Bought a domain that was hosted by Enom. Called customer service to make sure everything went through and that the domain was securely in my name (I paid $1,300 for it so wanted to be sure). When the guy told me how much the renewal was it was more than 3x as much as I asked the guy what the perks were of staying with Enom and his exact words were "get online and research it". I told him that I was a little surprised by his answer and that I thought for me to pay +3x the price of godaddy that he would at least give me something... He responded with "get online and research it". Needless to say I didn't waste my time with his advice and fired Enom as my registrar that day. Transferred to godaddy where cust service is always the best. I have used godaddy for a couple years now and didn't fully realize how great their cust service was until I met Enom cust "service".

As a business owner I was amazed at that cust service rep and if I were his manager and heard him say that I would have told him to pack his bags. Who needs to waste their time with guys like that when there are people who will speak to you respectfully and work to earn your business?