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Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service is ranked #104 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 57.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 360 ratings. This score rates Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


295 Negative Comments out of 360 Total Comments is 81.94%.


65 Positive Comments out of 360 Total Comments is 18.06%.

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    • 57.46 Overall Rating
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    • 295 negative comments (81.94%)
    • 65 positive comments (18.06%)
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Posted by Laura S

I recently rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at their Ontario Airport in California. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the check-in procedure was and how quickly I was led onto the lot to pick up the vehicle. I did the usual walk-around of the vehicle with an employee, and other than some very minor scratches, the car was undamaged. .

When I brought the vehicle back, a nice young man received it. There was no mention of any damage to the vehicle (because there was none) and after exchanging a few pleasantries with the employee, I left the rental yard.

Shortly afterwards, I received two emails from Enterprise thanking me for my business and encouraging me to write a social review on Google and/or Facebook. There was no mention in these emails of any damage done to the car.

Two weeks later, I received a letter in the mail from the Damage Recovery Unit of Enterprise claiming the car suffered damage to it during the time I had rented it. There was absolutely no specific information given as to what the damage was, but the letter requested I submit my insurance information to Enterprise to take care of the claim. I was very upset at getting the letter, as I knew with certainty that there was no damage done to the car while it was in my control.

My experience with Enterprise went from great to disgusting. I responded to the email address given in their letter, in which I vehemently denied that I had done any damage to their vehicle. I asked for specific information from them as to what the alleged damage is, and how claim amount.
I have not heard back from Enterprise with answers to these questions, but I did get another letter from them with the same statement that damage was done to their vehicle and requesting my insurance information.

I think it's very sad that Enterprise's business tactics reflects poorly on the employees. They were all very nice, but now I just have a bad feeling about the whole company.

I plan on fighting this claim any way I can. If anyone else had a similar experience or can offer any advice on how to proceed, I would welcome your help.

Posted by Anonymous

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If you are interested please email me at [email protected]

Posted by Customer Service Complain

Dear Enterprise customer service staff,

I hope to find you well.

This is an important message in regard customer service at specific location.

Please, contact to location at Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD.

Clients service is absolutely unacceptable, disrespectful and unprofessional. My experience was quite frustrating and desapointed.

I can provide details to who may concern.

My phone number is 561-236-7552

Thank you

Andres Rouggel

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Elizabeth Shor
I took an $80 cab ride to the Sandy Springs Enterprise. It was dark and cold. The gentleman working was rude and in a hurry to close for the night as I got stuck in traffic and arrived at 5:58 p.m.. I called several times to give an E.T.A.. When I arrived the man was rude. He told me that I had a debit card and he could not rent to me though I reserved the car online with a debit card. He said because I intended to drop the car at another location which is why I reserved w Enterprise because they had a location near my home in Franklin NC.

Your rental associate told me to wrap it up as he was closing. He rushed my husband and I outside, locked the door, and turned off the outside light. I banged on the door. I agreed to return the rental to that location. I was 2 1/2 hours from home.

I had been traveling for 3 weeks. I rented a car w dollar rent a car and drove around Nevada, Arizona, and California. It was a smooth experience.

The associate was inside ignoring me at the door as I told him that I wasn't going away. When I agreed to return the car he said thathe could not rent to me as I held an out of state license. Isn't that what your franchise does? Rent to people who are away from home? He closed the door and locked up.

I suffer from asthma. I walked a mile uphill and found a resteraunt to catch my breath. Your associate did nothing to help. Did not offer a solution. I was in a strange town an hour away from the airport far away from home. I was locked out. Treated poorly. Left sitting on my luggage in the parking g lot w the lights out. He didn't say stay inside until we can get a cab. Information for the train station or nearby hotel. Nothing!

Common human decency. No compassion for a weary traveler.

Is this the face that Enterprise wants to show the general public? I travel constantly. I require rentals wherever I travel. I require a rental to get to and from the airport. There is an Enterprise close to my home but I am furious and refuse to be treated so poorly. Discarded so easily. I will tell my story to everyone I meet, know,or or contact in social media for which I have friends and family throughout the United States.

The whole last minute scramble was a terrible way to end my visit to my Marine son stationed at Camp Pendleton!

Posted by Anonymous

And...I made my reservation in person (3) days before I needed the car. I informed (2) associates that I would be picking the vehicle up. Neither one mentioned the wait time to be over ONE hour. I called at 7:30a. Out on hold for (15) min. Told the driver would be here in 1/2 hr. still waiting. (40) plus min's later. I realize you are busy. I just ask for a warning at the time of rental in how long being picked up REALLY takes.

Posted by Anonymous

I was told that a one day rental is more money, compared to renting for more days, because of the "holiday". Thanksgiving. I am paying under protest. Sincerely;
A former fan of Enterprise.
Felice Torres Wegner

Posted by Dee

My insurance company got a rental through enterprise and they put me into a jeep renegade and the tire went flat, so I was told to take it to Goodyear, when I got there, I told the manager what the issue was then, he asked me where is the information on the key, I told him, this is all they gave him and that I have the contract. He preceding to the vehicle fussing about enterprise. He told me that the vehicle needed a tire and he didn't have any in stock, I look it was 5 o'clock and enterprise was close, so I try calling enterprise and it's said it was close, so I proceeded to call the customer service number to try to reach someone and the manager try calling the branch in town and finally someone answer. The Goodyear manager said they had another car until the tire is repair, so I took the vehicle they had, so I call the next day to see if they had another vehicle because the one I got was to small. The representative said he would call when he find another vehicle and he never called, so I decided to call around 12 noon to see if he had anything and he said the person that was supposed to bring the vehicle back didn't show back up yet, so I said okay and he still had my number. It was getting close to 5 so I decided to ride up there, I saw the truck I had before sitting in the parking lot and the representative said someone already rented the vehicle hut haven't pick it up, so I'm like why I didn't get the vehicle back and he went on explaining that I wasn't supposed to have that vehicle from the beginning and I said how was it supposed to know if that was not explained to me in the agreement. *communication * The representative should have taken care of me the customer and not given me the run around. I call the customer service number and explain what was going on at that branch and I was put on hold then the manager got nasty and ask me what do you want and starting laughing when I told him the situation, lack b of professional and need to be trained on how treat customers and show respect. I was literally done with this branch and told him to have a nice day. Enterprise should do a complete inspection on there vehicles before putting them on the road or change where they get there car service, because my mom got a vehicle through her insurance company too and had issues with the tires too be inflated.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to bring to your attention the excellent service I received from two of your employees at the Boston Logan Airport facility. Unfortunately, I can identify only one of them, Frank Apiso (spelling). Her�s what happened.

I travelled to Boston from Minneapolis, arriving about 4 PM on October 11, and leaving Boston about 11 AM on the 14th. I initially registered/accepted the car I was offered and put my suitcase and another small bag in the trunk. I then determined that, lacking a CD player, the car was not desirable and I was given another. In the process of switching cars I neglected to transfer the small bag.

Like amy others, I have a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea and depend on a CPAP machine to breathe properly (and sleep restfully) at night. The ââ?¬Å?breathing interruptionsââ?¬Â? throughout a night not only spoil restful sleep. There is also and associated increased risk of a heart attack. My CPAP machine was in the small bag. I discovered the machine was missing when I checked into my motel on Cape Cod that night.

I called Enterprise and reported the lost item. The woman I spoke with told me that I would be notified if it was found. When asked, she said I would hear nothing if it was not found. That was not comforting.

Being a person who needs to act, I drove back to the Logan car rental facility early the next morning, Thatââ?¬â?¢s when I met Frank. It was gratifying to speak with someone who understood the significance of this loss and demonstrated empathy. He took ââ?¬Å?ownershipââ?¬Â? of the problem. In this case, Because I had registered for the first car he was able to identify it and could then determine who had subsequently rented that vehicle.

I was put in contact with someone else, whose name I do not have, who was equally supportive. Either Frank or this other person contacted the renter of the car, confirmed that the machine had been found and gained assurance that it would be returned when the car was returned to the facility. Moreover, she assured me that she would ââ?¬Å?holdââ?¬Â? the cart until the machine had been recovered. She would telephone me when she had the machine and then arrange for it to be sent to my home. She did all of this.

I appreciate that these actions may all be in accordance with standard procedures, but I was in some distress over the loss of something important to my health. Frank and this other woman were sensitive and responsive to this distress and I am very grateful. I hope that you will acknowledge their work.


Posted by [email protected]

November 10th 2016 is my adult daughter's birthday she turned 29 years old so my husband and I decided to surprise her by renting a car for her so that she could attend a special event on November 11th on November 11th 2016 I reserve the car for a ad I have seen online professing a $9.99 weekend rental special we were very excited to reserve this for her Please reference our confirmation number at 181-663-4051 when I showed up at the Enterprise location 766 Settlers Landing Road Hampton Virginia the Enterprise Manager informed us that they cannot honor my reservation stated that they did not have anymore quote 'weekend special" cars and that they could not honor the confirmation that was given to me when I called back the facility that I spoke with who had reserved the car 181-663-4051. Can you help us obtain or will you honor the weekend special with the confirmation confirmation number above the Integrity of Enterprise car rental is lost with me if my daughter's weekend is ruined because of a lie from your Enterprise representative please call me. If you truly care about your customers a resolution is in order and this confirmation should be honored. NOTE if anyone else has had this problem please inform Enterprise regional manager this is wrong. I can be reached Please for God sakes respond. My daughter is very devastated in that her plans to be with her friends were ruined. This birthday will never be forgotten by her or by us because Enterprise lied. Mrs. Jones.

Posted by Anonymous

I responded to your customer service line on October 20th. I rented a car at 11235 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, GA. My suitcase was stolen and Regional Manager Susan Walser refuses to return by calls. You company obviously promotes thief in the organization. Can A corporate executive manager please contact me.


Posted by Anonymous

I was recently in a car accident and the insurance company setup the arrangement with enterprise for the rental car. I arrived at enterprise, the MARLOW HEIGHTS Location.
4515 St. Barnabas Road Temple Hills, MD 20748 USA. They took me to a Hyundai Sonata. When I looked in the car I said to the young lady that the car needed to be clean and she said to me that they did not have time to detail the cars when customers returned them. I was very upset. I took pictures of the filthy car. The car was so filthy my daughter was with my and she did not want to touch the handle of the car. I had a wipes in my hand bag. I had to give my daughter a hand wipe to close the door. I am doing everything I can not to post these pictures on social media and all over the military base. I have never seen or heard anything like this in my life. My family, friends and my military family are encouraging me to post the filthy pictures of the car on social media. The only reason I have not is because I usually us the enterprise at 7937 Central Ave, Capitol Heights, MD. They are always so nice and the vehicles I get from them are always so clean and the people are so nice. My family and I have never had any problem with them. The Marlowâs location can use a little training from the Central Avenue Location. I am very disappointed and I hope this will never happen again. I would never refer this location to anyone. I contacted headquarter and the never got back with me. I will be posting the pictures on social media.

Posted by Anonymous

I just received a notice from Enterprise that I am on the DO NO RENT list because I complained when one of the NEWARK NJ agents was rude and cursed at me I have been using Enterprise for years and that is why I filed a complaint...Is this how you deal with complaints?????? That girl should be fired not me being put on the do not rent list!! I thought this was a ethical company

Posted by Anonymous

I am a long time loyal Enterprise customer. I made the above reservation and was told to call in the morning to reconfirm. I called at around 8:45 AM. I told them that I would need a pickup at my car repair in about 15 or 20 mins at the latest. I was told, absolutely no problem. At 9 AM when I called for a pick up from my repair shop, I was told I would have to wait 45 mins to 1 hour for a pick up! I told them that I had to go to work and that they promised me the pick up and they basically said sorry, too bad. I immediately called another company and was picked up in 10 mins. I'm incredibly upset with your service.

Paul Dorman

Posted by Rey

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Here is my opinion on the service of this rent Car. First q nothing tell them I was checking other opinions, q indeed there is only one, (is the same q mine), HORRRRRIIIIBBBLLLEEEEEE, q know it all q by a reason or another have the need to use a service of these, I advise q go somewhere else and not this, are swindlers, that's the word, if there is a (0), it would give too score, Nathali, one of q girls working here is not a drop of professionalism and courtesy in dealing with the public, should not be taking this position, she along with his peers have their own clique check here. I tell q one night before handing the car I was left a bag in the trunk with some food, this caused an unpleasant smell, I ask q wash it, understanding this, I have to wash, I return to the delivery of car, and then q me collect supposedly without odor, my deposit of 150 $, I bring out the days with the ratio of q odor continued, are true ESTAFADORESSSSS have no other qualifier for me, ie I spend 75 $ on the detail car wash and then they charge the same amount q leave on deposit $ 150, a total of $ 225 for a smell of food seems too dishonest and fraudulent behavior of these characters, I'm in process my lawyer, porq this is a country of laws and believe me not go unpunished. I oriento to resort to other q porq q have the stars say it all. GREETINGS TO ALL Q stop by and READ MY MESSAGE.

Posted by Jimmy

I am so disappointed by how your office in Wallingford CT tel# 203-284-3379 how the opparet, I drop my car at Chevy Valatine dealer the place is only 2 minutes drive but the can't go or send some one to bring the car to their office so I can get my deposit back. And I saw in side the office they 3 people working so if you need a car the help you quickly now I need help because don't have money to buy food for my kids the can't help?

Posted by Anonymous

Just rented a car through enterprise in topeka, ks while our car was in shop. Just picked up car in aftermoon and stopped on way home to eat. Came out and had a dead battery. Called our AAA and they came out & jumped us. Dead again in am. Called enterprise and they couldn't help us, said it was our responsibility uz we didn't take out the insurance. Had AAA come and jump us & returned car to enterprise. Asked for another car, gave us one on empty,husband said he would put gas in.light came on for bad front tire on way to station for gas. Put $20. In and aired up tire. Drove home and tire was going flat when we got home. Aired it up and took it back to enterprise and said we needed a reliable rental car. Manager told my husband he didn't have anything. Husband asked about other cars in lot. Manager said he didn't have anything couldn't help us. After an angry exchange the manager said he wouldn't help us! And he would not refund our $20 that we had just put in for gas! What is wrong with this situation. I thought your company was in the business of reliable car rental. If you can't provide that service and are extremely rude to customers, then it's false advertisement and needs to be turned into better business. I'm very disappointed with this whole experience and would like a response and my $20 gas refund. This took place at Enterprise,

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed. Made reservation for piCK up today. Called to confirm and very very rude Daniel stated they do not pick up on Saturday. Told me to take Uber to their location. The only reason I use Enterprise is for the conversation of pick up and normally wonderful service. NEVER AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE OF MY EXPERIENCE TODAY

Posted by swilliam

I recently needed a rental vehicle so that my car could be repaired after a car accident.
The Enterprise transfer man was waiting for me at the Collision Service which was very convenient.
The I spent 90 minutes trying to rent the car.
Car #1
1. The first car they attempted to rent had holes in the seat covers from a cigarette.
2. The dial on the car said that an oil change was needed immediately.
I did not get that car.
Car #2
1 It was a Dodge Charger. I am handicapped with back issues. Getting in and out of the car was literally painful.
2 The indicator for low tire pressure came on within 20 miles.

There was no other vehicle available. I asked for an SUV and was told that I needed to pay extra for the vehicle. The Insurance Agent that made the reservation was on vacation and her boss said only she could change the car.

The rental agents themselves were extremely nice but my needs were definitely not met. The service requirements for both cars were not met by this licensee. I will NEVER rent from Enterprise again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have rented from Fallston, MD location almost every weekend for a year. Went in today, and Mark would not accept documents offered even after explaining time frame for mail cycling/dating of bill used to prove residence because different from mailing address. Offered several different documents including government issued, To support requested information. The manager who knows me and has rented to me on several occasions was not available at the time. There should be some system in place to make things smoother in keeping customer information valid from week to week. Needless to say, I have found another company to rent a car from for my business trips. (Not related to your group of companies). As a manager of a multi-million dollar company, this could have/should have been resolved. Manage by exception!

Posted by Anonymous

I was recently at the Goldsboro store and the service was as bad as one could image. If this is any indication of the service you provide I will never use or recommend this company every again. Tyrone Hickman

Posted by Unhappy with service

Long loyal customer @ enterprise in Whiteville,NC. New guy named Tramain Dewitt talked rude & would not stand still or look us in the eye. U see my husband is 6'6' & the last guy that worked here named Brian(who Tramaine could take lessons from) helped him find a car on the lot that he could fit into Tramaine could car less!! I also am very short @ 5'0 & need a car I can see over the sterring wheel, again, Tramaine acted like Care Less!! Really bad for business. I guess we will find another car rental company. If this is your new management there @ the Whiteville,NC store then u guys got big troubles! He walks around like he is better than me, the customer who actually pays his salary because I am loyal & come back & spend my money!! So this is probably my last time I rent a car from Enterprise in Whitevill,NC. Oh I guess if I were black he would treat us better, because he was nice to the people black in color renting cars!!! But not to us

Posted by Olga

Was hit by truck and have to rent a car from Enterprise in Glenwood springs,co!
The most awful experience in my life ( and it's not over yet!). Fred made unethical sale right away ( Damage Waver is OPTIONAL!). Then my card was unauthorised charged Friday afternoon and put my balance negative over weekend and cost me bank fees if I didn't find out about it by chance! I went to the bank and explained situation, banker called Fred on my behalf. He admitted that card was charged unauthorised and made offensive remark about " language barrier", when banker said that they will stop charge he snapped ( on taped company line) and I quote : " I WILL RIPPED HER (me) OUT OF THE CAR!!!" and hung up! It was four days how I return rental car but there no refund from unauthorised charge or respond for my complaint. And it's been second weekend with empty bank account because of the Fred.I feel so sorry for people who's Labor Day weekend ruined because they made a mistake and deal with Enterprise employee s in Glenwood Springs,CO.

Posted by lo

So frustrated, rented a car and keep getting the run around,lights mess up,I call to let em know,thn they say to take it in morning that they will be open,take it and they're closed,call again and they tell me don't know y they told u it would b open,they're closed!so now u will have to go to airport to get into another one I will send an email to them so they can get you into another car but please call em and let them know you're on your way,and I can provide you with their number I keep telling her that's the enterprise office car rental place on Navarro in victoria,she says no its the one on foster field, well I tell her I google it and it's the right address but not number, I'm telling her it's taken enough of my time already I already know what's going to happen when I call him it's going to lead me back to you guys but once again I don't want to argue with her and I'll take her word for it and I was right I call but now no one is answering at all so by this time my father is already at the airport and he tells me there's no one there and there's just a thing there where you put your keys all he is reading is something that says Avis or Enterprise so I don't know why they are putting us through all this but now this is the third day with no car we cannot go where we want to go because the car's lights are not working so why bother to go if we cannot be in that area at night so this has really been frustrating for the both of us because I can't do what I need to do and neither can he and on top of all this he was needing the car for an additional 2 days now we're stuck and don't know what to do it sounds to me like we got what we paid for and we won't get our money back or get an additional 3 days or so free this was not our fault that the car's Lights Went Out so now I don't know what to do!noone was able to help get us into another vehicle,my dad probably would of had another vehicle if he would've called Saturday like I told him but he said "I thought they were closed ",besides he's never rented a car b4,now I'm just trying to fix things for him so his experience won't be so bad, I want him to feel comfortable to where he can rent again,plz help!

Posted by bdhoo

Customer service in Temple, TX is terrible, rude, uncaring agents, site manager is unconcerned, district manager never called me back either. The whole company is flawed from top to bottom. don't waste your time rent somewhere else. After 3 days of being told they had a car for me and i call and there is no car; and on 3rd day they gave my reserved car away. Enterprise lost at least a 2 week rental to Hertz. Go Hertz or National (they are my favorite) anyone but Enterpise........they are the worst!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Does not refund your money in the time frame that they give you. I've called the corporate office 3 times before actually speaking with a manager and yet I'm still waiting on my refund.

Add your review!

Posted by beth from Cherry Hill NJ

I recently rented an SUV with Enterprize at your 198 Rt 73 Belin NJ location and received such wonderful service I had to drop a line and ensure that Sarah DiPhillipo was recognized for her above and beyond care and customer service. She is a gem and I can not say enough to thank her for all her help.

Posted by Shenandoah Ms.

The Enterprise location in Virginia failed to put windshield cleaner that wouldn't freeze in our vehicle that was headed to New York's North Country. We encountered snow in PA and the cleaning fluid froze. Fortunately we stopped for the night in Binghamton, but the problem persisted the following morning. We called the Enterprise location in Cortland, and they offered to help, even though we did not rent the car in their region. The management trainee, Keefe Garrett, directed us to the service area where Kevin and Dale addressed the problem with success and excellent customer service. The attention we received at Enterprise-Cortland, NY is a credit to the company. When we returned home and reported the issue to the office that rented the vehicle, our fee was adjusted to compensate for the inconvenience and danger resulting from this issue.

Posted by GEM

It's a Tuesday and I called Enterprise. I had made a reservation, but no econo cars were available. dang. Per suggestion, I called Gladstone, MO, and YAY! they could set me up. His name was Eli. And he was very polite and did All the good things. I was pleased. When I returned the car, Eli took me home. Easy to talk with, friendly, professional (but, aren't they all) and he picked me up and returned me home. My assessment of Gladstone's Enterprise changed, as I wasn't that happy with Gladstone > from two years earlier. Eli was efficient, personable, which is very nice in this fast pace business. I'll be back. But, it's because of Eli. Thank you, Eli, you made the day better and I was not the nicest person > but didn't let you know, it was just me. Well done!

Posted by Terry Savage

My family and I recently rented cars in Maui, Hilo, Kona and Lihue within a one-week Norwegian CL tour. A couple of long waits to pick up our vehicle notwithstanding, your staff at these locations were knowledgable and very customer-oriented.

I usually rent from Enterprise and this experience again confirmed my choice in car rental companies.

Thank you.

Terry Savage

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I had rented a premium SUV for our aon's wedding in Dallas in early July. I would like to commend Cameron Glass and Shannon Alexander of Enterprise Leasing at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. Even though Cameron was not our representative, he picked up that we were not being shown the car we thought we had reserved and came over to help. The representative we did have just didn't seem to care and Cameron did. He and Shannon found a SUV that was more what we were expecting and went out of their way to make sure we had what we needed. Excellent service by those two!!!!!

Posted by Jim Hicks

Great experience renting from Federal Road, Danbury, CT, location. George was extremely accommodating with my request to pick up the vehicle a day earlier than the original reservation date.
Vehicle was very clean and George even took the time to show me how everything in the vehicle worked (stereo, wipers, parking brake etc.)
Thank you.

Posted by [email protected]

I would highly recommend people to rent car at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I would like to thank you Darrel and the whole team who work at night shift. They have the best customer service and outstanding support. I never have any good car rental as with enterprise. Fast customers service and friendly accommodation.

Posted by Rick

I don't usually offer business reviews, but felt I should this time. I rented from Enterprise on a recent trip to San Diego. Every aspect of the rental was better than I have had with any (many) other car rental experiences. The shuttle to the facility, the counter service, the facility itself, the attitudes, the friendliness, the professional attire, the vehicle, the drop off, and more. All parts of the experience a 5 out of 5! Thank you.

Posted by Ernest

I rented a vehicle in Southern California and dropped it off in Emeryville CA

I ran into very bad East Bay traffic and had a real possibility of NOT getting my vehicle back in time (before closing). This would have been a real problem as I was leaving very early the next day.

I contacted the office and Christine Waller was very helpful, friendly and cooperative. She understood the situation and was willing to stay late in order to assist me in my situation.

She helped in putting a positive bookend to my California trip

Pleasant experience - Good job Christine

Ernest Lapointe

Posted by Szoba

I rented a van at the pueblo west Colorado location on 1/22/16. The nicest ppl ever. Experience was awesome. Not used to great customer service. Thank. Sarah Z.

Posted by Anonymous

On 1/11/2016 I had to rent a car as my car was in for repairs. My car has a remote starter and I mentioned that I would miss it. The enterprise rep heard me and took the car back that he had for me and brought back one with a remote starter. It was so thoughtful of him His name is Alex. He deserves something special for going out of his way.

Posted by Anonymous

I would greatly recommend this person at the The Manager at that store I believe his name was Bob. I was told the reservations dept to be there at this location between 12:00pm and 1;00pm, upon the arrival the doors were closed I walked the back and here the manager told me they were closed and he could not stay any longer due to overtime, but he did recommend me to a place in Weston FL and even callIed the office and they said they will have a car waiting for me, took this comment very nicely then when I got to that place I told them Bob had sent me from the Pembroke office and they said we got you covered, they gave me the car and the folks wee very nice at that store and the attendant made the comment if bob sent it is all reight, I thought Wow what a nice suggestion and reputation he must have, I thought to myself this is awesome. I returned the car to the Pembroke office and he seen me come in says how was the car and I gave him the best complement I could, the fact that he remembered me. Entereprise should be very thankful to have such an awesome person like him. I would hire him anyway of the week if I had the opportunity to hire a person like him, Very Very great person all PLUS's thru

Posted by 705 Jungle Queen Way Longboat Ke

Moving VAN Delivery new home bought At 705 after 5:30pm. Delivery low key and Thank You a no turn around private street Driver easily turned in delivery driveway professionally

Posted by Anonymous

Lantana Florida Office. Steve Belford, Vilane and Ralph Bolden were the most professional and pleasant people I have ever dealt with renting a car. I rented twice in one week from Ralph. As Soon as he started speaking to you, you felt like he would do anything to make the rental as pleasant as possible. I watched Ralph deal with an irate customer. She was wrong but Ralph treated her kindly and resolved her problem Keeping his professionalism during the encounter was something to see.
Everyone at that location was pleasant and friendly. I believe that location could be used by Enterprise to show how to do it right.
I come to Florida often in the Winter from the northeast. I would not use any other rental company. You are correct when you say your people are your business. These people prove it.

Posted by hipman

I have been renting from Enterprise for years. I had an emergency come up and had to rent a car with very short notice. Michael Donaway at the Pullman Wa. branch went way beyond what I have experienced over the years. He listened and it was the best rental car experience ever. Thank you Michael!
From Larry and Jeanne Weeks

Posted by roadster532

Hi Enterprise - I would like to comment on the excellent service I received on September 11, 2015 at your Jungermann Road location in St. Charles, MO. The entire staff treated me in the most professional manner and made me feel as if I was their only customer. I gained a great deal of interest in future services at your site from dealing with this local branch. THANK YOU!


Colin at the Bingle site in Houston has assisted me for about 20 times this year with car rental. He is always friendly, helpful and courteous and never have I had a bad experience with him. KUDOS

Posted by Vickie

Darryl at the barstow store is great very nice and patience with myself being a older lady. I forgot the driver's name that picked me up great job guys

Posted by RJones

I have been renting vehicles from Enterprise for about a year. I travel about once a month and use the car two to four days per rental. I just rented another car today and the service was excellent. I booked ahead and the car was ready, clean, and more than satisfactory. A little forethought, cooperation, and patience goes a long way to improving your rental experience. I can recommend the manager, Taft. He tries to work with you. If you are reasonable, he will do his best to meet your needs.

Posted by Anonymous

My Name is Peggy Perez. And I want to share my experience when I need to Rent a Car... I choose Enterprise Rent a Car. I been on different Enterprise Branch and Finally found the correct Branch to Rent a Car. I want you know about Michael Zickerman Branch Manager. He is a very Professional, Carried Person, Kind, and you receive the best care of what you need... Thanks for have Michael Zickerman and his Team. The success of that Branch is Because those Professionalism.

Posted by Anonymous

when renting a car. I only have a debit(@ this time). had my mother use her credit card. because a 400.00 security deposit is needed on a debit. since we used moms credit card (although she would not be driving the car) I had to be added as a second driver. @ 20.00 a day, I rent a car three days @ a time. Its not worth it. So now a customer of 16 yrs. now has to stop renting from Enterprise. I will be sure to let my friends know how you feel about customer loyalty. You know customer loyalty works both ways. goodbye it was nice knowing you.

Posted by Anonymous

I had one bad experience with a Van I rented from Enterprise which was Road Side
Assistant, I was coming back to chicago il my car keys was not in the car ingition
but on the driver car seat and the car Locked,I called for Road side help and the Customer service person was unable to help me stated, it was Sunday and he was unable to help me to get the keys out of the car and recommend to
me to call a Lock Smith on my own, I insisted that he find someone and this was deducted from my bill as well as
the $65.00 I had to pay for out of my pocket
Cristell Martin

Posted by Molady

Best service ever! Highly professional staff at PDX airport. Exchanged cars do to problem. They upgraded us without any additional charges. Highly recommend!

Posted by Mark

Excellent service by Jimmy Timms in San Leandro. Hertz gave us a confirmation number yet when we arrive they did not have a car. Lucky for us, Enterprise was able to help us effeciiently with a smile.

Posted by DLPC

The Mt Olive Branch is great. Very friendly, attentive, engaging, and passionate service. The manager is sharp and goes out of his way to ensure your sarisfaction.

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Posted by Anonymous

My name is Hena Anwaya Okada. Let me begin by saying that working with the public is a challenging job and can often seem unthankful. I am sure most of the letters you receive deal with complaints instead of compliments and appreciation. I feel that if an individual does an exceptional job that individual should be recognized and this is one of those times.
I had an emergency and needed to rent a car to go to Warren, Michigan during the last week in March to visit my dying grandmother. I received the news while I was out of town, on the West Coast and had to make all arrangements over the phone. I asked around if anyone knew or could recommend a good car rental place. My brother-in-law recommended Enterprise on Cicero South of Belmont Avenue. On Saturday morning, I called Enterprise, someone by the name of Noe Chavez answered, and I requested a 4-door car or a minivan because there were five of us going at the time. He was very professional and courteous. Mr. Chavez answered all my questions and provided me with different options that would be available to me. I told him I would need to discuss this with my family and would call him back. Mr. Chavez gave me his cell phone number to call or text, because he knew it would be difficult to get hold of him because I was coordinating things with my family while I was still out of town. I texted Mr. Chavez multiple times because my family kept changing the count of people, which required us to change vehicle rentals. I apologized every time I texted him, he always said it is not a problem and there is no need to apologize. I returned from my trip on Monday and went to Enterprise on Tuesday, and Mr. Chavez had the car ready for me to pick. He even asked how my grandmother was doing, which it was very sweet of him. This is when I discovered that Mr. Chavez was the location's Manager. Upon returning the car on Thursday, Mr. Chavez was so kind to ask how my grandmother was doing.
I apologize for the long descriptive account but I was so appreciative of the above and beyond service that Mr. Chavez provided, that I felt the company and his bosses should know how professional, courteous and valuable of an employee they have. Because of Mr. Chavez's work ethic to put the customer first, you have gained a new loyal customer who will be back for future business and will definitely recommend this office to friends and family.

Hena Anwaya Okada

Posted by Anonymous

Enterprise is a great service provider. Dont get wrong, yeah sometimes a car doesnt have much fuel or may not be absolutely mint when you receive but you show me a business that runs flawlessly 100% of the time. remember, the fulltime employees cannot possibly inspect every single vehicle that some underpaid car prep is washing or needing to refuel so cut us a break.

for those people that say we trick them into buying coverage...our policies...which are STRICTLY enforced require us to tell everyone they are optional. The fact that you as a renter do not know what your auto coverage covers or what your credit card covers is not our fault.
And i bet you when you do have that accident and you can come in to our office and walk out 5 minutes later not being responsible you wont say we tricked you into buying stuff you didnt need.

have you ever heard anyone ask state farm for a refund because they didnt have a car crash all year long? NO! but ud be amazed how many people think its ok to ask us for one....this is why a lot of them think they have been conned.

ive worked for erac for 3 years now. i had a tough time with the company for a long time but it was because of its policies to employees....essentially ERAC will always take the word of the customer over their employee...trust me on that one. customers lie and will say anything just to get refunds or not pay for what they chose to get and we as employees dont have a say. thats how focused the company is on service.

also, you cannot get promoted unless you meet certain service criteria so providing great service is super important to all managers.

there are a few unhappy customers with enterprise that were genuinely treated bad...however most complaints come from people that are flat out lying to get a refund...or from people that didnt like our policies...were givin you a 20 to 30k car and you get mad at us when i ask you for a credit card or i say i need to take 250+ on the deposit. people just need to be more reasonable.

the fact that so many full time employees can still provide great service at 7pm after having gotten to work at 6:45am (NYC - 12 hrs workday not including commute) is amazing....but most people will probably get mad at us because we closed our doors at 7:20pm and they were late for the 7pm reservation.


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