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Energizer customer service is ranked #609 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 27.96 out of a possible 200 based upon 42 ratings. This score rates Energizer customer service and customer support as Terrible.


40 Negative Comments out of 42 Total Comments is 95.24%.


2 Positive Comments out of 42 Total Comments is 4.76%.

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    • 40 negative comments (95.24%)
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Posted by Dolores

I was at wits end--I was on a trip my battery went dead which I just replaced- so I had a pack and got a new one--it didn't work I went threw the whole pack of 8 and finally the last one worked. expiration date 10-2018 bar codeI will be glad to send all these dead battery back. I would please like a free coupon to replace these bad ones. I can't take them back to the store as I no longer have the receipt. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I have come across several 6 volt energizer battery packs that leak a foul order. The packs were hot upon touch without any connections applied to them. This put all my science classroom students in danger, and many could not display their circuit models due to this. Consumer beware. Customer service calling was inconvenient.

Posted by Di

Just finding out...my mom buys your 312 hearing aide batteries. She used to buy the 16 pack but because there were at least 5 batteries in almost every pack that did not work, she started buying the 10 pack. Come to find out there are always 2 to 3 batteries in that size pack that don't work. She just threw them away and never complained but she cannot afford to continue doing that on a fixed income. I am holding a 10 pack right now that has 3 no good batteries. Will you please replace these batteries and get a better quality control? It appears that this has been going on for a couple of years but has never said anything. This is not right that people are paying top dollar and getting an

inferior product.

Posted by Anonymous

Two days ago I used an Energizer NiMH battery charger, charging 4 AA batteries. The model# seems to be R1216. There is also a small sticker that has "Q.C. passed 12116" on it. I plugged in the charger one evening and red lights came on. In the morning I went to unplug it. The red lights were still on (usually meaning that the batteries were still charging). I went to unplug it and it was almost too hot to touch. I removed the batteries. Each battery was almost too hot to touch. After the batteries cooled, I placed them in the charger of another brand. The red light on that charger went out with-in minutes. The batteries are charged. I think your product is dangerous. I will throw it away. I'm sorry that I didn't keep the receipt; I do not recall where I bought it.

Posted by David

We own a 525 dollar musical wall clock. Several months ago we put in four Eveready batteries. We took them out to replace them when daylight saving time ended. One side of the battery compartment is full of corrosion from a leaky battery. I am afraid the corrosion has ruined an expensive clock. What avenues do we have to remedy this? Sincerely David W.Tonn, First

Posted by JMM

no answer at number listed. email link doesn't work, phone number doesn't work, chat doesn't work. How helpful is that???

Posted by RRG

Customer Service Stinks!!! Spoke To Someone In India Who Couldn't Understand Nor Speak English. Last Time I Buy Your Producta

Posted by Anonymous

What CS? You can't talk to a Human being no matter what button you push. They don't even mention all of their product line choices. I finally found their Home Office location and got an actual phone number, but called and could only be put through to some CS persons voicemail. That was days ago, and they never returned our call. You have to have one of the WORST customer service attention we have ever seen. We will steer clear of purchasing any other Energizer products. Totally disgusted and angry customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it so difficult to have someone respond to an email...incident number 1created by soumik mazumdar weeks ago. I have emailed 14 times and still nothing....all I need is replacement caps for a lamp post the is virtually us less at this point...it lit once and never worked again....I need to know if you will take care of this or am I buying new ones

Posted by Anonymous


I hope you can help me. I purchased a solar lamp post from QVC for my some for Christmas last year. He just moved into a new house and finally got a chance to use it. He put it together adn it worked one night and now the lights only come on once in a while. He has changed the batteries and put new rechargable ones in it and has moved it to a brighter place ine his yard. It is still doing the same thing. It really is nice when it does come one but who wants something that only works half the time.

Is there anyway I can get replacement light covers so he can continue to use it. I happen to be there one night when it did come one and it is really bright and lights their deck very nicely.

I went back on QVC and apparently they aren't selling it anymore so I turned to you.

Please let me know what can be done so he can use his light all the time.

Thank you ....Linda Gizenski

The item number from Qvc

Posted by Charles Bird

I have a Energizer Model: NLPLAU Night light that burnt through the back plastic plate and onto the electrical outlet plate. I would be happy to send you a photo of this. I am sure that this wasn't supposed to happen. What can you do about this?

Posted by Anonymous

purchased your batteries at home depot three times. all six batteries failed

home depot would not return the repecit and said to call you. 800 line does not answer my question. would be great customer service is you would send me 2 a23 zero mercury batteries.

joe godwin

Posted by Anonymous

There is NO customer service! The phone is just a series of recordings and sends you to a website that doesn't offer help? Will not buy your products if I can not get help with a faulty part on something I purchased.

Posted by Anonymous

Energizer has NO customer support as far as I can tell, just a series of recorded commercials !! What are you hiding from ?

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service not helpful at all,and you sell expired batteries and I will post this on yelp and Facebook

Posted by Anonymous

Very unhappy with the response I received from customer service regarding my 2 batteries 2025 that only lasted less that 3 months in my scale that only weights me once a day and then turns off. The suggestion that I call the manufacturer to see how long your batteries should last in my scale seems ludicrous to me. Very disappointed in customer service

Posted by kutyna1

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 12 years. I have MS and it took my hearing earlier in life than a normal person. I have always been satisfied with your batteries. A bad one now and again but That is to be expected in the volume that I use them. This pack I got only lasted about a week because the best one only lasted 30 min. Most were only good for 10-20 min. I live on SSD and every penny counts. I never write to companies like this but am particularly disappointed. Is there a way to tell from the pack what I'm getting into?? Not Happy!!! Kutyna I tried to add a picture of the pack I bought but it wouldn't let me

Posted by Janet

Purchased a twin pack of 312 Energizer Batteries with expiration 01-2018
7 out of 8 batteries lasted 15 - 30 minutes and was cutting out the sound.
Totally unhappy with that pink bunny who can't perform like he claims to.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased some hearing aid batteries one and half weeks ago and have to use four already. These batteries are not worth the money I paid. Will not buy them again.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought hearing aid bateries from you - Enegizer Batteries!. Out of a package of 6, 2 were dead on arrival -nolife; two lasted 4 days (previous battries from Walgreen, etc lasted 6-7 days, and the other batteries lasted a day longer. WillI buy more Enegizer Batteries? Guess.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased 3 of your fusion folding lanterns from the home depot to take to my cabin in upper michigan where there is no power. I removed the batteries like it said to do to cancel the demo mode. They worked for about 5 minutes, started flashing and went out. Permanently. The home depot no longer has these lights and at 35 dollars each, you might say that I am not a happy customer. Everything I have at my cabin is run by batteries and am not the kind of person thats going to stop buying your batteries because of one bad experience on a said lifetime guaranteed product. Kind of wondering what my options are . Thank you Steve Warmuskerken

Posted by Toma

Eveready and Lowes are knowingly selling LED Lights which are almost all defective- leaving them on the shelf and discounting them in the hopes of getting rid of them. Energizers website has a contact page where they promise a two day response. I'm still waiting after 2 weeks. It would appear they have no customer service or quality control.

Posted by Elizabeth

I Owen The Hard Case Metal Flash Light ..i Was Given As A Gift ..used It ..for About 6 Months.. Let Me Day This Flash Light Sucks . I Can't Figure It Out How To Open To Change Batteries ....it Fill Well Made ..buy There's No Clue How To Open .....and The Help Ansered Questions. .website ..really Sucks ..it Was Nothing But Rambling ..ittt Never Ansered The Question On How To Replace My Batteries. ..please Help Some1

Posted by Anonymous

I am on a fixed income, and because of this, I decided to purchase re-chargeable batteries with a battery charger, a product from your company, I put thought into this purchase and even though it was pretty expensive, I purchased it. After only charging batteries twice, it quit working!!! There was no reason, it was not moved or anything! Needless to say, I am not happy at all with your product!! And of course being what it is, the store I purchased it from would not give a refund!! They said I had to contact you! Well needless to say, I sure as heck will not be telling family and friends to purchase this product!

Posted by Yusuf

Have a faulty energizer motor battery, still under guarantee, energizer refuses to honour their guarantee, they are very unhelpful, rude & arrogant!!!! Disgusted with Energizer South Africa!!!!

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Posted by none

Today I took my inside Sears wall mounted garage door opener apart to change the 4 digit code for the outside number pad. I did not remember it had a battery in it. The 9v Eveready Classic Battery in it was still good and has 8.39v. I had installed that unit in the 1993-1995 time period. The date code is 9207, and the battery still looks new. Your Eveready 9v has been "always ready" for over 20 years. Congratulations on a job well done!!!!!!!

Posted by carl

Today I had occasion to contact Energizer Customer Service re: battery leakage in a flashlight. I easily reached a lady who was very polite, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. She spoke excellent English as spoken in America, with NO foreign accent. She also understood what I was saying perfectly. After I provided her with the necessary information she told me to expect a check in a few days to compensate me for my loss and inconvenience.

This is entirely an unsolicited testimonial and I do not have, nor have I ever had, any association with the Energizer Co. other than as a customer. After many years of using this product this is the first time I have had to contact Customer Service and I am very satisfied with my experience.

Why should I go to this much trouble over this issue? Because I'm a retired businessman and, in view of all the lousy service offered today, I figure really good service should be recognized.

Carl W.

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Posted by Rovercastle

Hi ! My name is Rolanda Shorter. I would like to know if you all do interviews through Google Hangouts! I have been offered a job with the Energizer Company and have been given an online interview through Google Hamgouts. I want to know if this is the way you all do your hiring. Please reply back to me at you earliest convenience. My number . I just would like to be sure that this is not a scam of some sort.


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