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    • 24.22 Overall Rating
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    • 321 negative comments (96.98%)
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Posted by not a Duke Energy fan

Customer Service is abysmal. I have spent two weeks trying to understand why an adjustment of over 400 was added to my bill. I keep getting a party line of estimated billings versus actual, which should not require an adjustment as the current reading minus the previous reading should automatically correct any inaccurate estimate. When I failed to make the customer service understand my complaint, I asked for documentation supporting the adjustment, which no one could provide.

Posted by Anonymous

Duke Energy,
Needs to stop all the calls about switching electric companies. I have a least three calls a day and I tell them to take me off their list of calls. I am turning it over to my lawyers because of the continued harassment.

Posted by HMVZ

FYI, I submitted the following BBB complaint against Duke on January 26, 2017:

My current and previous Duke Energy bills were higher than normal so I called the company to discuss the issue around January 20, 2017. The person with whom I spoke indicated my gas usage was so much higher than usual, and she indicated a technician needed to come to my home to determine whether the meter was properly functioning. An appointment was arranged at that time for Thursday, January 26 between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (with a 20 minute telephone notification immediately prior to the technician's arrival), which is a huge time frame that required me to dedicate a full day off of my work commitment. I called Duke early that morning in an attempt to determine the technician's approximate arrival time . The person with whom I spoke checked my record and confirmed a technician was scheduled to make an on-site visit but she was unable to provide an approximate arrival time. I made a second call around 3:45 pm because the technician had not yet arrived and the 4:00 pm deadline was about to expire. The person with whom I spoke placed me on hold and reported that the technician was on his way and would provide a 20 minute telephone notification. I made a third call around 5:45 pm when the technician had not provided the 20 minute telephone notification and had already missed the 4:00 pm deadline by about 2 hours. That person placed me on hold and reported that my gas meter is read remotely and that a technician does not made on-site visits in that situation.

Since I was naturally upset about all of the misinformation that was provided by three different Duke employees,, I asked to speak with a management employee (Lakisha) for the following reasons:
- I had dedicated an entirel work day for a service call that never occurred
- I was misinformed when I made the initial phone call that there may be a problem with my gas meter that required a technician's on-site visit
- I made a total of three phone calls on the January 26 day the technician was scheduled to arrive and had to deal with an obnoxious voice response system that required me to input confidential information (social security number) each time. The first two people misinformed me that they checked my account and confirmed that a technician was scheduled to make an on-site visit between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Although the management employee Lakisha was very professional, she merely recited the company line that my gas usage was in line and that I should decrease the setting of my thermostat from 72 degree to 68 degrees. When I asked Lakisha what Duke was going to do to rectify the terrible customer service that I experienced and to re-instill my confidence in the company she indicated the only thing she could do was speak with the three people who provided me the misinformation.

Posted by No power again

Duke is the worst power company I have ever dealt with. Here we go again, a nice clear day and the power goes out. This happens about 6 to 8 times a year for no reason. If you count the outages when it rains that would bring the number to 10 or 12. Absolute joke.... answer get get me started about the outrageous rates. That's an even bigger joke.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service. Consumer report should check on thier processes. How they operate is questionable. Thorough Audit for this company. We had a terrible experience with them. No power for more than a day. No mistake from our end.

One of the reps put a wrong address for service: Rodney, Derrick, Serra, jIberisia...

Posted by Anonymous


We reside in Addison at South Tryon apartment in Charlotte NC 28217. In the Christmas week we recieved a letter from the apartment leasing office that Duke has taken off our account and billed the Apartment for the dec 2016. Since we were on vacation on returning back we gave a call to Duke asking what the reason was. We had mobed to this aprtment in middle of oct. Duke rep said that someone called them and asked to discontinue the services at our unit and they cannot disclose who that is. They help us set a new acoount as the account number we recieved on moving to this apartment was no longer valid as some stranger called to discontinue the service and we were not even informed about this. After all this mess they kept assuring on Jan 3 that someone will come to fix this problem. The power went off at 3pm on Jan 3 i was in middle of cooking, no internet for work, my husband had training in the night which he couldnt take for work as Duke rep kept asuring someone will come before 9pm..in this winter with the cold room, no power we waited untill 10pm in the night no one turned up. We thought ok may be first thing in the morning this will be taken care but NO it was not..Upon calling Duke other than a sorry word no help was seen from their end and they stated last night the rep dint have the correct address so couldnt come to get the power on..no sense of urgency..when Duke can take atmost care on asking the ssn and other detials for havjng an acoount but hoe come its a carless attitude on discontinuing the services..the reps we spoke to were Serra, Rodney, Erika, Derrick and some more...

Posted by Anonymous

To say Duke Energy sucks, would be an understatement. When a customer or area of customers loose all power. Then get a message stating it would be restored by 01:00 the next day. Is completely unacceptable no matter what there lack of reason is.

I respect any Duke Energy employee who puts the customer first. I understand it's not all on them. The situation is us working people are living and surviving the best we can. All we ask is, please use common sense with morales that any individual with a brain would use. Also, get away from using the status quo bs, and stop acting like it's ok.

Any household being with power in no matter what the circumstance for over three hours is totally wrong.
That is an act muttonheads would allow along with showing zero courage.

Posted by Dark in Orlando

absolutely a Rube Goldberg provider. the power cuts off and it's always 2 or more hours.out age of 1800homes tonight was typical. clear weather and they can't keep the power on. It's a frequent problem for a relatively metroarea like S Orlando

Posted by Anonymous

Im in shock right now because the time it takes to get your power restored is ridiculous and not so great! I paid my bill at 12pm here it is 7pm and still NOTHING my kids have to experience such a thing when I know im supposed to pay on time but things happen and im not perfect i have had this account since 2009 im not happy at all the customer satisfaction level is TERRIBLE and im disgusted

Posted by Elisabeth {Isabella} Kirkman

I called Duke Energy on 11/4/2016 to complain about an overcharge after running all my bank statements and adding up every payment, every new charge and Amount due-The woman that I talked with was quite arrogant-I told her the amount that they owe me and she disagreed-So I did my research and found out that there are options. I printed out a Billing and service problem sheet and I plan on following their instructions-My bill last month was 699.97 and their bills are always fluctuating every month-Now I am all paid up until next month and on my new bill this is what it looks like-Previous Bill Amount is 676.07-Payments &471.90-New Charges 133.95-Adjustments $0.00-Amount Due 338.12-in which the $338.12 was paid on 11/4/2016 and I now owe a zero balance and my new charge of 133.95 is due in December 2016-They actually owe me $107.22 after all was said and done-However the woman that I talked with 'Christina" says they owe me nothing. I am grateful for the Billing and Service Problems Form because it has given me some options-For instance I have already contacted Duke Energy to complain about the overcharge. So on this Billing and Service Problems sheet it informs me that I can now contact the Utilities Commission's Public Staff at - Consumer Services Division-And, I can now file a formal complaint and send it to this address and have my complaint heard. If the complaint cannot be settled by the Utilities Commission they will assign it to a Hearing Officer for an evidentiary hearing. These hearings are less formal than a court hearing and we don't have to be represented by an attorney. The Hearing Officer will issue a recommended decision in writing within a few weeks of the hearing-I will stay on this matter every month to make sure they do not overcharge me again!

Posted by Anonymous

What a joke with the service on this storm . Everyone in my neighborhood has power but a few houses. I understand that it is only 2 fuses that need changing to finish the street. There answer was we are working in Sampson County and are not really concerned with northern Pender County. Saying it will be a week. Maybe everone should pay their bill when thay decide too. Also seen No trucks in the area. Guess the Big Cities get service first. Really poor preparation for this storm by a so called wonderful company, who we are at their mercy. Part of the problem is the subs they hire now could care less, but making big money off the consumer.

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible service waiting since friday morning and it won't be until sunday by midnight and it was just a generator that blew out i would think they were ready for the storm with supplies

Posted by Anonymous

Duke energy SUCKS!!!!!!! Lost power for no reason and it's still out!!!! HATE THEM !!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Duke Energy Sucks! They turn the power in my housing addition at least twice a month; even with good weather, no accidents! I call it planned outaged! They are a monopoly, the only company for my area, that is stupid, customers deserve better service then this! If you pay the same on budget bill every month, then Duke should credit your account but they don't; that is theft of energy by an Energy Giant or Energy Tyrant!

Posted by Freddytodd

Duke energy outage info automated line is just terrible, I'm in an area with little damage from,a,storm,and have been without power for far too long. The automated line tells us 267 people out on first call 2nd call 44 people out, 3rd call power restored, 4th call 566 people out is anyone monitoring the service, are the techs in bumper cars at the fair with Comcast. Come on guys make something happen, .. Like maybe sell out to a real power company

Posted by Ant22

Duke energy is the absolute worst company that i have ever dealt with in my life. My power goes out in the middle of the day sometimes but right now it went out at 8:30pm and they tell me it wont be vack on until 12:30am duke energy you guys need to let the proffesionals deal with it and duke is not one of them

Posted by a99percenter

Can someone tell me what the heck an "asset securitization charge" is???

Posted by Anonymous

We had Cincnnati Gas and Electric as our provider they became Cinergy our power rarely went out. When Duke took over our power began going out on a regular basis...8-10 times a year. Someone told me they have overloaded grids to save money for the precious shareholders.....

Posted by antmac

I had to let the world know what a horrible company Duke Energy is. Their customer service ranks at the bottom of any company I ever dealt with.

I was on vacation and had a small balance of $140 that was 30 days late. They shut off my power, kept me and my family in the extreme heat and darkness for 12 hours. It was very uncomfortable not to mention dangerous as we couldn't see anything and our street doesn't have street lights. We tried to call and get an ETA on the turn on and the representative said they could not nothing to help us nor give us

ANY idea of when the power would be turned on other than "sometime before midnight".

For any company to punish a family so dramatically for such a small balance for such a short overdue time period is sinful.

Posted by deebie47

Has anybody in Florida tried to get a Duke Energy Home Energy Check in their home? This service is being offered by Duke in our bills, online and just about everywhere. This is an offer they have made on their own. I have tried to participate but have been totally unsuccessful. We can get the energy check in our home, online or by telephone. To me the only choice that seems like it can be even close to accurate is in the home. I submitted a request through their website and received an email with a phone number to call to set an appointment but have tried that number 5 times and all I get is put on hold forever while listening to Duke propaganda. Does anyone know if Duke ever answers that phone? After so many attempts, I replied to their email stating that they could just call me instead and included my phone number, so far nothing. Does anyone think they will call? Right, me neither. I submitted a second online request and got the same email message as before. Do any of you feel like Duke has ever ignored you or made offers that they have absolutely no intention of fulfilling? I know it's hard to believe but I think that's what may going on here!

Posted by anonymous

I cannot believe that Duke Energy had the nerve to cut off some people's electricity today as hot as it was. It's shame and disgrace. Also, a costumer was disconnected because he failed to pay the remaining balance of 12 cent on his account today.

Posted by Anonymous

RIDICULOUS!!!! I had to call FOUR times this morning to turn power on. I'm a property manager and have multiple accounts but I still have to pay deposits (although we pay all of our bills on time and have a great history) and THEN to top it off they charge a $9 "convenience fee" to pay through their EZ Pay portal (as well as calling in). I was in such a foul mood by the fourth time I just paid it and hung up. They obviously have a monopoly and could care less about creating relationships with their business clients. Like I said in the beginning - RIDICULOUS!!!!

Posted by Onemadcustomer

Duke Energy has the worst customer service! My bank was supposed to send a check to Duke for our June bill. Duke "supposedly" never received the check. And because the money had already been taken from my account, I had no clue they had not received it. I never received a single late notice (although they claim to have sent 1,only 1) or a phone call. In the middle of summer in Florida, they come and shut off my power. I have 3 kids in my home, 2 of which are sick and running fevers right now and we are sitting in a house that is 87 degrees inside and getting hotter by the moment. I paid the bill and explained that I have sick kids and asked if they could come turn the power back on, they told me they would be out in the next 24 hours and that I'm not required to stay home to wait. Where exactly would they like me to go with 2 sick toddlers? I am so mad right now. Unfortunately Duke is our only option for power.

Posted by Anonymous

We have lived in our house for over three years and without fail, our electric goes down in the worst time of the year, several times, I have complained till the cows come home and still they refuse to fix the problem. The lines in this area are old, unreliable, and need to be replaced. Yet nothing gets done! We have better electric in a 3rd world nation than we do in Saint Petersburg, FL and that is sad. You can complain, call, and everything short of moving and they could care less.
I'm over the Electric Company, ready to research solar.

Posted by Anonymous

Duke power will not build a building that you can walkk in and pay your power bill so you wind up paying it in a service station or a pay a Bill center which does not always process your payment and even if you have your recipt from the GAS STATION thay will still cut you off. Turn loose some of the money you make off everyone build some facilities

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Posted by suebsouth

I recently moved to Florida from Central NY and in setting up service where I was renting and house hunting, to setting up service at my new home, I found the customer service representatives helpful, informative, and courteous - even humorous! - in the calls that I made to set up and then check on the beginning of my service. A huge difference from the horrible customer service with National Grid back in NY!

Posted by 052 contractor, 005 technician

Excellent service with electrical problem in my home. Contractor was friendly, on time and efficient. Answered all my questions and resolved the problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Great service, quick and friendly. Good value for the additional service fee on the lighting/wiring add on to our standard electric service. I had an issue with a light fixture continuously blowing a bulb & they came out (sent someone out) & my issue was fixed immediately. Thanks! Thanks to Ron the service dude from advanced electric too! signed, happy customer

Posted by Anonymous

tech#017, contractor #002

He was great! Friendly and worked quickly to solve my wiring/lighting issues. He didn't mind my endless questions. Awesome employee you have a gem!

Posted by Anonymous

contractor ID 002
Technician ID 017

He was fantastic! Friendly and answered my questions. A very nice gentleman and did not waste time he got right down to work & was fast! A great employee for you and serves your company well.

Posted by Maria E Mione

tried to go on line DEcustomer.com and it does not come up. So I entered dukeenergycustomer.com and this is what comes up. Had Bill Reed, contractor . He was very good and informative. Very polite. He did he job well.

Posted by dlewis230

there is no such internet address as DEcustomer.com big joke on all of us service was excelent but giving me a card with a wrong address is unacceptable

Posted by Floridan Miriam

On Sept. 16, My bill always ran between $45-79 monthly. One month it rises to $412.00. Duke energy says they'll visit to analyze what happened. I called agencies to help me and no luck. I am worried, however the Duke energy representative express that since I'd never was late... he'll "Edward" was going to need me to breathe as o he can help with an extension to avoid disconnection. I appreciate this of him, especially some of us who don't have any source of help from anywhere. Thank you

Posted by Duke makes Me Puke

I like duke, like needles in My eyes.. They they have the compassion of hemorrhoids. One day I hope they learn to change they're cruel and hurtful ways . Very Un American company.

Posted by silent_bat

I really like duke power I have never had a problem with paying my bill. And there customer service is top notch very intelligible when it comes to me paying so to all those hating on duke just needs to learn it's your fault not theres

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