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68 Negative Comments out of 71 Total Comments is 95.77%.


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    • 25.83 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 68 negative comments (95.77%)
    • 3 positive comments (4.23%)
    • 3 employee comments
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Posted by Jim

Stopped in the Dunkin Donuts on Irving Park Road and Prospect Road in Woodale Illinois this morning. The lady in front of me had a huge order. There was only one lady working the counter. There was four other customers behind me. Working the drive thru area were six other people plus a man standing by the coffee area. After 5 minutes I asked if someone was going to help this woman. I got a sure and a half smile. I told him that this is ridiculous and walked out. This isn't the first time that this has happened. Looks like they cater more to the drive up than to the walkin people. Last time going there.

Posted by Anonymous

The Dunkin Donuts in Philly 1829 Allegheny Ave is not only so dirty that L&I should shut them down, these people are the most ignorant an lazy people you can come across in this line of business. You go there and they tell you they aren't making sandwiches at that time because they don't feel like it. They rather blast music and good off. Who knows where the management is. They are always out of condiments, donuts, bagels, and they don't even accept &20 bills most of the time. This dirty store shoul be shut down.

Posted by Anonymous

I always go to the Dunkin' Donuts in 2360 W 68th St/Unit 101, Hialeah, FL 33016, tonight there were two women working at 10pm that spoke to us rudely and with attitude. I had a coupon that states "enjoy a free half dozen with the purchase or an equal or greater value. They did't seem to understand it in English, I speak both English and Spanish fluently so I translated the coupon to her. She called her manager on the phone and she also wasn't understanding. The blonde hair female working was yelling at us from the kitchen door that the coupon doesn't say "free" anywhere. I can send you the picture of the valid coupon. It's ridiculous that you have workers that don't know how to speak or read English. On top of that I didn't leave with what I wanted to buy from a Dunkin' Donuts, I'm a valued customer and frequent that dunkin's every weekend. I called the store as well and they say "no English sorry/just Spanish this is Hialeah"I had by far the worst experience in that shop.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to our Kittanning Pa location for a dozen donuts !! The clerk said we don't have enough donuts to give you a dozen and only a few of a certain type!!! We have NO donuts??????? This is unacceptable! Doesn't your store make donuts???? She said maybe you could come back in a half hour ! NO THANK YOU ! Please either look into the problem or hire more people so they can start to make some donuts!

Posted by gilbert

Went to the store in tucson at Sabino canyon rd and there was dried up vanilla cream frosted and service was terrible I decided to go to the one on grant rd and the one on 22nd they were real good so why is it I go to the one on Sabino canyon again and it is still bad and the service is still uncaring

Posted by Mzpam

I visited the Dunkin Donuts at the Rte. 66 gas station on Rt.59 and Laraway in Joliet this morning about 730am. I placed an order for a blueberry bagel toasted with strawberry cream cheese. When I received my order it was incorrect so I gave the bagel back to the representative at the drive up window. I visit your establishment every morning (five days a week) and I place the same order each day. At least three times a week my order is incorrect. I usually do not complain but I did today. When I was waiting for my order I was on my cell phone complaining about the terrible service. I am sure the representative overheard my conversation. I witnessed her whispering in someone’s ear and when I got my bagel, it was burnt (crispy burnt/black). I went into the store and requested my money back. The manager never once asked if something was wrong, nor did she apologize.

I have been a customer of this Dunkin Donuts since it opened and the service has always been less than satisfactory. I blamed it on the many young kids you have working. But the lady at the drive up window is not a young kid. She is an older woman and should know how to treat customers. I am offended by this behavior and I will never visit your establishment again.

It should not be that difficult to make a toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese especially when I order the same thing five days a week at the same time each morning. The actions of the representative were deliberate. This is a poor representation of your company and should be addressed.


Pamela Ward

Posted by Anonymous

Every time I go to this store at 930 there coolata machinevis,always down for the night for cleaning. Why do they do this when the store is still open for another 30 minutes. It's the store in clermont on hwy 50

Posted by Anonymous

I don't like getting a bad attitude from the night shift in main st. & Federal st. And then when I told them I was disappointed in their service, I was told to leave. Then call the police and said they did want me sitting in the parking lot of yout store, tjen was asked to leave. This is harassment and will contact my Attorey.

Posted by Anonymous

Myself and my daughter had gone into the duncan donuts in jefferson valley, yorktown, NY. The service was terrible, the girls that were serving that early afternoon were very rude, they were unprofessional!! They almost screwed up the order, the girl serving me felt it was amusing, was throwing my donuts in the bag, giving me dirty looks. When order was paid for, she practically threw me and my daughter out the door!! If I had more time on my hands, I would have gone somewhere else!! Never again will I step foot in that place, neither will my coworkers !!!!

Posted by Stcymadd

I just had the WORST EXPERIENCE at a Dunkin Donuts. PC# 3415 on 10/29/2015. I came through drive thru about 9ish. Don't know the exact time beside the women Latoya DID NOT give me a receipt. I ordered a dozen donuts, chicken and waffle sandwhich, and a large ice coffee. When I pulled up to the window the women seemed angry or bothered to be there. NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL. Came off rude and aggravated. I know it's busy but you should never take it out on customers. I asked the women in drive thru TWICE if the sandwhich I ordered was in the box, because she did not hand me a bag. Both times she replied sorry yes. So I pull off, to find my coffee tastes really weird and there was NO chicken and waffle sandwhich anywhere. So now I park the car get out in my pajamas and unload my 5 year old. I go to the counter and spoke to a nice older lady who made me a new coffee and was explaining to her about the young lady at drive thru (Latoya) told me the sandwhich was in the box, Latoya interrupted and proceeded to yell across the counter and make rude and ignorant comments. I DID NOT appreciate how she acted and yelled in front of my five year old. I have been a retail manager for 20 years and would NEVER treat a customer like that. My reply to Latoya was she should not be in customer service if she doesn't have friendly service or know how to talk to people. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS LOCATION!!! I will make sure my family and friends do not use this location. For someone to act like that in front of other customers in the lobby and in front of my child, that is UNACCEPTABLE! When I asked for the Corp.phone number they did not know it, then when I asked for the District Mangers name and number they only knew her name only. The young lady gave me someone else's receipt so I could do a survey. I have never had this experience where you don't know your corporate office number or your district managers information. With all the Dunkin donuts locations you can choose from you would think that you would receive better service to keep customers come back to yours, but this location has lost my weekly visits.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi my name is Samm, a representative named krissy Perez contacted me over an issue i had at a dunkin in Middletown ct. I have the emails and case number also. This woman contacted me and apologized for the issues we had and than offered to send some type of thing called a "be my guest card". I did not ask for it. I did not complain expecting a free item. My complaint that when a customer says they have a severe allergy to milk and then they recieve a beverage with milk in it is dangerous. Some allergies can kill people. Instead he missed one of his sons untrasounds because he was in the bathroom for over 2hrs due to the reckless and carelessness of one of the employees. This Krissy Perez assured me that they would speak to the employees and make sure they understood how dangerous allergic reactions can be and how they are responsible for other peoples lives and well being when they make food/beverages that are ingested by consumers. Why should i believe this lady did anything when SHE offered to mail me a few "be my guest cards" and they havnt arrived. Nor has she replied to my email about them not arriving. This happend in September 2016 and it is now near the end of October. Your customer service "helpers" really need some work.

Posted by Lisa

Just letf 212 m. St in apopka fl, the order taker sounded very rude i went inside and saw her texting while taking orders no wonder she was rude to worried a bout her phone do your damn job!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service by management staff at oviedo florida red bug road location. Marie Lee was extremely rude and unprofessional. I have never been treated in such a manner...maybe you should reconsider management candidates.

Posted by Dana

I've been drinking DD coffee for forty years and enjoyed your coffee but over the almost 6to8 months now I've notice a big change in the taste like you've changed the bean or something it's like when coke change there ingredients and failed your doing the same I find DD is just I tick above star bucks and there's taste like crap.so I've changed to Cumberland farms it's only 99 cents at least there if it don't taste good and I dump it out its only 99 cents not 2.26 plus tip customer no longer

Posted by Lady H

Hello went DD this am and tried to order a ice coffee the kids in background were playing around and pretend not to understand me all the while laughing Idon' appreciate there rudeness I live Chester New York used the dive through on brook side ave thank you ms Harolyn Halsey

Posted by Anonymous

I was very dissappointed with your store at 290 Roosevelt rd in lombard Ill they lie their rude and their customer service leaves alot to be desired plus they have no concern for customers health and thats what you have for managers I havent been there for awhile and now I see I haven't missed anything its just gone diwn hill and they talk and treat senior citizen's horriblythe manager Brad and he had alexis relay message and Drew piped up and said he was to busy to deal with us when they hand foid out they dont say thankyou or anythingH

Posted by Anonymous

I've been going to Dunkin Donuts about four five times a week from how many years and there is a thing on Facebook about 10:15 friends you get a free box of donuts while we did that and kept doing it and there's nothing is it a scam

Posted by anonymous

The Dunkin Donuts located on 167th an Pulaski, is definitely outrageous, first of all the the store manger treats his Black employees, he doesn't want to answer any questions regarding there paychecks, he takes them off the schedule without letting them know, goes outside of the store for long periods of times, Who ever the owners are, They need to bring a better person on board that's going to treat people Farley,we're is the equal opportunity, I definitely haven't seen it

Posted by Kathyg

So I had pretty much stopped getting my food/drinks at the Dunkin Donuts at 175th Halsted, in Homewood Il. They always seem to run out of things or just prepared my drink/food wrong.
Well, in the past couple months I decided to try them again because I became addicted to the iced Carmel coffee. I go there EVERY day for my fix. I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya, an employee. She is ALWAYS professional and kind. She gets my order right and never seems frustrated or inconvenienced if I add or change something at the last minute.
I will admit, a month ago they gave me a half cold breakfast sandwich, I was too far away to return it. So they still have issues but I continue to go there because of Tanya. I should admit that I'm fortunate to have the choice to go to a few others within a short distance, so I don't have to go to this one but it goes to show you that customer service goes a long way

Posted by INPH

Location on warren & Western in Chicago in the bp gas station has a out of order sign on the door for try he rest room for months now..This is the enter city plus I believe this is the harnesses consumers in refusing to let them use the restroom I believe this is breaking the law could you have someone investigate this because this is ridiculous months out of order sign on the door..if this not the department that handles complaint please forward to the correct department

Posted by John H.

I have been an everyday customer sometimes twice a day since 2005. I start off this way so you understand the sheer disappointment and anger I have developed against my local Dunkin. Which is in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. The Dunkin which only allows homosexuals to advance and be in management roles. There is a culture of reverse discrimination which has festered here for many years but is now unbearable to watch or deal with. I have seen so many solid workers get run out of there because they actually got the job on there own accord (through an actual interview process and not just because they are friends with the district manager) prove there worth and then get pasted by on promotions because they are not gay only to watch the district manager bring in her lastest girlfriend to run the place.
On top of all that the managers are rude and dismissive of the customers. I would love to explain to you the altercations I have personally had with these two but I will not do it through an email or comment. I would rather you hear it straight from my mouth so you can hear my disgust with this Dunkin doughnuts. You may call me anytime. I would love to not have to make the decision after all these years to start going to a gas station for my coffee. I would love for your company to care enough about your brand and your customers to do something about this. Maybe it is all about getting your franchise fee and nothing else. Please prove me wrong. This shouldn't mean anything but I spend $40 there a week and I have $20 left on my card. If something hasn't been done by then I will go elsewhere.

Posted by Sallie Allen

I go to Dunkin everyday. I get a hot latte in the winter and an ice coffee when it gets hot out. I was so excited to go and get my fa riots ice coffee cookie dough. I got it twice. Then I was told they have it know longer and would not be getting it back. I even had some of your employees to be rude and say it only comes out at Christmas!! Not true. Because I got it everyday last year during the hot months. Not having cookie dough has stopped my business along with many friend and my girls that it's the only ice coffee they like. I was talked into your Heath ice coffee. Must say I was spitting it out. I have spent over 200.00$ a month at your business. Why take away the best ice coffee you have ?? I'm not the only person who feels this way. Please bring back the cookie dough ice coffee. That drink alone is what makes dunking blow Starbucks out of the water. I know it's a big seller. Because many times when I would go they would be out of it and I would drive to another dunking to get it. It's sad when your workers talk me into another ice coffee saying it's even better. To just waste my money because I'm pouring it out right there in front of them at your drive through. Bring back the drink that makes me spend over 200.00$ a month. I refuse to go back with out that drink coming back and I'm considering doing a petition to have it brought back. It's the best!! Please stay the best. I'm a customer who thinks Dunkin has the best ice coffee around. But the other ice coffees are not doing it for me. Ty for reading. Sincerely Sallie Allen.

Posted by Michelle

I've gone to the Dunkin Donuts now two days in a row in Riviera Beach Florida store for today's visit. Can't find the one from yesterday. I've been a loyal customer for over 2p years. For two days the person taking the order was rude, service was awful and order not right. Never had this despicable action ever. Left me quite upset. For both days I was the only car in drive thru. This should of never been the issue.

Posted by mizzeliz

My husband and I went to Dunkin' Donuts at Belmont Ave. in Springfield, MA 01108, this morning. I ordered a Bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Substitute an egg for the bagel. Fernando C looked at me with a question on his face, so I said again I want a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel, substitute an egg for the bagel. I told him that at the Dunkin' Donuts just up the road at the Five town Plaza in Springfield, MA 01118, the manager showed her clerks where the substitute button was and I have no problem ordering it there. I have ordered the same sandwich, without bread, here too at the drive thru but never at the counter. Fernando told me he knew what to do. So he put in bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel and charged me an extra $1.00 for the second egg. When I protested about paying for an egg and said I'm not getting a bagel he told me this is how he had to ring it up. My husband also ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel. He wanted his bagel.

I decided I might talk to him at a later date and just take my food.

As I was waiting for my food I spoke to the cook and told him my concern.

I've had wonderful service from the young man that cooks there for years.

Next thing while I'm eating in the Dunkin' Donuts Fernando came out to me and said here's something for you. He was sorry that he messed up my order. He gave me a bag with 2 donuts in it.

My question at that time was why would a person who doesn't want a bagel want two donuts as a substitute?

I am not allowed to eat breads of any kind on the specific diet that I am on.

I am asking that someone teach this manager how to make a substitution on his ordering computer.

On the other hand I do not know the name of the primary cook at the Belmont Ave. Dunkin' Donuts, but he is a wonderful employee and deserves many compliments for his service.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi I would like to inform you that one of your employees or actually two of your employees have been having relations during work hours I came in one morning to a front desk with no one there and I heard a woman moaning in the back when they came out I noticed the name tags was Jacqueline a red headed girl and Chris a kind of stocky guy I am very disgusted and appalled by this this is not how I establishment should be ran

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Posted by anonymous

Dunkin donuts on 225 whiting farms rd holyoke ma is my favorite breakfast stop. I Go There Every Morning . Exceptional and Fast service.. the employees in the morning are so friendly and they always remember my order.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Customer Care, I would like to thank Anika, Shakil, Minara and Momin (Dunkin Donuts store associates) and Reza (Dunkin Donuts Store Manager) store #341450 located at 3600 Broadway New York, New York. This is an exceptional team that delivers the products of Dunkin Donuts to the fullest. I am really impressed with such organized and friendly customer service. This crew works like a puzzle that prides itself in just great service!!! Thank you for making my visit to Dunkin Donuts the BEST!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Ive been to many Dunkin' Donuts over the years and have had some "ok" experiences and some "not ok" experiences. However, the last few times i have been to Dunkin' Donuts in Hixson, Tn. i can honestly say they have been very pleasing! I am aware of the new management currently holding the position at this location and i must say that Marlene has been doing a miraculous job! Prior to her being in this location i noticed things about the store that were very unappealin, thimgs like the employees behavior and attitude, and the overall appearance of the stores cleanliness. Now walking in i see smiles and excellent customer service and its a great experience. Bottom line this store is now one of my favorite places to get my morning coffee and/or treats for the week! I hope they keep the momentum up with such a wonderful staff and awesome management!

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Posted by Anonymous

I need my w2 from backcove i reached out to them plenty of times

Posted by tired emploee

It is sad Dunkin Donuts in Newtonville ma treats the little emploee they have so bad they say mangerment will work with you...But as soon as you tell them concerns they disgard them or say will will solve the problem needless to say they work you to death mangers don't follow there rules...Newtonville needs more emploee cannot expect to keep help if your working certain people to death...

Posted by chrisarm2

I am writing concerning the management at Dunkin; Donuts on Elizabeth in Pueblo, Colorado. I am the mother of one of your former employees whom I believed has been treated unprofessionally and unjustly. She was hired in May, 2015--before school ended. Training was scheduled during the time she was in school and she took time off from school to attend the training--over my objections. Then she began to work and she loved it and from her reports, she was cooperative, did what was expected, seemed to be liked by the owners and managers. She also bought her apron and cap-- money which was taken out of paycheck--and never reimbursed when she was laid off. Six weeks later she was "laid Off" unexpectedly--no reason, nothing. Currently, only four of the original staff are still there. After this, she was picking up one of her girlfriends and parked in the lot. The manager told her to "get off the lot." Which she did. So, today, she and three friends went in to get some donuts and were told that all of them were banned from the shop. Again, no reason. I read with great interest that the corporate office--in announcing the opening of the second store-- said that the shop in Pueblo was going "great". Now I have a little trouble with that assessment when I have seen how young employees were treated as collateral damage. At one time, one of the managers asked her if she would be willing to go with her to the southside store. She was excited about the prospect because it is closer to our home. Now we won't allow her to work for Dunkin' Donuts and every time I get a chance to offer my assessment, it will be with be the facts I know in the way staff is treated.


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