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Dyson customer service is ranked #149 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 50.83 out of a possible 200 based upon 123 ratings. This score rates Dyson customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


105 Negative Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 85.37%.


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  • Dyson

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    • 50.83 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 105 negative comments (85.37%)
    • 18 positive comments (14.63%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by roly

I purchased a Dyson tower fan on 4/28/2018. After less than a month it stopped oscillating. I called your CS # and was told to bring it to my local UPS and they would box it and return it. I went to 2 UPS stores and was told I had to return it to Main UPS store because they don't handle this.
I called CS again and was told that they would make arrangements to have it picked up, if I could box it up.
I asked how long this process would take and was told 7 to 10 business days.
First, I don't have a box, 2nd I'm without a fan for 7 to 10 business days.
So far I have been trying to resolve this problem for 4 hours and I am no closer to having this resolved.
I've used my gas to drive to 2 UPS stores and spent one and a half hours on the phone. Without a doubt the best fan I've owned( when it worked), Customer service the worst I have ever experienced. It would seem to me that a company that sells such an expensive product
would have better Customer service.

Posted by Timothy Gendreau


I would like some assistance. First, I love Dyson products.

Second, I would like to ensure the models and serial numbers are correctly matched and registered under my name.

Third, I need help with 2 of the Handvacs. One is a . It just stopped working. I called Dyson Customer Service, and they told me to purchase a new battery. I did but, no response from the unit.

Also, the DC34 (CF6-US-HDA7731A) stopped working for more than a few seconds at as time. . I called Dyson Customer Service, and they told me to purchase a new battery. I did but, the unit still stops after a few seconds.

I have invested a considerable sum of money for these products and would expect them to work for a longer period than have these two. There are only two of us in the household, therefore, none of the items have been overly used.

Will you help me please?


1. Dyson Fan in Greenhouse: KS8-US-DDA0134B

Blow Dryers:

2. Dyson HD01 in Master Bath Blow Dryer: R54-US-HHA0060A


1. Dyson DC58 in guest bath downstairs: F63-US-GGA7421A (DC58) (new battery, not working)

2. Dyson DC34 in MBR closet: CF6-US-HDA7731A (DC34) (new battery, still nothing)

3. Dyson DC16 in guest bath upstairs: 288-US-B-46985 (DC16) ok

4. Dyson DC16 (Animal) in garage: 454-US-A22457 (DC16) ok

5. Dyson DC16 in Entertainment Room: 288-US-C55610 (DC16) ok

Posted by frustrated

WORST company ever, provided them with info on 2 $600 vacuums got no where with them, so I trashed them, I finally got a call back from their corporate rats and was told oh well .....
Get a shark .
The customer should always be treated with respect !! after all if it wasent for the customer they would NOT have a job ....Remember the giants can fall ...

Posted by Lockwood

I purchased the 360 eye robot 18 months ago. Suddenly I found it would no longer charge so I called Dyson and they diagnosed the problem to be the battery. After checking to see if they had any replacement in stock, which they did not, I was told that a return mailing label would be sent to me. All I needed to do is bring it to a UPS store for return. When UPS notified Dyson that they were in receipt of it, Dyson would mail me another robot immediately. Time has passed and no label has been received. I have tried endlessly to contact Dyson by phone with only a blank sound as I held on for endless time. So I am stuck with no robot and out $1,000 from a company that has no Customer Service! Question is where do I go from here?

Posted by Goldensrule

It is impossible to get a customer service rep on the phone at anytime of the day and any day of the week. I called at least seven times a day. I tried holding for hours. Also tried leaving my number several times for a callback and never received any contact from customer service. It was not until I disputed the charge with my credit card that I was finally contacted. I wa returning my vacuum because of poor quality. I know have again been having great difficulty trying to find out when I will receive my credit

Posted by Anonymous

I have had the worst experience with Dyson. This is my forth product purchased from Dyson. After 4attempts to order and 4 charges on my Amex. Act, I have finally received my warranty registration on line . I have not as yet received the vacuum. The order number is as follows : 1142045492. Kindly check this order, see aa other information given and tell me if I shall receive the machine before Christmas my phone # 860 8286665.my e-mail,

Posted by Thanh Huong Catherine Nguyen

I receive my order today V6 HEPA..PURCHASE DATE : DEC 10/2017 Paid with Amazon account : Dan Nguyen......

1/ when i purchase this V6HEPA, it suppose to come with 3 free gift and I choose: Mattress topol, Mini soft dusting and multiangle brush

But today when i open the box of Dyson V6...i didn�t see any of my free gift ! Could you clarify it for me...i bought this V6 because of 3 free gifts.

I am waiting on the phone at least 1h and still cannot have any customer service answer!

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to get a problem resolved with no luck. Cannot get through to a live customer service rep. Tried to sent email....after taking 10 mins and describing my problem in depth I found when I hit the send button nothing happened. Tried corp.website and same runaround. If I would have known Dyson has such poor C.S. I would have bough a shark

Posted by BTWX

Hi this Melba Callahan tel no. I colntacted customer service about my vacuum dus on dc14 serial Dz3-US- EJA0252A almost a month ago, customer service to send me a canester and vacuum tip . Hasnât arrive yet

Posted by Tahan

I reported my Dyson big ball animal and allergy a few weeks ago to customer service for injuring my child!After vacuuming I turned off the vacuum and continued with my daily chores.
I heard a scream coming from the next room and walked in to find my 5 year old daughter hysterically crying as she was holding her leg. She pointed to the vacuum and said it burned her. I went to touch the big ball of the vacuum and it was scorching hot! It felt as hot as a heating radiator!
My daughter calmed down after a while and after applying ice to her leg, she was ok. I do have kids over my house all the time.... had it been a toddler,I worry the injury would have been more severe! I immediately called dyson to report the incident.
I was told by Early (supervisor) to have the vacuum shipped to the service department to the get inspected. I agreed to ship the vacuum for inspection with regards to making sure this does not happen to any other family with small children or pets and made it clear that I absolutely did not want this model back in my home even if it were to be repaired! After two weeks and numerous calls and emails to dyson I was told that the inspection concluded "moisture in the Vacuum" and that Dyson is not responsible for water damage. I don't acknowledge ever having any liquid around or near my vacuum.
My vacuum is a little over a year old. I can't believe that dyson will not exchange or refund me for this incident! Safety is my main concern and that is the reason why I do not want to have this specific vacuum back in my home. I'm also surprised that there are no safety features regarding over heating.
Clearly it's a malfunction of the vacuum if a little moisture can cause this vacuum to over heat to this extent!
I have been a loyal customer of dyson for over ten years and own two other dyson vacuums.its hard to believe that dyson would even allow me to have this vacuum returned to my home after injuring my child!

Posted by Anonymous

You have sent me an unsolicited email that wont delete!!!!!! I am contacting legal services to se if I can hold you financially liable to have my computer repaired to eliminate your email.If you would rather contact me and explain how to remove the email and walk me through it I would be aminable to resolving it that way

Posted by dee

I sent my Dyson off for repair some time ago- still have NOT received it back ! Can you look it up and find out where it is ???

I think the # I have are correct Upright-yellow and purple - for heavy duty- ANIMALS - a " DC 65--MG9 . I NEED THIS BACK ASAP- I 'FOSTER " 15 cats !!!!!!!!

THANKS Dolores Plamondon 21244 F.M. 1283 ( change of address done by COUNTY)

Posted by Foreign body in ear canal

Does Dyson get into medical supplies right now my daughter has a foreign body ball in her ear canal if Dyson made some type of vacuum cleaner that could have sucked the ball out of her ear I don't think my daughter will be losing her hearing right now because at the present time we went to Kaiser Permanente and they could not retrieve the ball from her this present time I cannot believe that there Dyson has not got into medical supplies or the medical field. My phone number my name is Chenntel Henry

Posted by Queen

My husband purchased a dyson fuchsia hair dryer from Best Buy for 399.00 on April 13 now I see it with a Pink Case. I asked Best Buy if I could return it and get the one with the case but they have a 15 day return policy. They were mean and nasty and I will never shop there again . Could you please send me the pink case? Thank you Cheryl Queen

Posted by [email protected]

I purchased a dyson V slim. I need to get a part for this. I have been trying to get through to someone about how to purChase the part but is it very difficult to get to talk to a person.

The part I need is the part that you open to clean out the dust.

Your immediate attention is appreciated.

Posted by sandie

I rang to order a new battery for my DC59, I agreed to try the V6 for two weeks, I was not happy to see the money for the V6 removed from my bank account immediately. I rang to ask for the V6 to be collected, and my money returned, I was told it would be collected yesterday, WED 1st Feb. I waited all day, rang at 5pm to be told to wait till 8.30, nobody arrived. I am a pensioner, I cannot afford this and do not want it when I have a DC59, I was not aware the money would be removed from my account when I was asked if I wanted a trial period. I want this V6 collected and I WANT MY MONEY RETURNED. I find this treatment of customer care very shoddy.......

Posted by Karen E

I have always been a fan of Dyson, I'm now reconsidering and will not be as eager to by Dyson products.

Specifically, I purchased 3 Dyson Hot & Cool Pure heaters from Costco. Unfortunately, I found that the units would not stay on in the thermostatic heat mode, even with the timers turned off. I contacted Dyson customer service and I was advised it is a safety feature on that model. The customer service representative told me to return them and purchase the AM09, as it did not have that feature. It was a hassle but as instructed, I ordered 3 new AM09's.

The 3 new AM09's stayed on for a few days (on the thermostatic heat mode setting) then randomly began shutting down. I contacted Dyson customer service once again. This time I was advised the AM09 would also automatically shut down after 9 hours in any heat mode setting, even with the timer turned off. Huh? l explained several times that in FACT all 3 AM09's stayed on well over 9 hours in the thermostatic heat mode before beginning to shut down randomly. This was not understandable to the Dyson customer service representative (Crystal). Crystal insisted they all shut down after 9 hours in heat mode and she could prove it. How? Because, it said so in the manual!! Huh? ( By the way, it does not say that in the manual). Regardless, the "amount of time" it took for the AM09's to power off was never the issue. My issue was that a Dyson representative recommended to me the AM09 because it WOULD NOT turn itself off either automatically or randomly. I wanted a heater that turned off only when I wanted it turned off, other than upon reaching "set" temperature and entering "standby" mode.

Finally, after failing to reach even a minimal level of comprehension on her part, I was told by Crystal that perhaps Dyson products were just not for me, and that another product manufacturer might suit me better. That was enough! I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in a position to be helpful. I was initially advised that there was no supervisor to Crystal and no one higher up to help me. I was however, finally able to entice Crystal into giving me, the heretofore unavailable name. Ah Ha. However, "Mr. Bree" still has yet to return my call.

The only consolation is that all 6 were purchased from Costco and Costco takes great care of their members. Sadly, I feel Costco is taking the brunt of Dyson's disorganization. I'll think twice when considering Dyson products.

Posted by [email protected]

I recently purchased your cordless vac. The crevis tool supplied does not mate with the unit. I am unable to contact ur customer rep to request a correct replacement tool. I have tried calling several times and I am placed on hold for hours. So far the unit works fine but I am concerned with any future problems. We purchased an upright vas years ago and it still works fine. Compared to other brands your product is grossly over priced. Other customer reviews I have read seem very disappointing. No more dyson vacs for me.

Posted by [email protected]

Just purchased a dyson V6 hand held vacuum -- . This unit does not fit into the wall hanging device. It appears the wrong wall hanging device belongs to a different model. The hanging bracket number is Dyson ABS T103241 which is defenitley the wrong bracket.

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased two dyson cordless vacuums within the last two years...both have broken within the first year. No one answers phones when they say they open at 8 am, and you will easily wait 1 to 2 hours before, or if, anyone answers at all. This man, with all his money, needs to at least pretend he cares a little for the customers who have made him wealthy. I own a cleaning company and fully intend to spread the truth about this company and their overrated, overpriced product, as well as their embarrassing so called customer service. It's Shark for me from now on. I hear they are half the price and a better product.

Posted by Anonymous

I Purchased A Sv06 Motorhead Pro Excl Us Tr/snk&rd/bu On 11/17/2016. The Serial Number Is Sm1-us-hha6541a. When It Is Plugged Up To Charge, The Light On The Charger Will Light Up But It Goes Off With In 3 Seconds. There Is Not A Good Connection Between The Charger And The Machine. I Need A New Charger Or A New Machine. It Is Of No Use To Me If I Cannot Charge It So That I Can Vacuum The Floor. Please Have Someone To Contact Me To Resolve My Problem Or I Will Return It For Full Refund. Jurlean Hatch,

Posted by Anonymous

The Dyson sweeper I purchased two years ago has now held up to the expectation. I am very displeased with the performance of this product. The parts are over priced to restore the product. They prefer to sell a new sweeper than restoring the product.

Posted by Anonymous

left two email messages to request information on my V6 Absolute. Their recording says they are experiencing a high call volume with long waits. They claim if you email them they will respond to your emails within two hours. Still waiting 2-3 days later with no response. Very bad customer support service will complain to corporate about this issue.

Posted by A poor dyson customer

Worst ever customer service and maintenance service. Customer service calls will mostly go up to 50-60 minutes. Maintenance centers will not even test your machine before sending it back as fixed/repaired. My machine went to repairs twice in last two months still not working. Useless customer service, I will not buy Dyson again ever.

Posted by [email protected]

sent an email 1 week ago asking how to obtain parts with NO response. don't even bother to try to communicate via email. I am currently on the customer service telephone for the forth time to no avail. just keep you on hold forever. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very disappointed

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Posted by Anonymous

One of your field service engineers, Paul Mellor, from the Sheffield branch has
just been out to repair my Dyson cleaner and has been very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you

Posted by estewart51

I received excellent service from Dyson! How refreshing to contact a
company when you are having a problem and get this kind of service. The lady (Patty) I talked with immediately found my account, helped me toI find the serial number of my sweeper, determined my problem, and said they would send me the needed part, all covered by my warranty. She said I could expect to receive my part in 7 to 10 days.

Posted by Heather

The staff at the Lone Tree, CO location are phenomenal! I had an issue with my vacuum and, on the spot, they fixed it. Not only mine but another ladies vacuum as well. Exceptional! Thank you team Lone Tree. You are appreciated!

Posted by saraj

I have had my cordless stick for almost 2 yrs. and it wouldn't charge. I called Dyson,next day took it to UPS to ship it to them free, 2 days later got email saying they received it. Few hours later email saying it was fixed and on the way back. Received it 2 days later completely repaired and absolutely no fee. I LOVE DYSON!!

Posted by Anonymous

my reference number i contacted you last week with a problem with my wonderful dyson animal,i was advised that a new charger was required,it arrived this morning.upon fitting the sam problem was evident,i rang again this morning and spoke to a very helpfull sam who advised i put the new one back in after discharging the battery.that was half an hour ago and its still charging.i would like to thank all of the people who helped me in getting back to work.i wish i got the same quality of work from a machine and the great help i have recieved from dyson,cannot praise the company enough,thank you.

Posted by Wes

Buy with confidence.
Register your machine to expedite quick service if needed.
Dyson is amazing when you call them as they want us to be happy!
Parts are shipped quick and FREE.
Easy to replace and all is good:-)
Money well spent.
Great product-Great service.

Posted by l

Fantastic customer support.
the girl on the line sorted my problem out in 2 minutes

Posted by Mr Hall

we contacted Dyson as our DC41 Animal comp was not working correctly. The customer service was SUPERB.Staff were polite and informative on the phone, hoover was picked up by a courier within 4 days and delivered back to my home 6 days later, my hoover was returned excellent working order and it had been serviced with a new brush head fitted too. All of this under my 5 year guarantee!! First class customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a problem with the hose design. I wish that the piece that doesn't collapse is either shorter or collapsible as well for better maneuverability. It is very difficult to use the way it is. I hope you guys can modify this.

Posted by gramsx4

I have an older Dyson. Never had one single problem with it. It is at least 4 years old. We have a rental house that my son rented from us. He used a sweeper whose name rhymes with "bark". He said he swept all carpets well before he moved out. I went in with my old Dyson and wow!! I got so much dirt I was shocked. I am in love with my Dyson!!!

Posted by sean

Motorised brush head on Dc 24 multi floor wasn't working, followed procedure for reset on line still wasnt working, phoned the dyson helpline, took 20 minutes to get through as the recorded voice said they were changing the system. Once I got through, the lady ( sorry, I didn't catch your name.) on the phone was extremely helpful,i explained that I had followed the procedure on the website and it still wasn't working, she said they would replace the brushead, and it arrived two days later,result, now have a fully working dyson. Thank you.

Posted by [email protected]

I did have an extended wait time (28 calls ahead of me). The customer rep was very nice and is sending me new parts to see if that will fix my problem

Posted by Anonymous

I used to have a dyson dc17 before the brush roll motor gave up on me, so I called dyson to find the closest repair center in my area, and I was able to speak to a friendly representative to find the closest repair center. I had NO ISSUES while on the phone with them. Thanks Dyson! you have exclent customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

Good job Dyson. Your customer service is by far the best I have dealt with in a long time! Our vacuum cleaner was not working properly and with went over trouble shooting issues with you'll over the phone (actual English speaking rep). It ended up needing to be UPS to you'll...which you'll did with very little effort by us. Less than a week later our dyson is at our front door fixed and working properly! Thank you!

Posted by Sue in Kerrville

My Dyson DC41 was not picking up. I followed all the blockage directions and observed the red tab that holds the internal hose into position was broken. On Feb 20, 2013, I called the Dyson toll free number, pressing "no" for survey and going onto tech support, prompt 2. A recorded message said they were experiencing a high call volume and would call me back. I never recieved a call back. The next day, Feb 21, 2013, I called the toll free# again. This time I pressed the "leave a survey" prompt then went onto prompt 2, customer service. Voila! Someone answered....I had to call back again to give service my UPS tracking# and voila..after pressing the survey prompt I again got through to customer service immediatly. So that is the secret..take the survey!!!!!

Sue in Kerrville, Texas

Posted by phil

i have DC05 which quite old now and was in need of replacement...i looked at their website and found that they do a fixed price repair (i live in UK) so i had almost a fully refurbeb machine for £73 ....thats a first class service in my book !!

Posted by Anonymous

I love my Dyson! I'm also in love with their customer service. We have had our Dyson for 7 years and I just purchased a new hose (through their website). Just a couple months later, there was a hole in the new hose. I contacted customer service (hose is 1 year warranty) and they sent a new hose, no charge to our home. I had it within 5 days! My vacuum runs like the first day out of the box :) I will definitely buy another Dyson product without hesitation.

Posted by ijkv

Dyson service support amazingly fast,helpful and efficient.Thought my washer had 'died' after 11 years of 'hard'use with no problems.Dyson engineer arrived within 12 hoursChanged EVERY fault found -works like brand new!thank you so much Dyson! J.Wassell WV6 7BQ

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Posted by Surgbj

Can't get ahold of anyone. Your customer service support team is severely lacking


Bj Bodwell


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