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Dollar Tree customer service is ranked #265 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.42 out of a possible 200 based upon 411 ratings. This score rates Dollar Tree customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


369 Negative Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 89.78%.


42 Positive Comments out of 411 Total Comments is 10.22%.

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    • 41.42 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 369 negative comments (89.78%)
    • 42 positive comments (10.22%)
    • 13 employee comments
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    • 1.9 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Is Dollar Tree going out of business? I have been in my local store in Wisconsin Rapids, WI several times and every time the shelves are very bare. Is it a manager problem or store closing. I have shopped there since it opened and always found things I wanted. Now every time I go in there is very little left on the shelves. Guess I won't be able to count on this chain for my shopping. Sure a shame as I really liked shopping there.

Posted by Anonymous

I went shopping at Dollar Tree in Muskogee Ok Store #3299. I was charge $41.48 twice after being told my card was declined. So after being told this twice I went ahead and paid with cash. After I paid with cash my notifications on my phone showed that both transactions were went through. The manager told me there wasn't anything that they could do about it and that I would have to call the customer hotline. I've been calling since June 30th 2018 at 6pm and have yet to talk to someone. To make matters even worse, today the same dollar tree charged my card another $41.48 and I haven't even been in there today... So I've been charged $124.44 extra after already paying in cash and after being told my card had been declined twice!!! I am upset and will be seeking legal action against this store.

Posted by JaRonda

I went shopping at Dollar Tree in Muskogee Ok Store #3299. I was charge $41.48 twice after being told my card was declined. So after being told this twice I went ahead and paid with cash. After I paid with cash my notifications on my phone showed that both transactions were went through. The manager told me there wasn't anything that they could do about it and that I would have to call the customer hotline. I've been calling since June 30th 2018 at 6pm and have yet to talk to someone. To make matters even worse, today the same dollar tree charged my card another $41.48 and I haven't even been in there today... So I've been charged $124.44 extra after already paying in cash and after being told my card had been declined twice!!! I am upset and will be seeking legal action against this store and employees

Posted by Robert

Store 3480

455 Entrada

Novato, Ca

I have complained several times in the past and am complaining again. The store stays filthy. The other Dollar store in Novato is always clean. I don't' like going into store 3480, but I was in the area and wanted to pick up a couple of things. From the outside entrance to entering the store it was filthy. Inside the store, I assume it was a manager I said, why don't you keep the store a little cleaner? Her reply in a smart way,, you want a job? I told her no, but I sure as hell can complain. There is no way a store should look like that. All inside the store the isles are dirty and littered with trash. I will be complaining to my local health department also.

Robert Hodgkinson

Posted by Anonymous

I went to shop at a dollar tree on Elm Denver Co.The clerk at the counter ask me to leave my bag at the register while entering the store in a rude non professional manner.While checking my item out I said thank you first when I reiterated about customer service skills,the clerk yelled and said "Bye" go to another store than"How unprofessional,when I asked for a manager he said I am the manager "Bye" to avoid a confrontation,I told him he was very ignorant and proceeded out of the store.

Posted by egcorley

Farmville, Va Dollar Tree store, The store is ran just fine. What I writing about is you carts. Just about everyone needs new wheels. Everyone need wheels. Thump, thump, thump, on most of you push carts. I keep telling them and they say you already know about the carts. Great store I buy most of needs from all of your stores. I have stock in your busness and I think you should know this.

Posted by Jane

The Dollar Tree on State Ave in Kansas city Kansas, is the worst store I've ever been to, nothing on the shelves, carpet is a mess, I've been there 3 times it always looks the same, it's awful the store is packed with boxes that need stocked on the shelves, I will never go back I've seen thrift stores that are cleaner


Horrible Customer Service Provided By Manager In Yukon Ok, Her Name Is Crystal. When I Asked For The Receipt, Cuz The Cashier Did Not Provided Me The Receipt, When I Called The Store And Asked For The Receipt, Crystal The Manager Started Yelling And Saying That Do Not Come Back At My Store. Anyway Who Want To Go To 3rd Class Store. I Dont Like To Shop At 3rd Class Stores. Walmart Is Much Better Than Dollar Tree.

Posted by Anonymous

Todayl I purposely went to the ATM to withdraw $40 but needed to break a $20 bill because i needed a $10bill from it. I decided to go this store to buy a christmas bow so i can PURPOSELY break my $20 bill. My total was 1.08. I gave sale associate Patricia my 20 that i PURPOSELY came to break and told to her wait because i thought i had .08cent but only had 7 pennies so i game her a dime, which is a total of $20.10. At the time of getting my change back i realized she didn't give me my .02 cents back but it was just 2 pennies so i wasn't to worried. The thing i did wrong was trusting that the sales associate Patricia gave me the correct change back. I did not realize that till i got home that Patricia only gave me $9 back and i didn't even have the 10 that i needed which was the whole purpose to going to the store! When i realized this I rushed back to Store #4574 to confront the lady. When they were finally able to make time for me. The sales associate tired to tell her manager that i gave her a 10 dollar bill. (which was a complete lie) i told her i gave her 10cents. They ended up counting her drawer and saying she wasn't off buy that much money she owed me. I was still not pleased because i was standing her with just 9 dollars in my wallet. The manger and associate ended up leaving me outside and going to her office to do whatever they were doing to come back out and tell me that her drawer isn't off buy that much. I KNOW that i gave this women a 20 dollar bill which is says on my RECEIPT! The sales associate PATRICIA ended up coming over again and making up a whole new story about how i was her a 20 to break at first then gave her a 10 and then gave her a 20 and then a 10 again saying i couldn't make up my mind. WHICH REALLY UPSET ME THAT SHE MADE UP THIS LIEEEEEE!! I am beyond upset, and extremely disappointed in how this was all handled. This sale associate patrica completely lied to save her own butt. If her drawer was not off buy that much she obviously isn't doing a good job at getting change back to people and i understand that can happen at times but to make up a complete lie is just CRAZY. The only thing this manger did to help was give me corporate number. The sales associate PATRICIA was better off telling me she gave me all my change back and i miss placed or lost the 10 and i could have felt with that BUT she knew she was wrong because she made up this complete lie of a story because she was WRONG. So thank you dollar tree store #4574 for the 11.10 cent bow i bought today when i paid you a 20 like my RECEIPT says and the bow as only suppose to cost me 1.

Posted by Anonymous

I do enjoy your store in Canyon Country CA... I have an issue however... One night I went into the store and seen your employee Nief in the store room kissing another employee... Very pretty girl however the two of them in back kissing left all of us customers without help... I informed the manager of this and it appears he told Nief exactly what I said and that I said it... This made Nief madd so much so that last Thursday I was shopping in your store and nief said something over the P.A. system and i informed him I could not understand one word he was saying... Well Nief became so enraged he started screaming how he was going to close all the registers on me and he could care less about weather I get my things I needed or not then he started telling me how I was something or another for telling on him and his girlfriend... To be honest I have never been so insulted in all my life... This over privileged kid ended up not allowing me to make my purchase and called me horrible names... Obviosly the new manager didn't have the ability to use discretion... I have told my church group... I have let them all know at the senior center just how horrible your employee and your manager have treated me... I will let all my kids know to... This was so disrespectful with that young man calling me names and asking why I would tell on him... Seeing how this is how your company will be represented... I will just go shop at pick and save..

Posted by Anonymous

I want to complain about one of the employees at the Delmar, DE Dollar Tree. I was in there a couple weeks ago and a young black man was the only cashier in the store. I stood in line while the person in front of me had 50 items. He was on his personal cell phone the whole time. So I waited while he continued his personal phone call and waited on her then it was finally my turn, still on his phone. I just wanted to get out of there. Well I just left there and this same cashier was the only cashier again and this time he was on what looked like the store phone with his personal cell in front of him on the counter. But he talked on this cordless phone the whole time waiting on the people in front of me. There were three in front of me and about 7-8 people in line behind me while he worked with one hand waiting on people chatting away on what we all knew was a personal phone call. No manager in site and then when we finally left the store, we saw another employee outside the store smoking. THERE IS ALWAYS A DOLLAR TREE EMPLOYEE SMOKING OUTSIDE THE STORE whenever I go up there. A heavy set younger woman and today an older woman, maybe this was a manager I don't know. But this is ridiculous. I would have walked out but I really needed what I was in there for. This store is falling apart, it never used to be this way. You need some new decent employees who care about their customers.

Posted by Mark Maki

Dollar Tree Store #2293
Had to stand in line with 10 other people, no other registers open and the computer was locked up so no one is being helped.Employee made numerous requests for help, no one came, regardless that there were other employees running around the rear of the store.
Finally, "Donna" the manager came up telling us all to "settle down", and that she "had an order to receive first out back". Just saying sorry for the wait would have worked better. When she says to the crowd of customers, "what do you expect, you all had to come to a Dollar Tree to shop". What a burn on all of us.
When I finally purchased my one item, Donna makes a sarcastic remark as I walk out to the whole store "have a nice day".
Well, I've never liked that store anyway, its' always dirty and cluttered, and you always have a long wait.I'll be buying from other stores now.

Posted by Anonymous

On nov.5 2017 a friend and I visit the Danville Kentucky store never was I treated like a criminal in my life. Jennifer was working as soon as we walked through the door there this lady was on top of both of us I don't like shopping like that we are not criminals and should have not been treated like that at all. Send some body to have a talk to her (Jennifer ) at the Danville Kentucky store before you all lose a lot of business over her. Thank you very much but I don't think I will be back in the store and will none of my families and friends.

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at the Route 436 store in Casselberry, Florida today. It was the second time I have been treated rudely by Crystal, the employee at the register. She told stories to the clerk who was just coming on duty, and to a friend wh was in line behind me. She spent so much time in conversation, she never looked at my face. The wait in line, once again, was way too long because of her lack of customer care.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently visited your store at pulaski & Chelten ave. Around 5:30pm. While shopping. Bumped my head into one of the display racks. As a result of the incident small portion of my braid was detached and some of the folicles of my hair was removes. As it is common practice I requested an incident report to document the occurance which I am mire than certain was viewed by one of your employees. I went to file one with the manager. Turns out the employee was the manager. He took me name on a piece of paper and said some one will get back to me. Feeling confused.

Posted by Dsa

Visited this store Plainfield indiana on 6/20 when reached checkout i was #6 there were 10-12 customers 1 cashier but three other people in store stocking. After few minutes of standing listening to everyone complaining i stepped out of line asked lady stocking if we could get another cashier she looked at me went back to stocking. After 3-4 minutes another lady
Mgr came up she gave me evil eye. And started helping three customers thanked me. Shel es might need stocked but customers keep store going. Is this the feeling you want dollar tree customers to leave with

Posted by Marydi

I sent an email about my terrible experience at the Woodlyn Dollar Tree with the manager Elizabeth and got a call from a gentleman who said he would take care of the situation and he told me there would be a gift card at the Brookhaven store in their safe. I called the Brookhaven store and the manager there said he doesn't know I am talking out. Dollar Tree is the worst ever. Mary DiRomualdo

Posted by Anonymous

The Dollar Tree store at 18409 Avalon Carson CA never has more than one register open to help customers even if there are or people in line. I spoke to the manager but he refuses to do anything to improve this situation. So I try not to shop there if possible. This is sad because I love Dollar Tree.

Disappointed Shopper,

Rita Rubin

Posted by uncrns31

Something needs to be done with
this so called manager Terri Saddoris on Bemmis Rd in Valdosta Ga! She talks to employees as if they were HER servants, looks and talks to customers as if we were a total bother, treats mixed customer couples as if we were going to rib the damn store like criminals! I'm about to smash her mouth and those rolling eyes, she has less than one more time before I call the law on her. Do something about her before this gets out of hand. She lies about other employees, talks to customers about how horrible certain ones are and they all just happen to be blk! She is a racist and we want her GONE before someone seriously hurts her.

Posted by Me

I cannot believe how rude the new manager is at the dollar tree by me in Tucson by Camino seco and Broadway . She is on the phone yelling through the store or yelling at employees from behind a door unit . When speaking to her she has an angry tone . I ship there often but refuse to go back . She needs an attitude adjustment . Red haired thin girl . Thank you

Posted by Thom

You have lost a loyal customer. Claiming to have customer service is too big of a joke to even consider as funny. You can't even get through to anyone from the bottom to the top, without 3 court orders and a gypsy, along with simultaneous acts of God and congress. I had a complaint, that may have been resolved with even a tiny amount of help. BUT, THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE TO HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to go to your store every day. Now, it's been 5 weeks. I would not shop in your store again to save my godamm life!!! AND TAKE ME OFF ALL EMAILING LISTS, NOW, IMMEDIATELY.

Posted by Customer

store is disaster and the employees viva is very bad customer service the company need to check on there employees if that what you wanna call them customer Service if your spanish other than that they dont know what it is
and the managers esrial and ernist they dont have what it takes to be a

Posted by Customer

customer Service if your spanish other than that they dont know what it is

and the managers esrial and ernist they dont have what it takes to be a


Posted by Anonymous

So, when did DT decide that the customer should bag their own merchandise themselves? What a waste of time, by the time I got done with bagging, there was about three cus towers waiting for me to hurry up, really! I'm NOT going to hurry. This just means that the employees are getting paid more and work less,the store I decided to go to did even greet me in English, I think I still live in the United States of America and the cashier got offended that I spoke English to her, so sorry, happy face, happy face. Yes, I'm quite disappointed but at least they gave me my change in dollar bills and not in pesos, happy face, happy face. Store #4996 in Chula Vista, California. I even forgot some of my merchandise in the store, called back and spoke the girl who answered and she had to give the phone to someone else because she didn't know what I was talking about, oh! I forgot I wasn't speaking in English. I will return to retrieve my forgotten item tomorrow. This new idea of customer bagging their own merchandise should stop. What happened to customer service?

Posted by tinazach619

The Dollar Tree in Niagara Falls Ny on Portage Rd is a disgrace. It is so dirty and smelly in there. So embarrassing to walk in there especially with the carpets being so dirty that need pulled out. Really need to shut that store for a bit and fix it up in there. I wonder what the out of towners and tourists think.

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Posted by Jaime

I am in the enumclaw washington dollar tree almost everyday. I am very impressed with the asst. Manager, She never slows down an gos above and beyond for every customer.

Posted by Bernie

New store in Glen Burnie is clean and well-stocked. Most of the cashiers are very friendly. There is a girl there that has curly full hair and always has her badge on. She is very friendly and is always smiling or dancing. She makes people feel warm and helps them get in a good mood. I have one complaint though and that is to not allow dogs. You have food for goodness sake!!! The 1 manager, I think her name is Debbie always has a frown on her face like she don't want to be there.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is elsie and i'm a frequent shopper at the tully road store in san jose, ca. I was looking for a few things that i needed for a bridal shower and asked the manager (Betty)for help she said she didn't know what i was talking about and to ask another employee? This isn't the first time that this person turned me away. I almost walked out of your store but another employee kindly asked if i needed help with anything and got me what i was looking for! This employee went above and beyond customer service and was even quicker at the register. So, I'd like to tell your company Thank You for having a great employee and Thanks for the awesome service you give (Laura) keep up the good work.

Posted by Ballon lady

Tracey at Jennings store always super nice and smiling.

Posted by Mary Ann

I love shopping at the Dollar Tree my favorite is Christmas time I love the toy drive the cashier I got around this time was Chrissy in Bowling Green Ohio the smiles and she ask every person in her line if they would like to buy a toy for the children in Bowling Green that made me smile and warmed my heart

Posted by HopeFaithLove

Love the Bowling Green Ohio store .They are helpful every Sunday I go in for my blade and Amelia or Selina the managers and cashier Chrissy always know I'm coming and save me my papers and always welling to help

Posted by lovegod

I love going to the dollar tree in Bowling Green Ohio .It's clean and the people there are nice every time I go there.Chrissy is so helpful and kind she is a cashier at the Dollar Tree In Bowling Green Ohio always helpful with a smile .Thank you Dollar Tree for not being rude and on helpful

Posted by Anonymous

CUSTOMER SERVICE was above and beyond. I was suppose to go go a wedding reception on l2-16-16 and lake st. louis, mo. had been hit hard with a surprise ice storm. I needed a wedding card and so I went to my local DOLLAR TREE on ronald reagan dr.. where i get all my cards, and parked in lot. I could not make it to the front door because the parking lot was to icy. I pulled up close to sidewalk but was still icy so a lady,older white haired lady, from dollar tree came out and stood on the sidewalk and asked if she could help me. I told her what i was trying to do and she said if i gave her some money she would get my card for me. I gave her money and she got my card and came out with change and delivered it to my car. Talk about above and beyond. I have shared that story with all my neighbors and they said that was one good story that came out of a very bad day for everyone. I did not get her name and hope you can find out and thank her.

Posted by Shelil

I just want to say thank you to one of your Associates Tara I was I was at your store on Chambers and Hampton this weekend I know she has not been there long but I've been a customer for a while I know you guys are having a little trouble but with an Associate like her I do see a change even though it was hectic she kept it together and got the customers taking care of thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Shopping at the Dollar Tree at Four Mile Fork is always pleasant when Adrian is working. I always go to her line because she is nice to talk to, very friendly and easy on the eyes. Ive been shopping there more often since she has started working there.

Posted by skycashfreedom

The absolute best Dollar Tree store in the nation is in Vero Beach, Florida off of 20th street. The Customer Service and especially the Managementof Sue and Lisa is the best in the nation. the store is run so well and there is never a line, not ever. Not because thousands don't shop but because they are ON TOP HANDS DOWN OF ANY OTHER DOLLAR TREE IN THE USA! THANK YOU KAREN, SUE, LISA, LILLY,CIARA, DEBRA, BUDDY, KEVIN, SAM, AND SHERRY. YOU MAKE SHOPPING EASY AND FUN AND YOUR WORK IT SO AWESOME.Reward these people NOW! They definitely deserve The Top rating for Customer experience. Thank you for all you do for Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida. AWESOME!!!!

Posted by Ms. Tamara L. Mayer

I shop at your Dollar Tree because of employee named Candace! She is always smiling, friendly, shows me where to find products, and I would recommend her for store management before somebody else snaps her up!

Posted by Craftylady

I was shopping for craft Items Oct 7th at your Moberly, MO. store#1896 I was behind 2 men that were so rude & disrespectful to the cashier. I was appalled by what I overheard, they kept saying the gentleman & the store smelled like smoke & said he would report the store as he has many times. The young man continued ringing him out & just let the insults roll off his back, but the 2 men once again made rude & profane comments to the cashier & he politely said I'm sorry if I smell like smoke, I had a cigarette while on break. The customers cussed him more & said he was rude & hateful & they walked out without the merchandise. I am not a smoker nor have I ever been & when I placed my items on the counter I smelled nothing. I asked the cashier his name & he told me Robbie & he apologized for the foul language & negative experience. Robbie had no need to apologize, he was professional through it all & handled it much better than I would have. I love shopping at this store for all my craft needs & always get helped with all my needs & Thanked as I'm leaving. I normally mind my own business but I can not sit back and say nothing on this uncalled for situation.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is carmen and every time i visit store # 6024 i am greeted my the manager crystal! She is very fun and knowledgeable and has great ideas! I enjoy seeing her when i do my weekly visits. Keep up good work !

Posted by Bill

I just wanted to say your employer Laura was a very pleasant cashier a big help finding things for me.I think she goes out of her way to help customers

Posted by Anonymous

I had the pleasure of shopping at your Spring Hill store today, # 5196 and was so very impressed with one of your clerks, Brittany. Her cheerful demeanor and her willingness to listen to my problem and provide an easy solution was so professional. I inquired about a storage container that was shaped like a shoe box and was green. I explained that I purchased it the day before ( with 65 other items), but when I arrived home, it wasn't there. I had the receipt but she said, "It's okay and I am so sorry that happened to you". She explained that I could get a replacement AND apologized again. It was not her fault, she wasn't even the cashier the day before. When we discovered that there wasn't a single green, shoe box, sized container left, Brittany left and returned with two unopened boxed, Fall colors!! She showed me the orange and cranberry and asked if I liked either one. I said I loved them both, so she replaced one of them for the green one and I purchased the other. Customer service like that does not come your way often, and in a Dollar Store! I hope you recognize this young woman since she deserves to hear how wonderful she is!
Teacher, Mom, and Grandmother,
Betty J. Moore
Spring Hill

Posted by Anonymous

I always shop at the dollar tree in auburn ca. I was running behind, and the store was about to be closed. I use a walking stick to help me walk and keep my balance. I was last minute shopping for 4th of July. The customer service I got from your employee Angel, was outstanding. She presented herself very professional and eager to assist me in my shopping. All I had to tell her what I was looking to get, and she went through the whole store and got me exactly what I asked and more. I would like to say you have a star employee there at the Auburn Ca store. There is nothing better than to walk into a store and receive customer service like that.

Posted by Anonymous

Yes I was willing to write a review about your store 3949 they have great customer service the cashier Rhonda as her name tag said was excellent she had great customer service was friendly and help me find things i need the only bad thing about the store is the carpet it's gross and nasty

Posted by strobie000

Love the people at this store! Love the response time when I ask for help. Could not ask for better service and for a dollar how could you ask for more? (Dollar Tree in Castle Rock)

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped in the Jennings Louisiana store last week. The lines where so backed up. I asked the cashier if she had a helper. She was there alone! As busy as it was she kept a smile and had it cleaned out quick with respect and she is really fast. I seen her name tag she had been there since 07. Keep her around. Great worker. My only problem is they seem under staffed. But I have to give the gal a high five!

Posted by Erasmo

The Cashier TinaMariee Was Very Friendly And Very Helpful With The Biggest Smile Ever. When I Could Nor Find What I Needed She Stopped What She Was Doing Just To Help Me. I Hope To See Her Next Time

Posted by Jhoepful

I went to the New store in Indian-head, MD. The store is much more clean an organized than any of the others here in MD. All of the associates are friendly and hard working. The Manager Keith is outstanding. Very personable and a great team leader with his associates. This is my new favorite store. Thanks Dollar Tree

Posted by Anonymous

Was in store when this lady started yelling at the manager was very impressed at how calm she stayed even after been called some of the most profane names she just thanked the lady and said have a nice day I was very impressed her name was devinete

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Charleen I visited your Walkertown store on Tuesday Feb,16, and Lisa was amazing, she went out of her way to help me, and she was about the nicest and sweetest person I've met in any of your stores. This lady deserves a big raise. She will be the reason I continue to return to this store.

Posted by bettyboo

I would like to thank the you g lady who above and beyond to look for an item for me she told me she will find it an she did iwas very happy. I love shopping at the dollar tree store in commack ny her name is Sharon store 3093

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Posted by Anonymous

My nephew works at the dollar tree in Bayou la Batre Alabama . The store does not have a set schedule they make a schedule then change it without telling the employee . We drive 30mins to get to his job only to be told the schedule was changed an they tell him itâs his job to know. Well how the hell is he supposed to know that itâs been changed when he hasnât been to work since they have him his schedule ? Itâs a big deal when it interferes with our life we canât plan our days because of the unprofessional way they do things.

Posted by Anyone

Ex employee of Dollar Tree,was fired from there after being off for 7 straight days. Customer waited until she was almost out the door,after checking her and her big grown Ass daughter out. She turned around and started calling me disrespectful and rude. She said my daughter has kidney problems and now she is hurting because I made her pick up a bag of potting soil. I was like look lady . Y you mad at me that your daughter, I don�t no customers personal business and y come she didn�t say excuse me if u don�t mind can u pick that potting soil up 4 my daughter because she not surprise 2 lift up anything heavy, then I would�ve did it for. Y come she didn�t pick it up her damn self. 7 days later I go to work and my fatale manager tells me that I �am fired. Ok I already knew, because he went outside in the parking lot and told this lady to call corporate on me,because he wanted me gone. Guess ? I�am working at another Dollar Tree in another county. Some customers can be mean and nasty to some of the dollar tree cashiers and some of dollar tree employees can be rude and nasty to some of the consumers who come in the stores to spend there money. The only thing I wanted to say is this. I refused to be verbally abused by strangers on the day to day basis. P.S... To my Ex Manager the way you did what you did, to fire me was all good. Remember one thing. When u dig one hole, always dig to. What goes around comes around.���

Posted by Anonymous

Someone from the CORPORATE office needs to visit the Dollar Tree in Millington Tennessee immediately. The floors are filthy, need sweeping and mopping! The shelves are bare, boxes are stacked all over the floors! Only two cashiers working the registers ! When asked if they are hiring, the Manager stated they have no applications! The store is a total disgrace, please help!

Posted by dw

I'm an ex-employee. Trying to get in contact with a person regarding my stocks. Your phone system is the worst around. With all the money you are bringing in, you can't get a better system.

Posted by Notneeded

I am a employee at dollar tree and have been trying to make a complaint for days with no luck so now I will be speaking with a lawyer it is unbelievable that there is no way to contact anyone e above my manager I am done harsh work environment drugs and dealing by management harassment you name it.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an associate with Dollar Tree in Memphis Tennessee I have a concern about District supervisors not talking with the associates to see what's going on with in the stores the assistant managers I supposed to help the cashiers when the lines alone most of them just sit in the office and do nothing if the district supervisor will talk with the associates have a meeting with them and find out if we have any concerns as to how the store is ran we're supposed to work together what's the assistant managers and managers to make sure the stores run well but we do not have the right support as cashiers that we need the lines can be backed up and assistant managers and some time manager just sit in the office while one cashier is trying to keep up with lines sometime going down the the Isles sometime we as cashiers do not get out ten minute break but we get wrote up because we did not take a ten-minute break when it's really not our fault if this could be addressed and see what's causing this lack of teamwork and also the district supervisor will talk to the Associates in the stores to see if this problem can be rectified also with the store manager

Posted by Truth

I am commenting On the dollar tree in boyd county Ky,I am a former employee and the stuff that goes on at this store is ridiculous there are a couple employees that steal money all the time and the way they do it varies sometimes they do not ring items up and just pocket the money other times they just get in the register and take it.They have family and friends come in and get discounts paying little to nothing for a buggy full of merchandise.The main manager is such a joke the amount of favoritism that she shows to certain employees the same employees helping themselves to the money and she just looks the other way.It is just really bad how she treats her employees she makes fun of them,Talks about every one of them when they are not there and when they are there she is their best friend i do not think that a manager should cause trouble and cause animosity between their employees for your own personal enjoyment.And no i am not a discruntel employee i have moved on to a way better job i just do not think anyone should have to endure the things that i did and someone will step in and take a real look at what is going on at this store

Posted by April

I was briefly an employee this month and was not even given a full 30 day grace period as I was told from the first day I started.-Which my first day of very few was on 8/7/1016 at store #1856, address 1224 W. Pawnee Wichita, Ks 67217. I called Sat night to see when I would be scheduled for this week and told I wasn't scheduled for this week and to call the next Sun morning to talk to Salisha, the store manager. So I did that, and she told me no, I wasn't scheduled and by the way, she is letting me go, and when I asked why, she told me for no reason. That it was what she decided and it's not even the end of my so-called grace period. In fact, I have only worked there 6 times in only 2 weeks. I have given absolutely NO reason for her to terminate me. I haven't been late. I worked all my shifts with no complaints and even past my scheduled shifts as necessary. She has been very rude to me from the very start. Telling me, if she doesn't feel like I fit her team or schedule that she will can me after a so-called 30 day grace period. Her tone of voice and attitude made me feel very unwelcome, and very uncomfortable. She was unprofessional as far as training me to count my cash drawer, what projects to work on when no customers needed to be checked out. She has been very rude to customers. Spoke gossip of other employees on the sales floor with another assistant manager within earshot of customers. She would speak rude, and brash with me behind closed doors, but nice in front of customers. In no way have I knowingly offended her, nor have I disrespected her. Quite the opposite, in fact. She is communicates very poorly as to what she expects or wants done. I have always wanted to work for Dollar Tree, was happy to have that chance. But I'm disappointed, I feel that I was cheated out of that whole 'grace' period and not given the full opportunity to prove myself, nor get to know exactly how things are done. I've never missed a day. I bet she would've never even called to tell me she was letting me go if I hadn't called to check my schedule. I have no way to prove that she let me go because she didn't like me, but because she wouldn't even give me a reason for her to terminate my position as a sales associate, I'd have to assume it was discrimination. It's unfair. I am also disappointed that there really isn't anyone I can directly contact like the district manager to discuss this situation with or just to even leave a report, in case there are repeated problems with this particular store manager. What about the rights of your entry level employees? Are not any of them or their concerns important to you like a customer's would be? Your employees and their friends and families are your present and future potential customers as well. I will continue my search to see how I might reach the district manager or whomever this may concern. I would appreciate at least a response that it's been acknowledged, or it's going to be looked into.I hope you screen and do personality tests or such on your future managers for the sake of your own company. If anyone DOES take any interest to respond to my situation my email is [email protected] Thanks, have a good day.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a ex employee of 2 weeks ago I am so angry I let this store manager slander me I had to love Dollar Tree to unload trucks process freight and train new cashiers for $8.50 a hour she hurt me so bad I left without notice now can never work at a dollor tree I guess when a Manager let's her son work there hires his girlfriend promotes her to asst in 3 weeks all talk Spanish all day so you don't really know if there talking about you all is ok someone works 6 days a week busted her butt for the manager for 2 years means nothing. There is nobody there from 2 years when I started this woman has pushed everyone out the door so sad I have been a DM a Store Manager never have I met a more unprofessional Manager in my life.Would like my name unknown to her she has slander and belittle and lied enough even the freight manager left after 4 years again so sad

Posted by [email protected]

Ilike my job but for 4 munths I was only getting 12 hrs a week and I lost my apartment decoys I didn't have, a full paycheck tell my manager told him. To cut our hrs now I am getting the hrs that I am spot on get my dsm name is ma loss a I am hopelessly devoted to my job our customers love me and great me in the store and do do like I am a stocks clear and fraught worker in east sataulkrtI am there #1st place man on the store I love my boss he only does what he is told to do Dave is a good store manager filled treated me like a peacock crappie we'll it want you allto have a good day and god bless you all

Posted by kiki

I am a dollar tree employee ive been employed here for now going on two years. In the year of 2014 i did not recieve a w2 form, and is inquiry of why not. I hope to be expecting a w2 form this year for my 2015 work year. If possible can you explain to me how i would retain such forms please and thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in your store today and the 31w bypass in Bowling Green Kentucky I'm a manager at another store in the area and today in your store it was the worst customer service I've ever received in my life first there was a line all the way back to the middle of the store two cashiers myself and two other people walked out without purchasing our goods that was after I'd already waited in line for 15 minutes I had over $30 in purchases I won't be going back to the store

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to be able to speak to the district manager for the Troy, Alabama store. I am a new hire I do not understand when your given a schedule for work the manager calls and ask you not to come in due to store hours... I worked Friday from one till five thirty, ask about the schedule, there was not one for me and was told Kayla would call me, today went by to check on schedule and was told Kayla would call me.. I helped to set the Troy store up when new and find it to be a very unkept store really dirty. Customer service is not great when there is a long line and employes are chatting!!


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