Posted by Never Again!

I tried to order a 12 piece family meal by phone at store #6122 in lancaster CA. store they told me they were to busy to take my order by phone to order on line, when I placed my order of a 12 mixed piece meal online I tried to use my coupon that should have reduced the price to $23.00 but your web sight would not allow me to use the coupon online, whenever I ask the manager to deduct the coupon amount she said she did not know how to, so I asked her to cancel my order and refund my credit card she had to ask her manager and disappeared for around 10 minuets why all the other employee looked at me a shook there heads and laughed, so I finally called the store why I was still waiting inside and ask the manager to please come back out to the counter to let me know what is going on, I think she said her manager was on the way but there was nothing she could do to refund my money, wye all the employees were still watching us and laughing! What great Managment