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EVGA customer service is ranked #16 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 101.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 25 ratings. This score rates EVGA customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


13 Negative Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 52.00%.


12 Positive Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 48.00%.

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    • 101.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 13 negative comments (52.00%)
    • 12 positive comments (48.00%)
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Posted by PissedOffCustomer

Just got off the phone with customer service and i must say that im appalled that i spent 1100 on one video card that i bought 5 of from this company to have one go bad. These cards lasted and have been pretty much worth the money but one went bad in 3 years and 3 months ...so im 3 months over warranty. Just waiting on the others to crap out on me. "Sorry sir you'll have to register them then you can send it in for repairs where our techs will diagnose and then charge you approximately 55$ an hour plus parts" Eff that...you sell a graphics card i moderately ran and never overclocked (which is hearsay but i promise i play wow you dont need anything more..it ran great stock before the artifacting) or tampered with and it barely makes it past the warranty and now you want me to pay you more? No thanks im just going to badmouth you to my friends, family, and the internet, then invest in a different brand of graphics card. Thanks but no thanks evga. Good riddance!

Posted by evga sucks

I seriously hate EVGA. I purchased a PSU from them with a rebate and they are going out of their way to play stupid and not honor it. I submitted everything on time and they deny it because they receipt which i received is not to their liking. 12 replies where I have clarified over and over and attached photos of the receipts and they just ignore it and tell me to provide a receipt. ON TOP OF THAT MY COMPUTER NOW CRASHES UNEXPECTEDLY BECAUSE OF THE NEW PSU. I WILL NEVER BUY EVGA AGAIN.

Posted by Monsoon343

EVGA's production quality, and customer service is not what it used to be. Don't be fooled into thinking they still care about their customers, its not the same company it was 6 years ago. From day 1 my card made a very loud whining noise, and would stutter under the slightest load. I called EVGA's customer support line and their representative actually told me that I should "wait a few days and see if the noise goes away" I waited and it didn't, now because I don't own a credit card, to get an RMA I have to send my card back and wait 20-30 day all the while without a computer. I probably wouldn't be as upset if the first customer service agent I had spoken to had explained the RMA process or maybe even STARTED it then (its clear now that every CS agent of theirs that I spoke to was trying to get me off the phone as fast as possible). I am VERY disappointed for having chosen this company for my GPU, I read the reviews and didn't trust them because I had an EVGA GPU before and thought nothing of the bad reviews for the 970 and 980 series, but I can say firsthand now that it is all true. STAY AWAY FROM EVGA. I for one will never be buying another of their products again.

Posted by dissolution

Evga is an absolute joke. I have had a nightmare dealing with them for the past few months. I bought a classified 780 last January and had nothing but problems with it. I thought it was my rig so I replaced mot of the components. It turned out to be my video card causing the issues. I contacted evga and after fighting with them for a month even though I have a 3 year warranty they sent me another 780. Sure enough it was refurbished and ran like garbage. I had the exact same issues. I then tested the card in my wife's computer only to have the same problems arise. Once again I had to call evga 10 times before they were willing to send me a third card which was a Ti version. Same freaking issues. I then kindly asked for a refund or a way I could trade up for a 980 classified and pay the difference. Once again evga does not give a crap about me or my issues. It's my computer even though all components in my rig have been thoroughly tested by a tech. This company is a joke. Do not buy from them.

Posted by macslasher

Evga Rips you off if you return there non working video cards.I returned a evga gtx 680 that was over heating after 2 hours and i get knocked with a $87.00 restocking fee plus the loss of the $30.00 5 year warranty i purchased in witch was never used because the card was sent back well within the 30 days refund perioud.I lost $117.00 in return fees plus the cost to ship it back to them. If i purchased this product from my local frys electronics i would never be charged a restock fee for a video card that failed to work.

Posted by Asgar

I bought a EVGA GT 640 Graphics card wich did not work from day one. After numorouse emails to EVGA and no replies I'm sitting with a dead card and no support. Will never buy from this comapny again

Posted by Anonymous

This company does not care about customers, their products are flawed and they make a big show of having a returns dept but when you send anything in at your own expense by the way, they reject it for incorrect packaging and send it back to you unopened.
You would think that they would want to make an unhappy customer happy as quickly as possible. My advice is to never buy their sub-standard products,there is a reason their graphics cards are cheaper, everywhere you search on the internet produces more tales of extremely bad products and a poor returns department.
DO NOT PURCHASE... there are many other decent companies out there with far superior products.

Posted by BillyH

EVGA is a poor company with little to know support.

I purchased a new X79 FTW motherboard from them and it does not work. I sent it in for a replacement and they sent me a motherboard with reject tags on it and a missing CPU cover with several bent pins.

Now EVGA is denying me another replacement or refund.

I would not recommend EVGA if it was the last company on earth.

Posted by raccoonboy

Not happy with EVGA. Purchased 2 GTX 670s and both were defected. Had to pay return shipping. EVGA was no help at all.

Never buying another EVGA product again...

Posted by Luke Groundwalker

EVGA has failed me. Sent my defected motherboard in to get a replacement and I'm still waiting for EVGA to send me the replacement board. It has been over 7 weeks and I'm not happy.

Posted by bugsy

Poor customer service and very rude rep.

The rep was very rude and would not help me at all. My GPU died and the rep said it was my fault. They sent it back to me with screws missing and a broken fan. When I sent it in to be fix / replace it was in mint-condition and it was only having artifact problems while under stress. Now I have a GPU with a broken fan and missing heat-sink screws. So much for great support and a life time warranty.

Recommend staying far away from EVGA.

Posted by jay harison

Disappointed! Extremely disappointed with EVGA.

My new EVGA X79 MB is complete garbage. I'm having nothing but problems and EVGA has been no help at all.

Every time I call they ask me to send it into them, so I did and they sent me the same board back still broken. I called them and they said it was the BIOS chip and they replaced it with a new chip, but the MB still has problems.

Four of my USB 3.0 ports will not work.
One of the network ports still does not work right.
Cannot get the memory set to 2133.
30% of the BIOS features are not working.

I know it's the MB, because I purchased an MSi X79 MB and all my additional hardware works without any issues, even the memory set to 2133 without any issues.

I'm currently trying to get my money back, but EVGA is trying to charge me a 15% restocking fee. I'm very disappointed in my decision to purchase an EVGA MB and will never do so again. A 15% restocking fee on a defected MB that EVGA cannot fix. It's not right!

I'm currently working with Newegg on a return without a restocking fee. It's looking good...

EVGA = Poor R&D, QC, And CS.

Posted by billy.westgate2012

Poor customer support and quality control.

I purchased a P67 motherboard from EVGA at release and the USB 3.0 ports and the first PCI-e slot failed.

EVGA had me send it in for a replacement and when I received the replacement motherboard, it had the same USB 3.0 port problem. The USB 3.0 ports only work for the first few days, then started acting up again. I called EVGA and they said they're working on the problem and ask me to send the motherboard in for a replacement. The replacement had the same USB 3.0 problem.

Now EVGA is giving me the round around. They claim they're working on the problem, but it has been 4+ months and still have not heard anything.

I'm already out $40 for shipping cost and EVGA wants me to send them the third MB to be replaced when they have not solved the problem. I just want my money back!!!

I decided to go with an ASRock and every thing is good.

I will never buy another EVGA motherboard again. Worst experience I ever had.

If you want half baked motherboards, then go with EVGA.

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Posted by tomana

was shopping for a GTX 1070. Had read many complaints about MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS lack of customer service/poor replacement for their graphics cards (GTX 9 & 10 series anyways). But comments about EVGA all seemed positive. So I tried calling MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS and EVGA BEFORE I bought a card. After multiple attempts on the phone, I never did reach a human at MSI, Gigabyte or ASUS. On the other hand, an EVGA rep picked up the phone with the first 1-2 minutes, was courteous, explained a few things about replacements and how they backed their products. They have a very nice cross-ship program which I don't think the other big 3 offer (even if they did, what good would it be when you cant reach a rep there to set up the cross-ship?).

If you want the best chance of having your expensive GTX 9 or 10 series card supported by the manufacturer, it's a no-brainer to go with EVGA

Posted by MenaceR32

I have owned multiple EVGA cards. All nVidia, going back to the GTX 250.

My retailer did not have any higher end EVGA cards in and I was impatient so I took a chance on some MSI cards. Poor build quality, 4 emails for support later and no reply. I returned them thanks to nVidia being full of crap on the 4GB frame buffer with the 970.

Could have purchased MSI 980 cards. After the experience with the 970s, there is no way in hell, EVGA GTX 980 all the way. My 570 from them is still kicking after years of being overclocked.

Posted by Anonymous

Evga is by far the best in Customer Support/Service with 24hr phone in tech and quick painless RMA turn around

Posted by Anonymous

EVGA ROCKS! I had a defective GTX 680 and the reps over at EVGA fixed me up within 5 mins and I got a replacement in 3 days! Perfect customer service and this card is a beast compared to my old one! Thanks EVGA!

Posted by Anonymous

EVGA is the best of the best companies. I have recently bought one of their GTX 560 TIs under the impression that I would get Batman: Arkham City for free. It turns out that was not the case since the promotion was long over. But, against the circumstances, one of the customer reps gave me a code to redeem it. I've heard stories of bad customer service but those stories are either fake or they got a bad rep. I think the trick is to contact them through e-mail.

Posted by Vlada011

EVGA is West company with best technical support and customer service. Only crazy people can blame EVGA for bad support and bad service.
They way of doing business is known like best in IT industry and always have best and bigger free HW offer, best forum, employers are ready to help on any way, longer warranty tha.n other, step-up program and from EVGA other can learn how to behave to customers.

Posted by Computer Ace

EVGA has always had THE BEST Customer Service within the PC Community. Again proved with a recent motherboard purchase I made from them. Bios Chip was bad initially - One call and all was resolved. Top Notch Company.

Posted by thegreatga

Purchased 2 video cards and a mobo from them and love the online forum capabilities and the 24/7 customer support that is always friendly and highly knowledgable. Will always continue to purchase from them as long as things only imporve. Thanks evga for being such a good american company. They make any rma process simple, and offer step up programs for advance rma on their products. Try that with any other company!

Posted by Anonymous

EVGA has knowledgeable employees who help you trouble shoot products when you call. if you can't get it to work there isn't an issue getting an RMA. i will make sure any rig i build has EVGA parts just because so i can have their support when troubleshooting any problems.

not sure if they still do it but the advanced RMA is amazing. they ship you the replacement before you ship them the defective product back. (you give them a credit card number so they can charge you if you choose to not send it back).

Posted by Renderedsoul

Always great business with EVGA

Posted by edo

I called customer service and support twice in the same day. They were very friendly and extremely helpful.

Posted by clasys

Excellent customer support, knowledgeable and quick. Hold time is minimal. If 1st level tech support person is unable to help, they quickly escalate it to a senior tech.

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