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  • Duracell

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    • 40.51 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 102 negative comments (91.89%)
    • 9 positive comments (8.11%)
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    • 3.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Mike

I had an expensive ($200 +) camera flash damaged by corrosion of a Duracell AA battery. The flash had four batteries. Three of them were undamaged and fully charged. The fourth was corroded at the positive terminal. The batteries, dated 2025, were in the flash for about six months, stored in a dry closet. I sent the flash and the batteries to Duracell. After about twelve weeks I received a letter saying that the damage was "rust, caused by abnormal levels of humidity or moisture", not a fault of the battery. This doesn't make sense, because there was no rust anywhere except at the positive terminal of the one battery. Not a happy resolution.

Posted by Anonymous

I didn't speak with anyone. This is my first contact with your company.
I purchased some hearing aid batteries size #10 with an expiration date of 3/20. There are 8 per plastic box and, I think 3 boxes to a package, tho I may be wrong about that.
Anyway, in 1 of the boxes, at least 6 of the 8 batteries are dead.
I think in other boxes there were 1 or 2 defective, but 6 out of 8 is too many and you should know about it, and hopefully I will be re-imbursed.

Posted by Ladygator

My husband and I went to Costco about a year ago and bought two of your Duracell 1000 flashlights.. I loved them but neither of them worked very long.. The switches broke in both of them.. I still have them.. (Like their suddenly guna work) lol but can't bring myself to throw them away.. Michele

Posted by Anonymous

I do not believe that your company has now potentially stripped small children from one of the ONLY innocent figures that we have left... Showing Santa Clause as a bum in a trailer because he didn�t buy your product? Has no one in your ridiculous corporation ever read the story? Santa takes care of all children equally, and I am starting a petition and have contacted a lawyer to stop the hatred that your company is spewing. You should be ashamed, but I imagine that not only do you not care, but probably think that it is funny.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a nice telescopic lens Duracell flashlight that came with Duracell batteries. Well it stopped working early so I checked the batteries and one came out and the other one is stuck in the flashlight. This is wrong and now I have to throw the entire flashlight away. Money down the drain. What does Duracell have to say about this??

Posted by JnLA

customer service is inept and ads to the frustration. To make matters worse after lengthy hold times while speaking to get faulty batteries replaced the call dropped. The courtesy of a returned call is also absent from Duracells manners. When you have a customer calling due to a faulty product, a company has an opportunity to cement a relationship and keep a customer for life or alienate the customer further and loose them for ever. The representative should be friendly and make the customer feel as if the company cares about their business and has pride with the product. Anything that rubs a customer the wrong way is sure to lose customers.

Now for the product. I have used Duracell for better than 30 years. They used to be absolutely the best. Not so anymore. They don't last, and they leak even in simple devices like a flashlight which is not used often. The often don't reach their good until date.
My last purchase was for Kirkland brand. They are superior and less expensive than Duracell - presumably due to quality control.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a package of 60 AA batteries about a month ago. The box says Dec. 2023 would be life expire. I have had to throw out 3 batteries as of today. I thought they need to know this. I called and talked with a fast talking rude guy. The questions, if how I store them and even where I purchased them was my fault as to the issue. Made me count how many was in the box still. Then told me Walmart is the best place to buy them. Well....then why is Duracell shipping them to other stores? If I've had 3 leaking in this box less then a month....there is gonna be more! I suggest we all buy another brand. If they won't warranty there junk and blame customer for how and where they purchased them, its time to buy good batteries somewhere else! Again, this box if 60 supposed to last til at least 2023 aren't making it a month. This customer service rep. needs to be booted also!

Posted by [email protected]

I am very,very disappointed with the reliability of two flashlight that take 3 C cell batteries lcombo i bought at Costco about a year ago. I put, what i expected to be q quality flashlight in my wifes car for her safety. I am glad that I had occasion to go into her glovebox tonight. I tested the flashlight, and it didn't work. I proceded to bring it in the houae to change the batteries. The Duracell Copper Tops were all corroded in the barrell. I tried unsuccessfully for 30 minutes to try and recover the usability of the flashlight. I could not. That prompted me to check the light in my truck. Batteries were dead but none had burst open. I am the Chief Engineer of a hotel and faithfully buy your batteries. I now wonder if i am making a mistake. Unfortunately i cannot attach photo because i would love to show you. I would like the flashlight replaced.

Thank You,

Al Cha

Posted by Anonymous

I called Duracell warranty phone number holding a package of leaking AAA cells that had a huge label: "Guaranteed 10 YEARS in storage". In my case, all storage is at room temp. They offered nothing! Duracell is consistent even now in 2017 with a leaking battery product. The other brand has never leaked ... I am through with Duracell.

Posted by Prakash

Myself govt. Supplier and have to supply few quantity of AA & AAA Battery in Gaya (Bihar) India.

So searching for dealer in our city

Posted by Gil

worst flash light in the market stay away even if Costco sell it for good pr=ioce, you have to throw it out or take it back, I bought six, none of them any good.

Posted by Anonymous

duracell flashlight 1443 battery do not last. It has to be the worst flashlight I ever purchased

Posted by D

Good afternoon,

I have purchased 9v batteries for my fire alarms. I keep getting one battery out of the two in the package that is very low in power. I use duracell for my business as well as my home. I'm sure duracell has a quality check on batteries not sure if the process is being followed. I would like to continue to us duracell. Not sure if it's worth full price if I'm only getting half.



Posted by Anonymous

I have always used duracell batteries and thought they were the best. I am writing to tell you I have had an enormous number of batteries that are leaking even though they aren't even expired. They are in all different type of electronics; radios, small clocks, flashlights, etc. The items are usually in the house so not in harmful heat, wet or cold. I do not have that problem with Rayovac, Costco, Everready, etc. I am very disappointed with your product and probably will not buy them in the future. I just felt you should know this leakage problem in the AA and AAA batteries.

Posted by Dorothy

Thought you might be interested in the life of a AAA battery....I have a hand-held poker machine that I play....was playing the the other day and it died! Sooo I got out my trusty little screw driver, opened it up with full intent of replacing but when I looked at the date on the battery I was astounded........January 2002...that's 15 years!!!! I purchased it in Yuma, Arizona in March 2002. Now this is what I call reliabilty and a great endorsement for your product! By the way, I saved the battery....you want it I will gladly send it to you. Thank you Duracell........

Posted by auctoricon

I bought a Duracell LED lamp E163108 for my living room lamp less than 2 years ago. It stopped working last night! I did not abuse it nor did it stay on for more than 6 hours a day. I did not keep the receipt thinking that having it last 7-10 years was good enough for me. I can return the light to them, but I would like a replacement. i thought that Duracell was a reliable business and never thought the bulb would not last even 2 years. LED lights are expensive! I emailed a request using the support email listed but it came back as "undeliverable".

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a long time advocate of your battery's some years ago (40) or so I had to carry a beeper for my work. I found that hands down your battery's outlasted any other so from that time on I've told everyone don't buy anything but Duracell. Sadly,of late (last few) years I've had to my disappointment several battery's leak in some pretty expensive test equipment.What has prompted this note is I have a clock that my parents, who passed, gave me years ago.I had replaced the battery when the time changed and just noticed it had stopped I thought maybe the battery had came loose when I opened it to check I found the battery had leaked badly! I caught it soon enough cleaned it no damage done. I truly hope this note will get someone to look into the problem thanks

R Conreux

Posted by Thamby205

My name is Tari Hamby I purchased a Duracell battery for a E350 2006 mercedes Benz brand new from battery plus in trussville alabama store 242 5 months ago and it suppose to have had a 2 year warranty the car broke down over the Christmas holidays in need of a fuel pump I am disabled because of 6 back surgeries due to a degenerative disease and I'm trying to help my 71 year old mother take care of my father who was aggressive demenia. When I took it back they said that they could replace the battery because it only had a 2% function and anything under 10% voids out the warranty I was never told this information when I purchased the battery the manager there Jason told me that you all won't honor the warranty because when it's that low it is owner neglect he pretty nice about it I don't know of anything that could have drained the battery because it was parked for about 2-3 weeks I thought a dead battery is just what it is dead. No one said anything to me about percentages that it had to be at least 10% in order for the warranty to apply. I also spoke to Patrick in corporate office and everyone says their hands are tied. I need help please I don't want any money I'm just willing to take another battery just to honor the warranty on the battery no more or more less I really need my car running again so I can continue to take some of the pressure of my mother with the care of my father and myself as well I've had 6 back surgeries and this car is our main transportation I know you all has probably heard it all, but I couldn't make this up if I tried this is my life. Please help!!!


Tari Hamby

If you have any questions please call me at

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Duracell 1000 flashlight for Christmas. It stays on about 3 seconds then goes out.

Leonard Blank

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 2 pack of 4 LR03 MX2400 AAA batteries to go in our Christmas decorations. I was amazed that the 4 cells lasted only 4 hours where you say that your batteries last 6 times longer than cheaper products. Barcodes are 5 000394 002692 and 5 000394 002746. I tried Energiser batteries and they are still working well.
Not happy.
Tony Bussey.

Posted by Anonymous

I have brought the Duracell rechargeable batteries with 5 years guarantee and two out of the eight won't charge anymore, can I send them bk to you or what do I do to get them replaced, I've only had them 4 months and brought them from b and q

Posted by WTH? in Michigan

We bought a 16 pack of AA batteries and they were all dead. We called the company and were sent a coupon to replace the pack and when we went to use the coupon, it would scan. A shift manager then came to find out why the coupon wouldn't work, and she explained to us that Duracell had sent them notification that fake battery coupons were out on the market. We were unable to use the coupon Duracell sent us because, apparently, the ones they are sending out as "good public relations" are fake. If you have one, take your attached letter with you so you aren't accused of trafficking in fake coupons. We will never buy Duracell anything ever again.

Posted by Rob1

I can't believe that I bought 4D batteries for my flashlight and I only use it maybe 5 or 10 minutes and night and didn't even last a week so I had to buy more for a month supply so that is16 D batteries in one month and then for my little LED lights for under my cabinet takes 18 Triple-A batteries and it didn't even last a week and I only leave them on 15 minutes a night so I will never buy Duracell again unless you guys can do something to convince me that they are good and they don't expire till 2024 and it's supposed to be the duralock

Posted by Cynthia

Appalled at my surgical headlight being ruined by Duracell as a batteries.....I'm sick....no response from Duracell after calling and sending a certified letter....I have photos of the damaged headlight and the batteries that ruined my device

Cynthia Gasparik

Posted by jwbenning

A few months ago I bought a pack of eight Duracell 9v batteries at Sam's club for $16. 3 of the eight were defective. I called the Duracell complaint desk and they sent me a coupon for $5 off the next purchase. Sam's does not accept coupons so I had to go to Walmart where I had to pay $12 for a pack of 4. The batteries I bought at Walmart said they were guaranteed for 5 years, yet the date on the battery expires in 3 years. Of the 4 pack, one was defective. I disassembled a defective battery and found that the negative terminal had not been spot welded to the contact. This obviously is a problem with the production of these batteries.

Several weeks later I purchased a Duracell battery for my 2013 Prius FOB from Batteries and Bulbs. Although my original battery lasted for over 3 years, the new Duracell is now depleted in less than a month.

Duracell was once a highly respected battery. What happened?????? Jerry Benningfield

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Posted by Kevin T

Dear Customer Service,
I would like to leave the best of ratings to Ms. Valery Clayton for helping me out with a defective flashlight battery pack issue. Now I am able to use this flashlight with no problems. This replacement was also sent very quickly so I am also grateful for that as well. Again, thank you Ms. Clayton for your help.

Best Regards,
Kevin Tarasawa

Posted by wordsmith07

Reached a customer representative in 30 seconds or so and she helped me right away! Extremely courteous!

Posted by walt

Just talked to Jim at Duracell warranty Service and he is having my Coast HP14 flashlight replaced due to leaking AA batteries with expiration date of Mar 2018 due to corrosion. Great service.

Posted by stev

i had the same frustrations (Duracell 300 flashlight battery drain) until i happened across this website:

read the whole packet. it explains & provides an 888 # for flashlight product resolution that takes just a few minutes.

Posted by benderwh

Reference to Duracell 300 Flashlights purchased At Costco

Follow the prompts, Duracell will replace these "battery eating" flashlights by sending replacements to your home.

Posted by Yanxfan

I've purchased Duracell batteries for many years as well as other brands. Duracell was the benchmark of batteries for many years . They were usually worth the difference in price due to their superior quality and their Made in USA policy. However I recently purchased a multi pack of AA and a multi pack of AAA Duracell batteries at my local Sams Club with expiration dates of December 2025. When I put 4 of the AAA in my TV remote it wouldn't work. Upon removing them and a closer inspection I found one of them had leaked in shipping. I contacted Duracell and they are sending me a certificate to replace the batteries. This could have happened with any brand but it's customer service that rectifies the problems that do come up that makes the difference to me. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and continue to purchase their products because of how they handled this situation.

Posted by Anonymous

Talked to your Cosco representative, she was extremely helpful in replacing one end cap for a 500 lumen flashlite and replaced both of my 1000 lumen units in which both switches went bad. Thank you very much for your help, I am very pleased

T W Sicilia Sr

Posted by Leo51

You searched for: I am a deaf person and have been buying your batteries for over 25 years for my hearing aides. This means I am your customer for life. I usually buy the 13 size in the plastic 8 packs (3 per card 24 batts.) Two weeks ago I bought a pinwheel pack of two wheels of 8. Usually each battery lasts about three days, maybe 4. I use blue tooth devices of all kinds to hear so your batteries get a workout. The double pin wheel card is marked date 10 2017. In the double package about 65% of the batteries lasted maybe one minute, and a few others lasted 3 hours to half a day. I will never buy the double pin wheel again. How to you return ear batteries to a store, I used them all because you have to when your deaf.

Posted by Charlie

I had a radio that Duracell batteries leaked in a destroyed it. An email to customer service was answered in less than 24 hours and the issue was resolved by them sending a coupon to replace the leaking batteries and a check to replace the radio. All communication was responded to in a timely manner.

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