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Entergy customer service is ranked #868 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 19.38 out of a possible 200 based upon 36 ratings. This score rates Entergy customer service and customer support as Terrible.


35 Negative Comments out of 36 Total Comments is 97.22%.


1 Positive Comment out of 36 Total Comments is 2.78%.

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  • Entergy

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 19.38 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 35 negative comments (97.22%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.78%)
    • 1 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 1.7 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 1.8 Friendliness
    • 1.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Mike

The meter was read off by 10000 kwh. They billed me for US$1113.08 when it should have been more like US$166.34. When I called to complain they would not assure me that they would re-read the meter and correct the bill before an autopay was scheduled. I was kept on hold for close to an hour by a service rep named Shantegra and her supervisor named Kayla who did nothing.

Posted by kathy.fuentes

I have been living at my apartment complex for over 1 year with no problems. I recently transferred to a smaller apt within the same complex because I got a puppy & wanted hardwood floor. I called the same weekend I moved to transfer my services & they even had my leasing office fax them something to that they could cancel the previous tenants services from my new apt I was moving into so that I could but the bill in my name. they said everything was fine and I was good to go. WRONG. 2 weeks later I came home after work to find there was no energy. I checked my bill and saw they had charged me so I called & they said the services at the location I was at were discontinued and they never received a work order from me to transfer services... ??? then what did I do 2 weeks ago? they said they had a "system outage" right around that time. right. VERY CONVINIENT FOR THEM. they said because it was discontinued and the address was not coming up for them, they had to start new services & go through a verification process which takes upt o 48 hours to clear & that I would be fine. I called 2 days later to follow up (which happened to fall on a friday) & I was then told that I would have to wait an additional 48 hours (BUSINESS HOURS) to have someone come out and turn on the energy.... so the earliest I was looking at having services would be Tuesday.... my apt is HOT. there is no a/c. I was showering in the dark, I had to take all my food out and bring it to work so it wouldn't go bad. I cant use my tv or internet that I transferred with no issues at all because..... DING DING DING!! I need energy to turn them on! I received the worst customer service because no one tried to help or do anything or get me in contact with the right people. at one point I swear they called me a liar saying I probably never did it 2 weeks ago & it was my fault because I did not obtain an account #.... ummm..... you are a company! sorry I trusted you in the 1st place. not to mention I have a dog & a cat... who are both struggling to sleep at night because of how hot it gets........... I filed a complaint through them and have yet to hear from anyone. I should honestly get free entergy for a full month or 2 for all this trouble.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Pissed

The BBB gives Entergy an A+. Now tell how they came up with an A+ ON ENTERGY????? DID THEY DO ANY RESEARCH? HELL NO!! if they did, they would see all these pissed off costumers. They just took the $$$$ and gave them AN A+. WELL BBB, I give you AN F-;FOR your research, I got no $$$;to give to you, so this will never be published.

Posted by Pissed

Poor, no make that very poor service, make no mistake about it, entrrgys service sux.
They changed my connection date, without any notification, just moved in, 5 days without power and on they day, they picked, didn't show, they moved my connection date another m fkn day!!!
Now my food is gonna rott, and I hope Entergy does too

Posted by Anonymous

we have a rental houses actually 25 and charles called and added me to the account to make all desisions i had the lights cut on in may we were going to paint the outside of one of our houses well it just keept on raining so i called to have them cut off they told me i wasnt authorized so they didnt cut them off i called again well they wound up staying on untill aug still not a light switch turned on no one even stepped foot in the house no plugins out side i have now a 357 dollar bill i need a review its making our credit look bad and i dont appreiciate it

Posted by Forrest germany

The only entitiy I have dealt with that I would rate lower than Comcast. Absolutely incompetent. Just don't understand how companies are continually allowed to benefit from government protectionism while continuing to be managed so improperly.

Posted by Anonymous

Entergy is sooo lucky they are the only provider of power in this area!This is terrible!They call and tell me one time,then change it ten minutes later just to pacify the customer.Its 18 customers and will take 8 hours!?I am always losing power while my other neighbors are not ever affected...

Posted by Anonymous

We just bought a home in the community of Oakhurst and we called in for service install.that was Monday 30th and they could not get until today Monday 6th. Well today they don't know exaclly when they can do it. This is the worst service I ever had from a company...

Posted by Entergy sucks

James Thompson who is a supposed supervisor or whatever in the jackson ms area is a completely arrogant,smug, rude,and disrespectful. How dare you get attitude with a customer about what one of your poorly trained technicians did without notifying me. Refused to tell me who his direct supervisor was nor what department he works in. If I can use another company or get solar panels I would. None of the employees give a crap about the customers. You would think with all the complaints on this company someone who investigate them. Too much politics involved an no one cares about the consumer. I will be contacting my attorney.

Posted by Anonymous

I moved out of my house and they DID NOT tell me I had to wait until some more people called to verify information. Now I'm stuck with no place to stay until the people call. I'm very upset & angry. It was poor customer service & I wish my apartment complex used someone else instead of entergy. I'm beyond PISSED!!!!!!

Posted by Sky

Entergy is a totally disorganized company. It is a mandatory and only service allowed for residents in Montgomery County, TX. I request a service cancellation and they simply did not noted any cancellation order and kept sending bill after I moved out. Only when a new resident moved into my old apartment and requested change the bill to his/her name they cancelled my service. Poor Customer service, they don't care because there is no competition.

Posted by Mother nature

How dare your managers tell me that I'm supposed to be okay with y'all taking my payment put it in the account holder's account I didn't have any of her information in order for that to even happen in the first place have myself and my children sick now my daughter has had a severe asthma attack I'm sick as well within without was roughly a month or so weeks a month whatever you know when I paid my bill yet put it in our account and I won't remedy it your stuff is very rude so clearly see I made the payment while y'all put it in her account because she is the account holder and it's okay to steal people's money it's a funny thing and your friend talk on her charges on me as well I'm going to see what can be done very rude worst experience ever you didn't even try to remedy it won't let me talk to the people I need to talk to in order to fix this situation it's wrong how you came and turned off my electricity illegally my account was showing that I didn't make the payment when in all actuality you ever receive my payment from office on September 2nd who was supposed to post it correctly to the account in the Entergy building on the receiving end and that department posted into the wrong account I will be seeing what can be done about this

Posted by Entergy

On 10/21/16 a group of people from a company called A B C came to my house when i wasn't home and cut down 25 year old trees in my front yard, cut them up and let. When i called Entergy to ask why the lady said, we have no work order to cut trees in your area, but she would have someone come back to clean it up.when the people came i asked why did you cut up my trees, the man was angry and said (you have an attitude and i'm not cleaning up ???? Using cuss words and let). I'm still waiting for someone to clean up this mess, and what about my trees that was planted when my children were babies, I've never seen nothing like this, Customer Service, What A Big Joke. Nobody have the right to destroy anything on my property without my consent.

Posted by Mad ASS BECKY

Very poor service I could get solar I would. They are raping customer's pockets. And their jacked up attitudes and have no pitty on single parents or elderly customers trying to make ends meet with these outrageous bills. They must live a miserable life to have these "I
DON'T GIVE A YOU KNOW WHAT" ATTITUDE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS. Very sad. Hope they all have bad luck for the rest of their lives.

Posted by Anonymous

They freaking suck. We had a thunderstorm and the power went out throughout the city. My power went out at 5 PM and it is 12 AM and we are still waiting for the power to come on, even though every other area of the city's power has come on. They are slow as hell. They are rude. I would not recommend to ANYONE

Posted by cavegirl90

I live in Starks Louisiana and u have entergy they suck by making me pay for someone else's bill that not even mine at all an i done paid 585 and they still want turn my electric on til I pay the other person bill of 1000 I'm a single mother with two kids and live month to month on a paycheck

Posted by Anonymous

I having been trying to reach Entergy Customer Service by phone for an hour. I get 10 minutes of advertisements and there is no way to get through. Can someone please call me?

Posted by Anonymous

Entergy Texas sucks inline fuse needs replaced for three of us one line fuse said it will be about 4 days I got there bill in the mail today take me about 3 weeks to pay it

Posted by Kendrop

They lie to you. have not had any power for over 24 hours. they tried to blame on a storm that didn't cause the outage. Power went out after 12 hours after the storm passed. Clear skies since. They just have bad lines and even worst techs. Forced to use them. No other options. they had to call in more experienced techs to fix their mess.

Posted by Entergy Customer #35

Our family member is being billed by Entergy for a tree that was cut done by a complete stranger to us who was harvesting Cedar trees on our neighbors property and cut down a tree that fell across our family members property and was actually on our family members property which was also trespassing right We can prove where our family member was and they were no where near the property at the time that Enetrgy is claiming the tree fell and knocked down the power lines. What action should we take to stop this bill for over $2,000 being charged on our family member? She has spoke to the neighbor who was allowing this person to harvest Cedar trees on his property and he told us the actual man's name who was cutting the trees down. Small Claims Court? Please any ideas? She has tried writing a letter to Entergy and received an itemized bill for the charges that is cost to repair those power lines, seems like Entergy just wants the money and we agree they should be paid, but it's NOT fair that she be billed for this damage that she did not cause.

Posted by Anonymous

I've only been in my apartment for four days, and I've been calling entergy for all four days. For some unknown reason my apartment is the only one who's lights keep clicking off for 30 minutes/ sometimes hours to click back on. Yes they did come out once maybe twice that I know of and say they found nothing wrong. Lights are still doing the same things. So I called the apartment maintenance and they check on their end and said that nothing is wrong. Now I'm up at 2:35 am writing this review because I called entergy back and they said they will not respond to this work order!! I have my 3 month old baby here with me. Who eats around this time. So I'm very pissed because I don't believe that entergy has check on their end properly. I dnt think you can look or check what could be wrong in five minutes!! I really hope that this is not effecting my bill. Somebody need to let me know something.

Posted by Jae

There over charing customers for service that does exist...They need more companies to choose from and see how bad there business would be....Yesterday a Rep told my mother that she is lucky that they didn't cut her service off and my Mon is a small business owner in the city of New Orleans something needs to be done about the way Energy treats senior citizens...I'm happy to say I don't live there and I'm never coming back to this rip off city there all thieves..... I Hate New Orleans Texas is my permanent home now....

Posted by sanqueena318

Katie and Dianna from entergy new orleans were not helpful. They misinformed talked over me and did not listen to my complaints. I am disabled living on a fixed in come just needed them to be more understanding. I was not asking for a handout just an explanation. Left the conversation feeling very upset. They really need to be trained better. Very unhappy customer.

Posted by Deregulated Entergy

we recently moved and set up our electricity 3 weeks ago. I set up the account online and it was requested to call the next day to set it up. So I called the next day and after many minutes on hold was told I have an account was given the account number and you pay a $250 deposit online. So I went online $250 deposit and then movedto a new house. 3 weeks later without notification I receive my $250 refund check back in the mail assuming that they made an error in my credit check I let it go and put the check back into my bank.I received no notification that my account was not finalized more closed in fact the day they cut it off I went online and was still able to see that I had made a $250 deposit and then that the electricity should have still been in my name instead these people cut it off and told me I had no choice but to leave my food in my refrigerator and freezer to let rot inI received no notification that my count was not finalized more clothes in fact today they cut it off I went online and was still able to see that I had made a 250 dollar deposit and then that the electricity should have still been in my name instead if you because of and told me I had no choice but to leave my up food in my refrigerator and freezer to let rot in my kids to let to sleep in the dark and hot weather during a tropical storm. If I had another choice for an electric provider I would switch but we moved to a regulated area in Texas.

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Posted by Anonymous

As a customer of Entergy thanks to the crews for their work on New Years Day in Grenada Ms. Power out at 2am and restored at 3:30 pm. A long day but on a holiday with power poles down thanks to those who was out there. Most don't have a clue what it takes to do the job.Thanks again!!

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Posted by dpogo90

I cannot give my name as I am a current Entergy employee. First off I will start by saying that as a company, Entergy does only what the local Public Service Commission allows. So if you don't like additional deposits, or deposit amounts, that is not a complaint for Entergy, as the Public Service Commission permits Entergy for those amounts and regulates Entergy's rates and storm rider increases. Secondly, your services are never disconnected the next day after failing to pay a bill. So complaints that state this are simply liars. Entergy releases a bill with 3 weeks to pay it. After that due date is passed by 5 BUSINESS DAYS a disconnect notice is issued with 5 MORE BUSINESS DAYS to pay before being disconnected. Furthermore, any additional deposits added to accounts are done so by permission of the PSC as well as are the customer's own fault for not paying on time. I understand certain complaints here are legit, but most of them are caused by the customers themselves.


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