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Edward Jones customer service is ranked #168 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 49.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 61 ratings. This score rates Edward Jones customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


53 Negative Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 86.89%.


8 Positive Comments out of 61 Total Comments is 13.11%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Edward Jones

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 49.11 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 53 negative comments (86.89%)
    • 8 positive comments (13.11%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 4.2 Friendliness
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Posted by Anonymous

Unprofessional and unacceptable business practices,lack of respect for clients.lack of timely due diligence of process and response to delays and lack of explanation. incompetence to the point of ridiculous.complete lack of communication on cancelled phone conference calls or no notification of changes,no money wire transfer notification,lack of professional courtesy,lack of accountability for mistakes,

Posted by Anonymous

I met with my local financial advisor today. We went over the changes coming April 10th. My feesvwent from around $3000 to $7000 dollars. This is too much. You have set your fee too high. I called VANGUARD and intend to move my account to them.

This is a clear case of price gouging, combined with what you hope is customer apathy. My local account manager said there was a possibility that you may lower your rate. I bet, if everyone stars jumping ship. Why not set your rate at the lower point now. Make no mistake, I like my local rep and he is in a tough position. But ED Jones has completely lost my trust. You should make money, but not at this high of a rate.
You pushed too hard and could have set acraecthat still made you money but didn't make you look like money grubbers

Posted by Marta Schomer Muth

Chris Miller in Anchorage, Alaska is refusing to allow any access to my Edward Jones account. When I asked for statements and to withdraw money because my roof is caving in, I was informed that my account was placed on review and restriction by their home office, who's number I requested but have been repeatedly denied. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH CHRIS MILLER, he is a crook and this looks to be the structure of a Ponzi Scheme.

Posted by Anonymous

I am reaching out as I would like to file a complaint about one of your employees. Mr. Scott Villa does business with some folks that work at the company I work for. He was at our location on our work hour time on 11/9/2016. Upon entering the building via some of our personnel he then informed us he was here to see one of our employees which he had already called. Scott has also been asked on occasion to stay out of the building as well as stay away from company functions for soliciting purposes.

During this visit he made a very rude and disrespectful comment to me which was extremely unprofessional. He later explained this as being a joke which was clearly not a joke. This comment was made in front of my boss and colleagues thus jeopardizing me employment with the company and putting me at risk. The comment that was made was an attack to me as a person not to mention it was a completely false comment.

I would think people working for Edward Jones would be much more professional and hold themselves to a very high standard. It is a complete disappointment to know that such a disrespectful person can work at such a well known company.

I expected much more from Edward Jones but was sadly letdown.

Posted by glad I left!

Awful experience! My calls and emails were never returned. I pulled everything out and went to a much better broker who discussed my account with me at least quarterly, reviewed the performance and made recommendations based on my goals. Edward Jones never did this. I only lost money with them.

Posted by Hippcat7

I have been with EJ for 15 years until recently. I switched to a new EJ representative in 2009 Rick Hepard of Huntersville, NC. After moving out of that area, I stayed as Rick's client. After speaking to a financial counseler at my work, I realized there were many hidden fees with EJ. I wanted to change company's & leave EJ. It took 5 months to make this transition. Rick Hepard delayed the paperwork & made things difficult for me to make this transition. I would never recommend Edward Jones to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been locked out of of ed jones app. They want to give me a special code number through my email i no longer use that email address. My new email address is so what do i do now to correct this problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very frustrated with Edward Jones and will never recommend this company to anyone. I had a very small amount of money invested with them. When I openned this, several years ago the man I invested with told me an amount to open the account and that there would not be any more money to be paid. For a couple of years there was not, then suddenly money was deducted once a year, when I called to ask about this, the secretary rudely told me he had never told me that and it would continue every year. Main man left and another person took over. Ask her about this, she nicely told me I did not know what I was yalking about. She left after a couple of years. Another man took over. Now I have decided to move the money to another firm. Funds are invested with American Funds through Edward Jones and new company is another American Funds investment firm. Man I am talking with at new firm tells me the cost to move funds. I sign paper work and do necessary things to move funds. Funds are moved and suddenly I get a notice from Edard Jones showing funds were moved and a $195 charge by Edward Jones was taken out. I ask new investment firm about this and they were also surprised so a conference call was place to the Edward Jones. Was told that is a percentage of my money was taken by
Edward Jones and there was nothing I could do about it.
If Edward Jones is customer oriented, why would the new man, who I never met or had not attempted to contact me, would not make me aware of this charge. The Edward Jones company took more of my money than I made in the 5 or more years that I had money invested there.
I would call this legal robbery! Very sad.
If you have read this, do not put money in this company unless you can afford to lose it. A slot machine that never pays.

Posted by VeryUpset

My Financial Advisor won't let me have my money out of my account. He thinks the man I'm involved with is a fraud. I want all of my money and I will go to a different Financial Agency. It is illegal for Terry Wilkens to hold my money and treat me as if I were some dumb kid! I will be contacting my lawyer if I don't get all of my money out of my account ASAP! Gayle Cook

Posted by Anonymous

I am upset that Edward Jones does not have a 24/7 customer help line!!! I need help now and I wouldn't be calling if it wasn't an emergency!! Stop sending all this 'advertising' type information and spend more on customer service!!!

Posted by Norma

Look around. How many E J offices are in your town? In the small town of Anacortes, WA there are at least 5 offices. Why? Because they make money off of the investors and lots of it. My account was recently transferred to one of them when I moved from MN. Since then I have had numerous transactions suggested by the advisor amounting to thousands of dollars of losses in addition to exhorbitant transaction fees. I have now moved all my money to E Trade and am trying to re-situate myself and make up some losses. The E J reps sell for high commissions and that comes before the welfare of their clients. Take a good look at your investments and watch your E J advisor. I do not trust them; I do not like them. Now I make stock trades for $10.00 instead of often $200 and even higher.

Once the advisor knew I was leaving the firm he came to my home at about 9:30 am. in spite of the fact that I live in a gated community where there is no solicitation. He had no permission to come and I had no warning. This was shocking to me and to those at my home.

In short, I would not even consider trusting my precious money to Edward Jones. Benefit from what my experiences have been. In short: horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

Do the math.. I started off with 85000 when I rolled my 401 into Edward Jones, 9 month later it's down to 73000. Two months in I was in a downward trend my incompetent advisor Nicholas B peden from Sweetwater tn would not or could not make adjustments, it also took two months to get him to do the necessary paperwork to roll it out of Edward Jones.I strongly advise not to use Edward Jones.
John Carter

Posted by suesmaller

I've been with Edward Jones for two decades. I recently inherited a lot of money, so I have an account with them that is worth over a million dollars. At least, a year ago, it was worth over one million. Edward Jones managed to lose about 150,000 in an up market. In spite of repeated requests, they have not given me a written accounting of the losses. I was told by customer service, a Mike Eichinger, that he could send all of my statements to me and I could figure it out myself. I told him that I had tried to figure it out, and, although I am an intelligent person, I was unable to figure it out from the statements. I told him I was getting the run-around. I asked Mike who his manager was, and he said "Jim Weddle." I don't think is this funny, and his sarcasm and lack of customer service really typify Edward Jones these days.
I would like to put my money elsewhere, but am concerned about the fees involved.

Posted by Anonymous

I am offended by the email this morning about "snail mail" unnecessarily dogging the Postal Service. I worked for the USPS for 33 years. I have several thousand dollars invested with Edward Jones and do not appreciate the email that was sent. I don't know why a company as successful as Edward Jones has to downgrade another, it unnecessary and disrespectful to the many Postal Workers who work hard everyday and especially those who have made Edward Jones their investment company.
This in no way has any bearing on my Edward Jones rep., he is wonderful. I know this came from the company, not him.

Posted by lbaumer60

I am looking for a main (corporate) address and number to call to let Edward Jones know about violation of federal laws on my account, and the failure of the two who manage this account to address these issues. Fraudulent statements made to my lawyer, no less. Hoping this number will help, but the address is the same as for my 'advisors' who are the issue.

Posted by Sell the Advisory Solutions in m

I just talked to my Financial Advisor at Edward Jones and he said he can not change my account to get out of the Advisory Solutions. If I can not change my account, who can do this for me ? Chad Fertil told me I can not change my account because he told me I needed to get a Power of Attorney and that person is my wife. So, because Chad Fertil told me I need a Power of Attorney filed, I can not do any transactions to MY account by myself. Chad Fertil who is representing Edward Jones is stopping me from performing any transactions to my account. Edward Jones needs to resolve this ASAP otherwise I will transfer all my money out of Edward Jones over to Fidelity.

I want a New Advisor, one that will do what I am requesting.

Posted by Chad Fertil


I have left numerous messages with my Edward Jones Financial Advisor and he has never returned a phone call or sent me messages. I want to change out of the Advisory Solutions in my account but can not do this without his involvement or performing this transaction. I need HELP !!! Please call me ASAP.

Posted by judy

My husband & I have had muni bonds with Ed Jones for over 20 years and have been happy that we purchased them. But lately, I asked them to send the interest directly to our checking account and it is never on time, usually one to five days late. Even the US gov't is on time with our Social Security checks, so why can't Ed Jones be also? This is the only area where I have any complaints.

Posted by Tracy

Having sales people canvas neighborhoods is a dangerous and outdated practice. I was told by customer service that its to get to know the people in the area and not for solicitation, just a way to "drum up business". Coming to my home to introduce yourself and give me a business card is no different than a cold call on the phone and IS solicitation. When I called the company to register my complaint regarding their business practice the person got very defensive and I was given an email address to contact which of course was no good. Basically there was nobody to complain to.

Posted by concerned

I keep getting phone calls from they claim they are just doing a survey for edward jones. I told them to remove me from the list and the keep calling. I never gave permission for Edward Jones to give my phone number to a out source survey company. I'm really upset that they would do that and what else did they give out? I'm pulling my money out and going somewhere else.

Posted by Bob

Ive had may Ira with Edward Jones now for five years. at that time My agent was great,and new what he was talking about, but then! he left being replaced the new FA has been holding the same accounts as my first set up When i asked him a question bout it,he acted like a salesman he one of my stocks should had been move earlier and dropped the ball said he was sorry WE also sold our home leaving it in cash in our Trust acct. I plan to move it but not sure where yet

Disappointing Experience

Posted by Anonymous

If you like poor customer service with
Edward Jones in the Morristown Tn area
I would advise using Brenda Moore as
your agent. Your calls will not be returned.
Never will your questions be answered.
Also beware of request for power of attorney.
If you have a POA for a person who really needs a POA the company will refuse to approve it. Certainly not a good company to
do business with.

Posted by Anonymous

I opened an account just to see what they could accomplish. I found the commissions to be too expensive. So I transferred my account back to Schwab because we have dealt with them and they have low affordable commissions. The broker Zach Holtzman at Edward Jones in Lubbock TX was extremely rude in his response. Totally unprofessional and a bad representative for Edward Jones.
Schwab is a much better choice! They are always friendly and professional.

Posted by Anonymous

Edward Jones is not interested in resolving a complaint about illegal practices - unauthorized trading, manipulation, and others - they throw up meaningless rhetoric and denials rather than admit the truth. Exhorbitant fees for the pleasure of having my money drained.

Posted by Anonymous

Edward Jones is not interested in resolving issues, only in "so sad too bad" wall for someone who has been illegally treated by an EJ salesman (they call him a Financial Advisor but that is definitely not the case!).

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Posted by ChristyHaupt

I've needed to call three times recently as my financial advisor is out on vacation, an the phone rep sold my item quickly, told me it would take a couple days to arrive in my cash account and DONE! Next time was to find a bond to buy and she too was fast, knowledgeable and sorted the bonds to my specifications and secured a purchase. Third time was to transfer money and also was done quickly. Phone was answered in under one minute wait time!!! On each of the calls.

Posted by Anonymous

called 6/25/2015

Could not have been more courteous,. must have solved problems. cCorrected problem in 3 minutes. jim p.

Posted by Berkjohn

Our family has had the same Edward Jones financial adviser for over 20 years at the Cleveland Hts. (Ohio) office. David is very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. I will question their fees from time to time, compared to the other larger firms, but have no regrets (so far) pertaining to losses or any misdirection from them. I do manage my second IRA account with Vanguard offered from my former employer before I retired. You cannot compare Jones to VG, it's not apples-to-apples. My Jones adviser gives optimum personal attention and consideration. If fees become too high and/or under-performance is not worth the cost any longer, than I will consider my options in the future.

Posted by 59 and retiring soon

I invested with Edward Jones (Atlanta area) after I was laid off in 2006. My accountant recommended an EJ agent she had used in the past and I ended up transferring all my investments with him.

I have been researching online quite a bit and find a lot of negative reports on Edward Jones. My experience has been different. I have no doubt now that I could have done better (fee wise), but one has to start some where.

I was very naive at the time, but have learned a lot since going with EJ. No doubt they have made money off me but my account has grown in 8 years from the transfer of my investment of combined assets of $445,000 to about $640,000 (401k, taxable investments, and a Roth IRA).

In the mean time I got another full time job 5 years ago and now have an additional $70,000 in my current company's 401(k).

I think I did OK. The only additional investments have been an annual contribution of $1,200/year into my Roth IRA at Edward Jones.

I am now 59 years old. Am I crazy? Or did I just stumble into a EJ advisor who is honest and steered me in the right direction? Would love to hear comments.

Posted by Anonymous

Mike Avina and office staff in Eden, NC, have been exceptionally accommodating. I went in with my eyes dilated (unexpectedly) after an eye exam and Mike put huge letters up on his flat screen to help me in our review. His office staff pursued changes in some of my beneficiaries and carefully explained everything before I signed anything. I am so grateful for their continuing care of my interests and wanted you to know that I've dealt with 4 other nationally known agents and never had such wonderful care and attention.

Posted by Max

Wow - so I guess my 15 years as a satisfied client of Edward Jones (and the fact they consistently win "highest in customer satisfaction") are an anomaly if all you read were the previous comments. I had been with other comapnies (Charles Schwab, MetLife, Allianz) and some were better than others, but my experience w/ Jones (and apparently with most of their other clients) has been very good.

Posted by Anonymous

i recently received a phone call from my advisor just to male sure we were doing alright with my investments and I was happy with everything
these people care

Posted by Anonymous

i can always contact the people at edward jones
they are friendly

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