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Posted by Anonymous

My account number is 1911049110. Last year I paid $10.00 for 46 issues. This year you are asking for $15.00. That is a 50% hike and I am a retired person on a fixed income. If you cannot give me the same rate I will not renew anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I am not receiving my magazine weekly. I k ow I've missed one issue with The Walking Dead on the cover. I have only received two issues in the past month. Please send me the missing issues.

Posted by Bowelboy

In 2010, my subscription expired with no notice from Entertainment Weekly. I contacted them via email and complained about the lack of notification. They replied that I was on their Automatic Renewal program. In January 2012 I once again stopped getting the magazine and checked my account online to discover that it had expired yet again. I contacted them via email 4 days ago and have not heard from them. A big thumbs down for EW's customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I've now received 3 emails after opting out of any offers twice and the extra email are getting annoying. I have no interest in your product and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't waste both of our times and clog up my email which I use for many important issues

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