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Epson customer service is ranked #214 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 308 ratings. This score rates Epson customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


270 Negative Comments out of 308 Total Comments is 87.66%.


38 Positive Comments out of 308 Total Comments is 12.34%.

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  • Epson

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 44.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 270 negative comments (87.66%)
    • 38 positive comments (12.34%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
    • 2.9 Cancellation
    • 3.9 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by bubba joe

I have had the exact same experience as many others. I bought a NEW WF2750. I think it was refurbished. I was defective. Sent it in, returned by FedEx. Needed a "corporate invoice". New on arrived. DEFECTIVE; USB CABLE BAD. Put hold on my card. Will debit my account for full retail if not returned in 7 days. Customer service lies. Does not follow up. I can't print out a new lable, why? Because I have no printer. They tell me to go to a library and print one. Corporate EPSON is the worst product,

Posted by [email protected]

I had to return ink I bought for my Epson printer because before I got to use it I had to get a new Epson printer so the ink is no good to me. It seems like Epson does not want returns. They do everything in their power to make it a difficult experience...unlike other companies. Next printer won't be from Epson.

Posted by Stan

I wish I could get a refund for a faulty XL 220 BlLK ink cartridge. I was luck that I had purchased a backup one at the same time I purchased the faulty one. It's not that I'm a rich person and can give away money for trash. Ink Constipation was one of the reasons I came to Epsion for the individual color cartridges. Now I guess I will have to go searching again for a realalible printer and ink source.

Posted by Angry

Terrible terrible terrible. This is the worst. I ordered yesterday afternoon and this morning they are telling me that I cannot cancel. REALLY. Two phone calls. Now in 30 minutes will be call number 3. As they said I had to wait an hour. Probably so they can contact the warehouse to say it's already shipped. This is some kind of scam practice for sure. I will never order from the online Epson store ever again.

Posted by Karl Mullowney

From now on I will tell everyone who will listen to me to buy a HP printer and not an epson . Anything but epson . They are rubbish. Unfortunately I have an XP-342 . It is stupidly complex to use and often fails to work .

Posted by nancybrandt

I began with an online chat to resolve a printer scanning issue, was transferred to another representative, and then to a third who tried to sell me a security package for $300/yr. Problem resolved? Not in the least. What a scam!

Posted by Judy

I just spend an hour on the phone with two customer service reps, neither of which I could understand. When my printer ran out of Black ink, for the past year, it asked me if I wanted to use Photo Black instead and I said "yes". Today, it would not give me that option and stopped printing in the middle of a document. The CS people (one a "higher level of support") said that using the Photo Back was only offered "temporarily" when I know from past experience, that is not true. The reference number I will NEVER purchase another Epson product.

Posted by Ilse

I have always thought that Epson created a better printer than the competition. I am a graphic designer and print a lot. I have been an loyal customer of Epson for 25 years. But not anymore. I got a cartridge yesterday that streaked badly. After cleaning the head three times, I printed 2 sheets and it said it was out of ink. I took it in and got another. Streaking again. Cleaned it once. it printed 10 sheets and said it was out of ink! What crap. This is taking fleecing too far and I will be looking at another brand the next time I buy a printer. Epson, your greed has lost me forever.

Posted by Wantfriendlyhelp

I recently had a very unsatisfactory customer support experience. I called 1 to get help printing post cards on my WF-3620 printer. I was not able to find what I needed in the manual or online. The Epson technician began a screen sharing session and proceeded to tell me all of the "errors" that he was finding and that this could be the cause of the problem. However, my printer has been working perfectly; I just needed help finding where to choose the correct option for paper size. The technician told me that there was no one at Epson support who could answer my question!!!! He would have to run diagnostics to discover the problem. I ended the screen sharing session and the call. I went on to explore the "buttons" on my printer to see if I could bump into the answer. It turns out that the solution is simple. Go to "Tools" then "Paper Setup" then scroll to the size you want. The printer does not offer the option of 3.5 x 5.5 (the size of my USPS post cards). However, using 3.5 x 5 (one of the options offered) worked. A simple problem that had a simple answer that an Epson technician was neither able to answer nor direct me to someone who could.

Posted by Logic

The return policy is pretty bad because the customer has to pay for shipping it back?! Come on now Epson, their are plenty of companies that pays for the shipping to the customer and back if the customer is dissatisfied.

Posted by Kerry

What an un-merry chase. In my order Order product T034 Light Black Ink Cartridge could not be recognized as working. Customer service left asking me to keep checking to see if the printer started working again.

Posted by epson lucknow

Hello friends. Pls donot buy epson printer. I have bought l565 for 18k approx. But having complaints from 3 months.
There is no service support. You all will be surprised to know that instead giving service they have told me that product warranty is over that too in 3 months period. So, friends do not buy epson printer. Its a wastage of time and money.

Posted by Leonard

33/12 hour with tech support with Epson for my 4640 WF Epson Printer trying to scan documents

Posted by Colin

Customer services are jaunty but crap. You have to suffer 8 odd minutes of sales crap before you get to speak to a real person. They are quite happy to waste your time rather than hire more staff to answer the phone we're now 12 minutes into my time whilst I hang on

Posted by Dorothy761

I bought a new printer to work with mac computer and set up was a problem due to little to no instructions and no you tube either. Got the 800 number from staples for tech support they kept me on the phone for hours and wanted to go into my computer and delete wireless connections. Epson use to have good tech support years ago but now they sound like they have egg salad in their mouth and are scam artists . Fire this company you use for tech and build your tech support to be the best that is number 1 beside the cartridge use problem.

Posted by Never Again with Epson

My HP printer finally quit after 12 years. So I bought an Epson because it sounded too good to be true for the price. After 10 calls to customer service/tech support and 4 sets of ink nothing changed. I did everything they told me to do. The printer would not print everything on the page. When it printed an all black text page it was fuzzy. The one customer service rep tried to tell me the serial number I gave her wasn't the one on the printer. After looking at a photo I emailed, she then realized SHE WAS talking about a totally different printer model. I will NEVER BUY AN EPSON printer or any other product again.

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely terrible. As per usual, the "technical support" phones were answered by people who did not have a sufficient grasp of the language of the country they were supporting (English speaking). They did not understand questions being asked, and just recited things from specifications. I had to waste hours of my own time resolving my own issue, and when I called back to share the knowledge and suggest an update to their specs/instructions, they didn't even understand that I was trying to share information. Again, they just recited specifications. Absolutely hopeless on every occasion I have called them. There might as well be no call centre for tech support at all.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had an epson printer for about a year, and am ready to toss it right out the window! I have never had so much trouble trying to print something off a new printer. This printer has been trouble from day one.
First problem was trying to get it hooked up to wifi. Followed the directions from the manual and nothing worked. Finally went to YouTube and found a video on how to go around the problem to get it to work.
Second is the amount of money spent on ink! No matter how many times I pushed the black ink button, or actually edited the pictures to black and white the dang printer would still use blue, or yellow ink till the ink ran out! Next the darn thing won't print unless every cartridge has ink in it! So I end up with full black cartridges but empty yellow, or magenta, or even blue. So another stupid, Ratsafrasa, trip to the store to get more colored ink, and by now I am fuming! Never again will I buy a printer from this company!

Posted by Epson Hater


See link:

Your company's INK policy CON as you can see on this link

I have multiple friends on social media and with youtube channels and we are ALL about to start a campaign to STOP people buying any EPSON printers

The fact a cyan cartridge runs out but my other three cartridges are FULL but I AM NOT PERMITTED TO BY MY TERRIBLE Epson Printer

I am about to post online videos with ALL our scial media friends and family burning our Epson printers and smashing them with an axe/hammer etc

These sacrifices of Epson goods will be posted on Twitter/Youtube/ Facebook and EVERY social media facility

I and every Epson customer I know are sick fed up with this highway robbery being carried out by Epson

If you can send me 100 ink cartridges I may actually still use your terrible product if not we are committed to starting this campaign to end your ink scam policy


Posted by Anonymous

I Bought epson printer month ago. I replace two times ink, it doesn't support even from their company's ink. Worse Printer ever i bought in my life. I recommended everyone please don't buy printer from epson company. I hate it.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst Customer Service Ever!! Here In Canada I Had Issue With My Printer And After 2 Hours On The Phone And Wasted 2 Black Ink Cartridges They Tell Me That There Is Nothing They Can Do But Send Me Ink Cartridges.. For A Printer That Does Not Work. Then To Top It Off They Tell Me That Based Off My Serial Number That My Printer Was Brought In Calgary, Ontario Meanwhile I Live In Vaughn, Ontario...ummm Interesting...what I Think Happens Here Is That They Send Out Printers That They Pretend To Fix. I Will Never Buy A Espon Printer Again As They Are Over Priced Both Printer And Ink!!

Espon Can Go You Know Where!!

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought new ink cartridges for my epson printer. Cleaned the heads 3 times and the magenta was almost empty and I haven't done any printing yet. Paying to much for ink to just clean the heads. Even if I decided to upgrade and purchase another Epson printer I will have to throw out $80 bucks in ink because I cannot print if one cartridge is empty. I will not buy another as they are ripping us off with the price of ink. All the printer companies are working together on this it seems to rip us off. Sooner or later you will be paying for your crooked ways. You can't treat customers like this and get away without some consequences.

Posted by Anonymous

EPSON=CRAP. I will never buy another epson product as long as I live. Customer service replaced this same printer 5 times in 1.5 years. It went out again and they said I would have to pay to have it fixed. The worst customer service and product EVER!!

Posted by Anonymous

Whenever i call the technical support hotline for epson products, on the first month from date of purchase they connect me to technical support directly on the phone. If it is not purchased from their online store directly or more than 30 days, they will just give their non toll-free number as the only option

Posted by amatula

I have a comment or complaint. I order all of my Epson supplies online. When ever I order replacement ink, paper, etc. you offer no discounts, sales, etc. However, when I do order supplies, about a week after I receive my order, you start emailing me discounts and savings that are available. This has happened every time I place an order. A good example is I just received my order on May 2, order No. Received no discounts. Since May 2, I have received from Epson two emails offering a 15% discount on ink, paper, etc. if ordered by May 12. How come I did not receive this discount on this order before and not after I ordered this material. This has happened every time I have ordered supplies from you! Since I am a repeat customer, how come I do not receive these discounts/specials which you offer, only after the promotions!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent Service From Elmo, Support Service.

Problems: Computer/printer Contact Via Ubs. Sounds Easy, But I An An 80 Year Old, Glasses, Hearing Aids And Tech Challenged; But I Was Lucky When I Got Elmo. He Hung In There With Me, Repeated Instructions, Kept Me Going And Worked Very Hard To Fix The Problem

Epson Is Also Lucky To Have An Employee Like Elmo.

Thank You, Curtis Brown

Posted by travelt

Had a few teething problems with my XP 520 and the staff at Epson couldn't be more helpful. Also it was a landline number and not a premium rate.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish I knew the name of the woman who took me flawlessly through the process of re-setting my printer's wireless connections. She was TERRIFIC.

Posted by Jude

My experience last night was awesome. he fixed my printer in less than 20 min.

Posted by none

Hi Epson
First let me say congrats to you all for producing an ink jet printer with refilable ink. I purchased an Epson L210 about 2 years ago and have sine purchase 2 more. I'm an English teacher in Mexico and I print the books for my students (465). The first printer has reached 53,000 copies with no problems what so ever. Again I thank you very much for an excellent product and I have probably sold many to some of my students parents who asked me how I manage to offer my books to their for no charge.
Sincerely GRATEFUL John LaBrosse

Posted by Happy that they care!

After purchasing a set of bad ink cartridges at Walmart, I called Epson's service to ask them - "Is this a bad printer, or just bad ink?" I explained that after installing a whole new set of cartridges, the printer printed 4 crappy photos, then stopped... So what did they do? They said "Epson Cares" and then offered to send me a whole new set of cartridges for free! Which they promptly did the following week... Thank you Epson. I'm glad you care :)

Posted by Anonymous

your customer service was very helpful, thank you. Martin Pesante

Posted by Anonymous

I have XP-410. It started to produce poor printing/copying but scanning was fine. I called the customer service and she stayed on the phone for over 30 min. helping me to clean out the nozzle over and over. She wasn't very friendly but professional and the phone connection was on and off (her end), but she got the printer to work again. I am extremely happy as my printer is inexpensive and wouldn't be worth to pay someone to fix. So, I have 10 out of 10 for the service they provided me.

Posted by john

Epson has not only replaced my bulb in my projector but has also replaced the projector twice free of charge

Posted by slaaty

I have an EPSON Stylus Pro 7500, a rather old paper roll plotter, which I bought 2nd hand. I have received excellent telephone support on every occasion I've had need of it, even though I am not the original owner. On one occasion the technician stepped me through the multiple step process of creating banners longer than their software allows by default. I wish other companies had half as good quality support as I've received for this product. Perhaps support is not as stellar for more common desktop printers, but my experience prejudices me toward purchasing Epson products in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

These guys were awesome. I called about a printer which broke after the warranty wore off and they still sent me a new one with no hassle. A++.

Posted by barbgl

I have contacted Epson customer service twice. The first was when my printer stopped working. After trying a few diagnostics over the phone, Epson agreed to send me a new printer. I received it two days later. No charge as long as I returned the old one in the box that came with the new one.

Today I had a problem because I had changed network name and password and did not know how to communicate this to the printer. The rep was knowledgeable and guided me through a very complex process. At the end, my printer worked perfectly.

Posted by Villager

I had to call Epson Technical Support twice and both times I reached someone quickly and my problem was promptly resolved. I have dealt with Canon and HP and there is no comparison - Epson is by far has better trained phone help.

Posted by Anonymous

Bruce Hessowton Staples, Southbury, CT Store.
Outstanding job illustrating Epson WF 2530.

Purchased unit 6-6-2014

Posted by bruce

i will only deal with epson for printers .They have gone above and beyond what a company need s to do to satisfy customer problems. Epson has stood behind the product even when there was a problem and replaced broken printers for me on-line everytime.

Posted by KUMAR


Posted by aut

Something happened to our Epson home cinema projector. It would not cast a picture on the wall. we called Epson and the representative tried walking us through some stuff and then told us they would send a brand new projector out to us and we would put the old one in the box and ship it back out to them with one of their shipping tags, which would not be of any cost to us. Pretty fantastic service.

Posted by Xmsteel

Purchased a Stylus NX415 AiO Printer after having multiple other brands that always failed. I can honestly say this is the best printer I have ever had. Never have I had a problem with the printer in any way shape or form. I contacted support once about a question and they promptly supplied the answer.

Posted by 123oldboy

Had a fault developping 1yr after purchase on a home cinema projector. Called customer support, was on the phone less than 5min. Next day an engineer came to the house, took the projector away and replaced it with a new one. OUTSTANDING service, this set the benchmark, it is what customer service should be. They definitely got my loyalty and my next projector will be Epson.

Posted by Martin6680

You might have had a nightmare experience with Epson due to whatever circumstance you were in to, however, mine is greatly different. I spoke with someone from the Philippines and he had walked me through comprehensively useful steps that resolved my printer's issue. And he's got an excellent speaking skill. He spoke more clearly than other non-American persons I have met here in the US.

Posted by MYSQL

I had a very good experience with Epson tech support. I have a printer Artisan 810 I was calling because I needed to connect it to my WIN 7 64 bit computer as well as first time to use the fax. I spoke with a young lady named Jill and she helped me connect it and I gotta use my fax in just less than 30 minutes. What a good customer service and take note they are located in the Philipines and I can understand her English. Perfect. Awesome job Jill. I decide to recommend Epson to my friends.

Posted by rgorsich

I had a problem with resetting the correct time, Date, etc. I could not find the answer in the manual or in the on-line manual. After a frustrated hour or so, I called the 800 number and got a real live person, Andrew. After a few minutes he was able to solve the problem for me. I felt the tech support was excellent!

Posted by MichaelK.

Spoke with Technical Advisor "Jackie" located at a call center in Long Beach, CA. She spent more then an hour with me troubleshooting a problem with my NX625 all-in-one. We finally got the problem resolved! Wish they were all like her. Thanks, "Jackie"!

Posted by micohennj

Mixed experience with reps. Long tel hold times, very inflexible accomodating my delivery needs for waranty replacement of defective Workforce 610 ) ref 110 721 -0001 460

Posted by Keith_Anne

Dear Epson,

I just talked to your Epson Australia Technical Support People his name is Derek. I had an issue with my Wireless Printer and he was able to fix it in less than 3 minutes.I would like to commend his technical skills and modulated voice which I really admire as I felt he was the supervisor so If you can give his details to me that will be great. I will petition him for migration here in Australia. (mail order groom, i

Keith Anne

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Posted by Anonymous

I used to work for Epson and I did quit for a better paying job with plenty of opportunity for promotions so I am not a former disgruntled employee.

I have to say working there was sheer hell! The employee morale was terrible and the supervisors were a joke. The office was a hotbed of "office politics" where employees slept with supervisors and everyone partied together. No gives a damn about the customers and most of us agreed the products and policies were inferior compared to most. Most of us only worked there so we could collect a paycheck and that was it.


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