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Earthlink customer service is ranked #194 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 70 ratings. This score rates Earthlink customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


61 Negative Comments out of 70 Total Comments is 87.14%.


9 Positive Comments out of 70 Total Comments is 12.86%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Earthlink

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 46.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 61 negative comments (87.14%)
    • 9 positive comments (12.86%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.6 Reachability
    • 2.9 Cancellation
    • 4.3 Friendliness
    • 3.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I am very unhappy with earthlink's support service. I am being harassed from somewhere in India to open my computer. I paid $200.00 recently, left the computer open for hours and nothing was fixed. I will close the EarthLink account.

Posted by Dale 46

I was trying to get EarthLink service for nearly three weeks, they would not send an installer out for three weeks after i had paid the 20 dollar installation charge, i could not understand why it was taking that long to install a modem, every time i called i was put on hold while they transferred me to different departments, this happened three or four different times,needless to say i cancelled their service before it was even installed, ya they kept the installation fee but i am happy that i dont have to deal with them anymore, this is how they operate, my mistake. I called comcast and was installed the same day and at a better price for what i needed, do not deal with EarthLink unless you want to speak with people who dont speak english and want to wait for a long period of time before you receive your service, i guess that is their way of ripping off the public, free money for them, i just cant understand how companies get away with this kind of stuff, thank you for nothing EarthLink, if anyone's smart they wont deal with these guys

Posted by Anonymous

all 1300 emails of mine suddenly disappeared.
no help from earthlinks useless customer service.

Posted by Buster Douglas

Yes, the India supports sucks. The guys tried to say he was Steve Paterson, he emailed me and is was a total Indie name. What a joke ! They read off screens and say the same crap on every call, to no avail and always have to escalate the call. Now Earthlink moved my business domain to a company called Synoptic, and I cannot even connect to them because since the switch our business site goes down. Good Reddens EarthStink

Posted by AlDuduk

Hands down the worst experience I've seen for one of my clients. I came on board after they had already signed a contract that was grossly overkill for the clients needs. They took advantage of them and have them locked for 3 years and will not negotiate on anything. I you decide to go with Earthlink make sure you have a skilled IT Engineer review everything or they will take you for a ride.

Posted by Anonymous

Instead Of Trying To Save A Buck By Outsourcing To India

Why Don't You Hire American's That Can Actually Help Solve Problems

Posted by val

I should read the reviews BEFORE I called that stupid company to sign up for services. Here is my addition to the long list of negative reviews. Be aware that the initial charge they ask to pay during singing up is non-refundable. They will not tell you that, so make sure to specifically ask them about it.
I was looking for a new ISP because my current (Comcast) was getting too slow. Spoke with EarthLink, decided to try. in the mean time Comcast finally sent someone over to correct our slow connection ( before they would just "re-send the signal", which didn't help. This time a tech arrived, replaced the modem and cables, and now it works just fine. So I called EarthLink to cancel the services. They refused to refund my $20, which I paid during singing up. They said it's charge for S&H for the modem that is coming in mail. They said I can use the return label to send it back. When it arrived, there was no return label. It cost me $6 to ship it back.
Oh, and when I called them, the line kept disconnecting every time as soon as I say "to cancel account" in the options menu..............

Posted by Anonymous

Earthlink sucks and customer service needs to be in America.

Posted by jbatista

The worst....Custer me service in the world. .the worst...base in iNDIA...DISPICABLE...THE WORST...EARTHLINK..JUNK...DONT WASTE.TIME YOUR MONEY.

Posted by Anonymous

Our business has been without phone and internet service for 24hrs now. We originally placed the call to report the problem on an afternoon and was advised that someone would call us back regarding the issue, never heard anything from anyone. First thing the following morning I called to check on the status and I keep being told that they are working on it and a tech will call us to update us within the hour. It is now towards the end of our day I have yet to hear from a tech and I have called over 5 times throughout the day without any answers. They are not efficient. I have asked them to notify the tech to call me with an update ASAP and they kept insisting that they were working on the issue and they would call me after with an update. This is very aggravating I don't think they are working on it or we would've had our services restored by now.

Posted by rOsa j hodge

I have not been successfully in my relationship with EEarthlinks. You have not shown me that you are a costumer service company. Please ask me why I feel this way.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't seem to bring up chat. Need help when people send me an attachment from an iph I don't see the attachment and I'm missing valuable information I need. How do I see their attachment there's no clip and they send it from iph.

Posted by Anonymous

We have had an on going email issue that has not been resolved in more than 8 days. I have called and spoke with more than 8 people over the last week and no one is listening or taking notes very well because each time I call back the next person asks what the problem is and who's email address is having the problem. Our company is suffering losses due to this problem that is not a priority to anyone in your company. We have an exchange host service that eathling forwards email for 8 people in the company too. That exchange service in not receiving all of the emails intended for those individuals. I have requested SMTP logs and was told once ... these will cost money... I was told by the supervisor the next day when they were not available that "oh no... we do not charge for these, I will have them ordered today and within 24 hours they will be available" guess what..... 24 hours later, they are top secret information that apparently no one has ever asked for because no one in your company knew this. Why is my exchange service asking for them if it is so top secret..... how can they research a problem if something does not show hitting their server.... and it cannot be proven that it did hit their server. We have been a customer for more than 10 years and I think the service shown to a 10 year custmer has yet to be desired.... I am sure we are not your biggest but 10 years is a long time and if you cannot give quality service and or customer service.... maybe we should re think service. Sometimes a company just gets to BIG or the profits are to great and you just do not care about the people who do in fact make you the money.

Posted by Shayshayshay

EarthLink is the worst costumer service ever I ordered new service an never got the service I contacted them about 20 times an still have no internet I'm totally discusted with this I paid for the service why don't I have it they keep telling me someone is gonna fix it an still 3 weeks later no internet I think this is very poor coustomer service on both sides earthlink an verizon who is there contractor for them this really sucks all I want is my service I'm paying for as a new coustomer I am highly upset with this if service is not on soon I'm cancel it all together smh ps EarthLink get your stuff in order an find some Americans that speak proper English thank u from a pissed off coustomer

Posted by a32955

I have sent a private message to Earthlink Internet as one Jen at Earthlink suggested with all the info they need in order to cancel my account. No response. I have posted on their facebook page multiple times to please contact me to cancel my account. They keep posting private message (already did that), or call them. I do not have a phone. I have been trying to cancel my service with Earthlink since the day my former partner signed up for it last year. Their site makes it very difficult to figure how to cancel. I can't use chat. I can't call. I canâ??t email. Now I see I have to send a registered or some other more expensive mailing to cancel this account. I think This company is ignoring me and I think that this company is stealing from me and thus am filing a complaint on this site.

I am being charged each month and have yet to use their services. I would like to have the services I do not want nor am I signed up for CANCELED. The account is under Kevin L. who has not been here since April, 2013. I would like all the money taken out of my checking account via my MasterCard refunded to date.

Now, most likely they are just another money grubbing corporation, and I probably cannot get it back. I repeat, I have never used their services, I did not order it, yet I am being charged since last May I believe. Cancel it now. Acct. I am on disability and if this is not taken care of soon, I will get the tv stations and attorney generals involved.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried several times to cancel my account but when I call, I get a constant busy signal. I suppose to stop this I will have to cancel my bank account as they want funds to put a hold on earthlink bank drafts.disgusted with online BS.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered my dsl on the 29th of Dec 2013 my box came on the 2nd of January an they say my service wouldn't be active till the 3rd of January iwas having difficult with the box my internet wasn't working an i wanted help i call them today January 6 an they say i canceled my service im really not feeling this im very upset

Posted by Bill

My email has had problems for over 2 months. I cannot even access it now. For the last 2 weeks I have had to change my password to sign in. When I attempted yesterday and vnow it will not allow me to access. I get a message to contact customer support by email. I cannot do this as I have no email.
From past experience I know it is a waste of time to call CS. They will deny there is any issue as they have done time and time again.

Posted by Bill

My email has had problems for over 2 months. I cannot even access it now. For the last 2 weeks I have had to change my password to sign in. When I attempted yesterday and vnow it will not allow me to access. I get a message to contact customer support by email. I cannot do this as I have no email.

Posted by ds316

This is a company that takes advantage of its own customers, provides bad service, and continues to bill after service is no longer provided.

Posted by Cassie

I was looking for a cheaper internet provider. When I called Earthlink I was told that I would have dsl for 19.99 a month and then 39.99 a month after 3 months. I thought the deal was great and cancelled my service with Verizon (we had to have home phone to have internet with them and we didnt need the phone or the 98.00 bill every month). I set everything up and they charged my card and I was told that I would get my modem the following Wednesday (5 days away). I waited and waited and almost 2 weeks later still didnt receive my modem. I called Earthlink and come to find out dsl was NOT available in our area and the set us up with dial up instead and never told us! We went round and round with many people when finally they refunded us our money and said they could do satellite internet with no down payment to us and it would be 39.99 a month and then 59.99 a month after three months. They transferred me to someone else to set up our service AGAIN and come to find out you have to rent the satellite for 9.99 a month also bringing it to 50.00 the first 3 months and 70.00 after that. HORRIBLE customer service and all the people we talked to couldnt speak English. I had to keep handing the phone to my husband because I was so frustrated over the situation and the fact that I couldnt understand anything they were saying!

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service, they offered me a credit for the 3 months waiting to have my service running. Now they forgot about it and if I don't pay in full they will cut the service and will take me to collection. Definitively a total abuse and disrespect to a customer. On top of that the internet service really bad is failing all the time.

Posted by tndt

Earthlink called us and told us they couldn't charge our american express on a monthly basis for services like we have been doing for the past 16 years. They told us to pay for a year in advance for our service, which we did. Then they doubled charged us on our amex. We disputed one of the charges and were issued a credit by amex. At that point earthlink shut our service off. After hours on the phone with India, they said there was nothing they could do and told us we would have to wait 48 hours. We called back after 48 hours and they told us there is nothing they can do and we have to wait another 48 hours. We are no longer going to use earthlink. This is the poorest excuse of customer service I have ever seen in my lifetime. Wont be long before they are out of business losing one customer at a time.

Posted by yago52

After 4 visits to the house to ascertain that the wiring inside the house was not eh problem(4 times, imagine), they still insist it is the wiring, The problem is the line outside the house needs to be replaced which they refuse to do. Example of the idiocy of customer service "the servicer says that you need to reactivate your phone line" My response "I am calling you using my phone line" -huh. I thought Verizon was bad- but this has been the most challenging and nasty experience I have had in ages. Cancelled the service-using a cable provider-NO Problems at all. Even had with EarthLink someone show up at my house to fix something that was reported(not I). This company is going to go the way of the dodo bird. The Indian call center is a disaster. When the cient knows better than the provider and can say point bluntly :ITS the line outside and EarthLink still claims it is inside the idiots just looking to collect a buck.AVOID!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jennifer3239

I contacted earthlink and hughes net on 11/25/12 my issue still have not been resolved both companies are giving me the run around. I ordered hughes net through earthlink in some way my order got mixed up and hughes net charged me 481.47 for purchasing equipment when it was supposed to been under a lease program with free installation and free activation that was the promotional offer that the representative promised me. hughes net can resolve this issue if earthlink fax the original contract to them earthlink has not even return my phone call even the corporate officer customer relation representative have not call me back to resoleve this this has been almost two months and my internet services is about to be terminated because of this issue and my bank account is 481.47 in the negative i dont no who else to call to get earthlink to fax the docuement over to hughes net my next step is to get a lawyer and sue both companies i am sure that i will have plenty of people to sue them with me both companies have bad representatives and they wont return your call.

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Posted by [email protected]

The on-line tech support is fantastic!!

Posted by Anonymous

I needed help in order to connect my earthlink account (old address)to my new Droid Incrdible 2 cell phone. Mark helped to successfully get it connected. He was extremely patient with me.

Posted by Anonymous

I just had a wonderful experience with Earthlink. I had called earlier, and learnt that the problem was with our Linksys router, which would cost 8 dollars to get help from them. I called over to Linksys (not a good experience) and called back Earthlink, where they waved the fee since it was a one-time issue.

Posted by preese

Been with Earthlink for years with a cable connection via Time Warner.

With only minor problems which were quickly corrected I have been very happy with the service.

My only complaint is 10 mb limit on attachments to e-mail.

Posted by Roger

The technician was really understanding . He got to the root of the issue and helped me resolve the issue . This techinician should be given special privileges and should be promoted . His name is Steven Smith .

Posted by mischelle

i spoke to an earthlink agent he was excellent he resolved my issue n educated me what all happened to my computer n he sent me an antivirus disk which i feel is awesome. . i request the directors of earthlink to make promote him as a trainer if i remember that guy name was masiuddin(brian). earthlink tech agent rocks

Posted by joseph

agent was very understanding and helpfull, he totally understood the issue and gave ground breaking resolution
his name was abhishek.
earthlink agents are the best

Posted by Dean

Agent was very helpful. he is the best technical support agent from earthlink.
His name is Abraham.
Earthlink is the best!

Posted by [email protected]

i contacted earthlink, live chat on 4-24-10. my password was not accepted to get online. i chatted with Patrick and also to Joseph V. both these guys were fantastic. i called earthlink support on 4-26-10 and talked with Jeff about my problem.. he corrected my problem in less that 15 minutes. words cannot describe how nice, all (3) of these guys were, and how they show interest in helping earthlink customers. they know their jobs, very well. thank you for your good service and your great staff.J.HENDRIXON

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Posted by Msprings

Iam a former earthlink employee Most of us were laid off in 2003 when they farmed our american jobs in USA call centers to India that's why its been hard to do refunds.Our system at the time allowed us to refund 50.00 no questions asked and with a supervisor up-to 500 any more a manager was required, also with good proof for instance a faxed bank statement with non related info blacked out
A refund was usually not a problem. we kept more customers that way. so much for outsourcing corp.greed...


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