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246 Negative Comments out of 256 Total Comments is 96.09%.


10 Positive Comments out of 256 Total Comments is 3.91%.

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Posted by Anonymous

On June 9th my friend and I went to pick up our car at the Maui Dollar Rent a Car. When we got there I was shocked to see a line out the door. In the past we walked in and went right up to the counter. However we were ready to wait our turn. There were 2 or 3 people helping the guests do all the paper work in order to rent a car. There was one fellow who seem to be doing very little and helping no one. We watched him move his bottles of water from one side of his desk to the other. At this point the other people in line were looking at each other and asking what is he doing? I have a big mouth and said "nothing". He wasn't helping anyone. After we got the keys to our car, I asked him his name and told him that I was going to report him to headquarters. His name is Oscar and he said "go ahead. Nobody cares". Do you care?

Posted by ooxrsizer

My husband and I are dollar express members, traveling frequently to las vegas from ft lauderdale. earlier this month we opted to reserve a car and pre-pay, not realizing it was a 3rd party billing us (cartwraler)...upon returning home we say that Dollar billed the full amount of the car rental. When we called to get a credit, we were told to call cartwraler directly. They were nasty, rude and could not help. We called Dollar back and they said our reservation thru cartwraler was never used and we paid directly to Dollar. SOMEONE owes us 108.36 --- we really dont care who. the custome service has been TERRIBLE...we are getting nowhere. While we have filed a dispute with American Express who ALWAYS has amazing customer service, we are still waiting to hear back from someone in management at Dollar. No one has returned the call.....we are beyond aggravated and now must make other arrangements for future trips (4 per year to vegas)

Posted by Anonymous

This is a copy of a letter I have just submitted to [email protected]:

I was instructed to forward a copy of my fuel receipt documenting that the vehicle I rented was returned with a FULL tank of gas. The Dollar representative with whom I spoke on the phone this past week assured me that the $39.85 I paid in advance for the Fuel Purchase Option would be refunded to my original method of payment. I have also included for your reference a copy of the Statement of Charges which clearly indicates that the vehicle's tank was FULL.

When I challenged your representative about why I needed to provide documentation when a Dollar employee accepted the car back into your possession and noted a FULL tank of gas, I was told "who knows if they got it right?" I'm guessing if Dollar can't trust their employees to "get it right", they should be hiring some new employees.

I am extremely frustrated with my Dollar Rental Car experience. I had to initiate a request to refund me for an extra day's charges for both an additional driver, as well as for the use of the Easy Pass. I'm still doing battle with Cartrawler to eliminate the charges for a full day's rental as I surrendered the vehicle a day in advance after specifically asking TWICE (once when making the reservation and again when I picked the vehicle up at LGA) if there would be a penalty for doing so. I was assured TWICE there would not be.

It is my plan to dispute ALL of the charges with my credit card company (then Dollar and Cartrawler can battle it out instead of an unsuspecting customer), document all irregularities and inconsistencies with your corporate office, reflect my frustration on the dollarrentalsurvey and share my experience via social media.

No one should be treated as I have been. Incidentally, the entire reason I rented the car was to attend my mother's funeral. You all have only added insult to my injury.

Posted by Bea

My husband and I arrived at Sacramento airport Dollar Rental around 4:30PM- to pick up the car we reserved on 9/13/17. We were on our way to our baby moon in San Diego the next morning. I'm currently pregnant and only 24 weeks at this time, but I started to have a leakage in my water, so my doctor recommended we go to the hospital ASAP. This was literally right after we received the rental car.

Upon getting to the hospital, we were informed I was in preterm high risk labor, and that I would need to stay in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy on bed rest. By the time we were processed through to high risk maternity, we tried contacting the Dollar Rental Sacramento airport location, but it was fairly late in the evening, so we called back first thing the next morning on 9/14/17.

We informed the Dollar Rental employee of my situation, and the doctor even agreed to write a letter from the hospital- but the employee declined the offer multiple times. We informed them my husband would need to return the car right away, and we would gladly pay for one day of rental fees (9/13/17-9/14/17). However, we were shockingly told we were going to be charged a ridiculous $208.19 for one day! This is horrific! Especially since our total weekly rate would have only been $283.29- from 9/13/17-9/18/17.

The Dollar Rental employee didn't seem to care about our situation, or that I was even in the hospital, and charged us $208.19 no matter what!

It's extremely disappointing and horrible customer service and business practices- for your employee and company to charge someone in our unavoidable situation, $208.19 for having a car for one day.

I'm highly disappointed with Dollar Rental and feel your company has made an already traumatic situation even more stressful!

Posted by I gift no screen name

I have already had an extensive twitter discussion to no avail. My family rented a van so we could stay together evacuating IRMA. The van had problems and your company lied and put us through hoops. I can't even type this out all over again. I am going attempt to reach your company President or go straight to Hertz. I am still considering complaining to the state attorney generals of the four states we travelled and to the media. Nothing like taking advantage of Irma evacuees.

Posted by Dennis.E

I received the rudest most arrogant service from your Anchorage Airport office. The person who attended to me should be sacked immediately. He ended up costing me an extra $1500 for 3 days hire of a dirty presented Corolla car on my Alaskan holiday. I am presently compiling a complaint to be sent by mail to Oklahoma City with all the relevant details The Rental Agreement was Y19938402 07/08/2017 Emp # 11012. I am paying ypou the courtesy to look at my situation before I attack the social media. Thank you Dennis Everingham Feel free to call me on +61 418604099

Posted by Shelagh46

I made a pre-paid reservation for a car; pick-up in Guatemala City at the airport. When I arrived, with the confirmation in hand, there was no one at the counter. I waited for 45 minutes, then reluctantly took a car from another agency as I had reservations out of town. I was never refunded the money. The other agency charged me a LOT more for a car.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a Dollar car in FL. A month later I received a call from a (so-called) Dollar claim center indicating that I owed them for damages to the car. Unaware of any such damages... I requested more information and some form of proof to be provided to me. They claimed that they could only send information by mail... they could not provide anything be email.

They submitted a very vague, low quality b&w xerox photo of the supposed damage, along with the estimated charges for the damages. There was no name of the repair company or estimator associated with the estimate. The photo did not show the licence plate or any evidence that this was even the car I rented.

I left a phone message to be contacted by a supervisor. I have not received that call back.

Recently I tried to contact the phone number I was given, (866)343-6138 with two results. 1) a busy signal 2) a verbal notice that my phone was not authorized to place a call to this number.

This post rental experience has been extremely unprofessional on behalf of this claim dept, and appears highly suspicious as even being legitimate.

Posted by Never Again

On Monday December 5, 2016, my wife and I picked up a vehicle at the Dollar Rent-A-Car located at the BWI airport in Maryland.

My wife and I were on a house hunting trip in the Pennsylvania area, staying in Mechanicsburg, PA, from our arrival until our departure on Friday December 9, 2016. We visited houses in the following cities in Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Greencastle.

At the time of our pick-up there were only two cars available in the class, (midsize) that I reserved. One was a white Hyundai and the other a lime-green Kia Soul. We chose the white Hyundai and it would not start. We informed the lady in the kiosk who went out and verified that the vehicle would not start. She offered us the Kia Souls but it did not fit our needs.

She then told us to take the Chevy Malibu we ended up with. At that time the Malibu was not located near the other vehicles, but was in a totally different area.

All went well until yesterday when I received a notice from:

Dollar Processing Services
1150 N. Alma School Road O-5
Mesa, AZ 85201

alleging that we had used the toll transponder seven times at the Fort McHenry Toll Station in Maryland.

We were never in the Fort McHenry area at any time during our trip, not even on our drive to and from the BWI airport.

I have spoken to several persons at the processing center and they tell me that the transponder was in fact used and therefore no adjustments could be made to eliminate these charges.

I have offered to provide copies of my hotel bill as well as a letter from the realty company I was using during my house search during this time. I was told that these would not prove anything, because according to them I could have rented a hotel and then stay somewhere else. REALLY, we rent a hotel in Mechanicsburg, PA, pay over $400 and stay in Fort McHenry MD, a distance of 90 miles?! The mileage driven, 641 miles, does not support their argument. They claim that only receipts with dates during these times would be acceptable, however, I pay in cash for all my purchases and only use my credit card for large items, (airline, hotel, rental cars, gas, etc.)

I am writing to you to ask that someone use common sense and see that the info I am providing does in fact prove that I was nowhere near Fort McHenry during this time.

This is the first and probably the last time I will rent from Dollar Rent-A-Car, if this is how customers are treated.

Posted by Anonymous

airplane has delayed. so I'll go past 12oclock. please wait!

my reservation my name is nakamura

Posted by ljnav

I rented a car from the Denver Airport, I was never offered any type of toll pass, I was then charged $111. Drove from Denver to Boulder and back. No cash lanes available. Total rip off will never use Dollar Rental Car again!

Posted by Coz

I had the worst experience EVER with a rental car from Dollar Rental at Ronald Reagan airport in Washington DC!!! I frequently travel around the US for business and personal reason. I have used Dollar in the past and have never been treated so poorly then this past Sun when I picked the car up and Thursday when I dropped the car off. First it took almost 30 minutes for a shuttle to pick me up from the airport. I counted 6 shuttles for the other car rental places to come and pick up its customers. When he finally came to pick me up and I asked "Why did it take so long to come pick us all up". The guy shrugged his shoulders as to say "I don't know., 2nd...After they processed the paperwork, they told me to grab a car in the far back corner of the parking lot. they woman said "Stay along the fence and weave your way back to the choice of cars". Kind of rude but they were busy so I over looked it. 3rd...After taking the car from where I was instructed too, I got to my location and the next morning I came out to the car and noticed it had all kind of bird dropping all over the car. Then I got into the car and discovered there was Bird droppings IN THE CAR ON THE WINDOW CILE!! Upon further review I discovered the car had not been vacuumed as there was filth and dirt all over the seats and floor board. Not to mention someone clearly had left the window down at some point because there was water dripping spots all over the same down as where the bird dropping were. THIS WAS COMPLETELY DISGUSTING AND UNEXCEPTABLE!! I called Dollar rental to complain about there terrible service and the customer service person tells me that the only thing that could be done was for me to drive back to Reagan airport where I got the rental and exchange it for another car. I explained to the woman on the phone that I was at my destination already and that I should not be inconvenienced due to their companies mistake and asked if a new car could be brought to me. She told me that was not possible. I then told her I would keep the car but wanted to take to the manager when I got back to the location and make note of the condition of this car as I didn't want to be held responsible for this vehicle. At this point I was outraged!! Last but not least when I took the car back to the rental place at Reagan. They told me the manager was unavailable and the guy that checked it back in acted like it was not his problem and could care less of the terrible experience I had with them. As I mentioned earlier, I travel a lot for business and personal reason and this was far my worst experience dealing with a rental company. If this is the way Dollar conducts business not only will I direct my business elsewhere but I will make sure that every person I know and my agency using some other rental service that knows how to treat their customers decently.

Posted by Alexis

Terrible customer service ---- BAIT and SWTICH tactics. We made a reservation online to rent a vehicle for one week as we needed a 4=wheel drive (or all wheel drive) for a trip to the mountains. Received our confirmation number and drove to the Oakland Airport to pickup our vehicle. When we arrived, the agent stated they did not have any left in the mid-size which we reserved. Instead, they had a full-size for $200 more.

We went to another company at the airport to rent our vehicle, but VERY VERY disappointed at not honoring their reservation.

Posted by overcharge and theft

I rent a car from dubai international airport terminal 2 on 11th of october and returned on 15th.
İ paid extra money for full coverage and there was small scratches around all of the car when i rent the car.
I didnt hit or cause any damage to the car until i returned it, and when i gave the car back your staff said everything is OK and made me sign on a tablet.
But they charged me 2.000 Turkish lira ( 2400 AED = 700 USD ) for those scratches that i didnt caue.I called your branch a Airport Terminal 2 and they said ''i did it'', and i had to make a police report ; if i hit the car i would call the police and make a report because i paid extra money for the FULL INSURANCE to not pay anything for these kind of things.
And your staff on the phone hung up the phone because of there was a costumer in there and he said he was going to call me in 10 minutes and he never called me back ( it has been 2 DAYS )
I am attaching the agreement to this mail, Please be institutional and professional and return my money back on my credit card.
And i forgot a bag in the car at airport there was an expensive professional digital CANON camera and 2 piece of women clothes that i bought as a present from GUESS, and the said they didnt find anything in the car but i am sure i left it in the car !

Posted by Rob

I am a Dollar Express member and this is the first time I have ever experienced such an experience. I am a disabled person and at the Newark Airport I wanted to fuel up the vehicle and the signs stated fuel and lodging and when you follow the signs it takes you directly to the rental car return center. I arrived at the airport 2 hours prior to the departure and when I entered the Dollar return area I was approached by an "unknown" person not in Dollar uniform and I asked why the signage shows for fuel but sends you directly to the return center where you cannot get out - he explained that he is employed by an outside agency and that the signage is difficult for most people to read and that the fuel station is outside the airport and agreed with me that it should be easier for someone to fuel upon return. When I asked for someone else another "unknown" person came over and told that person that he should of not told me that information about the fuel being difficult to find at the airport. I feel since I arrived two hours in advance and needed assistance because I'm disabled I should have been given directions or options to fuel the vehicle instead of taking the vehicle and charging me over $100.00 for fuel. I feel that the rental car companies at Newark Airport are taking advantage of people returning their vehicles because of the poor signage and not letting the customers leave the area due to a dead end do not turn around message. I advised the person that I would pay 50.00 towards the refueling of the vehicle and asked him for a 50.00 voucher towards a future rental but he refused and did not give me any options instead he was taking advantage of customers is poor business practices. I am going to write a letter to the Better Business Bureau so this can be addressed. I will never rent from Dollar or any of their companies in the future. Hire people that wear name tags or uniforms so you can identify that they are employees and if you have an issue you have a name of the person.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car from the Pensacola International Airport when I returned the car I left my computer bag in the back and it was over looked within 15 minutes I was back at the check in and the car had already been taken to the clean up department. I had checks and $400 dollars in cash when my computer was brought to me the cash was gone. My loss but I let them know that they have a theft in their company. I will never rent from them again.

Posted by Michael Cleverly

We hired a car from this company in Phoenix we had a small accident on the north rim of the Grand Canyon a few days later. After keeping us waiting for twelve hours there, they eventually decided to cancel the contract, (decision made by Las Vegas manager who I would love to meet but I can't get his name) stranding us 70 miles from the motel. We only found out when I rang them for the fourth time. I had explained on a previous occasion when I called them that day that I had heart medication we needed but it was to no avail. They endangered my life that day. We incurred a further 500 dollars in extra transportation costs to get to the airport to fly back to the UK. Further we lost 180 dollars in cancelled paid for activities we had planned for our last day.
It ruined our holiday and gave us a poor impression of an American company. Even now they will not tell us what they think they are owed so my insurers can settle with them. It's either mindboggling incompetence or sheer malevolence. A gangster company is the best epithet I can apply. Dreadful despicable I intend to contact the national press when this sorry saga is over.

Posted by BadBadBusiness

Dollar Rent-a-car (Parent company - Hertz) threw a huge wrench in my recent trip and I am so angry!!! I traveled to TN, stayed with friends, all to go watch my son's graduation from Army Basic Training in GA. I booked a car, with extra insurance, through Expedia. The insurance was quoted as $10.00/day. I was going to rent the vehicle for 8 days, my whole trip. When I got there, the rental agents said they would not honor Expedia's quote as Expedia was a 3rd party. Expedia had already deducted the $80.00 for insurance from my Credit Card, but now Dollar was going to up that amount to almost 3 times as much! These people are crap. I did not rent from them and am now trying to get reimbursed my $80. It screwed up so much of our plans, and I am pissed and will tell every soul I talk to NOT to rent from either Expedia (who have yet to refund my money) and never from DOLLAR or HERTZ. I have a very big mouth and this info will be plastered over every on-line wall I can find. Make it right Dollar/Hertz!

Posted by Anonymous

I have just become a victim of this scam practicing company twice in the same rental. 1st I was told to bring the vehicle back with a full tank of gas "but it must be from a station within (10) miles of the rental company and must bring the receipt. upon my return only to find the closes station was 11 miles away. I was then charged $72 for a half tank of gas!

2nd scam, I just received a letter in the mail that I pass (2) "electronic Tolls" meaning un-manned toll, for a total of $2.67. They are now demanding $32.67 or the money will be taken out of my card I rented the vehicle with. I wasn't even given the opportunity to pay the toll at all. Meaning anyone renting a vehicle from them and passes an electronic toll will also be robbed as I have. When I called to inquire I was told " why didn't pay additional for a toll pas? " That option was never mentioned nor offered to me.

****NOTE: In order to stop these scammers, you must submit these complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal trade Commission, not here! Once they see the patterns, then they will investigate this company.

Posted by Rick R

Terrible customer service, waiting on a response to rectify my problem. As of now i would not recommend Dollar to anyone.

Posted by Bill

I reserved a Dollar Rent a Car to be picked up at the Tampa airport at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3 and return it to the same location on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016. My reservation After standing in the Dollar rent a car line for well over 45 minutes I finally made it to the Dollar counter and after giving the Dollar employee my information to rent a car she informed me that they had no cars available and I would have to wait until a customer returned their Dollar rent a car. Did not realize until then that all the people in front of me were also now in line waiting for Dollar customers to return their Dollar rent a car. She said my wait could be between 30 minutes to 1:30 depending on when cars start coming back. Meanwhile, the line behind me at the Dollar Rent a Car was growing and would soon find out their wait had just begun. I noticed not one other Dollar rent a car competitor had a line of people looking to rent a car from them. In fact, none of them had a single person in line and as I found out later none of them had a car available to rent. Obviously, they were able to contact anyone that may have had reservations for a car due to the recent weather problems to make sure they did not have their customers frustrated as many Dollar patrons were on this Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, since I was already going to be late for the wedding I came to St. Petersburg via Tampa airport to attend, I decided to call a friend in St. Pete to have him leave the wedding and pick me up at the Tampa Airport. My wife and I were planning to stay in the Tampa area until Tuesday, but since we did not have the rent a car from Dollar to use while in the area we decided it would be best to just cut our trip short and go back home on Sunday rather than our original plan departure date of Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016.

Posted by Anonymous

Same thing happened to me when I rented in Florida. Purchased insurance through Expedia and then keep getting calls demanding that I pay for a windshield on the rental vehicle. Susan and Tamara are who keep demanding payment. Nice spot for them in the deep below.

Posted by Anonymous

You Should Never rent from Dollar!!!! They are ripping people off with their damage/Waiver! Do NOT SIGN WITH THEM!!!!

Posted by hmfindling

I rented a car in St. Thomas in May 2016. Not wanting to have any worries I took the full insurance option. All I was told at the time was to initial the box which indicated I ws taking the insurance. A couple of weeks later I was notified that there was damage done which I was not aware of nor was it pointed out to me when I returned the car. I was informed that the insurance was voided in that I didn't file a police report when the damage occurred. Apparently that was in the fine print where I initialed that I was accepting the insurance. I told them I wasn't aware that I hit anything or anything hit me and therefore would not have obtained a police report. Furthermore if it was that important a requirement don't you think it would have been mentioned when I was told to initial the insurance acceptance. I have checked with my insurance as well as other rental car companies and they have never heard of such a thing. I am now being threatened for payment.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is John Manna. Date: July 6, 2016, My wife and I had a confirmation number for a prepaid vehicle, to be picked up in Philadelphia. Our flights from Atlanta and West Palm Beach were delayed due to weather. I first called Dollar Rent A Car customer service from West Palm, on July 6 am, to inform we would be delayed and wanted to make certain our rental agreement would be ok. I was told everything is ok. I then called again from Atlanta, approximately 7:30 pm, and explained that we would arrive 4:30 am July 7, due to continued weather delays. I was told once again, everything is ok. Upon arrival, at Philly airport, 4:00 am, July 7, we called the Dollar shuttle, it di not arrive until 5:00 am, finally, when we reached the customer service counter, we were told that our confirmation has expired. I explained that I called twice today. The supervisor said, sorry, nothing I can do about it. He would not honor our prepaid $208.74 confirmation. Instead, he said we are now walk ins and would have to pay over $500 for a new rental agreement. We are 65 years old and got treated like crap. Tired and weary, we had no choice, at 5:30 am in the morning to take the car and go. My wife and I feel Dollar owes us an apology and a refund of the difference of the original confirmation. The staff at Philadelphia did not care nor did they wish to make it right. Common sense sometimes goes a long way. My phone number We wish to hear from someone who can make this happen. We would like a refund please. Respectfully, John Manna

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Posted by Anonymous

Scott was so helpful. He answered every question and I appreciate how easy the transaction was.

Posted by Diana Arnold

we hired from Miami airport - helpful staff,
easy directions to collect the vehicle
Very happy with the car, no issues - easy return to the airport after 2 weeks

Posted by floridagirl

Well its truly interesting how people do not flinch when it comes to posting bad comments about dollar thrifty. Its surprising take renting a car lightly and that the responsibilities that you are assuming are not covering the special deal you are getting per day but the FULL value of the vehicle that you are renting. Most people live with the mondset of "i have full coverage my insurance will cover me fully" .Unfortunately, it doesnt work like that they are also in the business to make money and will do whatever is necessary to recoup any expenses and will most likely rejectpaying for any loss to the revenue of the car rental company and so on. Truly, anytime you borrow something from anyone it becomes a liability to you . You are Responsible for that object and will have to replace, fix and or repair it . Do keep that in your mind .

Posted by arnie

I recently (02/04/2013 - 02/11/2013) rented a full size vehicle at your Orlando International Airport location. I made the reservation through your web site well over a month in advance. I have rented from Dollar in the past and have always been more than satisfied with the company. However, this time I have one concern.
I always returned the vehicle with a full tank of gas, opting not to prepay for a full tank. This time, however, I did elect the prepay option because the price per gallon quoted was very reasonable ($3.56/gal).
After picking up the vehicle and driving to my destination, I looked at my receipt and noticed some differences between it and my initial reservation - differences other than the additional charge for the gas.
First, the concession fee recovery charge increased from $12.28 to $19.04 - an increase of $6.76. That is equal to 10% of the amount I prepaid for gas ($67.64 for 19 gallons). That's an extra 35.6 cents per gallon!
Second, the state tax increased from $10.64 to $15.48 - and increase of $4.84. That represents a 6.5 % tax on the gas plus a 6.5% tax on the additional concession fee - (.065 x $67.64 + .065 x $6.76) That adds another 25.6 cents per gallon, increasing the price to $4.17 per gallon!
At no time during my interaction with your representative in Orlando was I told that additional charges would be added because of prepaying for gas. I hope that was an oversight on the part of your agent, otherwise it was an intentionally deceptive omission. Dollar should tell their customers in Orlando that after they agree to pay $3.56 per gallon, they will also incur more that 16.5% in additional fees and taxes!
When I returned the vehicle, I spoke to the manager at the Orlando International Airport, a Mr. John Huber, and related to him what I described above. He understood my concerns and explained that any charges incurred at the airport are subject to the additional fees and taxes and that it should have been explained to me when I picked up the car and opted to prepay for the gas. He apologized for the oversight and graciously credited my Visa card.
Before speaking to Mr. Huber, my intent was to inform you that I would not be renting from Dollar in the future - not because my bill was a paltry $11.60 higher, but because Dollar was not up front with the disclosure of additional fees and taxes. Mr. Huber did the right thing to keep a satisfied customer. I trust Dollar will do the right thing and make sure that all hidden costs are properly disclosed at the time of rental.

Posted by ClevelandTraveler

I went with Dollar because it was the cheapest (booked along with my flight to Miami), even though the reviews were the worst. However, our experience with Dollar was fine. Everyone else who was "forced" into paying for items they didn't want - insurance, toll fare, etc. - should have just said "No" instead of "paying to get out of there quickly" and then trying to get reimbursed later. The agent was polite, recommended the SunPass toll sticker, and didn't make a fuss when we refused. The process of getting the car and taking it back went extremely smoothly. I would use Dollar again.

Posted by anna

I did have wonderfull experience renting last two times in Tampa Florida,her name is Emil Ottis --- she went out of her way to help,to get me a car,that I could drive,and her friendly smile made up for all of the negative feelings I had trying to get help from other employees.My name is Anna Truesdell,and I do rent a cars at least twice a month.

Posted by Anonymous

Dollar rental car in Milwaukee it top rate. Never had better service. Joe Dolan and his staff are helpful and listen to any issues. Also, they have the best prices.

Posted by jill

Great service, great car, great price, no problems.

Posted by US_Traveler

Being in the travel industry (not car rental), I see many sides to the negative comments. I have always had good experiences with Dollar. recently when i was in Northern CA, I was hit by a drunk driver, and a Dollar rep brought me a car, and he waited for the tow truck to pick up the damaged car - i was in a hurry to get to a very important meeting and could not wait for the to truck to arrive with the new car. AWESOME service from Sacramento Airport staff !

Posted by Anonymous

very satisfied with the service

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