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Dominion Power customer service is ranked #449 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 89 ratings. This score rates Dominion Power customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


81 Negative Comments out of 89 Total Comments is 91.01%.


8 Positive Comments out of 89 Total Comments is 8.99%.

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  • Dominion Power

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    • 33.39 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 81 negative comments (91.01%)
    • 8 positive comments (8.99%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
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Posted by Anonymous

Dominion powers home warrenty program with its product and services is awful. ITS A RIP OFF AND I HAVE NOW CONTACTED CHANNEL 7 ON YOUR SIDE AND THEY ARE VERY INTERESTED IN THIS STORY. I have wasted enough time trying to take regular dominion chanels. DOMINION IS WEFUL. i will fully call out dominion. GET READY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bruce

these folks are awful. had a downed tree on a wire and it took them 2 weeks to fix the issue. horrible service and rude. one person just hung up - and did not call back even though they take call back number. how can they allow to be so bad and run such a shoddy business

Posted by Anonymous

I feel that dominion power is UN fair to customers with medical conditions. I feel that a customers with medical conditions shouldn't be subject to a cut off notice.. And I also feel that customers in General should get more than 4 payment arrangements in a 12 Month period. People with a medical condition should also have more than 2 payment arrangements, they should have atleast 4 and customers with no problems should get at least 6. Dominion should no there will be problems in payment if you are ill.

Posted by Anonymous

I have called and can't get anyone to talk to. I need to talk to a person please.

Posted by Anonymous

It happens to be the only electrical company in my area. I disslike DVP with a passion! Customer service is the worst and the payment plan is a joke!

Posted by mike

my power bill keeps going up it has tripled in the past 3 months and i used less electricity i unplug every thing when not in use i even run my hot water heater for 1 hour every other day i use no heat unless its so cold my pipes will freeze and then i only use a heater big enough to keep the room where my pipes are and block off the heat to that one room something is going on with dominion virginia power to make your bill so much im a senior and disabled but like most old we dont matter to them

Posted by Mr. Williams

Va. Domi ion power is the worst scam artist I've ever seen told them 2 months ago please recalibrate or change my meter that I had not used the amount they said well fist off I'm an electrician "don't lie to me about my consumption " either your meter is faulty or you like railroading the working class . No calls from them yet or work order for meter replacement but you let me get 1 minute past my due date you can bet your sweet a$$ I'll see a service truck, to cut the power what a wonderful company NOT

Posted by va power stinks

Dominion Power apparently believes that the only thing that matters is what they can get away with: quasi-fraudulent statements, 20+ minute waits every time your call is forwarded (and it will be forwarded at least twice), and reps that repeat the same garbage over and over as though it will somehow make sense if they repeat it enough. I cannot think of a company with worse customer service.

Posted by killVaDom

I can identify with all of the privous posts. Currently I am in a 2 week ordeal with VaDom. Long story short, ill be spending another day and night without power. And yes the bill was paid and has been for these 2 weeks. They are a terrible company and need to be dethroned. But how? Boycott the share holding companies? Turn off our breakers as often as possible? Embrace green energy as much as possible?
I dont know, but it sure is frustrating, to say the least, to feel like there is nothing we can do to stop this monster.
If solar energy reps are reading this PLEASE give us another option. Ill check this board as frequently as i can to see if someone has any solid ideas for action.

Posted by Tina

Requested power to be turned off on the 13th. Checked acct online and it was scheduled properly.. tried to call on the 14th to see why it was still on but it was Saturday so they were closed. Never recieved any calls to say there was any issue... NOT HAPPY

Posted by Anonymous

Dominion power is some They cut my lights off and didn't even send a disconnect notice they said they don't do that....what!! And then last month when I realized that my bill was steadily rising I asked for a payment plan I was told they don't do that when it over 600. OH Really. I wish someone would shut them the f down they are fed all the way up for real.

Posted by Anonymous

The only problem I have with Dominion Power is that they really needs to revise their medical rule for people who have a medical condition. I feel that a person with a medical condition shouldn't get a cut off notice. For one thing, that person will need someone to be their for them, and if that person has to take off work, they going to need to be able to do that without worrying about their electric power being turned off. I have a husband been sick for a while, yes I made arrangements in the past and didn't stick to some of them, hoping that I could get some kind of help and didn't. My husband health has gotten worst, and he is on oxygen 24/7 and no one will work with me on the bill. I feel medical condition shouldn't have a cutoff notice. I even told the associate and a suppervisor that half the over due bill will be paid. The only thing she can say is, my electric will still may be turned off on the next day. So really to me, a medical condition paper on your account with Dominion don't mean nothing. I called and talked to some one 3times. And came out with the same results.

Posted by Anonymous

Last year I contacted DVP 3 times about Penn dragging shrubs down my driveway and leaving a large pile in my yard for 2 days. It was difficult to find someone to speak to and finally I spoke to the Forestry department who hired Penn to trim trees.

This year Forestry sent a mass letter to consumers about the Penn trimming. I called the Forestry Dept and told them to have their contractors stay on the easement and do not drag and store all their waste in my front yard, in a detailed message since no one answers the phone. Today Penn employees dragged waste down my driveway and stored it in my front yard (again!). So I called DVP for the 5th time telling them the same thing. I need to speak to some official with supervision over the forestry dept because I am tired of wasting my time running in DVPs circles for the same thing. What does it take? Who is in charge. The Penn supervisor today told me he would disconnect my line and I would be without power. I said I would call the Henrico PD. He said "ass hole". And thus DVP has no interest or control over their contractors.

Posted by Anonymous

Dominion Virginia Power is a ripoff!! They wait until they see you are having a hard time paying your bill to charge you a deposit. They try to soften the blow by saying that you can pay it in installments but still that is a little heartless and bad business!

Posted by Shi

To have my electric reconnected there was an $126 payment process that was placed over the next three bills, meaning I'd pay $42 extra a month for the next three months. As if this wasn't a bit excessive alone, when scheduling the day for the reconnection they charged me an additional $63 for them to come out and do the job so in all to continue my service I was forced to pay almost $190

Posted by Anonymous

No help what so ever, absolutely rude employees, hate hate hate them.

Posted by Capetocairo

Dominion Power customer service people have no clue what they are doing. For a simple switch of the billing person in Charlottesville, we spent forty minutes on hold for two calls and then got conflicting advice on how to proceed from two representatives. Then they cut off the power at the end of the day before we could use their highly promoted website to register. No one advised us that the power was being cut off. Then, we went online to use the website. We got all the way to the final, final step, and the button would not work to allow us to restore power. On the next day, it began all over again. I am still working on it as I write this and will be all morning. The representatives do not appear to be idiots, but they are poorly trained about their own system and how it works. And they spend much of their time CYA'ing for each other.

Posted by myedinak

I am a new customer. It took 25 minutes to reach a representative. Then, the company charged a $250 deposit. I asked the service representative if they could waive that, and she said that there was no way to avoid it, even though the web site lists a way. When asked about the way from the website, she seemed annoyed to have to answer my question. Terrible, terrible service, and the non-provision of information to avoid holding money was particularly concerning.

Posted by Anonymous

Power went off at 0800 am today. After reporting the problem to dominion nothing was done. 7 hours later someone from va power called and told me to reset my panel i told him the breker on the transformer across the street was tripped. They hadn't even checked anything after 7 hours.there were no widespread outages that would have kept them busy.

Posted by bckmom4

Unable to get phone service being put on hold 3-4 times for at least 25 mins! I am having a power problem where the meter is continually running high with no one in residence, It is a beach home and confirmed my neighbors no one is there plus I have the only keys! My bill is increasing exponentially each month and at this rate the power bill will exceed my mortgage payment. Compared to last year same period it is obvious something is wrong and I thought Dominion monitored usage alerting homeowners of questionable usage. I can't get any response. The 3000 number refers back to the number I have been having problems Is no one home in the Big House to help customers???

Posted by dday1986

Dominion Power is the worst utility company I have ever dealt with. I thought maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but then I found this site and noticed that I, apparently, am not the only one.

My electricity bill continues to rise regardless of decreasing usage, turning off appliance at night, and bundling up when the temperatures drop. A bit strange if you look at the usage. All of my lights are KEPT OFF during the day because we open the blinds. The HVAC is set on auto at 65 degrees. We wash dishes by dishwasher maybe once or twice a week while the remainder of time is by hand. Showers are cut to once every two days. External lights are set on lowest setting. We eat left-overs for three or four days because we CAN'T afford to use the oven or microwave.

I think it is completely ridiculous that Dominion is the only electrical service offered in our region (RICHMOND, VIRGINIA). That constitutes a monopoly and provides easy passage for bullying customers.

We have never missed a payment (8 Years), but then in the last extreme cold spell we became less than 30 days late (because of the already high electrical bill) and was threatened with disconnect. We asked if that was legal, ESPECIALLY since we have a 5 and 6 year old child in the home. Every other place I have lived provided a reasonable time-frame for payment if a customer became late (even payment plan options).

I've only been late twice in my whole life as an adult (on my own). The first was in Georgia during the summer after a career transition. They informed me that because of the summer season, they would not disconnect the power and allowed me to make payment options. I requested this from dominion and was politely told to go f$&% myself and pay the bill.

Every time I try to log into the system the site does not take my password, which results in a reset. So I attempt to reset my password using the temporary password sent to me - go figure it doesn't work for more than four hours. After I am able to finally log in with the temporary password, I change my password and again, I am not allowed to log in for at least four hours. This would not be a problem if it was a one time thing. BUT HOW DO THEY KEEP FORGETTING MY PASSWORD?? Six times I've had to reset my password when I know matter of factly I am entering the correct password.

Dominion and all of their corporate greedy a-holes can go where the sun don't shine for all I care. I am counting down the days I finally move to Powhatan.

Posted by lady

I have paid this company for 9 years without a cut off notice and it's around 100,000 i want my refund of breach of contract

Posted by zlloyd1

I have to agree with most of the negative comments here that Dominion Power has become a monster recently....
I just moved into this house, and my kWh in November were 521, but 1277 in December, then 1504 in January, and now for February they have me at 1743??
NOTHING has changed in my electrical usage in the home except that I am keeping the heat down to 66, which is freezing to me, and I walk around in the dark all night to "conserve electricity", HA HA.
No matter WHAT i do the kWh every month keep skyrocketing, and I cannot understand it. So, I tried to contact the supposedly 24/7/365 customer service line, and after 15 minutes of menu options, I finally was told, and I quote, "sorry we're close, please try online account management, or the 24 hour automated service line"....
That is ridiculous, I mean what does 24/7/365 mean if not always available?? HOW CAN THEY BE CLOSED??

Posted by disgusted customer

Why is dominion our only source of power ? We the people should have a option. Unfortunately we don't. The corporation that supposed to regulate them are only regulating they kick back. How do you service 2.2 million people and electric is at an all time high. Im ready to move where I have an option. Never in my life experienced anything like this.

Posted by Anonymous

I am not one to leave a public comment; however, this time I feel deeply compelled to do so.
I have had a terrible experience this month. First I, just moved and had my services transferred. I waited for a bill in the mail, none came. I woke up to them turning my power off. I called made payment and was ASSURED it would be turned on by 8 p.m.
It is now 9 and 32 degrees in my home, WITH NO POWER, NO NUMBER TO CALL, and young children. I had arrangements made, until they ASSURED me it would be on TONIGHT!
THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! All they had to do was say, it MAY be tomorrow. No biggie! But to assure me and have my children now subject to this weather has me UNBELIEVABLY upset!!!!

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Posted by jrd

We live outside of Waynesboro. We had a component on our transformer pole blow (we heard it) and all of the power went out. No lights or heat and temps were dropping. We have a well pump so no water and we have an engineered septic system which requires a pump so no septic.

We called Dominion at about 4 pm and Tom came by 5:30. He was up in the bucket right away, replaced the component by 6pm.

Great service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tom and Dominion

Posted by Blacksheep

Had Dominion upgrade my service from 200 to 400 amps. Cathy Bell came to my residence twice to survey the site and answered all my questions. She even brought the new meter box so I would not have to go to Dominion to pick one up. The service crew was friendly and professional. They installed a new transformer, spliced in the new power and refilled the trench. They were done in 1 1/2 hours. Great job by everyone!

Posted by Anonymous

I had four gentleman from Dominion Virginia Power come to my house today to fix the wire coming into the meter. They were so nice and amazing! I can't tell you how refreshing it was to have nice people do the work. Their names are Jamie Jamerson, Billy Wallace, Brian Ward and James Ipock. I would love to provide their names straight to Dominion Power for them to get credit for how great they were.
Also, they were all previous military so thanks Dominion for hiring these guys!
Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

Dear dominion I love you guys for getting my power back today 100☆ god bless your your business company and your families thanks for your hard work . All ashburn loves dominion

Posted by sugar6

Dominion BUDGET is nothing but BULL CRAP IN Virginia I have complainted to Dominion several times about my so called budget to help people .This so called budget bill that seem to be getting higher and higher, I can't afford their so called budget Plan for me of $300.00 my heating system broke i had no heat for months the system was shut off,, OMG my bill came in the same how can that be???Then my stove broke,I unplug it but my bill was still the same WHO'S electric am i also paying for? something needs to be done about all this.

Posted by Nancy Greatead

Just wanted to say thank you for restoring my power. The crew worked in the boiling sun all day yesterday and deserve a "thank you" instead of criticism. It was a grueling job. The entire crew was great. Mason Thomas
Arlington VA 22207

Posted by linda

This site was VERY helpful with the phone number and instructions on how to get to a real person. It worked and I actually got a pleasant person. Amazing that the website for Dominion Power and our local phone book does not list a phone number at all that I could find - they have "well-insulated themselves" from the public they serve!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to commend Va. Power Company employees for their tremendous efforts during this Natural Disaster. I have seen a lot of Negative feedback because some people are still without power, but I see Va Power employees out risking their lives and saftey every day.I have nothing but good thoughts for them. This storm was devastating and completely out of the hands of Va. Power. We need to stop complaining and let them do their work and be thankful they are willing to respond to this in spite of the dangerous conditions they are placed in .
I am keeping my thoughts with them and may they be safe.

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