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Electronic Arts customer service is ranked #570 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 28.90 out of a possible 200 based upon 913 ratings. This score rates Electronic Arts customer service and customer support as Terrible.


861 Negative Comments out of 913 Total Comments is 94.30%.


52 Positive Comments out of 913 Total Comments is 5.70%.

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  • Electronic Arts

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    • 28.90 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 861 negative comments (94.30%)
    • 52 positive comments (5.70%)
    • 3 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.2 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Hands down the nicest yet worst service that I have ever received. I had to contact them several times for missing game content. The first time I was in a chat que for 2hrs... The second time I spoke with a pleasant representative yet he didn't listen to my issue and lied to my face(The details would be to long to mention here). Finally after another chat request that was luckily only a 30min wait I was connected with a half way competent rep. They cleaned up the mes from the last rep that was caused by him not listening and lying. Sadly though even this new rep was not able to help. After several consultations with their "higher team" she redirected me to their forums. After spending more than a day on these guys I threw in the towel and got a refund. Their content management system and that deplorable first representative earn them a 1 on every category. Hopefully they step up their game sometime soon.

Posted by Pamela B419

I have tried 4 times to pay my Pogo bill. I have tried to contact you and get no results! I've been a Pogo holder since 2001 n have never not been able to pay this bill before. Please help me before my renewal is up.

Posted by Jordan G.

I made an in game purchase of $40 and was disappointed with the game. Multiple times on their site I was assured if I am unhappy with a product I would be able to get a refund. When I tried to refund it, only one day after the purchase, I was denied being told since I used "Sim points" it wasn't real money so they couldn't help me, no understanding to the fact I spend real money on it. I searched their website high and low for this policy, even attempted the same purchase to see if I was given a warning and I was not. I asked to make a formal complaint on the issue and was actually denied that ability by a supervisor. They completely refused my money back and refused to let me have a problem with that fact saying I'm the only one who sees it as a problem. The way I was treated by their customer service was like a bad dream, unbelievable. I will not give them a single dime of my money ever again. Extremely greedy and poor business practice.

Posted by Anonymous

You guys are idiots! I told Gurinder S. That I wanted to delete the new account created on my new phone because I can't transfer my old account off my old phone to the new one. He said no problem. I asked if he wanted to verify the account with the user I'D, but he said no he only needed the email address. I had two accounts on that email address on two different phones. He deleted the old phones account that I wanted to keep and the new phone still has the account assigned to It! I just lost hundreds of dollars on upgrades because you didn't listen to my request accurately, instead I can hear you arguing with someone else there at your office! WTF!!!

I will be filing a complaint with the management.

Posted by tiredofea

Im really too tired to write a fully review of ea's crap. the summary, my acc has hacked. two days of telephone calls (only) between 6pm and 5am (their only operating times in my county) my last wait time was 50 minutes listening to that horrible elevator like music.

Posted by SaintNeval

Tech support was absolutely awful. I was shunned away with threats of fraud. I called to report being scammed or report a glitch. During the game my tokens were erased during a bid. It was impossible to have lost all my tokens bidding on a player when my token were far far lower than the buy amount. Either way, EA refused to reverse the transaction and accused me of fraud. I explained my position as a officer of the law and would not jepordize my career over gaming tokens. I just wanted things to be corrected. Nothing else. They refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I called back to tech support and "Josh" in tech support did confirm it was a glitch and transferred the case back to customer service. They again said it was fraud and refused to help. Told me it was a google play issue. I don't even use google play.

Posted by Metalmadness616

Im not a major player on ultimate team, only recently I put more time into it. Packed a legend viera and sold it on for 1.8 million. Bought my team. Reus aubamayang bale etc. Then bought my little brothers bronze players he didn't want so he could buy counting and went off for the night. The next morning I woke up and was banned, admitted straight away what I had done to the advisor on phone, admitted never reading t&cs and not knowing what I did was against rules as I assumed purchasing or selling coins was the only illegal part, I didn't realise helping my 13 year old brother was against any rules and apologised and accepted my short term ban. BUT 2 weeks later and 15 phone calls with advisors telling me it'll be sorted within one day and others telling me twenty days. I have just received an email stating they are not lifting the sanctions and now I am banned for good. FOR TRYING TO HELP MY LITTLE BROTHER. I hate this company they have single handedly ruined family gaming and all the other great companies they have bought out an ruined.

Complaints process is awful. They don't have any idea of what is going on or how long things will take to get fixed. They're are all. Scripted lovers on the phone.

Will never be playing an ea game again and would recommend the entire gaming community think twice about supporting this joke of a company.

Posted by salsap

I had a security issue playing Monopoly. I was killing all slowly, suddenly my browser page reloaded to a spoof "head transplant" page. So you can send a command to my browser now through EA? I guess my IP is out there if I play even a simple game. Anyway, with no help by email I gave up, only to get a final email from a different dept., which I decided to respond to, spent 30 min composing a proper response that would get across how EA was not taking advantage of the time I was willing to put in to this security issue for their site, only to find that, unstated in the email, it was from a "do not reply" address! here is my response, which will outline the original issue for you all, if interested. It should make it all clear:
I think the reason I have not replied further, is that your agent who responded by email said I should contact you all by chat as he could not help me. I don't get that: obviously I am not seeing the reasoning behind how you have your cs or security set up to respond to issues like mine. I had what I see as an abuse or security issue. I did offer to call myself. But the way he responded, plus the fact that I had to repeat the same thing 3 times and then told I would be contacting someone else by chat and obviously starting my story from scratch, made it seem this was not important to you. In my email I offered to call, but not to call someone cold to start explaining again all over. that's a big difference. It's of course for me to have proper security on my end. So I am pursuing that thanks to this issue coming onto my radar. It's for you to keep your site secure for users and to follow up on those that violate TOS or the law. I wish you success in that. You might have more if you had a channel for users to work with you, rather than a blanket "we can't divulge any information."

Posted by suffuredwolf15

Tried calling the website phone number. I can't log onto battlefield 4. Message tells me it can't retrieve info and I see my friends online. This is really inconvenience to have to try and contact someone and the information on your website is wrong.
how do I contact someone if your website is misleading.

Posted by Anonymous

I have called EA of the past 2 years probably 30+ times to get a ban off my BF3 now I could have opened a new account and just dl bf3 FOR FREE while it was free, and had the same game but no I wanted to have this ban removed, let me tell you something about 2 years ago my account was taken over, I did not find this out by any email notice but by readit; that's right REDDIT! many people where claiming that there account was taken over by someone in another county just look it up its still on the internet. So I wanted the ban lifted due to these scumbag account thief hackers. Have I got it unbanned no, will I probably not, these ppl at EA are just as bad as the scum that took over the account and used it at their pleasure, I am ranting anywhere I can about this horrid practice. they say DICE denied it yet I cannot talk to DICE how strange everyone has a email or phone number, but yet I cannot talk to the people who incriminate me that's right folks incriminate I am a criminal in DICE eyes I broke the law, I would LOVE for them to take me to court; will they nope, why they fear they will lose. Oh and just to say these people why took over the account TRIED to make purchases and tried to add friends to the account also changed all my account info. I was violated my information breached and I get treated LIKE TRASH. I hope this company burns.

Posted by Anonymous

I was Feeling pretty bad about my EA experience until I read the 850 bad Reviews, and see that my Little Problem (can't reach anyone, can't have my Problem resolved, never get Responses to any emails or Messages I send) are really minor compared to everyone elses. So now I'm actually pleased with the Service, because by comparison, mine was ok. I'm assuming that the 49 positive Responses EA got are from their own employees who they probably paid to write them.


Posted by Anonymous

I need someone to call me to help with my game problems. I bought plants vs zombies 2

an have been playing it for the first week it came out. Everything was fine except

over the last month or so, I getting kicked of the server after playing for 40 minutes or so. I have to start all over losing my progress and losing all of the pack defensive plants I put it place over the course of the game. I would not care except I have purchased the pack with real cash. Please call me a.s.a.p. to fix this problem and get credit. Thank You Frank Stoncich

Posted by Anonymous

What is the point of having a phone number if it just hangs up on you? Just another example of a company that doesn't understand how business works. They lost mine.

Posted by Anonymous

They disconnected that phone number. When you call the 650 area code phone number and transfer to customer service, that number is also disconnected.

Posted by Anonymous

Good luck with getting EA to resolve your problem. EA has outsourced their entire customer service to India. When you do speak with someone your better off talking to your garage door. If your lucky enough to speak with a person get ready to experience Ground Hog Day each time you have to speak with them.

Posted by Anonymous

Please I need your help... I bought a ps4 Fifa 16 deluxe edition and the code is expired... I talked with the seller but they told me that they can't do anything and the responsible is EA......I also called Sony and they told me the same.... Can you help me to solve this?

My husband sent you a message an hour ago and he has a claim number and he is trying contact you by chat but it is impossible... we are not having a response..

Posted by Anonymous

The phone number you have does not work. I need to reset the email account that my friend made on my player profile, and delete the one i made for my email, so that i can use my email with my account, not his email with my account.

Posted by Wink5100

I was robbed online yesterday by another gamer on Madden Ultimate Team by the name of RushxKingX. We were doing a trade for a Michael Vick card and he got all of my players and I never got the Michael Vick. I spent over $300 on Microsoft points to build my team and I need something to happen immediately.

Posted by EA Disappointed

Returned a XBox game for replacement. It has been over four weeks since they received it. After a few emails from EA asking for the same information we submitted originally, the replacement has been sitting with "UPS Label Printed" status going on a week. It still has not been sent to UPS. I am not sure who is handling their customer service, but it has the feel of a dirt-floor bamboo hut in Cambodia, waiting for the donkey cart to take the package to the depot.

Posted by Vincenttiff

n November I was trying to obtain the 99 odell Beckham master card I completed 5 season and 2 division milestone I did not open the packs I wanted to see how many i could do in a week then the auction house went down when madden mobile came back four days later I lost my 7 unclaimed items so I focused on getting the season set I realized that I did 15 rwcieved 5 more then was required and had extra I thought it would do that for the division set but it didn't I'm at 10 million fans but now I'm 2 short from completing the series and have know idea how to get the last two to finish the set I've worked on for over 10 months and hundreds of dollars

Posted by Kittenchaser

Aditya was the worst customer service representative I have had to deal with, I had security questions that he never asked me and was quick to tell me my account was gone forever. After a short talk with his coworker my account was back in my hands which to me proves that he was doing nothing but pushing peoples problems away rather than helping

Posted by PappaNovak

The worst customer service so far in my entire life. Account is being banned for a game I dont even own because my psn was compromised and they keep bassically saying its my fault that I was hacked and that they will do nothing about it, even after Sony has already acknowledged the account was compromised and is fixing the issue. Absolute terrible. Cant dispute over the phone, can only send mindless emails that just get cookie cutter auto responses. Everyone over the phone is outsourced so you can't understand anyone at all.

Posted by Ether2k

The absolute worst. To reach customer service one must navigate a gauntlet of BPO buffers, electronic chat with the equivalent of a Speak n Spell and then... if lucky enough... one gets to be mistreated by an actual employee. EA actively and unabashedly avoids any contact with the customers that made it 1.8 billion last quarter alone. Disgusting business practices. Just gross.

Posted by star_weaver

my account info was leaked then sold off to some 1 in russia, been trying to contact them for over a week now and they always say to call and the number doesnt work, now after i confronted them hard about this im getting ignored

Posted by W84ME2JOIN

My account got hacked and cant reach a. İt has been 3 weeks. openmed 5 cases all resolved automatically. says they will contact with 5 min latency after live chat button. but they dont open for 5 hours.

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Posted by Lover of this!

I don't see why other comments are hating. I had customer support from a guy named Rex, he solved my problem within the time i took explaining my problem. I might of got lucky but I just find this service so amazing.

Posted by Jsc7898

When I got my new PS4, I couldn't remember my account password OR the password for the email associated with it so I was faced with losing EVERYTHING. Not acceptable! After some maneuvering, the customer service rep got me to the security question but I got it wrong. Obviously keeping himself within the security policy, he told me without telling me exactly what to do next and encouraged me not to give up. I got to keep my gamer tag! Thank you awesome customer service guy!

Posted by Anonymous

I requested a call from tech support about an account problem where my email was logging onto a different account. They called me within five minutes and the person who was on the phone was pretty nice and helpful. They found my actual account, and got rid of the extra account without much difficulty.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot speak to EA's customer service personnel as a whole. However, I can say that I encountered a customer experience specialist named Patrick whom is meticulously good at his job- and wonderful guy as well. He deserved more than just the 'thank you' that I was able to give him, so I thought I'd post this. Let me explain: I spent a lot of time attempting to resolve an issue that, if left unresolved, would have meant the absolute end of my time as an EA customer. I won't detail the issue in question because it is irrelevant. By the time I got on the line with Patrick, I was irate. Not just angry- no, but I'll leave it at that as the more accurate terminology for my mood would probably be deemed inappropriate (even in Studio 54 in the mid 70s).
Now, to the point: Patrick's performance in his capacity as CE specialist. Patrick demonstrated a professionalism, knowledge, intellect and efficacy that I had not experienced in a customer service interaction. This isn't hyperbole, simply my only way of trying to thank a stranger who I considered a friend by the end of our interaction. This is also a statement on the importance and rarity of such a combination of the above-listed qualities. Most importantly, in addition to said efficacy, Patrick demonstrated an unbelievably affable, understanding, empathetic and personable nature.
Too often, we complain about service that we don't like. Or service that we could like more. Or just plain 'bad service'. Often it is done in a vulgar manner and with a vitriol usually reserved for shouting at war criminals outside of The Hague. Conversely, it is rare for people to take the time to recognize excellence in the work of others- especially in the customer service field.
So I feel compelled to write this verbose, ill-structured and sincerely heartfelt testimonial. It is rare to find someone willing, dedicated and caring enough to solve your problem for you over the phone- but far more rare to find that the same person placed a smile on your face from halfway across the country. That is exactly what Patrick C. did today. I know, because it was my problem solved- and my face left smiling.
Thank you Patrick- and Tommy (his supervisor)- you turned a bad situation that I would have wanted to forget into the most memorable customer support experience one could hope for.
Your Friend,

Posted by fireyflamerandomness

Radhika S. did a great job and I would like to thank her for her work 9.5/10 for overall review. Just Great

Posted by CrazyDoc_SW

I recently tried to activate my (physical) copy of "C&C: The First Decade" on Origin. After trying and receiving an error several times, I resorted to the live chat system. Unfortunately, my computer doesn't seem to like that, so I resorted to the "call me" option. Seconds (literally) later, my phone rang, and a very friendly and helpful support person cheerfully tried to assist me.

That would be enough for a positive review from me, even if they had not been able to help, but they went several steps further. Due to the fact that "C&C: The First Decade" is not available on Origin, I was upgraded to "C&C: The Ultimate Collection," something I was not expecting, but was quite grateful for. More than satisfied, I began the installation and went to have lunch.

Upon returning to my computer, I discovered that it was not "The Ultimate Collection" after all, but simply a bonus disk style addon, without the actual game(s). Thinking I may have simply been given the bonus as a "Sorry, we can't give you what you want because it doesn't exist," I started another support call. Again, seconds later, my phone rang, and after explaining the situation the (different) support person cheerfully looked into it.

In the end, due to a slight oddity in the system, the wrong product had been gifted. However, the second support person figured things out, and corrected the issue, and I now have what I was looking for, plus a little extra. From what I heard, and what the second support person said, the error had been due to how the products were tagged (North America version vs International version) and not due to an error on the part of the first support person.

Posted by emperor

I left a pretty negative review about ea after receiving what I thought was pretty bad service, I think I was just unlucky and I feel pretty bad about the review I left, I can't work out how to remove it, but I contacted them again today months later, and they resolved my issue, I don't know whether they've improved or if I've been lucky, I can't remember what he said his name was, but he was friendly, helpful and genuinely seemed interested in getting my step daughters game back for her, I'm very impressed by the service I just received and she's over the moon as she now has her game back! thanks ea for the help!

Posted by Oni4-_sparks

Hello Today I needed help transferring my Sims 3 game from one origin account to another, which I did not know how to do since I'm not a computer wiz. So anyway I called up and spoke to some one called Satyavrat he was very helpful and guided me on how to transfer the game and in less than 10 minutes the game was transferred. SO id like to say THANKYOU :)

Posted by NiKaWo

Had an issue with one of my games (Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition) not recognizing/installing so DLC content. Tinkered for weeks in frustration before finally caving in and contacting customer service (which I heard was awful) tonight.

After about 8 minutes I was connected with someone and they asked questions and disappeared briefly, when they came back they told me to check Origin, I did and saw that the DLC was downloading itself! I'm not sure what they did, I just gave them my product code and I suppose they verified it before simply making some edits to it.

The whole process took 20 minutes MAX and I can honestly say that I have 0 complaints with how it was handled. My only regret is wasting my time and not just going to them in the first place.

Posted by b8erien

I used the support from EA and was surprised how willing to help they were, after I heard so much against it.

I had a short chat for helping me resetting my savegame, what wasn't that easy and I have to say that my contact was very helpful and we found a way to do it.

I don't know how the support was some time before, but now it's really good and nice!

Posted by Ashli555

Excellent customer service! Had some donuts go missing on The Simpsons Tapped Out game, so I emailed EA and after a few emails back and forth ..they refunded me all the donuts I was missing! Very quick to respond and fixed the problem! Thank you EA!

Posted by Anonymous

I called the number that was posted and it's a recording telling you to get on ea.help.com and submit a request for a call back. Within 1 minute I received a call back from an EA customer rep. She was very friendly and eager to help me with my issues.

Posted by patience

Ok I was also received 3 charges from electronic arts to a capital one bank account on 10/22/13 . I was able to leave messages fax a letter to privacy act, email a head man that had email address on coporate, I received email and a call, it was cleared up in 3 days . what I done was fax a statement to legal department regarding fraudlent activity on my account and was dropped the 3 different charges off my account, still don't know who and how they got it but it was taken now account was closed and had to open another, might want to try that because it put my account in the - 176.00 by some hackers there never got merchandise,

ps uknown

Posted by anonymous

The customer service for us was always good on each time we had to contact them, by live online chat and by phone. The thing is, it's not the cust. service that's an issue for us, it's the games themselves! Sims3 and all the EP that come with it, are a damned nightmare! & all the 'help' we've been given has NOT resolved the issues! :(

Posted by milly

After reading the comments I was a bit nervous calling them, but I'm very happy I did. I waited on hold for just under 30 minutes, but on my phone I can play games and do things while waiting so it didn't feel like very long at all while doing other things (I'm thinking the people really complaining about minor wait times are just sitting at their phones not doing anything at all). The music sounded like soundtracks, and it wasn't that bad. I've definitely heard MUCH WORSE in waiting music. The girl who helped me was incredibly friendly and nice, too! I was very nervous because I didn't know what to expect (I never call Customer Support) but I think she sensed that and tried to ease my nerves by being friendly and helpful! I solved my problem in under 2 minutes, though it was just a simple one of how to find my registered (from a long time ago) serial code for a game so I could re-download it. I didn't catch her name because I was playing a game and it took me a few seconds to realize I wasn't on hold anymore, but in the end I left feeling really happy that I called. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Posted by Stopcomplaining!

EA gives FREE tech support unlike MOST companies. Yes I have had to wait on hold for even an hour before but people should not complain about the times unless they want to pay at least 20 or more dollars just to get troubleshooting. (I.e. Microsoft and Apple)

Posted by Aaron

EA has had the best customer service I have ever received. They have always gone above and beyond and I have had to call several, several times over the years. Thank you for all of your help!

Posted by haterrrz

OMG all these people are talkin bs i got through fine and fast and the person helped w all of my problems!!

Posted by Resolved, satisfied

Technology is not perfect, and we have to remember that. EA has it's customer representatives' hands full with that fact in mind, and no matter how long you wait, it is only because the representatives are busy helping someone else just like you. It took me a long time to reach a represantative, and even longer to fix the problem. But it was worth it. He was friendly, knowledgeable, caring, and never assumed that he knew everything and I knew nothing, even though I knew nothing. I was very humbled knowing he had to deal with angry, insecure people like me every day, but he still did his job very well. He stuck with me for a full hour, jumping through all the hoops he could in order to make sure my Need for Speed Most Wanted save could be retrieved. And it couldn't be retrieved at the end, because it was heavily corrupted, and these are people, not miracle workers. He even kept up an engaging and friendly conversation about the latest EA news, his name has already slipped from my mind, and I deeply regret it. He was a great worker, taking great lengths to call me by name whenever possible. I am deeply sorrow about my last post about EA's customer service, because it was untrue. If my customer representative ever reads this, I am sorry about what I said and I hope that he keeps on doing what he is doing. And people, cut these guys some slack, because there are thousands of angry, confused people just like you and me that service people have to deal with, and they do it happily and with a smile, always asking if there is anything else at the end. I wish I could have sat there all day, conversing with a fellow, friendly gamer.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to install Mass Effect 3, Origin wouldn't verify the game - kept saying the CD key was invalid. Contacted customer service and issue was resolved within less than 24 hours of contact. Very impressed, normally my customer service experience is not so quick, but i empathize with people who work in customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

It took a little while to get a real person but it was very easy to go through the process. I was canceling a game order since i got the download but I use the physical and I just selected one of the game that I had ordered. The person I spoke to was very nice and polite and friendly. He also had a lovely accent and was very helpful. He helped me cancel the order and helped me find the correct way to order. The only thing I didn't like was the hold music!

Posted by coldharbor1864

Madden 13 Ultimate Problem: At First I was skeptical about EA but I called anyway. After about a 20 to 30 minute wait I did get them on the phone. My 10 year old son spoke to them and was told by tech support they did not do tech support and to go on line to find a solution. So the next day I called and after about a 20 minute wait got someone on the phone. The tech support person did everything he could to help out. The call took a half hour but he could not fix the problem and bounced it to the next level. After another 15 minute wait a person go on the phone and fixed our problem in 10 minutes. He was great. The tech support was in Austin, Texas! So my son and I were happy about the resolution.

Posted by Jon

My customer service on chat was great. His name was Morrel and why we might not have gotten the problem worked out, he was very patient, helpful, and had a sense of humor (which in some cases, is not allowed for CS). Took about four minutes to reach them, which is great because I did have a place to be, even though we didn't get the problem worked out, I actually enjoyed being on CS solving the problem because of Morrel's personality.

Posted by DeeJayZombie

It was amazing. The employee who handled my issue was a god. I have never been handled that well. It was amazing and I would rate it 11/10

Posted by angeldemusica21

I just called them, its 10:15 AM. Someone picked up within 5 minutes! Which is great comparing to the other times I waited for 30 minutes and nothing. He was super patient and helpful. I called inquiring about a digital download for MAC of THE SIMS 3. Unfortunately they don't have it yet, although it's being worked on.

Thanks guys for the info!

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Posted by Lil_rae_rae

I happen to be a Customer service rep for Electronic arts. What people fail to know about us is that our CSR have merged to a knew data system so your accounts are a bit harder to find as we are trying to be more comfortable with the software we are working with, as well as having minimal training until we hit the phones with you. I ask they you be patient and understanding knowing we are going to do our best to help you. Also Complaining here doesn't help us at all what we would like to see are the comments on the customer service satisfaction survey you receive to your email after the call as this lets our supervisors and managers know what it going on.

Posted by ASDDD

I am one of the CE support of EA.We are doing hard to solve your problem but we are 100 of scam persons who thinks that EA is fool Example One day a customer was came up with a Screen short of his friend account and said to me to issue a code but at last he accept that I had tried to scam with you.Now I urge you to please provide me solution of that solution.

Posted by John

Terrible place to work for developers at least. Always are required to do non-optional non-paid extra hours and then they kick you butt out when the economy turns down


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