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EasyJet customer service is ranked #312 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 38.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 627 ratings. This score rates EasyJet customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


542 Negative Comments out of 627 Total Comments is 86.44%.


85 Positive Comments out of 627 Total Comments is 13.56%.

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    • 542 negative comments (86.44%)
    • 85 positive comments (13.56%)
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Posted by bill crinks

I tried both numbers given as customer service numbers 08712442377 and 08712882236. Both gained a reply to the effect that they are not in use. USELESS. I am trying to contact inflight returns to whom I have submitted an on line claim and returned the goods. Both to no response. I go back on the web site and all it asks is to fill in the same form. NO CONTACT DETAILS ARE GIVEN. Again, totally USELESS. I am going to persevere with this. How do I go about it or will this too be ignored. F W Crinks

Posted by Anonymous

I recently travelled with your airline and the cabin crew on the service I used were great. Well presented, polite, friendly and efficient. However, the same cannot be said of the ground staff. They bellow and shout at customers as if they are a herd of cattle, with no finesse or manners. There was no introduction to their shouting rules and regulations, like Ladies and Gentlemen ... etc, just obnoxious screaming at the top of their voices. Please, please train your ground staff to the standard of your cabin crew, which would make the whole experience of travelling with EasyJet so much more pleasant.

Posted by seasoned traveller

WE are Australians on a world trip and have flown all over Africa and Europe. We made the mistake of booking EasyJet from London Southend to Paris. We have been delayed over 4 hours there have been no PA calls to advise of the reason. Approaching EasyJet staff has resulted in various reasons for the delay, including 'waiting for apart to come from Luton, the plane being delayed and the engineer 'looking at something'. Congratulations EasyJet you are clearly the most incompetent airline we have come across and won't be using you again.

Posted by Dissapointed

How can an airline that sell tickets for a flight months in advance not have a take off slot?

Posted by AC60

You sit for more than three hours in an EasyJet plane with a broken nose wheel and this is what you get.
"I have investigated your claim, and reviewed the details of your flight EZY835. I can confirm that the delay was under 3 hours upon arrival. This delay is not eligible for compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004, as it applies only for delays over 3 hours."
Thanks Stelios...

Posted by Anonymous

Flight January 2, 7.15am Manchester to Malaga, delayed 2 hours after we were locked in plane on runway. Landed in Malaga 4.45 hours later then we had to sit on runway for another 1/2 hour because there was nowhere to park the plane. I am disabled and cannot sit upright for long periods, the whole journey made me ill but nobody could have cared less about the delay.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with an item purchased on a recent flight to Tenerife and have completed an online form to report this and request a replacement / refund. I am extremely disappointed not to have had any response from you about this. As a minimum I would have expected to have received an Email acknowledging receipt of my claim and confirming that it is being dealt with

Posted by Dee

Dear Sir Hal-Loannou,

I had the pleasure of being a passenger for the very first time on two of your planes yesterday 9th December 2015, my flight number was EZY892, destination London Gatwick. I arrived at our local Airport (Jersey Channel Islands) in plenty of time to check in only to be greeted by some sour face Easy jet employee who informed me that I should have checked in on line, Mrs Sour face informed me that "my son" could check me in if I rang him, now I have to admit that I am a mother and I did give birth to a baby but do not remember ever having a son ! Mrs Sour Face eventually relented and booked me in handing me my much needed boarding pass which I thought was so very kind of her as she had to put herself out to look at the monitor in front of her and press a few buttons, God bless Mrs Sour Face as she must have been exhausted after pressing those few buttons. I duly went through to the departure gate and boarded the plane, I was seated in Row 26 right at the back of the plane, now I really must say I am not a large person, I am fairly slim but do you know how wide your seats are ? they are 34 cm wide, how do I now this you may be asking yourself, well before boarding I popped into the duty free shop and purchased a boxed bottle of Champagne which I had on my lap for the duration of my nightmare flight and yes this boxed Champagne did measure the width of seat from arm rest to arm rest. While sitting quietly listening to safety information given by the cabin crew....(oh by the way you do realise that in sitting in row 26 you cannot see the crew member give the safety demonstration at all unless you stand up !) we were told how to brace in the event of a crash landing, how the F**k are you supposed to get into brace position with only 6 inches of space between yourself and the seat in front of you.

During this most uncomfortable flight I purchased a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and a small carton of coconut water which cost me £7.20p yes thats right £7.20p, would you like me to send you the receipt ? The toasted sandwich duly arrived and looked to be unfit for human consumption, when I opened this so called toasted sandwich I found the bread was soggy with cheese sauce and what looked like an old piece of cow hide in it, the toasted un-toasted toasted sandwich contents looked like an Alien had been sick, also the carton of coconut water should have been re-fridgerated to keep it cool and fresh, when I mentioned this fact to the delightful cabin crew I was told "to late you have paid for it now" CORRECT I did pay for it as I have had the sh*ts all day today.

On my return flight back yesterday flight number EZY897 destination Jersey Channel Islands I found myself sitting in row 26 again. The ground staff closed the flight 15 minutes early, no doubt leaving some passengers behind, we taxied to the run way ready to take off, our Captain bless him sounded so happy telling us passengers that we would be arriving at our destination early, after a few minutes of silence, Captain Stupid then announced that the plane was in a queue with 2 planes ahead of us waiting to take off and 2 planes waiting to land, boy did this moron of a Captain sound really p*ssed off about this.

Both the planes that I was a passenger on yesterday were filthy dirty, my seat had a disgusting stain on it, all I can say it that I am thankful that I wore black jeans.

I could carry on writing but I won't. I will say retrain your employee's as they are so rude and unhelpful,the Captain of this flight also needs retraining as he slammed the plane down onto the ground and we bounced down the runway it is a good job that I do not have false teeth as they would have shot out of my mouth never to be seen again. I do hope you have access to industrial cleaners because all the passengers sh*t themselves with fright.

Just one more thing before I go, as both planes were so dirty could you please forward me your home address so I can send my dry cleaning bill to you.


Dee Hutter-George

A traumatised passenger.

Posted by Tommybar

I booked my mum and sisters to come and visit us and was going to surprise my mum by retaking our wedding vows as my mum wasn't at my wedding. I booked the flights (I live in Prague) and it wasn't until my sister printed out the boarding passes we realised that I'd made an honest mistake and booked the flights the wrong way around. I phones and emailed easyjet explaining what had happen and would it be possible to wavier the change of flight fees as this works out to £90 per person. We got nowhere they wouldn't budge. I explain we are a frequent user of easyjet 20+ flight per year but no. We can't afford the change of flight fees so I have had to cancel everything my mum and sister can't come and will not get a refund. So there will be 3 empty seats on 2 flights. My mum is devastated. Easyjet has no heart.and to kick us in the teeth and the end of the email saying we won't do anything to help the put "I hope you and your partner enjoy your special day" how dare they.

Posted by Javier

After I checked-in I get "Sorry, online check-in is not available at the moment. Please try again later or go to the Bag Drop desk at the airport where they will complete check in and print your boarding pass for you." So I can't print my boarding pass... I can print the return boarding pass, but not the one I need! This is retarded.

Posted by jackiekidwell

I have been trying to book a one way flight from tenerife to southend airport and Easyjet are making it impossible. The price has gone up while i have been trying to book the flight. Just how do I book for 23rd March 2016?

Posted by Anonymous

September 02,2015

No response whatsoever to this letter sent registered post, July 15, 2015.

I have flown with Easyjet quite a lot over the past several years. One year I went so far as to purchase an EasyJet Plus card. In general I have found your service to be satisfactory. However this year it is my perception that your airline is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

One recent instance, in particular, has led me to avoid using your services whenever possible.

On June the 12th 2015 I was scheduled to fly from Milan Malpensa to Madrid on flight EZY2703. After a series of announced delays and erroneous rescheduled departure times, we were told at around eleven o clock P.M. (twelve hours after our scheduled departure) that we would be put up at local hotels.

The manic disorder that erupted defies description. I attempted to negotiate my way to the counters but eventually lost patience and decided to wait until the crowd dissipated. Eventually, I returned to be informed that the only rooms on offer were a thirty-minute cab ride away. We were told to be back to the airport for 5:00 A.M. check in and a 6:30 departure. It turns out that this much like the several false departure announcements was not true.

I walked across the street and waited for a room to open up at the Moxy Hotel where I enjoyed a few of hours sleep. I did check out at 5:07 A.M. and was in the terminal by 5:15 A.M. as instructed by Easy Jet personnel a few hours earlier. I was once again operating on false information and instruction. We were shuffled from gate to gate until we finally boarded at 7:45 A.M and took off around 8:00 A.M. (approximately twenty-two hours late).

I live in Lugano, Switzerland only 45 minutes away and would have gone home and returned at the proper time if I were told the truth.

Incidentally, my return flight from Madrid EZY2708 on June 16th, 2015 was delayed by two hours as well.

I do understand that scheduling and technical problems occur and in most cases cannot be avoided. What is inexcusable is the deliberate attempt to misinform and misguide customers. the fact is we the passengers of EZY2703 were ill-treated, lied to repeatedly and systematically by the employees of Easyjet at MXP.

I have attached my boarding passes and hotel receipt and boarding passes.

My contact numbers are presented below. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this matter further.

Posted by Ephill2000

I would like to highlight the latest scam from easy jet. I had gone on line filled out the flight purchase form purchased the extra baggage now up to £38 a bag typed in my card details and the total price is quoted on the right hand side column . I then hit the button to complete the purchase and a sign came up to say that the flight was now an extra £30 it had gone up when I was typing in my credit card details ....... it says do you accept the increase or wish to start all over again and there may be no seat .......... just another scam from a company that sees its customers as a means to steal from at every opportunity ....... scandalous

Posted by Tina

Hi I was on a flight from alicante to Belfast on the 11th August 2015, while I was on this flight a thug decided to break the window to which he was sitting beside, directly across from were I was sitting with my 8 year old daughter my partner, he has scared the life outta me and my daughter, he has put me and my family of flying for life, I would like to know why it hasn't been highlighted anywhere about this incident? And is this male being punished for what he done? He put not only my life but everyone on that flight lives at risk!!

Posted by easyjet never picks up the phone

Try to find out details about sports equipment prior to flight . Not on website. Emailed about 14 days ago - no response. Called several times - never ever someone picks up the phone.
Have still no info what to do with my beach chairs - large or small sports equipment -or sports equipment at all ?

Posted by Skhosro

I made a booking from New York to Nice and on to Rome for July 10, 2015. On July 10th, just two hours before our flight from NY to Nice we received a text message from EasyJet that our flight on July 12th from Nice to Rome was cancelled due to a fire at Rome Fiumicino on May 7, 2015!!! This was ridiculous as we had bought our tickets on June 20 over a month and half after the fire and EasyJet should not have even confirmed a booking if they could not fly us between the two cities.
We made many frantic calls to the UK from the US to Easyjet non- toll free numbers. The agents were quite unhelpful and basically suggested to take a refund and find our way to Rome some other way. After many checks we did we found an EasyJet flight on the same day July 12th in the afternoon from Nice to Rome (Go figure) and told the agents about it. The agents were not even aware of this flight and after our insistence they said there was room for the three of us and were able to book us on this flight 13 hour later than our morning flight. The second flight was also delayed over 3 hours and we got to Rome at 12 midnight losing our whole planned day in Rome.
Our return from Rome with EasyJet was scheduled for July 17th. Again on July 15th we received a text message with the same content informing us of the fire at Rome Airport back on May 7th and that our return flight had to be cancelled. This time we could not find an alternate EasyJet flight and had to book a day later on a Vuelig (Iberia) flight and paid much higher to get back to Nice. As a result we ended up paying for extra hotel room nights, extra car rentals in Nice and Rome and many ancillary costs as well as additional cost for our return substitute flight.
Our calls and claims to EasyJet went unanswered and their silly customer service system was non-responsive. Overall this Easyjet experience cost us about $950 extra and a lot of aggravation. I do intend to sue them in UK.
To all of you who think this Airline is cheap and will get you to your destination think again. Its not worth the hassle. Book early on some other airline and save that way and avoid the aggravation. Someone needs to make a video of this airline's mess-ups and publicize how bad they are. United Airlines learned a costly lesson when they broke someone's guitar here https://youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo
We need to expose this lousy Airline which is not Easy nor its a Jet. Its a cattle car.
Will never fly it again and you should not either.

Posted by Peter H

Thanks to a fault with Easyjet's website I was unable to pre-book a pair of skis so I did the honorable thing and paid £30 for a sports bag which was the same price and the website strangely did allow. At the airport when I explained this I was marched off to their rip off counter where I was relieved of a further £40 because I had booked the wrong category!
After 5 months I finally got into some correspondence with Customer Service (needs re-naming) who explained that I should have called them and explained the error before I arrived at the airport. I did ask if they had ever tried calling their own Customer Services line and pointed out that it took me 5 months to get a response to my complaint! Anyway they refused to allow my £30 already paid against anything so pocketed that and a further £40 to boot. No apology just stone walled. My company probably spends £6-10k a year on Easyjet flights- not any more.

Posted by Easyjetcustomer

I travelled Manchester-Moscow 26.07.15. Nasty surprise was expecting me in the airport of Manchester at the Easyjet registration desk. They made me pay £32 for my suitcase 11.6 kg of weight. Half-empty! £32 IS MUCH MORE THAN THIS BAG COSTS! Everywhere the weight not over 20 kg is free and it was free just recently on easyjet itself. What surprised me even more is that almost everybody who boarded this plane had the hand luggage that was obviously much heavier than my suitcase and they didn't pay anything.I had almost nothing as myhand luggage.Unfair? I bet! What is going on with this company?
If they have their hold luggage compartment almost empty - it's their problem.Why do I have to pay for it? It's a so obvious ripoff and is still can't quite believe it!
I am travelling with this company second time.Both times I had u pleasant experience with them.First time there was bad and arrogant team that served people on board,they messed up my seats and I had a lot of stress because of this.This time was an open ripoff.My ticket all in all costs me until now £337.96.If,on my way back they will charge me another £32 for my suitcase then it will costs £369.96 and this is without any food included! Is this not too much for this kind of service? For this kind of money I could fly with another compny who can provide with much better plane,service and food plus my suitecase will be free of charge.There are companies who deliver all this for much less money as well. Where are trading standards? Totally disappointed in this company. Will not use them again,i better take a few planes to get to my destination than go with this ripoff.I hope they refund me as I consider this money to be stolen from me.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to know whay easy jet is not yet reply me to my complain concerning a refund due to the check in closing earlier (15 minutes!!) and lead us ( a family of 3!!!) to miss our flight then on the next flight we were denied to bring our only hand luggage as the flight was too full and additionally the hostess on board managed to drop an heavy obect from the above hand luggage CUPBOARD that almost broke my shoulder!!! It is now over 3 weeks I forward my complain and ask for the refund of the penality for THE missing flight but from their site there is only SILENT no one has contact me and deal with my case indeed their aknowledge email clearly said I would have received their reply after a miximum of 10 days!!! This company is only frauding money to hard working people!!!

Posted by John

John from New Zealand.
May 9 my wife and I were intercepted approaching easyjet check-in at Rome airport by an easyjet employee who was looking at all boarding passes.
He advised that our flight to Marseilles had been cancelled and we were to proceed to check-in where we would be helped.
At the counter boarding passes and passports were inspected and the flight cancellation was confirmed. Flights over the next few days were offered but or schedule did not permit this.
We were given the standard Easyjet form covering cancellation disruption and compensation etc . We left the area and arranged a flight with Vueling the following day.
On our return home to Nz we contacted easyjet customer service only to be told that particular flight had not been cancelled and that we were no-shows. Fantastic.
6 phone calls to date all made by me, explanations to 6 different people, emails have been sent to Rome I'm told,but no reply to date. Call again in 7 days they say.
What to do? Difficult to get my hands around someone's neck from 12,000 miles.

Posted by do not book easy jet car hire!

I tried to change the date of the car hire booked with easy jet (europcar) Europcar were amazing and there was no charge for changing as long as I did this 2 hours before pick up time. BUT I had paid easy jet and they would not refund any money as they said "we are a non refundable airline" NEVER book a car through easy jet. Europcar, said that they keep having this problem and they are not charging easy jet, but easy jet are holding onto the money

Posted by Gerard

Easyjet customer care sucks. They do not respond to emails, when you phone them at your cost, you have to explain the whole issue again to another operative. They give you a claim reference, but do not use it, therefore you keep repeating yourself, you supply the required information by email into a bucket account, they do not confirm receipt, therefore you phone them again and start the whole process again. They want your money paid at the time of booking, however are very reluctant to fulfil their commitments.

Posted by Blake

Why don't Easyjet publish their phone number anywhere on their website? There appears to be no "Contact Us" option, they don't answer the telephone anyway and I assume we are kept waiting at our own expense quite deliberately to generate income.

Posted by JonT

Unfortunately, easyjet don't have competition in the UK markets. Other airlines (budget or otherwise) don't fly the routes, frequency that they do. Why means that the fares are not really budget anymore. Having had to use them for many occasions, here are the various ways in which Easyjet hassles it passengers
1. Frequent delays - this is brought about by quick turnaround times, same flight flying multiple locations on the same day, so a delay during any part of the journey has a cascading delay into the next.
2. Far away gates from where to board/disembark - To save costs, they will may you walk the length of the airport to use a gate that no sensible airlines uses. From there, where wont be direct ramp into the plane. So you get onto the tarmac in the cold, wait
3. Using buses instead of gates where to board/disembark - To save further costs, they pick you from the gate, herd you on buses that take you to somewhere close the the runaway where you board the flight. Saving costs for them and wasting time of passengers
4. Making passengers wait everywhere - Even now with reserved seating, they just LOVE to make passengers queue and herd around
5. Not having a clue about onboard storage - SOmetimes overestimating the number of cabin luggages and forcing people to put it in cabin. Other times, underestimating the number of cabin luggage, doing NOTHING to make passengers put smaller piece of luggage below their seats, and then making passengers queue again in the aircraft to get their luggage put in hold.

If I had a choice, then would use other airlines.


Not so EASY Reliable EASYJET with a THOMAS COOK AGENT BELFAST not allowed to print flight tickets boarding passes in small print after hitting bookings taken £900.847 for 2 last minute to Malaga Fuengirola only 7 nights no exchange of hotel he put us too with extream noise by London bar cock roaches in rooms cold food served etc... it is extremely out of reach this EASYJET EU not allowed travel agents to print your boarding passes and tickets at any shop any time wanting public elderly to MUST HAVE OWN PRINTER AT HOME IF GIVEN EMAIL NEVER AGAIN WILL I GIVE THAT ONE AWAY - would have went the other way JET2 FLIGHT but his package was 8% HIGHER TOTAL COST WISE UP EASYJET LET SHOPS PRINT FRIENDLY TICKETS PASSES NOW ON

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Haven t flown with easyjet for a couple of years....dreading the awkwardness of only ONE cabinbag....strained my neck back & knee the night before travelling....was ASTOUNDED by the delightful & caring service of Simonetta at eadyjet check-in FCO Rome....10 out of 10 for friendly smiling service to a painful start to my travel on the 1.20 to Gatwick on 26thMay.
Please commend her .

Posted by Vicki & Gail go to Palma during

Best airline to travel with. I'm a young girl that went on a 3 night holiday with my mum for a wee break away from my 2 young children. We went to palma in Spain. Our flight left 30 minutes early and was a smooth and pleasant flight. On our return, we found out in the airport at 23.45pm that France had went on strike and all airlines were cancelled. We were put on the following Thursday flight (another week from our original flight), although I was pleading with the girl to help get myself and my mum home sooner than that as I needed to get home to my children and my mum depends on medication that she would be ran out of. She was able to try and squeeze us on the Saturday flight. They were very sympathetic and helpful. They then got us a taxi to a beautiful hotel with they put us up in all inclusive. The hotel was fantastic, (hotel RIU Concordia in palma). We arrived to the airport again on the Saturday, when we went to check in they told us that there were no seats left on the flight. After, checking all possibilities, they discovered that there was one seat left on the plane. My mother insisted I took it to get home to my children. Easy jet assured me my mum would get a seat on the plane the next day. When I boarded the plane I was very upset. Easy jet were extremely kind and reassuring. They comforted me and gave me free bottle of water. When I landed I found out that the staff back in the airport with my mum were fantastic. They had taken my mum around the airport in desperation to help her get her medication which they finally got. They then managed to get her onto a flight to Edinburgh Scotland, that night. Also giving her a food voucher for her diner. They had arranged a taxi to pick her up in Edinburgh and take her to another hotel. The next (Sunday) they had arranged a flight from Edinburgh Scotland to Belfast (home) that night. My brother lives in Scotland so it was a nice treat for them both to see each other. I honestly couldn't fault easy jet airways, they were fantastic. Liz was the very helpful girl in palms airport that helped mum and I. And Sylvia was the girl that helped my mum in the Edinburgh airport. Thank you so much ladies for all your sympathetic, considerate help. Love Vicki & Gail.

Posted by [email protected]

Flew up to Edinburgh from luton yesterday, but had a problem by not being met on time by the relevant person. I decided to return home but I felt that easyjet went out there way to help me yesterday. The changed my flight for free which would of been at least £56 and because the flight was almost full with alot of hand baggage the out my bag in the hold for free which made life easier as I have problems with my legs, the staff on board were also amazing. They knew I couldn't cope on a window seat with the size I am and changed me to an ieal seat. Just shows that easyjet do care and I coundnt fault them yesterday thank you easyjet

Posted by Anonymous

We have been meaning to write this for some time. We would like to thank he cabin staff for all their help and kindness on our journeys. We can only say that on all our journeys on Easy Jet that we have never had cause to complain and do appreciate the smiling welcoming faces.
Keep up the good work girls and boys.

Posted by Almer

Reservation -H1,hotelbeds.

Sardinia Olbia "Hotel For You" from the 23.10.2014 to the 01.11.2014.

We had prepaid a double room and accepted it.

when we used the shower and toilet we noticed

that the outlet ventilation was out of order.

To solve the immidiate problems we opened the windows in the room to the street and the door to the korridor in order to get some draft.

When we complained to the reception we were informed that the ventilation in all hotelrooms

was interupted(may be in order to save money)?

After 3 days of discussions with several staff members(the manageing director was not visible)

we eventually got a room whith a window in the bathroom and the problem was solved for us!

Furthermore the hotel advertised free Wi-Fi

but out of order too.

This hotel should be downgrated at least one star out of the four!and removed from your recommendations.

Best regards

Almer Hoeg

Posted by The Dymonds

We flew from Bristol to Marrakesh and we were very impressed we arrived early on our outbound flight and arrived back 45mins early on return. The whole experience was very positive and I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again myself.
Well done and thank you Easy Jet

Posted by AF0174

Spoke to an excellent man at Easy Jet customer service named Mauj. I was expecting the worst but my issue was resolved quickly, professionally and in the best way possible. Very impressed

Posted by Anonymous

My Family And I Fly Regularly And Frequently To Poland - From Liverpool By Easyjet To Krakow,or From Manchester By Ryanair To Rzeszow.
With Flight Times Of Less Than 3 Hours,comfortable Seats And Pleasant Staff, We Have Always Refused To Allow Anything To Upset Us Given The Very Reasonable Prices And Convenient Departure Times.
However, Easyjet Have Recently Made A Shocking Catering Decision Which I Suspect Could Have Been Made On Other Than A Sound Commercial Basis. The "little Coffee Bag" Drink Now Served Is Simply Dreadful And Gets Worse With The Addition Of Milk/sugar And They Have The Temerity To Charge £2.50 For It !!
Naturally, Despite The Choice We All Have Not To Buy And Not To Drink, We Are All Nevertheless "captive" Consumers And In My View Easyjet Has Taken A Retrograde Step Here And Should Review Their Decision To Adopt This Appalling Apology For Coffee As Soon As Practicable.

Posted by Anonymous

I Had No Problem Getting Through To Easy Jet And Very Helpful Staff On The End Of The Telephone

Posted by Anonymous

I have used this service twice recently and my queries/ problems have both been resolved quickly and efficiently. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I was surprised by the good service from Easyjet!! I made a mistake in the names of 3 passengers by entering the initials instead of first names (stupid, stupid, even more stupid since I booked multiple easyjet trips that day and only made this mistake in one trip). Worrying that I would face the 48EUR fine per change per flight I called the customer service and they changed it from initials to first names at no additional costs!! (only the execution of spelling was horror..dutch names to a indian/ english call centre on a bad line spells disaster..) Only last week a friend of mine was charged Eur 71 by KLM (positioning itself as a service orientated airline)for adding and 'i' to his first name which was spelled wrongly.

Posted by Anonymous

went to marjorca from bristol first time with easyjet from start to finish the service was very good most impressed 10 out of 10 well done nigel evans \

Posted by Anonymous

Could not fault assistance from all staff at Gatwick and on flight to Hurghada. Special mention to Donna who took us on the special transport to the gate and saw us on to the plane.

Posted by Paul Scott

Dear easyjet,

I was travelling on EZY 2263 on Thursday 16th May when the flight suffered a few hours delay due to technical reasons on 2 different aircraft.

The 2nd technical issue was problem with the No 2 engine which unsettled quite a few of the passengers for obvious reasons. The crew reassured them in a very professional manner which made them all feel at ease. They then provided an excellent service with a smile for the remainder of the flight even though they were really busy due to the complimentary drinks and snacks being provided. They never stopped!! I also appreciate the crew probably took this flight at short notice with some inconvenience but you would never have known it.

In this day and age people are only too quick to complain so I would ask you to pass on my gratitude and congratulations to the crew, they made a late flight a pleasure.

Well done easyjet!!

Posted by Jennifer Lynn

A big thank you to Joyce, the flight attendant on Easy Jet's flight from JFK to Palm Beach International on Thursday 25th April at 4.40pm. She welcomed everyone with a genuine smile, nothing was too much trouble for her on this very busy flight. Her PA voice is unique, friendly and delightful. A credit to your company.

Posted by [email protected]

We were delayed in Glasgow by snow at Jersey on 12 March 2013, and had to wait 26 hours for a flight. Easyjet put us up no trouble overnight, and their excelllent staff were cheerful, as helpful as they could possibly be, and kept us informed. Well done to all concerned.

Posted by Paul269

Recently we flew with EasyJet and had one hold bag that did not arrive with us at London Stansted. We had some problems with the local groundstaff run by Menzies but the EasyJet phone line worked extremely well, the internet gave clear guidance as to what to do and in the end we picked up the bag on our way home. The EasyJet staff were friendly, easy to deal with and generally made a stressful situation a lot easier to cope with. The bag contained all of our stuff for a family weekend away and so we had to buy replacements. The EasyJet online claim worked very efficiently to repay us our essential out of pocket expenses. Overall, well done to EasyJet for making us comfortable even though it was very irritating not to have our bag.

Posted by Passenger

I had read some negative comments about the Easyjet airlines on this website and have to say that I am very surprised. I often fly with them and I cannot say anything wrong about them. They are really nice and helpful people. I would say they are professionals. I have never seen dirty aircraft or dirty toilet (passengers usually leave a lot of rubbish behind). If I have a choice in the future I choose them. If there are some delayed flight it is not their fault. I think the weather is responsible for that. I traveled with them yesterday (Monday 25 February 2013) from Krakow to Bristol. The aircraft was delayed over 5 hours because of the bad weather in Krakow. All passengers were transferred to another airport about 100 km away. I would like to thank all members of the aircraft crew (flight 6276)for intervention on my behalf at the Polish airport after an incident with a rude Polish security guards. I had a pleasure to meet all members of the crew. They were really nice people, very helpful with a fantastic sense of humor. They were able to ensure a nice flight despite that all passengers were very tired.

Posted by Mary

I would like to thank easyjet for getting me home safely from Egypt on 4/2/13. I broke my ankle whilst in Sharm el sheik and was due to fly home on 26/1/13. Although my Virgin travel insurance dealt with Easyjet to sort my return home I still would like to thank them. I was given 3 seats to myself to put my foot up on which is in a very heavy cast, my daughter who was my Carer for the journey home was also across the aisle to me.the team at Sharm airport were excellent and got me through to the gate very quickly indeed.i was lifted onto the aircraft and looked after very well on the excellent flight home. Thank you to all who were involved and I will continue to fly with easyjet.

Posted by [email protected]

Hi all at Easy Jet customer service we just wanted to say a huge thank you and very well done for making our Easy Jet experience totally hassle free !! from bag drop at Alicante to arrival at Luton the service we recieved was second to none so please pass on our thanks to all your staff at Alicante your cabin crew on the flight and your check in staff at Luton on our return from the U.K.
We are normally customers of another low cost carrier but NO MORE ITS EASY JET FOR US IF AT ALL POSSIBLE from our home here in Murcia Spain back to the U.K. The Easy Jet spirit is alive and truly cooking so once again a huge thank you sincerely Tony & Val Simms (retired ex pats ) Murcia Spain.

Posted by Anonymous

My parents aged 85 had the pleasure of flying with easy jet and can only compliment you on you impeccable service of special assistance.
They flew yesterday on the 4.15 flight from Newcastle to faro and we can only thankyou so much for taking care of them all the way they now feel confident to visit us more often knowing that they are in your capable hands and we can be rest assured that they are looked after so well.
Linda woods Darlington

Posted by john

having always flown long haul we had never flown with easyjet and to be honest we had read some bad press. having retired we now take our vactions in spain and have used easyjet 4 times, all i can say is they were brillant, can not fault them at all, easy check in[SB] no delays. from check in to cabin crew great. we had a big delay once in kenya, we had two more days there because no aircraft turned up. so for us in future we will pick easyjet.

Posted by Barbara

Unfortunately due to our own incompetence we missed our flight out of Luton to Bordeaux earlier this week. After my anger had subsided with our inability to get on the flight (we did not hear the flight being called and arrived at the gate 10 mins after it had closed), I was impressed with the way Easyjet handled our problem. They offered to book us onto the next available flight which was out of Gatwick, but there is a shuttle bus from the airport to Luton rail station where we picked up the Gatwick Express. We thought we would have to pay for new tickets, but ultimately paid £50 each. The lesson learnt is to look at your boarding card and take note of the time the gate closes

Posted by Anonymous

I made my flight booking through an online agency 2 weeks ago. The easyjet site was having technical difficulties at the time and I have been waiting in vain for my confirmation from easyjet. 10 minutes ago I called the number at the top of this page (0871 244 2377) and was surprised to speak to an actual person! His name is Simon and he immediately sent me the confirmation email to my personal email address. I have nothing but praise for my treatment, and so quickly too.
P Hillier

Posted by Maureen Crossley

My daughter suffred a stroke while on holiday in Majorca in August.,
After three weeks in a Private Clinic in Palma she came back to the UK on an EasyJet fight.
The staff were wonderful. They looked after my daughter from arriving at Palma Airport to leaving at Manchester Airport.

Thank you EasyJet.

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Posted by Ex-Easyjet/Menzies Worker

Hi boys and girls!!!!! I agree 100% with all of your comments.

People were treated there like pigs.
I was giving service on behalf easyjet for nearly few years. I was doing my job on both North and South terminal. The time I spent there made me sick. Every time I finished my shift I sighted with relief.
I am ex Easyjet check-in/ boarding staff working at Gatwick. Easyjet is serviced by ground handling company named Menzies. The bad working conditions influence customer service level given for EasyJet. We started shifts at 4 in a morning, so people have to wake up around 2:30 a.m. Bad Easyjet product made both us and customers angry. The aircraft turnover is around 40 minutes so you can imagine what happened if the passenger have to live board, you have to board new PAX, tag the buggy, charge them for extra bags at the gate and argue with them. All that happens when just one agent is at the gate between 160 passengers, just because Menzies does not want to employ more staff. It was difficult to predict what would have happened for whole EasyJet process(130 flights during summer). What would have happened if one of my colleagues or myself would have been attacked by angry PAX? This company works against health and safety British Airport Authority regulations. No help were given. Both companies bring millions of revenue every month. Every day I saw some of my colleagues who wanted to be impolite for the customers just for fun. Stupid EasyJet rules reflected customers anger towards us. People respected rules blindly following Just do something and do not think why you are doing it. But the worst thing is pathetic management. One duty manager for two terminals at LGW. Blaming us, giving zero support for little and not necessarily made mistakes by us were quite common. We were managed badly! I remember when I did flight on my own at the gate been inexperienced agent, I was given wrong figure by dispatcher, the flight was delay. I had to write a report. After few reports I could have been got rid of. Staff(dispatchers, managers, supervisors, average employees fought\blamed each other, told on others. Most of our supervisors did not represent anything but they were supervisors just because they followed/listen stupid rules just like in Orwells books. They got rid of those who were human-oriented and independent. We paid for their brainless decision. For example, after sending PAX through the custom we were informed about aircraft failure. Because of evening time the passengers were waiting to collect the bags and spend the night in hotel hoping for next day flight. W were given the task to escort the PAX without the bags to the landside area. We did it, but few minutes after we were asked to bring the passenger over airside area, let theme collect the bags and send them to hotel. Silly situation! Why they could not wait for their bags few minutes more if they were in an airside area already? Another thing is lack of facilities at the gates. For example gates one and two in south terminal of LGW are horrible by being small(cant keep all PAX flying), having one computer between two agents. Many situations like that were seen every day. Rude, wild conversations, calling police and sometimes punching passengers, shouting at theme I saw. Some people did not have extended contracts just because they have had made some little mistakes, but those who work baldy(but it was not recognized by the management) were kept on just because they werent late five minutes an 4 oclock a.m. We had to write reports for every mistake which statistically would have been made by giving service for thousand PAX a day. I read Menzies and also Easyjet environment (we both cooperated) as kind of pathetic, sick, wild giving zero respect to PAX and employees. These above are reasons why the Menzies workers frustrated are and leaves Menzies quickly. Consequently the company has no enough employees and experienced employees who would deal with Easyjet stupid rules under the time pressure. Everything makes Easyjet process awful and everytime I felt relief when I finished my shift. Thanks havens that I do not work for them anymore.

I apologize for my English but I am not native.

Posted by Rabii

EasyJet customer service is a big joke for the company itself and the customers, they hav new contract in Casablanca,Morocco to deal with all customers, guess wht those agents get a five weeks training to know evrything about lowcost flights lool but again those agent unmature, unprofossionel and they dont give a darn about working, ive been working there and i quit, imagine supervisers flirting with all girls or watching soccer games while the phone ringing,they really enjoying it cause it pays and they can do whtever they want but it wont stay forever....hopefully


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