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EHarmony customer service is ranked #776 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 333 ratings. This score rates EHarmony customer service and customer support as Terrible.


328 Negative Comments out of 333 Total Comments is 98.50%.


5 Positive Comments out of 333 Total Comments is 1.50%.

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    • 23.10 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 328 negative comments (98.50%)
    • 5 positive comments (1.50%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Theresa,

I sign up for e harmony was not getting any thing interesting. so I cancel before the first of the month. They then took money out anyways. when I cancel they said they would not send me anymore things. They even sent me people information from other states and not in my own state. Lastly two people I talk to end up being frauds.

Theresa Bostic,

Posted by eHarmny email

Rotten customer service. I tried phoning - no answer for 2 days - emailed and got NO ANSWER to my query - Instead I received 2 customer care surveys in my in-box . INCREDIBLE!! they have not answered my query but want me to answer a survey

Posted by dont know

I have a question and I having a hard time getting through.I completely forgot the emmail that Im using for my eharmony account,and i also forgot my username and password.Can you please send it to me? I hope I hope i have time to take advantage of the free communication weekend before it expires. Can you please help me?

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Anita Kelly. 2 yrs ago I joined eharmony, no luck. I requested people from pennsylvania never got any always out of state. Anyway a yr ago I joined our time, met a scammer. then I met someone who turned out to be great, we dated a few times etc, always talked, he passed away. I was devestated. Towards end of last yr I joined Christian Mingle, I thought this was a safe site, was encouraged to try so I did. I met someone who I thought was interested in me. WE talked every day and night or 5 months. Only to scam money from me out of my account. He disappeared. I tried calling the police. I contacted Christian mingle they really did nothing, but they did tell me that they took his profile off cause they were getting complaints. They never told me? Anyway I was devestated, hurt, lost all trust etc. My friends are like try eharmony? I am so afraid now. I really am. Any advice? I must be stupid to try this again

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, Need assistance during free chat trial run. Mine won't work. I'm

On a new iPhone 7.

Can't pull up any of the three men wanting me to see what they wrote me?!

Pls send

Posted by Anonymous

Getting a hold of Customer Service is truly a joke, all the numbers I have found are out of service. I will be taking this up with my bank as I have been charged twice in the same month, no thanks, I'll stay single

Posted by Dan

Dear eHarmony - you can stop sending me the "teaser" emails, unless you are willing to give me FREE access. This is obtrusive, abusive and counter-productive.

Posted by URLGAL

I have tried a number of times to get in contact with customer Spoke with Lindsay previously. Unfortunately, I let her talk me into staying on the site even though I am very disappointed. She offered to extend my subscription one month out to Jan 12,2018. She indicated I had a grace period where I could call her back to cancel if after giving it a little more time. The second call to your representative resulted in one payment being dropped. I realize you are trying to keep me as a customer, however, I have given it enough time and I am not getting responses from the smiles I am sending and most of the people you have matched me with either are too far away or do not match my preferences at all. I want to cancel my subscription and receive full refund as Lindsay promised. Please call me after 6 pm.

Posted by ?

I signed up 3 ays ago and still do not see the photos of only the cartoon faces of men.

I have spoken to the CS department and the guy tried to fix it, but misspelled my email address.

Years ago I signed up with [email protected] This week I signed up with then the clerk attempted to do something and misspelled the Gmail address.

At this point, If I can't get into the site to look, it is doing me no good.

Posted by Teresa Roeber

How do I cancel..

There is absolutely no one in my area, signed up 2 months ago,

Been on the site twice...please, would like to discontinue with this site

Posted by Anonymous

For two days I am trying to communicate with new What if matches and the communication site is not working so I am loosing potential compatible matches Please help & fix it. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I cancelled my account many months ago. Why was I just billed $80? I want to be reimbursement and not billed again.

Posted by Anonymous

This web side is "SUCK" They are false advertising! they offer "FREE" service this weekend till today Monday, not at all... I was doing my profile for an hour, @ the end they are asking for a Credit Card???????????
Also call the Customer Service number, doesn't exist!!! is not in service anymore!!!
This is a JOKE!

Posted by Berkys

My name is Berkys Genao and you have closed my account that I open last nigh.

I told the thrue about my age and information and i did not violated the term of Eharmony. you did not have any reason to closed my account. I feel discriminate. I try to contact you by
phone but it say the phone is not in service.

Posted by Anonymous

Phone support non existent please refund my subscription money I wanted my money you took out the whole year very dissatisfied ! very bad support

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up for monthly service they immediately withdrew out of my account for a year and signed me up for an automatic renewal this is so wrong and then you can't even contact eHarmony the phone number doesn't exist as above

Posted by Kelly mcleod

I have tried calling your # is not in service you took all my info of my credit card and then disconected so not anactive member . I want imeadiate answers contact me

Posted by Richard Mickelsen

To let you know your service is being used by computer scammers to steal money from your subscribers. Contact me at for more info. Thank you for canceling my page.

Posted by Getitfree

The service does not work. I have paid for three months. I cannot see any of the responses from anyone who has sent them. I sent the same information back and forth several times. I would like to have a refund. Very disappointed. You wasted a lot of precious time that I could have been spending with my friends and family.

Posted by Moeshamillymagee

My account is paid thru 10/12/16 and you closed my account. I also should have had a few extra days because my account was compromised. This site is not worth what I paid and I must not happy about it.

Posted by Anonymous

Not sure if my account locked. I am not getting any responses. Every time I try to send out it says oops. They are taking my money and I'm getting no where. Please help.i can't get a person.

Marilynn Schoen-Thornton


Posted by Anonymous

I am very frustrated. First, I am locked out of my account and everytime I request help I eat for an email that never Co?yes so I could reset. Seond, Now I am getting messages about buying services. I made 3 payments for a year of service and being locked out haven't even been able to use them. I am not happy.

Posted by Sallymarie526

I signed up on August 28 2016. There was a free 5 day trial, but I thought this site would be a way to meet decent people.
I put in all of my criteria, distance, non smoker, non drinker.....and the guys your sending me live over 60 miles away. And they drink ! This is not what I signed up for. I put in the ages I am willing to go,out with, and it automatically resets it to older men, like 6 years over my age! I am very disappointed with this dating site. Since there was a 5 day free trial, can I get my money refunded?
Thank you, Sally Goldstein 203-885-8289

Posted by Leslie0711

I asked for my service to be discontinued over a month ago and I am still getting notifications. I also stated the reason for discontinuing which is I took advantage if signing up for 3 months at 80% off. I being charged 29+ dollars. Not cool. In any event, take me off.

Thank you,

Leslie Hunter

Posted by Anonymous

This site is such an incredible waste of time and money. No visits, no views, no new matches. Why did I spend $165, put my heart on the line, and have faith in a website that"preaches" honesty, faith, and lies about meeting people. You should be embarrassed and ashamed. You should give me my money back

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I had to click on 2 (even though I once was a member) and by the time they reached option 4 they had connected me with a person. It was very quick. I asked about reliability when a person is intellectual special needs, and they said that yes, they did have a limited clientele that did have some success. I would like to comment that I met my spouse on e-Harmony and would recommend the sight to anyone who is serious about meeting compatible matches. Knowing their accessibility by telephone has made me feel even better about the quality of service and sincerity of intention.

Posted by me

I have worked for many business, shady ones too (walmart). I have to tell you Read your terms and conditions, before you signup or even sign anything .Also read the term you are paying for, before you buy it. most online and even other places have the term, sub, membership or what even you are signing up for laid out there for in clear English, if you choose to read the fine print or whole page. People stop being in a rush for even thing, stop ad think. Do you, want to pay that much, do you understand the term, have you read what you sign up for or buying in to. There is no such thing a instant gratification, be patient, patients is a virtue. Lastly just because you think does not make you entitled to have, no mater how rich, smart, angry,America, have a friend/are/pay/know (lawyer,cop/bbb/legislator/bank or what ever) you are not above the terms and condition's,other will and can not break the term and conditions for you . and the workers of the company are bound by those and do not want to lose there job for you. So stop yelling at them they are doing the best they can to help you . Also people If i work for the company in Customer service as a rep or acting sup. You can not sue me or subpoena me to test if for you. and I will not give out information to hurt me, my companies, my co-worker or family, because you got but-hurt . Take it up with your maker . sincerely, KISS MY ASS, you Customer Service/ sales / acting sup from many of your phone calls and stores. PS. do piss me off all put a spell on you.

Posted by Happily Married

Dear E Harmony,

Thank you for setting up my husbands profile on E Harmony. If it wasn't for your site, him and I probably would've never met online. After setting up his profile, your matchmaking linked him with a match online. However, when my husband went out with his matched profile online, he was dissatisfied with the whole date. The person he met wasn't even his match. The only thing they had in common was a book written by some guy. Afterwards my husband deleted your account and went online to meet me on MySpace. I clicked on his pic and we were a match made in heaven. We had so much in common including our favorite show the Simpsons. After all the conversations we had online I decided to ask him out on a date. We had a wonderful dinner on our first date at BJs Brewery and restaurant. Since then we have been together since 2007. We got married in Jan 2012. So Thank you E-Harmony for setting up my husband with the wrong girl and match. Or else him and I would've never met. Thank you

Happily married wife

Posted by Anonymous

Wow! I guess, I am lucky. I am using this website second time and do not have any of described problems at all.

Posted by Anonymous

eHarmony's Customer Service is totally awesome. They were so helpful and understanding. While talking to them, I could tell that they wanted me to be happy and they helped me with my profile and explained the site to me. They gave advice when I asked for it. I totally enjoy being on their site and would recommend it to anyone. If you use their service and have questions then just csll them because they do care!!

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