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Dropbox customer service is ranked #914 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 16.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 50 ratings. This score rates Dropbox customer service and customer support as Terrible.


49 Negative Comments out of 50 Total Comments is 98.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 50 Total Comments is 2.00%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Dropbox

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 16.80 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 49 negative comments (98.00%)
    • 1 positive comments (2.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.2 Reachability
    • 1.2 Cancellation
    • 2.1 Friendliness
    • 1.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I have used up my options. I will file a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office with a cc to your San Francisco Corporate Offices regarding this totally unacceptable way of dealing with monetary issues. I got as far as a "professional expert" who wants $5 up front and $42 later... I cancelled my Drop Box Acct. months ago. Drop Box continues to bill my Master Card $10.87 per month. It will cease and descist in March 2018 when the card renews. I am saying now.. On site. Cancel the charges to my Credit Card.

Posted by Magi Rodgers

I need to talk to someone about my account it is messed up and I cannot get it fixed--you are wanting to charge me twice...i am missing one of my accounts.

I have now sent 4 emails called so many different numbers I am so frustrated please call me

Posted by Anonymous

While I have enjoyed dropbox. I have come to realize the scam you are. I have been wrongly charged on my credit card for $100.00 which just showed up on my account. I am not able to reach a live person to discuss this. I can't reach anyone in the US as you have outsourced to India and where ever else. The people who answer these calls are RUDE on the phone. I do not want your product anymore!!!

Completely annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

please please please,
look for another option, impossible to get a response from them when something doesnt work properly. I pay over $1000 a year for their service and all i get is an automated message to read the help links on the website.

Posted by DFM

Support call number is useless... Offers slow response (voice mail message only)

Posted by Dee

I have been trying to cancel my account for months. Billing sends me a note that they cant get payment, yeah me I put a claim against dropbox on my credit card and have them blocked. No way to contact billing department and customer service can't find my account apparently they cant talk to billing account either.

Posted by Anonymous

I am having great difficulty getting new password. Had DB send new email to get new password. When I enter it 'sorry we are having difficulty '. There is no online way to reach Customer Support, because I cannot log in!! How am I supposed to get help??!!

Thank you

Posted by Michael Craven

I want to cancel my payments to you of �£7.99 I do not need your product.

My email, please can you refund me as I have not used your product. I found it very hard to use.

I have informed you previously.

My mobile, please contact me.

Many thanks Michael Craven

Posted by cris

TERRIBLE support - cannot reach anyone, only a pre-recorded voice mail. Seriously? Sucks!

Posted by gregory.heins

I purchased Dropbox Pro, but have not used it in some time. My new email is [email protected] and because of this change, I can NOT log in. please email me with what to do.
Thanks so much!

Posted by Anonymous

This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. They were rude and inconsiderate and in no way helpful with my concern and questions.

Posted by Court

I have Dropbox. Their customer service isn't great. I saw after the fact after I set up 2 more accounts under different email addresses that I could change it from an old one to one of the new ones. I emailed them three times. So far I've received one reply. It says to wait one to three days for a response. Don't even bother calling them. I tried to explain my situation, didn't or couldn't help. It may be I'll have an email address that I can no longer use will stay and I can't exactly change the password because I have no way to get access to it because of security reasons. The one thing I liked was that my pictures and files were in different places, computer and tablet. Their customer service definitely needs improving though for us regular folks!

Posted by arh, Texas

Like many of the complaints on this page, I am horribly disappointed with DropBox. The fact that no one responds to inquiries and the telephone number only takes you through a series of automated messages is unacceptable.

Posted by don't have onme

this company stinks I have called half dozen #s trying to cancel an account I dont want and there trying to bill me for. I can not believe you can not reach these people and believe thy way the operate is unethical at the very least or worst I should be able to call an cancel an un authorized charge with out calling number after number and getting auto calls unbelieveable I am going to bad mouth you to any and everyone I come in contact with and all I will have to do is say call them if you can!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello there
Just to let you know I have complained to the ombudsman and trading standards about your dealings with trials and duping customers in dropbox business
To charge me £660 for the business account I did not want is going to be notified everywhere

You cannot charge people £660 pounds without warning - i will also be notifying the television scam side of things

Posted by Jeniyoung

I have worked for over 2 hr trying to sign up and every time I get more hoops to June thru!!!! It used to be easy this new app is completely unusual and unnecessary. I HATE IT you really let me down. I am disabled but not stupid. WHY!!!! I'M WILL TELL EVERYONE! !!

Posted by Vieanna

Hi and i recently tried to add back my Dropbox monthly charge to my Account and want to know if it went thru successfully? Please send me a comfirmation to my Email

Posted by Bj

A live chat finally came up. I was told to go to dropbox.com/downgrade. This did not work.

Posted by Jeffrey

After days of slow email communication with Dropbox concerning the inability to upload files to Dropbox cloud, I've asked for a full refund. So far rep Darien is refusing and it's taking even more of my time. While they allowed the iron to cool, I've found that Google's cloud service, Google Drive, received a higher rating from PC Magazine...

Posted by patrick

Unless you succumb to their Business account for a mim of $750. they wont talk to you.. I am moving my 2 pro accounts to their competitor and will no longer refer customers when asked to them. In the beginning, when they were begging for business, they were great. When I ended of the trial for the business account. They won't talk to me anymore. Goes to show you the only thing that makes them talk to is money.

Posted by Anonymous

For two weeks I have been trying to get some information from Dropbox. The phone number has nothing but recordings. Filling out requests on line has not resulted in any answer. I am done with Dropbox. They deserve the name "Droppingsbox".

Posted by Former Dropbox Customer

I am ready to end my account with Dropbox. This is the worst company I've ever worked with. The service is sub-par. Bizarre things are happening to my account today and I have received 0 assistance from Dropbox.This is unacceptable!

Posted by should not matter

So Disappointed! Absolutely So Disappointed, Worst Company Ever! No # To Call. I'm A Divorced Women Who's Changed Her Email Address From A Controlling Man...and All I Want To Do Is Change Email Addrresses, Set Up A New Account And Save Important Family Photos...and Your Site Makes It Impossible...........wtf I Am I Supposed To Do.!,!??!?

Posted by Anonymous

THE WORST Customer Service at all times! Why don"t you change your options tooooo..... No matter what department you contact leave a message and we will NOT RETURN YOUR CALL!

Posted by cjbill8

I have never-repeat NEVER-been so disappointed in dealing with any customer service. They make it impossible to speak with anyone on the phone. I'm beginning to think that they have no staff. Dropbox is not letting me delete files nor did it let me add more space to my account.

How are people in business supposed to function with the Dropbox service if there is no service! Dropbox and the management team stink!!!

Dropbox is a joke.

Carolyn Jones

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Posted by franklista

I'm a long time premium user. Carousel could be perfect BUT we need the ability to exclude entire folders from carousel. Trying to exclude pics one by one is impossibly difficult and makes carousel impossible to use.

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