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Posted by Anonymous

We bought a robotic vacuum, the pure i9, which is meant to be controlled via an app. The thing keeps malfunctioning and loosing connectivity with the app, so pretty much becomes an useless vacuum when this happens (and it happens a lot!). Rang the customer service line and was on hold for 45minutes, until I gave up and hung up. Needless to say the vacuum is still not working

Posted by Natalia

One of our tenants has been having issues with the refrigerator ever since it was installed in her unit.Electrolux came out endless times to fix the problems and those were never fixed properly and the refrigerator is still leaking water, not making ice and not dispensing water properly and there is other issues on the top of those mentioned above.
I called them, spent endless hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue and got nowhere and basically was told that the unit is out of warranty and they cannot do anything. One thing that Electrolux is forgetting is the fact that they have never fixed the refrigerator while it was still under warranty and now they just trying to get out of it by simply stating that "the product is no longer under warranty therefore nothing can be done" simple way to get out of responsibilities.
Reason of review: Bad quality.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
I didn't like: Refrigerator does not work, Poor service, Product quality.

Posted by Anonymous

Called in on. This was the help number printed in the refrigerator back in 2003, and it still works. Waited on hold about 7 minutes before a rep answered.

The refrig has some issue with the freezer fan- it has trouble starting. The fan starts and stops about 5 or 10 times, before running its normal cycle. Temp is still OK.

We had a local appliance tech replace the fan motor for $191 (P&L) but there is still a problem with poor starting.

When this rep AMANDA answered today, she was unaware of similar issues; just said it might mean additional components are failing and a tech would need to see the machine to really diagnose it.

Posted by andrewv

How is it that Electrolux is still in business when it cannot stand behind their products? The sign of a good company is the products they make, their warranty practices and repair/replace policies. It seems that the CEO and board of directors need to start listening to the consumers who purchase their products with the hope of buying a product that will not break down within the first year warranty period and that appears to be the only thing here that is consistent is the need for repair since during the first year as Eloctrolux does not replace their defected products which to me represents a lack of faith in their products. I regret not performing my due diligence in researching my washer/dryer combo but if I had and based on all my readings and reviews, one thing certain, I would NOT have purchased my Electrolux product. Second day of use and I already need to replace the heating element in the dryer. In addition to that is the wait for the part plus Electrolux's service providers are another topic of discussion for another day. If anyone reads these comments, the one thing to take away from this all is DO NOT buy Electrolux, they do not back their products for if they did, they would honor replacement appliances and not go through the hassle of repairs. That to me is a sign of a respectable and honorable company.

Posted by Anonymous

They sent me the WRONG parts for $23.40, now I have to reorder and spend another 16.18! This is bad, bad customer service.
Order #4812948 and new order 30091961(for their mistake)
Its my guess no one ever reads these comments (note their customer service rating of 2.4)

Posted by Kathy

I have Electrolux 2 in 1 cyclonic sweeper that turns on and off and does not vacuum. - have charged and cleaned unit so no obstructions . What now?

Posted by Heather

Electrolux also provide servicing for Simpson products. Long story short : abysmal communication resulted in waiting for repair person all morning tgen ring at 1pm to be told they are not comimg!
They cant give you a time and i told rhem i would definately be home all day he still rang beforehand so i missed call. Took 3 attempts before came out. Waiting about a week each time. Then didnt have correct part. No washer for about a month . I WILL NEVER BUY SIMPSON OR ELECTROLUX AGAON.

Posted by Anonymous

We purchased Electrolux washer(EIFLSCOLT), Dryer (EIMEDCOLT) 9/2/14. Previously we owned Maytag. One set for 19 years and the next for 17 years. We NEVER had to call for service.The salesman talked us into these machines. So far over the 2 years service was needed to change vane, Dryer thermostat, hing on both machines, heating element, dryer motor. The dryer takes twice the amount of time to dry our king sheets. Our electic usage has increased by 25% since the purchase. I have the documentation to back this up. The appliance store has come out numereos times to troubleshoot and to verify our usage. They basically don't understand why we are having the problems. We have spent allot of money to get quality machines. The dryer is our biggest disappointment. Maybe we just got a lemon??? Our expectations would be the same as the Matag machines. The dealer has been very responsive but cant do anymore.I've contacted Electrolux customer service. They said they were working with the appliance store to look into the issue. That was over a month ago. I have sent the 2 years of invoices. Ive requested a supervisor give me a call. I can't get a response from a supervisor or even an email communication. We are not complainers and I have not listed any comments on our purchase. This has been 2 years of frustration!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My 4 year old refrigerator needs a new ice maker and digital panel costing $300 plus installation costs on top of the $100 diagnostic fee I already paid. I called customer service and after an hour of haggling was told I could receive a 50 percent discount on the parts. I had to order them myself and have them shipped to my home. The authorized dealer in my town would not honor any warranty on the parts or the labor to install them if I ordered the parts myself. I called customer service and after another hour of haggling I was told that it was not their problem and the offer expired in 30 days. I realized that in order to get me off the phone, the customer service supervisor offered me a discount that was worthless or could actually cost me more in the future if I ordered the replacement parts and they were defective. .

Posted by [email protected] mail.com

I am extremely satisfied with the cleaning capabilities of my washer purchased sept 13th 2016 but, the spin cycle is extremely loud, the machine vibrates to the point of rattling dishes in the cupboard. The dealer said that if there are fabrics of various textures the machine would perform like that.

Posted by Anonymous

Reps are very passive - aggressive. I was told that they are sorry I did not get the outcome I wanted. Really?

Posted by Aussiegirl

My Electrolux washing machine is only just over 2 years old and has stopped working - allegedly "the solenoid" needs replacing..."it`s a common problem"

My major complaint is that it is going to take over a week for a repair person to come out an fix it...A WEEK!!! If the number of repair calls is that high - hire more repair people and reduce the state unemployment rate.

Posted by disappointed

lol read most comments about your appliances, they are garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am a contractor and use my house as a staging place to take clients to show top of the line work we do, and thats why i got top of line appliances, all electrolux a total LOL no joke 4 microwaves, 2 dishwashers, stove worked on 4 times still not right, fridge ice never shuts off but as repair men said we are dirty people and laser light that tells when to shut off is full of dirt. we clean all the time - never seen this, so called laser light - oh by the way these are about $9000.00 worth of scrap that i will get maybe 100$ for maybe!!
worst part i have recommended these to about 6 clients who also got these and everyone regrets them. so much for my good name
my advise please do yourself a favor DONT BUY anything that is stamped with ELECTROLUX on it, you will be sorry

Posted by Hoai

Warranty complain.

We can not recived warranty service for Electrolux product

From VietNam customer:

Our Information

Posted by Wilbur

Appalling repair service in Australia. After more than 2 months since my dishwasher broke down, the repairman attended and declared he could not fix it despite having visited previously and quoted parts etc. No refund. Won't be using them again if I can avoid it.

Posted by Falcon70

no point in me rehashing events, as it is a similar story in australia as to previous comments, electrolux repair service flat out refuse to book times unlike thousands of other repair services, you are expected to take time off work, or you are expected to drop everything to turn up when they call 30 mins before they are due to turn up, (and i am guessing IF they have the right part or can fix it on that day) needed them to turn up anytime after 1pm as no one is home, but apparently THAT is too hard!

Posted by mrdan

Electrolux should be ashamed of the way they handled my issue with their poor quality defective machine. I want to start out by saying that I'm not upset that Electrolux would meet my request but rather the fact that they simply ignored me and refused to even respond to my emails! On May 31, 2014 I purchased Electrolux steam washer and dryer. I thought these were top of the line, high quality units that would provide us with years of trouble free service. We had them for just over 2 years when the washer (model EIFLS60LT) stopped working. An authorized service tech checked the unit and said we had major problems. He said the repair was a two man job and explained that the following parts needed to be replaced; rear tub bearing, tub âOâ ring, pulley & nut, warped door hinge, spin basket, MCU (motor control unit) and the CCU (central control unit). The service tech said it was very unusual for such a young machine that is lightly used (Avg. 3 times a month) to need such a major repair.
On August 12, 2016 I sent an email to customer service to explain the situation and indicated that after the repair is completed I will basically have a refurbished machine which I thought was unacceptable. I asked that the machine be replaced. Later that same day I received an email from Brandi H. of Electrolux customer service. Brandi indicated that if the machine was repairable, that was what we had to do and she was sorry for the problem.
August 13, 2016 I again sent an email to customer service in which I again said I wanted the machine replaced considering the fact that Electrolux touts their quality and reliability. I asked for the contact information of someone in management with the authority to approve such a replacement and thanked her for her help. I received no response.
August 15, 2016 I sent another email indicating that I had not heard back from anyone and again requested the contact information. I received no response.
August 17, 2016 I again sent an email in which I indicated that it was obvious I was being intentionally being ignored and I didn't want to resort to commenting on consumer web sites as the the poor customer service provided by Electrolux. Again I received no response.
As of August 18, I haven't heard from Electrolux but did send another email to customer service. I will continue attempting to contact management to express my disappointment with how they handled this situation. As of August 19 I have yet to hear from Electrolux customer service. Shame on them! I would not recommend Electrolux to friends or family due to their poor, let me rephrase that, complete lack of customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Electrolux just has brand name.... Nothing more than that . I have electrolux microwave which I purchased 2 months back.. After one month of minute usage only... It stopped heating... After that we contacted customer care... And it's been a month still the issue is not fixed.... They are saying that they have only two technicians in Bangalore... Are they mad??? Moreover after repetitive calling the technician came to identify the issue after two weeks... Then he told some magnetic coil is not working so it needs to b replaced..and it will take 5 days to get the product .. So it was like fine .. But then it's been more than 2 weeks no one has come with the right product... And now is the funniest part.. The technician has come twice .. But with wrong product... Are they insane?? They don't have any brain??? We have written mails to the customer forum as well and have contacted area Manger plus service center Manger . But still no action is been taken. Everytime we will CAll they will say the technician will come tomorrow.. Now I m fed up of calling customer center...I don't know what shud I do... Thinking to escalate the issue to customer court.... I request ppl not to buy electrolux product.. Because there will be moving customer service provided...onlyyou will get is excuses..

Posted by dad

had service men to check a washer 13 teen times will not complet rinse,all lights blink three times then drain and shut off leaving load of wet sheets,did not spin. had service men here 14 teen times under electrolux warranty, replaced all parts twice, rewired,motor,pump,all control switches,motor board twice,control board twice. how much time do i have to take off work? have a video of problem,show them,thy guest keep replacing same parts....

Posted by Anonymous

In 2010 I remodeled my kitchen and chose Electrolux for all my appliances. In the past year I have had the freezer repaired four times and presently waiting for another appointment for the same problem. (model no. EI23BC56IS2), Serial no. 4AO1200323)
There is water on the floor or the freezer ends up with ice build-up.
This has resulted with hundreds of dollars of spoiled food not to mention the inconvenience. I presently have house guests and no Refrig.
Please accept this concern of mine.
Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Sharon Davis

Posted by Anonymous

I have spent about an hour trying to set up a service call. I was diverted 3 times and put on hold each time to wait my turn. The first time I called and was directed elsewhere and put on hold again, a recording finally came on saying everyone was in a meeting and to call later.
Customers should not have to spend time doing this.

Posted by Farhan

Let me share my Experience with Electrolux where, they made my Decision NOT TO BUY Electrolux with their Highest level of Unprofessional Behavior. SO PLEASE BE BEWARE.

with Online Research of their Product, I almost made my Decision to Spend top Dollars on their ICON Line, from their website found some stores near and went there, but none of the store really keep their Product, some have some older Models. So to get more Help, I googled and found these details about their location:
5855 Terry Fox Way, Mississauga, ON L5V 2W2
Phone:(905) 813-7700

Called the number to get some help, and was greeted by probably the rudest individual (Probably receptionist) I could think of, without doing any confrontation, I voiced my concerned that it is a really rude way to talk to a customer, Response Phone Hang-up.

Found another number 1-800-265-8352, to voice my complain, response was not much different there aswell, with a different individual, the only difference was that she had the courtesy for not hanging up before completing the conversion.

I mostly found bad reviews about their handling of customers. But I didn't believe it. I had to make this comment as I was so sure to go with their product.

Now I am extremely happy I didn't buy any of their Product. If they can't even entertain a customer before buying their product, I really fear, about their behavior after they have taken you money ...

They Don't deserve my Business .....

Hope worthy people would read this comment before it would get deleted

Posted by Anjan

The Product is very good but the service is pathetic .
We moved our home to a new place and had to call up asking Electrolux Customer care to uninstall and reinstall the Electorlux Aircon as the product was under warranty.

After repeated calls to their call center an Installation guy called up and said that his home is 60 Kms far from the city and that he will reach after 2pm only. He came around 3 pm uninstalled the Aircon and ran away without informing us anything. Again I caled up CC and on their instruction I had to pack the Aircon and moved the unit to new place, next day the customer care calling saga continued and after a repeated round of phone calls to a bunch of random numbers given the same person turned up late evening and started to mount the Aircon.
He ran out of wood planks to nail down the units and so he used some sticks that he managed to collect from a garden nearby and when I questioned him his reply was rude and also he insisted that he will leave without installing the unit.
With a infant in my new home it was very difficult for us without Aircon for two days so I had to reluctantly accept his approach, He installed the unit made a mees of my living room and charged us 2300 INR but the call center informed us it was only 1500 INR. Only few minutes after he left the stabilizer crashed fell down from the wall due to the poor quality of planks he used to nail them and broke the tiles on the floor. Luckily no one was standing below the stabilizer or it would have been fatal. I then had to hire a local electrician and fix all the things with double the cost. This is the kid of service I was give from Electrolux.

Posted by Anonymous

Philippines, Cebu. We bought an A/C in 2011. In 2012 we got the first problem, the compressor stopped working. After searching for errors a few times by service guys, they concluded that the main board should be exchanged.
After one month waiting, a new main board arrived, but our problems was not solved.The A/C behaved as it decided itself. It did not work, it did not follow the command from the remote, or it just decided to start by itself and could run for hours. Several technician searched for errors without result. That was end of 2015. In January 2016 Electrolux, Manila discovered that we have received wrong main board from Germany. I was promised to have the board changed, but after a couple of weeks, Electrolux Manila became silent. They do not reply to my mails. The I contacted Electrolux Sweden. I wrote directly to vice president Henric Sundström, but no reply. I wrote to electrolux service, and until today Mars 3, 2016 I have received 3 mails from 3 different people who does nothing, except sitting on their asses.
They claim they do what they can to help customers, which is zero:

I have also this week written to Electrolux Germany and ordered a new main board with correct part number, so far, SILENCE!

We are leaving Philippines March 21, and I am very sure the A/C will not be repaired before we leave.
We have now had an 1,5 hp A/C in 5 years, and int worked 5 months.

We regret we bought 5 A/C from Electrolux, including kitchen hood, Micro etc.

Stay away from these products, buy other countries quality products, if you find reviews who are positive. If not keep searching. Internet has POWER!

Posted by Anonymous

Owned a dishwasher for just over a year, and it has been down for 4 months of it! First time we called Electrolux, they just said there wasn't any service in my area, and "would call us back". We had to keep calling them. The 2nd time it broke with the same issue, they said it was out of warranty. One of their service companies they sent didn't show up, after I took the day off to be there. Their comment "that's your problem"!

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We have a large Guest House in Aberdeenshire and everything in carried out in-house. When our Electrolux Wascator TT300 dryer through a wobbly I trolled the internet and was passed from pillar to post by Laundry 365 only to be told they don't cover Aberdeenshire. Tried Electrolux but was just about to give up as there call centre is mainly for domestic when finally was given a third number to try sadly can't remember the name of the person that gave me it but well done. I called and got through to Dean Kingston when things started to happen and he even tracked the machine back to the initial installation in 2000 as I purchased it as a reconditioned machined. Everything was sorted even down to the engineers visit fee paid. I was then talking in the pub and someone mentioned a reset button that is well hidden following day found it and the machine sprung into life. Dean Kingston's after sales service did not stop he sorted refund and even e-mailed me that he even chased up finance to make sure my fee was refunded. All I can say is some people go to work for a pay packet and a few to offer a service well done DEAN KINGSTON. All rating below are based on the service I received from Dean.

Posted by Angelo

Hello Electrolux Canada, very disappointed with your service call centre. The guy who answered the phone was rude and tried to rush me off the phone. I was just looking for an alternative authorized repair company. The first one you gave me said they are busy until the new year. The guy did not give me his name but clearly hated his job and hung up on me after I asked if he was having a bad day. If I can't fix my 5 year old top of the line Electrolux Range, Your representative has made sure I won't buy Electrolux again. I know things brake and some times need repair. LG service is amazing. Please have LG train your staff.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Fridgidaire Refrig. Defective Handle x 2

Called on Thurs March 21, 2013 at 11:15 PST and spoke with "Shannon"

I was unable to hold to give the glowing survey report for her,

She was patient, knowlegable and very helpful

I give her 10's.

I hope this will reach the proper department for her survey, pleae forward if able.

Thank you,

Marie Tudino

Oceanside CA

PS This is the second refrig. handle replaced in less than 2 years. I live alone so it is definately not overused, I think you have defective handles, I hope you will research.


Posted by Anonymous

I had purchased electrolux microwave 4 years back..it stopped functioning..i call customer support and really appreciate the way they handled the complain and solved the issue. I will give thumbs up for the excellant support in thane.

Posted by Clove

I have been dealing with Electrolux for years and to be honest, I am finding out that their products are truly a piece of crap. However when calling the customer service line, I would get connectted to some jerk that didn't know the product and didn't care about my complaints. I finally got to someone that listened and helped me with my issues. From now on...I always request to speak to Charles C. (that's all he give besides his id#), he knows so much about the products and how they operate. If it wasn't for this guy I would have went back to GE along time ago. Charles has a wonderful phone voice and shows great concern for Electrolux customers. So if you ever call in to the call center and actually wants some justice only ask for Charles; he's the only one that know anything about the products.

Posted by Hairguru

i had NO PROB WHATSOEVER just now...
i called, entered the approp prompt//and got a very nice cust svc rep IMMEDIATELY. she answered ALL my questions easily and thorough;ly...give this phone number a try right now!

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Posted by Anonymous

I am employed for Electrolux in the Anderson South Carolina plant. I have never seen such unethical treatment of employs in my life. There are plant managers who watch porn on company computers, they curse at their employees. The factor has a brand new AC unit but they never run, with the rare exception of when there are visitors in the building, otherwise they won't even acknowledge our complaints about the heat. I have seen numerous people pass out due to the excessive heat, but of course the management staff display little concern if any. I don't think that it is ethical in any manner to have cool air in the office areas were the managers stay, but no air for the hard working people on the floor who are passing out from heat stroke. There was also an incident that involved an older man who did not feel well and asked to go home, His request was denied, and the man eventually had a heart attack and died on the line. This man knew that something was wrong and pleaded to leave, but the Mangers would not let him, so he lost his life for the sake of production numbers and to all who doubt the truth of this story, you are foolish. Electrolux has no sympathy for their employs. They make you work as temp for years on end. I would estimate that around 70-80% of the employees are temps, which means that they are not receiving their full pay, benefits, or vacation time. I know many people who have never missed one day, in three years and still have not been hired in. I believe that Electrolux is no place for a Christian to work. I had a dear friend who was cursed at by the second shift plant manager for reporting sexual harassment. She was the victim, but was told that she should have kept her mouth shut and just continued to do her job. Apparently the second shift manager was friends with the person who committed the harassment act, and because my friend reported it an investigation was made, and the manager was angry, because one of his own was on the hot seat. My friend was the one who was punished for reporting the act. She was put in a job position in which she could never get hired in, and she had no interaction with the rest of the plant. I think out all of the offenses listed above this is a most grievous one. I am not one to condemn people, but I believe that the people who run this factory are going to be punished most severely come the Day of Judgment. I dont understand why they refuse to hire people in; we cannot make it on temp pay. I think this injustice must stop. I plead to all Christians who read this regardless if you are a Catholic, Protestant, or Mormon, you must help draw attention to this evil it is evident that God cares for the poor, and Electrolux has little regard for the poor and needy. If I did not have a family,and was not a college stundent I would have already left this place of misery,but I need what little money they provide me with.


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