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DraftKings customer service is ranked #921 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 15.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 166 ratings. This score rates DraftKings customer service and customer support as Terrible.


165 Negative Comments out of 166 Total Comments is 99.40%.


1 Positive Comment out of 166 Total Comments is 0.60%.

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  • DraftKings

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 15.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 165 negative comments (99.40%)
    • 1 positive comments (0.60%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.3 Reachability
    • 1.4 Cancellation
    • 1.7 Friendliness
    • 1.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Stillstanding126

I can not open my Draft kings app, it keeps crashing

Posted by Anonymous

draft king is so crocked i been trying to fix my draft king they put on look down for 2 weeks no email back i've mist mad bets fu draft kings they are crooks im reporting them i cant even touch my cash.

Posted by Tato185

Im not able to withdraw money from the app funny how I�m able to deposit money straight from my bank account but to withdraw its a hassle

Posted by Jags83

I can�t login to Jags83. I don�t use the email address associated with it anymore. Please communicate with me v or tell me what I need to do. I�m trying to play some football here. . Can�t log in. Account restricted because I set up to many accounts. Has been clarified already before this was a mistake

Posted by Anonymous

With All The Money U Make, Y Not A Person 2 Talk 2, Greed, Just Like The Nfl, Greed, I Cant Get Any Response, Unless Ur Making Money On It, As Soon As My Account Is Done I Will Never Play Again,

Posted by Cambiance

I must have logged out. Weeks ago and I can't get back in using my password e mail. I'm told their somebody who has my info....when in fact it's me.??

Posted by Profitman

I have a draft king account by the name profitman with email but I can't get in it to reset my past word I really need help please someone call me I'm tired of write y'all and y'all always say y'all will send me a link to reset that will not work cause I don't no the password to that email please call

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Michael my email is I have been a customer for the last couple years and have contributed thousands of dollars I had a problem with my debit card due to fraud and Iââ?¬â?¢ve been locked out ever since I can not get a hold of anybody on DraftKings end The bank said everything is resolved and I have a few hundred dollars on my account still I would like to play today can someone please get back to me or unlock my account phone number is 201-916-9606 or you can reach me via email [email protected] Thank you

Posted by Spuds

Sounds like everyone has the same problems I have looks like you ass a company you all would try to fix it I have had these same problems for years looking at all these comments everybody does too but you all don't feel the it's like the entire jaser Buney it keeps going going going why can't you all fix these problems

Posted by clasek

just updated my account as you asked---the reason I haven't been using it is because the up & down margins don't work properly

Posted by Anonymous

Yes my name is Mark Cochran I have an account but I can't get on using my email or my username because I switched phones and I don't know which email it goes to

Posted by Zacks6

I have left messages my user name is Zack6 i’ve chatted with someone and now I can’t get back to the chat thing I have asked what they wanted me to do send pictures of my name my fiancé I.d.’s. No one has gotten back to me I still can’t submit my lineup I’m very frustrated and I’m Streamley upset and this is not very professional somebody needs to get with me as soon as possible this is really a palling somebody needs to call me immediately I couldn’t get my lineup in for the night I could’ve won. Last weekend you took three dollars off my account when it was under my name and you had no problem doing it. Now I can’t take my money off I can’t do anything with it someone needs to get with me as soon as possible I’m very frustrated before I take this further or star using another site

Posted by jun_cometa

I don't understand why I can't log in to my account, I have money in my account and DraftKings won't let me log in. And it is showing that I have 0 balance in a not correct I have zero balance

Posted by Oldies1977

Draftkings does not have a customer service department my account has been locked for 2 weeks and the issue has not been resolved. They asked me to reset my password, I complied and my account is still blocked. They even had the audacity to send me an email link to refer a friend!

Posted by Neelan49

Neelan 49 has not received any prize from winning 444 contest yesterday balance in account was $8. When entering players for this contest. The site showed it was as successful entry. The site did not ask for any payment. All pay pal info was inputed ?

Posted by Bobbysports21

Hi this is bobby isaacson my account name is and every time I go to login your site just logs me out instantly. The app says session timed out and only just shuts it back to main screen? I would like to know how to get this to work before the games go off. I would like to adjust my rosters in my contests.

Posted by Genos_Pappy

My name is David L. Wright, joined today deposited $100.00 to play now I can't get in. User name is Genos_Pappy, password is little boy 13 will someone help me somehow? I clicked on forgot password but did not receive an email which

Posted by desteele66

Draftkings sucks they are a rip off, I can't get my money and I can't get help look's like lawyer time I can't access anything on the site STAY AWAY FROM DRAFTKINGS.

Posted by kcick

My name is Kenneth Maes I want to transfer $30.00 dollars into my checking account from my draft king account to my checking account. I have tried calling you and I've texted you so please get this done.

Posted by Mcfool

Saturday golf $8. Went from no lineup available to did not draft in time. Unable to access support help.

Posted by Ballers71

Absolutely horrible cust service i have msgd several times on many instances ive had players swap to OUT due to rest illness etc before that contest started and i can not change them draft kimgs dont care because its full of bots and its not their money they are losing its crazy i cant simply change a player out

Posted by Kari Bird

No matter what time I call I always need to leave a message and not once does anyone ever call me back. How can you run a business this way. Again my name is Kari

Posted by Rbs1234

Hi, I am getting a 403 forbidden access message . I used the site earlier today .. What's the issue .

Posted by Mrmvp7025

It's been 15 days since you told me my withdrawal was processed and still nothing. I have wrote to you numerous times this is just ridiculous someone needs to call me & rectify this situation as soon as possible

Posted by Jack8joan

I uninstalled my original app thinking it would delete all my info. I have sense reinstalled the app and opened a new account and deposited $50.00. Now I cannot access this account due to incorrect credentials. What do I do? I tried the password reset, but it doesn't appear to work!

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Posted by 1foraReason

The complaints on this website are asinine to say the least. I have been a member of Draftkings for two years without a single problem EVER. As a matter of fact, I will go as far to say Draftkings is FAR superior to any and all other daily sports websites. I DO NOT work for Draftkings nor am I sponsored in any way with the company - I am only writing this because it irritates me to see all these bullcrap comments on behalf of a very legitimate business. I am user 1foraReason on Draftkings if you do not believe me and I will be the first to admit, I have lost my fair share - but each time was because of me getting outsmarted by the competition. Anytime time I have won, my money was returned in a timely manner. I enjoy Draftkings like no other and hope to see the same from others, but just can't seem to understand how these complaints have risen. I see ALL THESE COMPLAINTS AS spam or fake BS!

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