Terrible customer service. I had all the proof necessary to prove they had the wrong person but they didn't wanna hear it. 2 other credit agencies, the original collection sent out and the doctor that sent the bill to collections all agreed that it's fraudulent. Blown away by their ignorance.

Posted by Keeping It Real

To file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

Experian being one of the three major credit reporting agencies, literally responsible for the financial wellbeing of millions of Americans, the expectation is that they take that responsibility seriously. My experience dealing with them proves they do not.

After my divorce in 2011 my credit was ruined and I have since worked tirelessly to rebuild it. I requested and reviewed my credit reports, noticing that there were a couple errors. On 4/13/16 USPS tracking confirmed that Experian, Equifax and TransUnion had received my disputes. I have had no issues with the other agencies and with their resolution of the matter I decided to check with Experian to assess the status of my dispute.

My multiple attempts at retrieving information online were fruitless. After deciding to call customer service; searching the site for a contact number was exhausting. The first time I called, I thought it was a fluke that the person was incapable of providing any information and directed me to a number that was inappropriate to my needs. The second time I called, I was stunned that no one could provide any information and again directed me to a number that didn't work. Figuring that they didn't get my dispute, yesterday I filed it again online.

Today, in the mail, I received from Experian the results from my original dispute. Looking at the document that was mailed 4/21, scratching my head, I thought for a moment that this was finally over. Unfortunately they did not remove the incorrect information but I had a lifeline. In the beginning of the letter it states, "The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act states that I have the right to request a description of how the dispute was processed including the business name, address, telephone number of any furnisher of information contacted." This information could be useful in a future dispute. This brings me to my 3rd and final call.

I truly believed I was calling my with a simple request that is clearly stated on the document Experian mailed to me, having also provided the number to call to request this information. I certainly didn't think I would be here an hour later writing this review. Just like my two other calls, Melissa (who stated that she works in a call center in Costa Rica) was unable to locate or provide information. I asked for the contact information used in my dispute and she told me to look on my original credit report. I kept her on the line and retrieved my report, then informing her that this is not the detailed information I'm I entitled to and that I'm also to be provided a description of how the dispute is processed. She said, "I can tell you how we process it." I read the statement in the letter and requested the information in writing. She asked if I had sent a written request with my dispute? My reply, "How was I to know that I would need it, I'm not Psychic." I had one final question for Melissa, "What is the contact number for the Federal Trade Commission because my next call is to file a complaint against Experian for violating the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act." Needless to say, she wouldn't give it to me but I found all the information I need to file a complaint and would urge anyone who has issues with Experian to do the same!

Utter disbelief! This is a company that plays a huge role in my financial health, I didn't choose them to be and that is the part of this that is really infuriating.

Posted by LJS

My score changed a few points with no changes in my situation and the reason provided in the system made no sense so I called to get help. I was insistent and they passed me around but no one could explain the system explanation. I left a survey comment on this and chalked it up to bad service. I received a voicemail from Clarissa from Equifax Customer Service on my survey comments but the number she left is a fax number. I called Equifax and got the runaround again because they simply don't understand anything outside their script. It is as expected for a company that draws profits from customer's frustration and misery

Posted by Anonymous

I need help unfreezing my credit, I lost my pin and we are trying to get financing for our home.

How do I speak with someone live to follow up on this?

Posted by ajf

I need help unfreezing my credit, I lost my pin and we are trying to get temporary financing our the purchase while we sell our home. I mailed my information to Equifax and need them to unfreeze ASAP.

How do I speak with someone live to follow up on this, I am so disappointed with this Credit bureau. I am not frozen on the other two

Posted by Anonymous

They do not provide what they promise by mail or email. It is totally unreliable. Save your time. I cannot imagine how this company stays in business. Certainly not by helping the consumer. Avoid...Avoid...Avoid...

Posted by David

ME: just go to your website and Try to find the "cancel" option
REPRESENTATIVE JOSE: There is no option to cancel online.
ME: see ?
REPRESENTATIVE JOSE: You needed to contact Customer Care, send a email or via chat to cancel.
ME: I will no keep a good opinion about this service for sure.
REPRESENTATIVE JOSE: Are there any other questions or concerns that I can assist you with today?
ME: Terrible customer service.
ME: No, thank you for ignoring what I just wrote
REPRESENTATIVE JOSE: You're Welcome! It was my pleasure to assist you today!
Jose has disconnected.

Posted by Trumpit

The customer service representative didn't understand my questions so I had to speak slowly and repeat myself several times. When I asked was the call center located in the United States, the CSR hung up on me.

Posted by Siggycat

I no longer believe CR agencies make so many mistakes. I have had negative information on my report that is flatly untrue for several years, and have been trying to get it removed for nearly 2 years now. I finally had to hire a law firm, and it is looking like Equifax will have to be involved in a lawsuit.

If I thought my case was rare, I would not be writing this. Though Equifax is the worst one for me, I have had similar issues with Experian and Trans Union.

They do not know me, as they do not know their other customers. I believe they need a massive attitude adjustment, then be forced to do their job right.

Posted by Mr.Frustration

worse place ever to deal with an issue.
First, they will tell you they have received everything from you that is needed, and, within a week when you follow up they will say they never received the documents you sent??????
The incompetency level at Equifax is at an all time high.
very frustrating.
must be a better alternative.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying for months to get you to straighten out my credit score. You have me listed as being late on my PNC account . The month that you have me being late was when we made the payment at the Clarkston, Mi. branch . Transunion had lowered my credit score and I disputed it and then they raised it to 807 where it is now. Don't you find it odd that I had never missed any payments before that and you dropped my credit score over 120 points. I would like you to recheck with the Clarkston branch and get my credit score right. I know it should be more than what you have it. I am totally disgusted with you people. Why don't you check like you are supposed to?

Posted by Anonymous

On Saturday, Oct 10th used this website to "freeze my credit" due to recent ID theft.
after completing the application, which was very minimal, no security questions..did not receive a final confirmation that complete, although the screen sd was processed, with no pin no received.
This process left me feeling - not complete or finished to this Freezing of my Credit information per Equifax. I will follow with a phone call to complete.
refer to "Experian Process" to see how this could be done better for Equifax.
sherry justice

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Got a call from the police dept saying that they arrested some people who had alot of stolen identities including mine...called identity guard...they recommended i call one of the 3 credit bureaus...Trans is all robots, experian is no answer, equifax answered, live person took info and within 10 minutes it was done. So glad i didnt give up after the first two...SUPER nice lady too!

Posted by Anonymous

Worked with Paeton (?) in Atlanta and he was wonderful!! So helpful and so understanding. Thanks for you your help, Paeton.

Posted by Ron

I reviewed the comments on line about Equifax Customer Service. Not only was I able to get to speak to a live person (Linda was her name). Extremely pleasent and extremely helpful. Resolved my situation.

It is hard to beleive some of the comments when I had a great experience.

Posted by Ronnie

First time I called this numbers and I did not see this on Equifax' website but anyway I was able to talk to a live person (Sonya) and she was nice and very helpful...

Posted by Mike Morel

I just got of the phone with an account representative and she was very nice, courteous and helpful. I was leery after reading the comments section but it all turned out very well. The should all have a number to talk with a live person. The computer generated or web site cannot begin to expedite questions that might pop up. There was no number in any od the options via phone or web base but the live person took care of it without much hassle. I also admit was not in the best frame of mind when the person answered the phone but I was quickly disarmed by her pleasant and helpful attitude.
Mike Morel

Posted by Anonymous

I just got through to an Equifax customer service agent via online chat using this link: https://help.equifax.com/app/chat/chat_launch

The hours are listed as
Monday - Friday: 08:00 AM - 12:00 AM EDT
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

You can give your phone number if you want the rep to call you back versus using the chat feature. I just used the internet chat feature, and I got my questions answered pretty quickly.

Posted by Anonymous

My service rep was Rich and he was very help-ful and kind.

Posted by Anonymous

I lost my Freeze PIN # and looked all over the Equifax website including calling customer care numbers listed there to get a live person but never got a live person. Finally found the number at 'contact help'. Once I called, got a person fairly quickly and she was courtious and did what I wanted quickly - did try to upsel.

Posted by Bigmike

Ive called a couple of different times now to get a fraud alert removed from my account. After I faxed in proper docs I waited 6 days to make sure everything was ok. Both times I have called they answered within 3 minutes and were very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called the "freeze" number and got directly to a person in less than one minute. He was very helpful and said the only problem he could see was that my "current" address in their system was different than the one I provided. He said that's why the realtor was receiving a "0" credit score (I have a 639) because the information did not match.

He updated it for me and sent me a confirmation email with # that the address was corrected.

After I find a way to contact the Experian and TransUnion, my scores should start showing again.

Posted by angush25

Thank You! For days, I've been struggling to reach a human being through phone trees for the numbers on their website. Then I called their corporate office and was transferred to someone who put me on indefinite hold.

I called this number and finally spoke with a reasonable human being.

Posted by noes81

Good information. I tried this number 4 different times within 1 month, I always got the live person within 30 seconds and he/she always able to help me.

Great information

Posted by kevinb


Posted by Fatimastar23

I can't believe this number connected me straight to the dispute department. My call was answered within 2 mins. Quick and easy, thank goodness! I've been trying to fix this problem with my credit file for quite sometime now. Finally, some resolve! Thanks for posting these numbers :D

Posted by tmc_1985

I called the number listed here because I received a letter stating that my home address had changed in their records. The "new" address is an apartment I lived in 17 years ago. So I called, they asked for details to verify my identity (name, addy, confirm a couple items from my credit history), updated the address for me and said they would send confirmation. It was a rep with a heavy accent, but he was courteous and professional and handled my call efficiently.

Posted by bonzomatic

The security freeze phone number worked well for me. In my case I mailed a request for a new PIN to remove my credit freeze. They cashed the check for the $5 fee, but never sent the new PIN.
Just some tips. They will ask for some sort of confirmation number. I told her I didn't know what that was, so she went through a series of security questions. Make sure you are prepared with a previous address and your most recent credit inquiry.
I was transferred to a specialist who asked me to fax a copy of the check to her and she would issue a new PIN. Hopefully it works out...

Posted by Anonymous

Couldn't get access to my free report through annualcreditreport.com because of a security hold. Called the security department's number here and resolve the issue in 10 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

The number listed above for Equifax connected me directly to a live person. I was able to get my issue resolved in under 5 min. When I originally ordered my credit report online, I received a letter asking me to send in all kinds of proof of identity including birth certificate, bank statement, copy of my ID and SS card. I felt uncomfortable sending all of this information to anyone. After calling the number I got to talk to a representative and gave them my name and address and they said a credit report would be in my mail box in 7 days. Thank you so much for the number!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Great help!!! This number worked fantastically, and I got all I needed accomplished! Thanks SO much!

Posted by Anonymous

Beware of SEARS National Bank text message deactivating / reactivating credit card (I don't own one and don't want one). I had this to happen and called Equifax to place a fraud alert on my account and spoke to two different indiduals. I was surprised beyond... Both were professional very helpful in my situation.

Posted by Cantsayit

Thank you very very much, got live person problem solved.

Posted by Anonymous

Needed to lift security freeze / obtain new PIN. Spoke to a live person within 5 min. Very helpful!

Used: 888-298-0045

Posted by JRS

I've been having "stupid" problems with a few very well known Credit Card Banks. The people you speak to at those banks have their limitations of course,but ask for a Supervisor,Why are they never available?? I called Equifax today and couldn't have been assisted any better then the way I was. Thanks to my Representative, job WELL DONE, and to Equifax for your training. J.R./ N.J.

Posted by newbattleaxe

FINALLY! Yesterday, I dialed a different toll-free number for Exuifax. I tried to talk with a gentleman whose first language is not English. He demanded too much information. I hung up, frustrated and in tears.
Today, I dialed the number you have listed. I was quickly connected with a knowledgeable gentleman. He answered all my questions, and resolved my problems efficiently.
If all of Equifax were like this gentleman, they would be at the top of every rating system.

Posted by IS

I wanted to say "thank you". I just utilized the information on this site regarding the security freeze contact and they were very helpful at Equifax. I suspect that their webpage simply needs updating to reflect these additional phone numbers.

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