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Einstein Bros customer service is ranked #317 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 38.33 out of a possible 200 based upon 32 ratings. This score rates Einstein Bros customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


31 Negative Comments out of 32 Total Comments is 96.88%.


1 Positive Comment out of 32 Total Comments is 3.13%.

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  • Einstein Bros

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 38.33 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 31 negative comments (96.88%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.13%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
    • 4.3 Cancellation
    • 5.1 Friendliness
    • 2.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by JudyB

Went to store #2009 and ordered 2 albacore tuna sandwiches to go. No one smiled...the guy putting sandwiches together was wearing an apron that looked like it had not been washed in years. (it was only 11:30am). The sandwiches had a small glob of tuna in the middle...so ate mostly bread. The floors were filthy. Won't be back.

Posted by Anonymous

Several people at my office like Einstein's food. However, the service at the local store is so poor that today we actually walked out and went to Applebee's. Customer's are rarely acknowledged quickly; help is always doing something and rather than immediately acknowledging the customer and saying "we'll be with you shortly" - or anything! - they just keep working. My daughter manages a Domino's store for a large local franchise and if she managed her store this way, she would be fired.


Posted by Anonymous

So frustrated! Went to the Desert Ridge location on North Tatum Blvd. in Phoenix, Az for the second time to have them out of all non sweet bagels by 1:00. I asked for sesame - out, then plain - out, then onion - out. They said the only thing non sweet was a garlic bagel. This always happens at this location. Guess it's odd to Brueggers for me!

Posted by Anonymous

i just tried to purchase half a dozen bagels at the Fairfield CT store but the person at the counter couldnt be bothered with getting my order soi left. THere was plenty of staff at this store that always has terrible service and is dirty. I cannot reccomend this to anybody . If you want to waste time and be insulted this is the place for you. If you want to buy bagels go somewhere else .this place is really really below any kind of standard and i will never go near one of these stores again.

Posted by Keke on Conn Ave Bethesda/ Chevy

Keke was great. I arrived at closing time. Though she had closed the cash register for the day, she opened just to sell me a bagel. Store on Conn Ave Bethesda/Chevy Chase

Posted by Anonymous

Please consider to open a bagel store in Sun City Center/Ruskin area. We have so many new residential communities being build along with a new huge Amazon warehouse that employs hundreds of people.
Can't always drive a half hour to buy bagels. Thanks for your condideration.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Einstein's in Duluth, GA this morning. 2 coffees, one Asiago bagel with "butter" was $6.09! And the bagel was so thin!! I can get the same, only better, in New York for about $3. ~ Coffee was good, but overcharging for a brush on of butter is "robbery".

Posted by [email protected]

I am not happy with Einstein's Bagels! I had a huge VTC planned for 15 people at a large, very important, U.S. Government conference. I called Einstein's a day in advance to order refreshments. I got up at 5 a.m. to get there for a 6:45 a.m. pickup. Turns out, Catering gave me the wrong address. It gave me the address to a kiosk that didn't open until 7:30 a.m. My teleconference started at 7:30 a.m. in Washington, DC. Come to find out, my order was waiting several miles away, almost I Maryland. I raced across town and ran in thinking everything would be ready. The coffee was, but the bagels weren't. The manager told me I had to wait in line with everyone else. Meanwhile, I got a $100 parking ticket! It was a disaster! Almost three weeks later, after complaining to Einstein's, the customer service department STILL hasn't offered me compensation. Just broken promises of calling me back. I want a refund of all my money wasted on believing that this company was providing a service. I should have been in my meeting by 7:30 a.m.; but instead, I was getting a $100 parking ticket at exactly 7:29 a.m. I was in charge of initiating the call with three African countries. Where was I??? Getting a ticket in front of Einstein's Bagels.

Posted by Anonymous

On May 24, 2016, I purchased a $25 Einstein's gift card in a promotion which stated that I would receive an additional $5 gift card. Not being able to access the $5 card, several e-mails have gone back and forth between employees at Einstein and me. The last one from marketing said that my situation had been "accelerated" and that I should hear something in two weeks. It has now been two weeks and I've heard nothing. I've sent proof of my original $25 purchase twice so I cannot see why it has to be such a struggle to get the $5 card promised with this promotion. I know it's a small amount, but it's also dishonest to promote something and not back it up. Your immediate attention to this would be appreciated. thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

A Funny Thing Happened I Bought The Save Around Books Last Week Just For Einstein. I Got Like 6 Coupons Remaining Now Einstein Is Saying They Are Only Going To Honor It For 2 More Days. Please Send This Message To Corporate For Me. Thank You

Bruce Greenbarg Coupon Says 12/31/16 But Store Says 6/22/16. I Am Trying To Use Up The Coupons But I Can Only Use One Per Day. Can We Get An Extension Or Send Me A Small Gift Card For The Inconvenience.

Posted by Anonymous

Please correct your traffic flow. It's absolute annoying when someone just order a bagel have to wait along with those who order a full menu.
Please direct your store managers to look at the overall service line. When you have 7 team members at the sand which making area vs one cashier at the other end????
Your runners need to yell out the customer "louder"
Not wispering while the restaurant is full of people waiting for orders.
Experienced at Colorado Mills, Centennial, and North Chmabers locations.

Posted by [email protected]

I have never been treated so rudely and unprofessional by a customer service company
Levi the manager at your Lowry location
Lost our order claimed that my husband wanted his order ahead of others which he did not. Several ordered ahead of us and got their food
He said he welcomed a letter from me
I know I speak for others in their frustration
No no refund
Staff said we should demand our money back
If it wasn't within walking distance I would never go back
I publicized this is our local bewspaper

Posted by ChuckGee

I am a regular customer at my local Einstein Bagels shop in Phoenix Arizona. Your coffee, particularly the vanilla hazelnut, is absolutely my favorite java! I also enjoy a variety of your pastries. But I recently purchased your new bacon and cheese bagel and was really disappointed. There were maybe 2 to 3 tiny bites of bacon in the entire bagel; tasted more like one of your cheese-only bagels. I realize this is your customer service app but thought I would pass this on; will definitely NOT be purchasing the bacon-and-cheese bagel again. Thank you, Chuck Gadinis

Posted by Anonymous

your store off of 12073 Arapahoe Road was not a pleasurable experience for the second time I walked in a girl was on the phone told me the other girl can help me she was on the phone for the majority of my visit a family of five came in was going to order and she shuts the lights off and flip the sign to closed why were in the restaurant she has a pregnant girl in a black shirt and for the second time was not very courteousthe other girl was very helpful but it was not a pleasurable experience

Posted by If anyone is really concerned ab

If anyone is really concerned about how your stores are ran, the store on libbie avenue and broad street in Richmond .va has the store manager who hollars and curses at employees all day long, this has been brought up to district manager who is not concerned, as a customer I was very shocked.if I was an employee, I would record and take legal action, however I will be carrying a recording device when I come in from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

I know you think that giving senior discounts is a nice thing to do, but I felt it insulting when I read it on my receipt and the display. I would have rather paid regular price than feel like crap all day because some kid at the counter thinks I'm a senior citizen. Then I asked for a buttered bagel to go. I never asked for it to be toasted and it was. other times it looked like they only whipped the butter off the knife. Hardly any butter! Not to mention how many bins were empty in their case. one day a 10:30am there were 15 empty.

Posted by Anonymous

Employees at your 59th Ave and Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ park in customer parking. The parking lot covers five businesses and has maybe 30 parking spots. This morning there were five employee vehicles right next to the store. Two were right outside the door . None of these employees is elderly, nor do they have an impairment which would require parking close. Many mornings a couple of them fly through the parking lot right at 5:00am, trying to avoid being late. There is a Starbucks, a bakery, cell phone, store, and a Jimmy Johns. Too many customers for employees to park where they are.

Posted by vegasbabie4

I thought I try the store on Sahara and Ft. Apache in Las Vegas again. It's a disaster I advice anyone to think twice about going there. First off they need an adult manager there and stop putting different help in there never the same people. The place is still dirty floor and tables, The new thing they shout your name out they use to bring your order to the table. The name screeming is terrible. This place use to be nice and CLEAN! The showcase is still pretty empty of variety of bagels. My advice think twice of going here.

Posted by Joanne Schultz

11-18-15 I visited the Brookfield WI store today at 8:10am to redeem a $1.00 off coupon designated for pumpkin schmear on any bagel. The coupon expiration date was Nov 28 2015. The coupon was not honored nor could be redeemed for any other cream cheese. Please tell me WHY EINSTEINS WOULD HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE OF NOV 28 but not honor it on big 18?? I was told the store did not receive pumpkin schmear. I accept that explanation but then allow the store to apply the $1.00 off coupon for a different cream cheese.
Einstein's you lost my business today. As an individual you may not care but I purchase bakery items for my clients weekly. I am so discussed with you lack of customer service and poor marketing that I will unsubscribe from your emails and NEVER PURCHASE FROM YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went to your store on Preston Rd. In Plano, TX. Clerk never looked at me, paid no attention to my directions on how I wanted my bagel. Brown, crispy sounds exact to me. Just warmed it. I gave it back. Just warmed again. Come to find out he didn't know what brown and crispy meant. Not going back

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Einstein Bros at the Newnan Georgia location. Actually have been there twice now. Once a couple weeks ago at about 1:30 p.m. and wanted the Everything bagel (dozen count) and they were out. Today we were there at 10:30 and they only had 1 Everything and were out of the Apple Streusel and out of sesame seed. There were 4 other customer's requesting everything. Disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I'd like to leave feedback about the store in Lafayette, CO. It's a bit if a story, so here I go!

First time I was there it was great. Awesome service, friendly staff, yummy bagels.

The second time I used the drive thru. I waited 15 mins before I got my order. I thought, ok, they are very busy, this couldn't possibly happen again. (No apologies from staff).

Third time, I used the drive thru and waited 15 mins again. This time I mentioned it to the manage. He apologized then made excuses about how they don't have a lot of staff and are trying to hire more employees but are not having any luck. Sorta felt like he didn't really care. No compensation to save having my business.

Fourth time (went inside), bagels and service was fine, but there were flies hanging out by the asiago bagels.

Fifth time - ordered 3 bagels and got 2. However, the girl waiting on me was VERY nice and helpful. She went out of her way to help me. When I mentioned it to the manager (same as before) he looked at me and said ' Yeah she is very good' and walked away like I didn't say anything. I am hoping he mentioned something to her. She was working her butt off!

Today! Like a glutton for punishment I decided to use the drive thru again. With luck no one was in line! I placed my order, pulled forward, paid, then waited again another time that seemed like eternity. The guy behind me tapped his card on his door impatiently. I put my hand to my head as to motion 'Good Grief!'. The window opened and I was told that my order was taking longer than usual and to pull around to the front. I waited a few more mins and my order came out. I mentioned to the very friendly and nice girl that I only received 2 out of 3 bagels last time. She apologized, but again no attempts to save my business. When I got home my whole order was wrong!!!

I know I've written a book here, but I wanted you to know the level of detail about the inefficient customer service at this store.

I keep going back to this store because I love their bagels.

Unfortunately, that was the last time. Please, please, please, get this store some help! They have potential!



Posted by Rdolgow

Bagels and lox are my favorite at Einsteins . I went to the same location on glades and 441 in Boca Raton . This may have been a fluke . It 9;30 am. The line was actually out the door . When I got in. There were only 5 people seated. People were leaving the line. I stayed for 20 minutes but no movement . Everyone did not know what they were doing .very strange. There were 3 people up front. 2 in back making bagels. No orders were taken for 9 minutes. Anyway I recommend u check this out.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to Eisteins in Mansfield Texas today. Oh my gosh, worst service ever. There was only about 3 people in there, but 4 workers I walked right up, they were out of half the bagel selections by noon. I was planning on getting 3 dozen. So I selected a bakers dozen with one toasted to go. 15 min later, one by one the other employees ask me if ide been helped. I replied, I thought I had, baffled that sticking 12 bagels in a box could take longer than 2 minutes. Another lady walked up after me and was agitated at her wait. Later she also spoke up but let them know I needed to get my order first. Keeping in mind this place was NOT busy, I ask for the 3rd time for my order. They are totally confused and think I'm someone else they had completed the order. Which by the way was the lady after me,,she was long out the door. I am now there for 30 minutes and only 2 other customers besides me had been there. One of the employees was very rude twice to me and I informed I would be talking to corp. Well now here come my bagels in a box.....what 10 bagel??????? It takes them another 5 min to figure out what bagels are missing. Ok wait none of them were mine,,, so we start over!! Unbelievable,,,hey guys need my toasted bagel. The most incompetent, excuse making group of employees EVER! And they ONLY serve bagels.

Posted by vegasbabie4

I visited the store in Las Vegas and had an experience that no one should ever experience. I ordered a bagel with a spread and said a plain bagel. What I received looked like a bagel thin but I ate it I started chocking on it as it stuck in my throat. I was coughing like crazy. I went to the register and ask to speak to the mgr. I said to her this bagel was still hot from the oven it was like eating dough. She said to me would you like your money back that's all she said to me. My answer was my husband might have to take me to the walk in clinic. I threw the bagel in the garbage she couldn't care less. I called customer service and last week on Friday there was a call from the district mgr. I called her back two different days it will be a week tomorrow she never called back. Some customer service. That cough left me with a sore throat. I'll stick to frozen bagels. What I got out of this was they don't care about the customer. I'm sorry hope you feel better or etc would of been nice.

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Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend your store at the DFW Airport Terminal A for not only having a great product, but your staff has just tremendous customer service that the customer walks away with it only what he ordered but also with a smile on his face. I would like to personally recongnize Twylah M. for her personal greetings and making each and every customer feel valued and wanting to return. Great job!

Ed Rowan
American Airlines

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