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Embarq customer service is ranked #208 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 45.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 34 ratings. This score rates Embarq customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


29 Negative Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 85.29%.


5 Positive Comments out of 34 Total Comments is 14.71%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Embarq

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 45.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 29 negative comments (85.29%)
    • 5 positive comments (14.71%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 1.4 Cancellation
    • 4.4 Friendliness
    • 4.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Does centurylink ever have good service ?

why must we always have slow dsl and it's always not

working, half the time .

I'm ready to switch to extra data in my cell plan and the hell with centrylink

Posted by reybarry

My email is being blocked by embarqmail via century link, and NEITHER can be contacted by email. embarqmail doesn't list an email form or address, and century link, (also without a working phone number) hard coded their email form to wwww instead of www so it cannot be delivered!
Why is all this? Because yesterday I warned members of my car club to beware a faux cry for help claiming to come from a member overseas. That spam they delivered. My warning got me blocked. Great service these people give. The make comcast look benign.

Posted by Angry non customer

I spent about 10 minutes with a woman who doesn't speak English well, couldn't understand most of what I said, and couldn't help me. Embark is going to dig up my front yard tomorrow to bury a cable, and I wanted to know how to protect my plants. All she could do,was offer to file a damage report AFTER they tear up my plants. I want to show them where the plants are (ground cover that is not blooming right now and might be mistaken for weeds), but she isn't interested. When she found out that I do not have cable through their company, she practically lost interest in helping me at all.
I don't want $$$ for damage. I want to prevent the damage to my plants I worked so hard to get established a year ago. No luck. Really terrible customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

This is a prime example of a useless web page. It is obvious that no one reads or updates the page.... The listed phone number with options do not work!! Once I finally manage to reach someone, they could not help... I was transferred to another person who did not listen to the problem. I say this because she asked questions that I had explained. Then she hung up on me... Too bad they are the only service in this area... THEY ARE WORTHLESS.

Posted by Anonymous

HORRIBLE Customer service. Spoke with 2 different service reps who didn't even appear to know the name of their company. I was trying to report a downed phone line caused by an accident and both reps acted like they had no idea at all how to send someone to repair it. We will see if it even gets fixed. Horrible Horrible Horrible

Posted by Anonymous

Your web site says, "To reach a live person, Press 1, then Press 2, then Press #." It also claims to be active 24/7. Well, following directions gets you a recording that says the office is closed and then disconnects the call. Apparently, I managed to call outside the 24/7 window! Congratulations on having established your service department outside the laws of particle physics and quantum mechanics. You might get a Nobel prize for this. Now if you could only repair the line to the house and restore phone service.....

Posted by joangengaro

This is the second night I tried to get help with my email. Both times the message said that it would be more than 10 minutes. Last time I waited 20 minutes and finally hung up. I am now waiting on hold and will hang up again as soon as I am finished writing this message. This is really pathetic customer service. I am going to have to reevaluate my telephone and internet service.

Posted by Tine

I'm being harassed by the company about having a bill and I've never had they're service. They are trying to tell me that I have a bill from 2005, and like I said, I never had an account through them.....I had vonage for a phone service then.

Posted by Contact help/Embarq

^THe ServiceSucks!!! Call back Monday? I need tech help with a live english speaking person NOW!!!!(saturday!)

Posted by rv

call customer service and geta recording saying we are closed, please call back later. Not information when they will be open or what time zone they are in.

Posted by Liz

I have been trying to get my phone line "dug in" for 39 days. Their standard is 10 working days. The line is connected but strung across the backyard like a chinese jumprope!

Posted by Anonymous

Never been a customer but was put in collections and is now on my credit report.Didnt know what kind of business this was, when I call it is a furniture company in Texas who is not very happy with them giving out their number. Hope I never have to deal with them....Jerry

Posted by Anonymous

I have been hung up on twice already and this is the first time I have ever called. What a poor introduction to this company. Very unprofessional and rude.

Posted by go88ford1

Tried to get a refund for 7 mths. for service we cancelled...still waiting on it. Called several times and asked for the refund and was told the check is in the mail...We are still waiting....Very sorry customer service...

Posted by Anonymous

Something apparently got screwed up on my account when it switched from Embarq to Centurylink. I used to have bundled service with telephone, internet, and dish network while it was Embarq, then I suddenly started getting a seperate bill from Dish Network. My next bill from Centurylink (now) did not show the Dish Network charges, so I just figured they weren't doing that anymore, so I paid Dish seperately.
THEN I started getting past due notices on my account, and it was subsequently turned over to their collection agency, Afni, or something like that. My phone has been working continously the whole time, nothing is past due.
I asked one of the people that called me from the collection agency what phone number was she trying to collect the past due bill on, and she told me. I then asked her what number she was calling me on at that moment, and she told me. I asked if she happened to notice that the number that was disconnected for non-payment happened to be the very same number she had called me on, and she said, well, it must be for some kind of long distance charges or something, then hung up.
Every three or four months or so, the collection agency calls back, I ask them the same two questions, then they go away for three or four months, and I think the problem is resolved, but they come back to the well again several months later. Between their letters, calls, and labor expense, I think they have probably spend a couple hundred bucks now collecting a $35 account.

Posted by Sheryl

Embarq is the WORSE internet provider that I have EVER dealt with in my entire life! EVERY single DAY I lose internet connection 20-30 TIMES!!! Sometimes its just for an instance BUT it is enough to kick me offline and ALL my online classwork is LOST!!! I have actually had to QUIT ALL MY ONLINE CLASSES simply because of their EXTREMELY POOR(and I'm being very nice here)service! The only reason I have not quit them is because internet service is included with my rent! However, due to the many complaints of the other tenants also, he is canceling their "so-called" service!!!

Posted by chris

how are you going to help somebody and your office is close this is the worst internet provider yet. Its to the point where they don't care what people say on there page

Posted by Anonymous

Operators always busy. On hold for long time. Music too loud while on hold.

Posted by Woody

Prices are outragous and service is worse.
I hear music or foreign talk on my phone in Porter TX. and my bundled services went from 147.38 a month to $178.53 a month once the intoductory deal expired.

Am looking for something else, but apparently CenturyLink has a monopoly here.

Should be illegal!

Posted by Anonymous

We used Century Link as a phone service for a winter house in Florida. When called to have phone disconnected for a date at the end of the vacation, we lost our long distance service. This took many calls before they finally turned on. When received bill was found that being charged for each call even when our plan includes unlimited long distance. After a two hour phone call they did agree to reduce bill. The following month received a bill for the deduction when called back was told that it was reviewed and told the deduction was not correct even though an agreement was made by customer service rep. I was told no way to contact this individual so forced to pay for their error.

Posted by lola

I have spent 6 weeks trying to port a number from Embarq to Charter. Both companies have lied and tried to extort more money. Embarq refuses now to disconnect the phone service. I have filed an offical complaint with the FCC against both companies, but hope that Embarq takes the brunt of the complaint.

Posted by mtngrandpa

agree with better things to do! have beeb listening to recording and music for over 30 min. trying to contact tech rep. is there no way to bypass this crap? mtngrandpa in tn

Posted by betterthingstodo

waited on-hold for customer service this morning for 1 and 1/2 hours...three different calls I made...just recorded advertising and 'sorry for the wait, please continue to hold'...if this is what the new 'century link' offers then I don't want it....this is ridiculous.

Posted by msvlmd

Spoke with a Rep from Embarq regarding a mistake they had made on an account that I never had, he blatantly said there was nothing he can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said "sure" then hung up the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I canceled my service on Sept. 15 and was told I was to receive a $10.00 refund. Well I finally receive my final bill on Oct. 13 and I owe a small amount plus $5.00 PAST DUE. That's the thanks I get for being a loyal customer for the last 14 years. I will never refer this company to anyone!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

I spoke with Rhonda/CS last evening at 4:30-a tremendous help!
I spoke with Lasha/CS this morning 1/29/16 and she was able to reach the Tech and made his Security visit next call-his priority.
Our company is beyond happy with both these wonderful Customer Service Reps-THEY ROCK.

Posted by Anonymous

Called their 888 number and reached a very helpful agent. Thanks Jason!

Posted by pavane

Line not operative. I called them at 5pm on Sunday afternoon, very pleasant agent on the phone, promised to have repairs done on Monday, by 9am Monday it was fixed. What is not to like about service like this?

Posted by Anonymous

Embarq has always been good to me. No complaints. Find it hard to believe that people are having these problems

Posted by wathman53

Thank you for your prompt, curteous service. There was a billing problem and It was taken care of. NO long wait,All involved were patient and knowledgeable. 1MJ- Steph is a Rating of 5. She took care of the situation in a calm and professional manner. Thank YOU, again. Embarq is (in my case) a Great Service in providing Internet and Phone support Sincerely JOHN- OHIO

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