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    • 78 negative comments (92.86%)
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Posted by Kim Sykes

I would like to know why when you use the Western Union kiosk at your store #14345 that you are asked how much money you are receiving when you are standing at the Western Union. I think that is very rude and it puts you at risk when other customers are standing around you listening to how much money you are picking up. I have been there a few times and been put through this. One day I came to pick up $40 from Western Union and there were 6 registers open and the store was packed with people and they told me that they did not have enough money in the drawer to complete my transaction. At the time I had a cast on my foot and asked to speak to a manager who told me the same thing. This issue definitely needs to be addressed.

Posted by Cannot Believe This Happened

Was just tracked through the Duane Reade located at 60 Spring St, New York, NY by undercover security while choosing two items to purchase. Didn't even realize he was tracking behind me until I went to stand in the line and I recognized him from the isle that I was previously in. And also from the isle before that. And the isle before that! I finally put two and two together since it was clear that the guy didn't have any items.

Here is the issue: I was the one Black person in a store FULL of others. And I was the one person he decided he needed to target for shadowing. Clearly his intentions were racially motivated and I am seriously offended.

I called the store manager because I was still fuming after walking home a couple blocks away, and the assistant manager Kaleema told me that everyone who comes into the store is considered a suspect. I asked her if everyone in the store is not considered a customer and she told me no, they are all considered suspects.

I am just appalled. She really said that! What the hell kind of society is this????

Posted by Cattie

I am a customer who was the victim of an incident that occurred at Duane Reade by Walgreens store #14438 located at 136-02 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354 on May 31, 2017.

After I made my purchase at 7:02 pm, the security guard on duty in your store hostilely approached me, impersonated a police officer, wrongfully accused me of stealing, verbally harassed me, pushed my stroller with my two month old baby inside, and threatened to cause me bodily harm. The security guard said to me, "Don't ever come back here. I'll beat you up!" There were other employees who witnessed the scene, yet not a single person came to my aid.

On June 1, 2017, I contacted the store and spoke with the manager, Tom. I asked Tom for the name of the security guard who harassed me, and Tom told me in a very irritated manner, "That's not going to happen!" He refused to give me the name of the employee who harassed me. Tom's attitude showed absolutely no sympathy for me and my baby, victims of the horrific incident that occurred in their store yesterday.

As a loyal and innocent customer of Duane Reade, who was wrongfully accused of stealing, harassed and threatened, I expected an apology from the security guard, and from management (at the very least). Instead, in addition to being a victim of this outrageous incident, I have been told off by the manager.

I filed a complaint to Walgreens, hopefully they will handle this situation accordingly. I am emotionally distressed from this terrifying incident. I hope that no one else has to become a victim of a hostile and dangerous environment in this store.

Posted by GOnow

The "manager" at 2522 B'way @ 94th Street that calls himself MD does not know how to read a coupon and I had to go to CVS for a real ENGLISH SPEAKING manager that can ACTUALLY READ instead of INCORRECTLY INFERRING.

Posted by Loyal Customer

On 2-24-17 I attempted to return 12 empty bottles for a refund. I was talking with one employee Elija M, when another employee who was tending to another customer interrupted our conversation. That I found out later on was named Lisa Davis, in a very rude, and disrespectful manner she told me that they weren't accepting returns. I said that I'm charged 5 cents for each bottle that I purchase, at their location,and I'm returning the bottles to collect my refund. She told me to lower my voice, to which I told her that I was speaking in my normal voice. She told me it was loud to her, I said if that sounds loud to you than you have a problem. Anyway she was so nasty that I called her stupid, she treated me as if I were a beggar I was upset. I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars at Duane Reade Stores. This individual has no customer service skills, she shouldn't be employed as such. I had to go to Rite Aide to complete my transaction.

Posted by Ms. Rosanna & Ms. Tanisha (Broad

I went with my wife to Duane st & Broadway location in downtown NY for making Passport photos for both. When a lady came to take picture named Ms.Rosanna, i requested her please take 2 or 3 options so that i can choose for my best one. Unfortunately and rudely she replied with negative attitude .... "we can't do,,, we have customers,,, we can do only one click!!!" (So who we are? not customers!!! I have to pay for this service). I replied, "I came here before and you usually do, why not now?". She left away with rude and bad attitude without any courtesy, and telling us anything!!!!. We felt really bad !
Then another lady (Ms. Tanisha) came to take picture. I told her same thing. She also did negative attitude with louder and rude voice that....."we can't do it, we can't".
We felt insult and told her "we don't want your service".
So this is the Customer Service examples of Duane reade !!!!! Duane reade are hiring such uneducated and stupid people who doesn't even know how to behave with customers

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to complain about the cashier who just did not help me and was thoroughly rude to me, shockingly rude. I walked in, stopped at the cash register, and asked her if they had castor oil. she ignored me. I asked 3 more times, and each time she did not respond. Finally, I raised my voice louder. I couldn't tell whether she was ignoring me, of not hearing me. she did, then, look up, and said in a gruff manner, "what is that?" I said it is oil made from a castor bean. she said she didn't know, without any offer to find out. I then asked if she could call someone who would know. she picked up the phone and spoke to someone. I awaited 5 minutes. I did see a woman come up the stairs, she spoke to the cashier briefly, then disappeared back downstairs. I waited another 5 minutes. I went back to the cashier and said, "is the person coming up to talk to me?" she said that she had just been there. I said that I was standing right there, so why didn't I get to speak to her. she said, again, in a very harsh tone, "I don't know." and then added, very angrily, vert aggressively "What do you want me to do?" at that point I walked out. I don't think this woman is serving our business well. I did not get her name. but she was the only cashier at the front, and the Duane Reade is on the corner of Park and 20th st. I am sure if you decide to follow this up, you can determine who this woman was. She is young, not more than 25. there were about 4 or 5 customers waiting in line, and they all heard the interaction. this just really is not good business. I think you for your time and consideration.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the 3r time i have bought bad milk from Duane Reade on 35th & 6th avenue. First 2 times were kind of my fault for not checking the dates but when i did notice it only had one day till expiration. This time the mill expiration date was for the 2/8, today is 2/3 and the i drank smelly rotted milk. Never use that place to buy anything that is perishable.

Thanks for wasting my money, never use taht store for anything again.

Posted by Ahmed

Went to get a vaccination for my elderly folks, yesterday.
We provided them with all the requested information. We were told to come the next day when the vaccine was in stock. When we arrived today we waited for an hour while they sorted out the details. In the end, they told us that we needed a prescription. When I inquired she gave me no explanation as to why this happened. The managing pharmacist wouldn't even acknowledge they had made an error. Terrible, inconsistent customer service and misinformation. I won't be going back there. Duane Reade Grove st. Jersey City NJ

Posted by disgusted

I was just recently in the DuaneReade located on 106 st and 3rd ave. I bought some candy for children. Some of the candy were on sale for 4 boxes for $4. I was charged $1.79 for each individual box. When I asked the young lady why it had rung up at that price. She proceeded to inform me that because I had not purchased four of the same kind they had come out at that price. I responded that I had made actually purchased candy before and that that was not the case if the store policy had changed and can I please speak to the manager. (Day shift) She called the manager but with attitude and proceed to stand there making faces to her coworker. If I did not the complete money to make a purchase at any of your stores. I highly doubt that that any of the workers would allow me to be short. So why get anger when your have to return money you clearly over charged. The manager an comes over just as bad with an attitude does not identify himself as a manager but proceeds to inform me that the candy I took was not on sale. When I reached over and showed him the sale tag. He proceed to tell another cashier just give it her for Four $4 Just give it her and rudely walked away. I was taken care by another young lady called Brenda which I was inclined to ask name because of her exceptional customer service skills. If you manager is rude and unprofessional as I have witness prior to this incident with other customers. I suggest you evaluate who is the face of your store. Brenda should be running your store she handle the situation as if she was the manager and even though the incident had nothing to do with her she even went so far as to apologize for her manager and coworkers behavior. Shame on them. I would never go in the store again. In the end They still did not returned the correct amount. They were supposed to return to me 3.16 and they only return $1.33. It is disgusting that I work in this neighborhood and have to be subjected to this treatment by the hood rats working in this store.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Representative, I'm a local shopper at the 310 E 2nd Street #14501 location. There never seemed to be a problem until I came across the store manager, Charlesa Ganga. Her unprofessionalism shined through when I arrived along with several other customers to the local Duane Reade and had to wait in the cold along with 2 employees because she had not arrived. Not only was she late but the condu t of the employees and their attitude was effected because in their conversation "if she was late then why should I show up on time" was the highlight. I'm not sure what measures of hiring you go through before delegating that type of responsibility to someone but I was highly bothered that upon the 'store manager's' tardiness, she displayed an attitude because I asked her if I still had to waiting the cold when I had been standing there for 15 minutes for her to open the store. Potential customers left and as a 'manager' she displayed a bad representation.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been a customer at multiple duane reades for years but I'm no stranger to the store located on 750 New York ave I call it my home store. I KNOW All the staff that been there for years and I'm starting to see a lot of new faces, & majority of them are FEMALE. It may not be any of my concern but I love the workers there they make me laugh, help me find what I'm looking for then give great service at the register. I have new hours at my job so I now come to the store at times when they are close to closing, THIS STORE IS LITERALLY LOCATED ACROSS THE STREET FROM A CRAZY HOME & every other night I come to get my late night snacks before I go home THERE ARE NOTHING BUT FEMALES closing the store. I mention this problem because like I said I'm a faithful customer and they have some very big to average guys working in the store it makes no sense why there are women struggling to close the store gates or even closing the store WITH NO MALE. I know this much because I ask questions. AT NIGHT THE AREA GETS DESERTED barely any car or foot traffic, I feel for the females so I always mention to them every night PLEASE BE SAFE. I don't no if they complain or not BUT I AM, What's right is right & What's wrong is WRONG!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Representative, At 11:57am, Store #14118( 305 Broadway), NYC. Your staff was conducting racial profile against a man who had used the ATM first and then started perusing the newspaper located at the front door. The cashier who was attending me stop my transaction & stared at the man as if he was trying to steal the newspaper. When the man asked her if she was looking at him & why, she lied to him and told him she was not when she was. It was disgraceful that Americans of color are not allowed to shop, stop or evaluate a product without being profiled as a thieve or criminal. The man was not interfering in my purchase, so I did not know why the cashier stop attending to me. The cashier did not have a security uniform, so her extra duties were not apparent to me or the customer. Another, staff member of the same descendant tried to call the cops instead of trying to de-escalate the situation. I am disgusted and appalled by your staff lack of ethic training. Indian, Arabs or other descendants from that Area should not discriminate against Americans because of the color of their skin. Although, the gentlemen was angry and using profanity, he was frustrated that people like your staff are racist at heart and the behavior became a mirror for his behavior and I am positive that if a Caucasian man stopped to use the ATM and look at the newspaper, she would not have stopped my transaction to watch his every move nor would she have delayed attending to me.

Posted by Kassdhal

Waited an hour for one box painkiller and after an hour still nothing. Avoid at all cost.

Posted by Sarameli

For over a montb your Duane Reade stores in midtown, in the 10022 zip code, have been a disorganized and empty mess, the likes of which I haven't seen since the days immediately following hurricane sandy. The shelves are empty, even for the most basic products. And for a month! What a disaster. The employees don't know what's going on other than to assume it has something to do with Walgreens takeover, and let me tell you that as a customer I could not have a lower opinion of Walgreens than I do at present. Duane Reade was very well run and well stocked, and even restocked more quickly than this in the midst of a massive natural disaster--hurricane sandy! Walgreens is a disaster, and I can't understand how terribly they have handled this. When will the shelves we restocked and reorganized?!

Posted by Anonymous

purchased 2 gift cards for each $50 only to be told it was invalid did not have money on it it was purchased both at the 86 st bayridge location i do believe it was an inside job im stupid to have purchased a gift card which has an exposed back cover i have been going back and forth for two years trying to resolve this issue

Posted by JR

When I walked in, there were three checkers and three customer at the RX counter. It took 10 minutes for there to
Be any movement at all. And now, we are down to one checker,

Posted by Anonymous

I have been coming to the Duane Reade at 155 east 34th Street for years I started filling my prescriptions at this store for about 15 months ago. I went in on Friday the 21st to fill my prescription Ashley manager on duty in the pharmacist tells me to come back Sunday to fill my prescription it will be in I see Lydia tan shift manager for the first time I was on the phone I handed her my prescriptions she looks at me and gives me a face of disgust. She asks me for my address very nasty and judgemental look on her face and tells me to come back in a hr. I come back and she tells me that there is a new policy that they can't fill my prescription and if I dont like, I can call 1800 Walgreens i did and she told me that this is a old policy and it's the pharmacist to give it to me or not and i tell her that Ashley told me to come back Sunday to fill and i tell her this and if i cant take my medication I can have a seizure and possibly even die from not having my medication and Lydia Tan tells me that it's not her problem and she don't care. This woman is a judgemental nasty heartless person that didn't care if I can have a seizure and I came to this store for yrs.

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening. Just emailing to informed that such a prestige store like Duane Reade / Walgreens located on Houston St and Avenue D would allow a thief go shopping with my Debit card that was lost and purchase in three occasion merchandise totaling $169.91 with my Card and use it as credit and not one time was the individual IDed. How depressing the thought that I will not trust this corporation with honesty. Employees in this particular store needs more training to work behind a register so that this like this don't happen again. Unfortunately I was the victim of a theft my a person and your store. Not very cool or happy from a customers stand point. Please call me if you need more answer to your big store problem my number . Very upset........I

Posted by senoritamery

I would like to file a complaint against ur store located at 145th St and Bradhurst. I went to purchase the Diet Coke sodas that were on sale and there weren't any in the aisle. I asked a male worker who was in the photo section if I could be assisted on the floor to see if there were any more left in the back and he said that no one was on the floor and that there weren't any left. I asked him if it was possible for me to get a rain check and he said that he doubt I could get one because the week hadn't ended and that I would have to get in line and ask the cashier. So I said ok and I waited my turn in line. He started calling customers from the line to help out the cashier because there was only 1 cashier and when it was my turn it was with him and he rudely said 'I told u to get in line and u would get it from the cashier' so I said 'well I did get in line like u said and now I'm next, I see u r helping her so ur telling me that u can't give me the rain check also? And he answers 'well listen u have to wait back in line' I looked at him like wow, is he really talking to me like that? As I get back in line, the store manager walks by and then the worker says he'll give it to u 'with an attitude'. So I asked him y was he talking to me like that and giving me attitude and he responds cuz ur giving me attitude. So I look at the manager and asked him 'r u the store manager? and he says yes, then I said 'do u hear how he's talking to me and u let him talk to customers like that? He just shrugged his shoulders like oh well, what do u want me to do? So anyway I was given the rain check and I asked for the worker's name in which the manager hesitated then said that the worker's name was Willie. I don't know if that is actilly his name. I looked at the manager's badge and his name is Darnell. I wouldn't want anyone to lose their job because we all need one but the way I was treated and spoken to today was very disrespectful and uncalled for. I will never again step foot in that location. This is not a good way to represent Duane Reade.

Posted by Sharon

I am truly disgusted and embarrassed by my treatment in your New York store this evening. I selected alcohol, chips, ice cream and soda proceeded to check out. I had my ID in hand (United Kingdom drivers licence) to be informed that company policy in this store required a USA or Canadian licence. Given that I purchased from this store last year I was some what confused and furious.
I then left following their refusal to serve once I had the managers name and store number - Adamldi Alzoumh Store 14404. My husband and I went to your store that we know is two blocks down and purchased our items.
I felt belittled and found the experience completely infuriating, I am 42 years old and have never been denied Alcohol purchase when using a legitimate United Kingdom identification throughout my years traveling within the USA.

Posted by Unsatisfactory customer

Hi i would like to file a huge complaint against lost prevention at this location : 436 86 street.i am really offended and really disgusted with the customer service that I received today, never in my entire life have I ever lost such taste in my mouth after this nasty unnecessary incident that happened to me and my husband. We were shopping in this particular Duane today around the time of 5 pm, looking around for some hair dye,and just minding our business, after some time we decided to leave the store, before we did we were approached by a black African American man who said to my husband " I think you forgot to pay for something" we turn around in disbelief. My husband who is of Latino background just looks at him, confused and tells him excuse me? We didn't buy anything, then we find out he is loss and prevention and after we specifically told him we didn't buy anything he kept pressing my husband, now at this point,I'm feeling highly direspected, first of all. He shouldn't have approached us the way he did,he should first check the cameras and figure out if indeed such activity was occurring and then proceed with him accusation secondly, he's the idiot because we really didn't take anything, and thirdly, if there was such case that happened in the store, he should've been more aware of things, and handled it in a competent way. I've always been a big fan of Duane Reade, and you guys have really always been the store I go to but after this incident, I really am so beyond disgusted with your customer service that I will tell all my friends and family about this and hopefully they will refrain from going to your store.me and my husband have never been accused of such nonsense it's quite absurd, and after this I pray and hope to god that 5'7 loss prevention incompetent nasty a hole of a person gets fired for the unnecessary dumbness & the humiliation he caused me & my husband, word of advice: don't go accusing people of things if you have no proof, secondly, if you can't do your job right, you shouldn't work there, this was the worst customer humiliation with this one particular distastefull,inexperienced jerk of a loss prevention office I've ever met, there are no words! Lucky for him, we aren't mean people to sue and claim for slander and stupidity, I hope to god he gets what he deserves, God knows and lord knows he doesn't like ugly!

Posted by Anonymous

We can leave comments or phone calls no one cares its all about the money. Forget about good customer service and respect.

Posted by Anonymous

Overall the store is a very good store it has almost everything you need.The problem is the workers especially the store manager. I was at the store on 40th and 8th ave yesterday I ask the store manager where can I find pills to inhance my memory he said to there is no such thing that i should go see a hypnosis doctor if i can't remember something i was mortified I asked him his name and stormed off after he refused to give it to me and ask a young woman and she said his name was Fahaad I can't believe this man how can you have a person with no customer service ethic working for Duane Reade or any other store in that matter i will be calling 311 and the BBB

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the Duane Reade at 34th and 3rd in New York City a couple minutes ago to pick up a prescription. I had come from the gym and was running late to meet someone for dinner. I walked into the pharmacy and the pharmacist immediately made me uncomfortable for sweating. Not only was she rude and made me feel horrible, but also when there was an issue with my prescription did not help and just walked away. I really could not believe it. Honestly, the service normally is good but that really made me uncomfortable and I am going to have my prescription moved to a different pharmacy.

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Posted by Anonymous

Alexandra Lincifort, shift manager at store number 14169 located at 155 E. 34th St. in Manhattan was extremely helpful tonight in helping my daughter obtain a flu shot. Alexandra was professional, knowledgeable, and eager to make this a good experience from my daughter. She is an asset to your company. Zehava Schechter

Posted by PBJEater

There is a Duane Reade at 866 3rd Avenue. I would like to compliment the management there. Some time ago, I used to purchase Smuckers Uncrustables frozen Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Unfortunately, they have not received any for a couple of months. I had spoken to the management requesting that they carry this once again since I work down the block and love to eat them. Within a week, they were back in the store. My hat goes off to you!

Posted by Edie

Syeda the best, highest rating for customer service!!!! She's the absolute I have ever had the pleasure of serving me.

Posted by Anonymous

The Best Duane Reade Pharmacy is at 80 Maiden Lane, New York, 10005. Pharmacy Department is the best. Irina Piscanova (I think that is her last name is spelled. She is the best pharmacist that I ever had. Explains all interactions, problems may encounter, etc. . I travel all the way from Brooklyn to this D/R to get my prescriptions, sundries, make-up, etc. Lucky for me, doctors are at Columbia Presbyterian and I just walk over to this D/R and get my meds. Friendly staff, helpful, professional. Been using this one since working down there and retired 3 years ago and sill come to this one. The managers and staff are always helpful. There is a Walgreen's in my neighborhood on Gates and Broadway but the attitudes and professionalism does not reach the level of D/R on Maiden Lane. Best Store Downtown Manhattan.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to let you know that I have the best pharmacist in town ( 322 8th Ave, his name is MohaMMED ALAM). He is courteous, knowlegeable and extremely helpful.

Posted by DUANE READE #14130

My name is Georgette Grigore and I am shoping at Store #14130 4 park ave, for more than 10 yrs.
What make me shop here again and again is the profesional Manager Sebastian and the best associate Jullette Richardson.

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm an employee at a Duane Reade in Manhattan, NY and I have been trying to get in contact with the Human Resources department for almost an hour now. I have a concern of favouritism going on and feel like I have been being penalized for unnecessary. Penalized in the sense that I have been called into the office with one of my two female managers and spoken too (sometimes with an attitude) about things that are out of my control. I do not feel comfortable, I feel hounded on whenever they are around & also singled out when the store rules should apply to everyone, not just me because I'm new. I am respectful to the customers, I'm on time everyday, I'm dressed properly & I get along with all of my co-workers. I have tried to call the Listen Up Hotline & they suggested anonyminity but I don't understand the purpose of that because how would they be able to contact me with a possible solution? I did not voice my concerns to my manager/s for fear that I may lose my job but I am considering trying to be transferred to another store. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.


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