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Dollar General customer service is ranked #563 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.16 out of a possible 200 based upon 2858 ratings. This score rates Dollar General customer service and customer support as Terrible.


2,739 Negative Comments out of 2,858 Total Comments is 95.84%.


119 Positive Comments out of 2,858 Total Comments is 4.16%.

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    • 29.16 Overall Rating
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    • 2,739 negative comments (95.84%)
    • 119 positive comments (4.16%)
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Posted by Feeling threatened

Just got back from DG Ortonville, MI where I was returning an item (home decor 16x20 completely new in the pacakage) and exchanging another that was broken when I opened it. I had paid with cash 2 days prior at another store. The manager, Mike, proceeded to tell me how hard it was to return items from another store. I asked why. He said he would not have room for another store's inventory. He had a super huge attitude and I took him to task on what he was saying. I JUST bought it, it was brand new and could be put right on the shelf. AND I was planning on buying more in that same trip. He still told me that it made his job very difficult. This was in front of 2 other customers and we all were shocked at what he was saying. It was so incredulous hat I said, "wow, I will go put it in the shelf myself to better serve you if it will help". Twice he stopped what he was doing on the return and just stood there staring at me. It was so awkward both times I had to ask if he needing something from me. I really felt like he was trying to scare me actually. If I were a district manager I would have fired him on the spot and walked him out. As I shopped, I noticed that the area where the home decor piece I returned was desalinated. It could have fit TWENTY more of the item I returned. It was in total disarray, so I doubt that he cared very much how it would "fit" on his shelf per his complaint with my return. As I was later checking out (after buying MORE than I returned, and I spend 100s of dollars here btw, only have returned items 2 other times in 5 years) he left the store for a bit. He was so hateful in his demeanor that I actually checked every side of my car for damage that he might have done. He was THAT hateful and his stare down was THAT awkward and unnerving. And it certainly felt like that was his intent. It felt like he wanted me to feel threatened, and I did. If I walk in and see him, I am turning around and leaving. Job well done, Mike. Way to intimidate your customers and have them never return. I suggest corporate send a secret shopper Mikes way, with something to return from another store. See how well that goes.

Posted by J2621kid

I purchased a 12pk of Gingerale, once opened I realized the product was stale. No carbonation, left a really disgusting taste in my mouth. Well I went back in to return it and the first employee immediately said we cant return it, but you can exchange it. (I'm sorry what's the difference, you still have to write it off as a stale product and or return it to your vendor. Anyway, I responded well there's no return policy on your receipt nor is there one on the counter, or walls anywhere. So failure to provide me with that info you need to give me a refund. Well she goes and gets the MOD-and it takes almost 10 mins to come up front. She tells me we cant exchange it because it's a food product and it's open. I responded,yes it's open how else would I have known it was stale? She argued with me about how their "policy" not posted anywhere says this. So my thought is had I brought a box of mac and cheese and when I got home there maggots in it, would they not return it? I asked for the store managers number and she gave me the customer service line. While waiting for the number they began to speak badly about me while standing 2 feet away.Very unprofessional.

Posted by 7734

So I purchased some items that my husband had asked me to get as well as other miscellaneous items. Apparently I got the wrong oil and are vehicle doesn't use the kind of freon that I have purchased. So I went to try and return these items. First the manager on duty told me I needed to have my paper receipt I said what's wrong with this receipt she's like I need the real receipt I said this is a real receipt since from you guys to me. She then said fine I'll take it and she proceeded to go through the return then can I see your ID. I said why? And I don't have my ID with me she said well I can't do the return without your ID again I'm questioning this because since when does a customer have to have an ID to purchase an item from Dollar General? Because with this policy a child could not return his toy that he purchased with his money if he doesn't have an ID.

Posted by Brenda Adams

I live in Schriever,La. On a daily average I go to this store multiple times a week if not daily. I have been cheated out of my $5.00 Saturday coupons several times. The manager,Tammy said she'd help me with that and saved me a whopping .50 cents. Whatever happened to Customer loyalty? Today I tried to return couple unopened movies without my receipt because it's offshore with my cousin.They told me I could only get something else. I realize people steal and lie to get outcome they want. I'm an everyday customer that neverspends under 50.00 a pop and they couldn't give me the benefit of doubt and that was the Asst. Manager. Well guess what I'm not shopping at Dollar General anymore. My husband won't even go into Schriever store anymore because of one of their cashiers stupidity. If they can't use their good judgement in these cases. ...Theres too many other stores that I can shop at and get same results...cold, informal experience

Posted by Pissed off

7/30/18 totally disgusted with return policy,bought three dresses that didn't fit right went back next day with receipt spent$32.50 would only give me $20.00 for store credit and was told I can't get the other $12.50 at all even in store credit,what is wrong with this CHAIN STORE and it,s service ? lost another customer and won't recomment their business

Posted by abc

Oh, really? I tried to return stale snack cakes and was told they don't give refunds and I could only exchange for the exact same product. Every box they had was stale dated two weeks ago. Cashier would not let me exchange for sodas that were the exact same price. Said she would "let" me get a different variety of the same brand. I ended up with something I didn't even want.

Posted by Clay007

Visa prepaid cards are cash only at this store. Why would that be the case? Most people don't have $200+ cash on them and if we did, wouldn't we just give that cash to the person we're giving the card to? Horrible policy and a waste of my lunch break.

Posted by Pissedoffeverydaycustomer

I just purchased beer for my husband and got home, right up the street, my husband informed me I accidentally grabbed the wrong kind. Went back to the store within 10 minutes of purchasing with the receipt and was told they can not do an exchange on alcohol. I have not found this policy in writing anywhere. I am not happy with the treatment and will not be back. Golinda, Tx

Posted by Issued off customer

Extremely aggravated! I bought a 64 count pack of Crayola crayons and three coloring books. Well I get home and the bext day opened the box of colors and two were missing and most of them was already used. Called Dollar General and they had the nerve to ask me why didn�t I open the box up first. I told her when you purchase something especially like crayons you expect them to be brand new. The assistant manager said she didn�t feel comfortable exchanging them with or without the receipt because it had been almost a week since I purchased them. Even The policy states 30 days for returns and the exchanges. She acted like I was lying and just wanted new colors. I�m a known shopper ar this particular Dollar General. I�m in that store over ten times a week. Sometimes I go there several times in a day. The workers know me by name and my kids. This is sad. I�ve never been rude or anything like that you anyone there. I wonfer if I should ever go there again. My feelings are really hurts

Posted by Tbizz625

Very disappointed. I purchase a single burner to use for preparing large meals. My birthday is tomorrow. I am preparing side dishes in a regular saucepan for my bday dinner and the 2nd time I plugged the burner in, t doesnt heat. I purchased it May 1st so its outside your return policy even though I still have the receipt. Not everything is purchased to be used daily. I HAVE a gas stove, this was supposed to be for convenience. Now Im ztuck with it, it doesnt work, and Im spending my birthday working longer in my kitchen than I should. I will not be buying anything besides snacks feom Dollar General in the cutire.

Posted by Yourstoresucks

Sad I can't return the items my son in law bought for my grand daughter. He bought formula and children's motrin. My grand daughter does not use formula anymore, and she has 2 bottles of I'm unopened children's motrin already. I was going to use the cash to get her prescriptions from the pharmacy. Sad sad sad. Shame on you. I will try to get all my stuff from Wal-Mart from now on.

Posted by Sarah

The DG in Hubbard Tx has a girl named Haley whose rude to most customers. Only nice to the men from what ive seen. My young son worked to buy some 13 dollar bluetooth headphones, he was not given a receipt nor told to keep it. When we open the box, they were broken. When i went back to exchange them Haley told me i couldn't. She was very rude. I ask for corporate number, she walked off and started restocking toothpaste. Thank goodness there was a real Manager Brandon working. He was very helpful and did the exchange for me. As we were talking Haley continue to make rude comments and being very disrespectful. I annoyed her and gave her back the same attitude. I will be calling in on her til she is fired! I want be shopping there until she is gone!

Posted by Anonymous

I am thoroughly disgusted with the manager or Asst. manager at the Dollar General Store Oxon Hill, MD 20745. I regularly buy items on-line and at the Dollar General stores. I bought various items and when I went to the register she answered her cell phone. I bought $5.55 worth of sodas that she never handed me the bag. When I got home I realized they weren't I my other bags and had to drive back to get them. With the price of gas high it's ridiculous that I had to go back. She didn't even apologize! If she weren't so busy on personal calls then maybe she'd remember to hand customers all of their bags! I will not return to that store.

Posted by Veronicarydr

Sheldon rd in channel view has bare shelves asked them to get dgdarj chocolate bar went back following week still none...same thing wit jeweltones calico lighters & others snacks I buy.....where's the personnel who did such a great job for years ??

Posted by Smile!

Dollar General is a joke in Brownstown Indiana!! The store is ALWAYS unorganized and total chaos! When you get up to the register to pay,theres usually a line of people waiting on a cashier to help them...because theyre outside smoking!!! The bird looking manager and her petty asst. Manager should probably focus a little more on their store and customer service than worrying about smoking and the latest gossip. Js

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Grenada, MS 38901 i used to work for dollar tree and I loved it the other day my sister has dementia and she ran in there to buy flowers for me to make her an arrangement she got too many whites I went back to the store to exchange the white no I did not have my receipt because like I said she has dementia and she doesn't know what she did with it you have always been able to exchange it without the receipt if but you couldn't get money back all I've wanted to do was to exchange all the white flowers for some different colored ones and the girl told me no way Have a good day very rude even wal mart will let you Exchange thinks !!!!!!!!! Without a receipt

Posted by Pissed mom

I was told no returns on summer items only store credit. I had all receipts and original packing. When i asked where that policy was posted he claimed to be the store manager, so I took that as him saying F off take what you can get. The item I wanted to exchange was an unsafe baby float that was not functional. The Store was 4790 Hallandale beach blvd. There was no identifiable tags on the mans shirt. He was unprofessional (talking on his cell phone for the duration of my exchange). Won't be back!! What happened to customer service.

Posted by Luis

I am complaining about a horrible experience that i had two days ago (April 26, 2018) in the Dollar General store (Store# 19242) located at 135 Canal Street, Staten Island New York 10304. I was accused by the Manager of stealing, in front of other customers and workers. The Manager claimed that he has been there for three months and that I had also been there many times and never bought anything. He claimed that he had received a call from his "LP" about me stealing. When I explained to him that I had numerous items there and that he even helped me with a purchase once, he refused to listen and called for the police. I then returned to the store with the empty boxes of items that I had purchased and the corresponding receipts. He then changed his story and stated that I was there twice on that particular day and didn't buy anything. I proceeded to explain to him that I was there to view some items that I needed nada then went to the nearby Family Dollar store to compare prices. I am a local taxpayer and home owner of this community. I have been shopping at that location since before it was a Dollar General and it was a Family Dollar. That particular Manager is a lier, has no manners, respect or professionalism. I am demanding a public apology. I have already started to publicly rate this store negativily on the internet and will continue to do so, I will also be contacting the local politicians as this may be a case of racially profiling customers, as I happen to be of Hispanic descent. I immediately called the Corporate Office on that very same day and I was told that I would be receiving a call from the District Manager named Craig or Greg, within 24 hours. I waited all day yesterday and that call never came. The complaint number for that Thank you and I am looking forward to your rapid response

Posted by Jackson customer

Went to one of my local Dollar General stores in my city. I bought gift bag, tissue, and card for someone that just had a baby. Well the bag wasn't big enough. Exchanging it wasn't the problem. They said it was policy to keep my receipt. I had other returnable items on that receipt besides I used my credit card and keep my receipt to verify that the charge to my card matches. The girl got hostile with me. If she had kept it I wouldn't have able to return anything else. All other places like Walmart give the customer back their receipt after a return. I have a good mind to have the girl ring up my items one receipt at a time. I understand that theft is a problem for them but they are running off their good customers because of policy.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in small rual area. We have only moms and pop store. In January we got our Dollar Store!! I was so excited. I drive ten miles or more to the Kroger. Our Dollar Store is bigger, brighter, and so well stocked. My complaint with DG is no customer Service!! U have one cashier and the line will back up ten or 12 people and no one opens their register.. Buggy in front of me is running over and I am running in and out for one or two items.. This is at every DG I have visited and the cashieris stocking or customers lined up.. If u have no customers u don't need stock!! This is a pet peeve of mine AND now back to Kroger or Walmart.. I travel by this new DG everyday and its sad people are already talking about your service. Get someone to stock and open your lanes if you want customers.. We want a cashier to ring us up or u will have self check outs like Wal-Mart
If I run in and out I will not stand in line for couple of items.. So sad how u all run your DG..

Posted by Vonnie

Brought a vezion phone from your store in chester Pennsylvania. When we purchased the phone they did not give us a receipt. We had to go back to the store and ask for it. We tried to return the phone back to the store the same day with the receipt and we were told there is no return policy for phones and that dollar general store. Your policy on line state there is a 30 day policy. The phone was never opened. Poor customer service at that store.

Posted by Jk

I bought a DVD from DG so the kids would have something new to watch on the snow days. But the disc was already scratched when I opened it. We tried to watch it anyway, but it wouldn't work. I tried to take it back, but I didn't have the receipt. I told the assistant manager this and explained to her that I just wanted to exchange it for the exact same thing. Technically, I don't need the receipt for that, especially since I'm in that DG every day, sometimes multiple times a day. But they didn't have another one, so I told her I would get one that cost the same... or more.. and pay the difference.. she said that was fine. I picked out a movie that cost $15 more. When I went to check out, she realized that the original movie didn't have a barcode ... it was on the plastic that I had already thrown away. So she called her manager... they said it was a no go.... which I completely understand. I didn't argue... I said it was ok ... and I bought the other movie anyways. After I left, I realized that i had used my digital coupons the day i bought the first DVD, so I went on my profile and found my digital receipt!!! I went back in there tonight... it was the same girl working... I told her I had a digital receipt, she said she would call and ask her manager if she could use the digital receipt....... and I was told that they couldn't use the digital receipt to do an exchange. So like... what purpose do they serve then? I'm so dumbfounded. Not only do I have proof of purchase, but I also have the barcode number or whatever. So why can't they use that!?!? I didn't argue with her, though. I had a sick kid and a 1 year old with me. Not trying to get into it with someone who clearly doesn't know anything about the policy and probably doesn't get paid enough to care.

Posted by Chris74

I have been reading all these comments and personally haven't had any issues returning anything to DG. That being said all of you that had horrible return experiences why waste time and energy arguing with someone wjk gets paid 7.50 HR??!! I would politely tell them to zip it and then proceed to call DG headquarters in front of everyone while I'm standing in line because I'm not moving till I'm satisfied!! Hell No!!!

Posted by K B

Dollar general should remove the POLICY they claim as procedure because I just attempted to exchange/return a newly purchased item from 3 days prior BECAUSE THE $35.00 ITEM DID NOT WORK! The employee first says original box and packing is not of important due to fact it's open is the problem. As I ask her how I was to use it if I didn't open it? She calls store manager to assist me Who then proceeds to tell me I can't exchange ( not as if I wanted another one) item because they do not have any more because she had only received 3 to begin with the week she wasn't sure if she'd be getting more since it was not a core back to the question of refund? She to tells me I can't get refund because it's open? The fact these stores are all over the local areas not around other stores is yes convenience but for myself I'll drive past them now and even be fine just paying a higher price if need be.

Posted by Very angry

I just got back from trying to get a regund on an item that I didn't like. Had the reciept for it. It was opened, but in the same same packaging it came in. How else would you know if the item works? I didn't know DG was like this until I saw all of these comments. They should have a sign out there saying beware rude employees and they should get sued. No where do they have anything saying they can't refund if opened. It does say if unsattisfied with reciept it will be refunded. I'm really disappointed and unsattisfied if they know what that means.

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Posted by Anonymous

Customer service was good.
But the dang parking lot needs repairs bad.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had knee surgery and am still on the cane. I went into my local Dollar General #07295 and was immediately welcomed by Prudence and she asked me if I needed help with anything, I told her that I only wanted a case of water, she said she would get it for me, she did, I paid for it and she took it to the car for me! What angel she was! A Great Employee!

Posted by Twila

I went toDG on Main St. Chillicothe Ohio 45601. Brandon waited on me. He not only check this out and was generally nice and pleasant but when my bill ran a couple dollars beyond what I had he literally put it in himself. You have a fabulous employee. He needs to lots of pats on the back. Sincerely Twila Beverly

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited the Dollar General Store #1433 in Jefferson City, Missouri. I have been to MANY Dollar General Stores and by far this Store was the CLEANEST, WELL STOCKED AND FRIENDLY Store I have had the privilege to shop at. I personally spoke to the Manager, Alan and told him the same. I was a Retail Manager for 26 years with AAFES and I know what to look for in Superior Customer Service, and this was it! This Store goes ABOVE AND BEYOND normal operations. I hope that some type of accolades are given to this Store for their extraordinary Attention to details and AWESOME Customer Service.

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at store 10071 and I buy all kinds of items..I find the store organized and appealing..very convenient...the manager Todd is very nice..his staff also are polite friendly people and I always come away with good buys and a good feeling being treated well..I am very grateful for store 10071

Posted by Anonymous

just a quick note to let you know what a great employee alissa is at your carlisle road, camp hill, pa. store could not find an item i was looking for. alissa took me to 2 possible locations but the item was not in stock. she then called the new cumberland store for me, found they did have the item and asked the employee at that store to hold one for me at the register. that is customer service at its best !!! thank you !!

Posted by Anonymous

Finally store 13446 on Cherry Hill Rd got it right you've finally put a GREAT MANAGER in your store the store is clean, well stocked, the parking lot is clean and she greets you with a smile.
Thank You Joyice B G

Posted by Christy

I would like to compliment one of your employees employees are usually friendly, but Kriste (I don't know her last name) went above that. I was having trouble with tracfone. She contacted tracfone because I my phone was not getting calls. I could call out, but not receive calls. I now have my replacement phone. When I thanked her for all her help, she told me a manager that she had at the Dollar Store in Summertown had taught her to help customers to the best of her ability. Thank you for having such good employees.

Posted by Anonymous

My sister and I were in dollar general in pierz, Mn. Friday the 7th and also the Saturday the 8th of October. We were amazed by how friendly the store manager Alicia was. She was very helpful both days and we both made a haul of some great stuff. We will definitely go back. We think she should be recognized by corporate for the great job she is doing. Thank you

Posted by Tristia

The dollar general in sumner iowa is the nicest dg I've ever been in. And great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Ref Store 12597 Rosendale N.y. Just An Fyi. Bill Is Doing A Great Job. Hard Worker And Good With Customers. I Go Three Times A Week Since The Store Opened And Bill Has Come A Long Way.

Posted by Anonymous

I live in a rural community and our local stores have a lot of issues with digital coupons not working properly. My next comment is to say how wonderful the staff are at the Dollar General store in Canton, MO. They are always friendly and genuinely want to help. I recently had negative experiences at other local stores so want to let you know just how special the staff at Canton Mo are.

Posted by Safety guy

Your employees including the store manager in Brookeland Texas (lake Sam Rayburn) are a great bunch of folks. The manager leads by example in assisting your clients. The is one of the best stocked and cleanest of your facilities I have ever been in.

I live close to the lake and stop in a couple a times a week and do not going shopping here at all.

Always greeted when you walk in and always willing to help out their customers no matter what race or age.

Those folks need a pat on the back from corporate to make sure they know complements are being noticed.

I know most of the comments you deal with are negative but this store is a real light in the stores you operate.

Need more info or verification just stop by and experience it for yourself.

Posted by Anonymous

Just a very positive comment about the manager and staff at the Brantley Alabama store. My mother, who lives in Brantley, had a fall in the parking area after shopping. Mother is 82. She was able to re-enter the store at which time the management gave her complete attention until some of our family could get there. Their attention to her needs really was appreciated. I wish there would be some recognition given to these uncommon employees you have been fortunate to hire in Brantley.

Posted by Anonymous

The Dollar general store at Elk Plaza in Duncan Oklahoma has a new manager named Barbie who went out of her way to help me find what I needed. This store has several employees that are really trying. I appreciate their hard work thought you should know.

Posted by Anonymous

I Shop At The Dollar General In Calmer Ar. This Is A Great Store And Has Great Employees They Are All Friendly And Very Helpful. The Manager Carolyn Is So Awsome Very Good At Customer Service. Great Store

Posted by Greatful

The dollar general store in Telford is wonderful so clean and joey the manager and his staff are perfect.Joey is always upbeat and kind and I've witnessed him pay for people's food,so kind hearted.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to comment your Dollar General Store in Fairmont N.C. 28340 . Store was clean and we had the best customer service. We were on our way to the beach. And found everything we needed.
Thank You, Alan

Posted by NA

I stopped by the new Dollar General in Moss Point, MS on HWY 90. The store is well kept. I especially loved the help I received from worker Annie today! She was very helpful and nice.

Posted by Anonymous

The new Dollar General Store in Sibley Mississippi is the best!!
I drive from downtown Natchez where there are other DG's because this one is ALWAYS organized, clean, fully stocked with no boxes sitting in the isles & the staff is VERY helpful & friendly!!
Just wanted someone to know!!

Posted by Anonymous

Jasper Fl store is always a mess. Stock buggies always in the way shelves empty some stock on very top of shelves to be put out. They apparently do not have enough staff when stock comes in. The staff always nice and willing to help. They need stocking help. One of the worst I have ever been in. Judi

Posted by None

I think the cashier at my local store is scamming customers who redeem the 5$ off
25$ or more purchase register coupons. I bought for 38.72, handed my coupon to him while I took my purchases off the carousel. He quickly handed my receipt and began scanning the next customer's items. I didn't check my receipt until later that day, and didn't see the $5 off anywhere. I believe he may have redeemed it later and pocketed the $5 himself. So long dollar general.

Posted by Anonymous

We visited the store in palmyra Illinois a few days again. The ladies in the store were very nice and helpful, however it was so hot we left. This is not a safe environment for customers or employees. Please be aware. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous

You have a fantastic employee at your store on mulberry street in angleton, tx. She is always there, she is helpful, she is knowledgeable about the stock, she will walk the store with a customer, the promotes items, she remembers her customers, and what they are interested in buying, she suggests substitutes if what you want is not on stock. Her name is Dominique Jones.

Posted by Happy Customer

The store in owensboro KY on highway 60east is the cleanest store in Owensboro the black lady is very friendly. She works hard evey time I'm in there she is working hard I bypass three stores from my house just to shop there.

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Posted by Christine

My name is Christine. I applied for a dollar general but they need paperwork. They told me to call you guys to get it. As soon as I can pull out the better.

Posted by Eacurran

I would love to go to work for Dollar General! I have filled out numerous applications but can never speak to a person. I worked 21 years as a District Manager with Hamra Enterprises and 5 years as a Walgreens manager! I love your company but cannot seem to get my foot in the door! Please help!!! Ed Curran, Columbia, Mo. Available anytime and have great references!!!

Posted by Pissed off won't be back to any

I worked at Dollar General and never once was I told you couldn't bring food back so I had brought some snacks for my lunch and it hasn't been even 3 hrs tried to take them back and they said I could not bring food back it hasn't been opened matter of fact hadn't even taken it out the bag but wanted to return to get my cash back and use the gift card I had just got out my mailbox so could have my cash in my pocket! Cause I start a new job and might need it!

Posted by tgal

I worked for a dollar general, there return policy is very particular, if the item or items you are refunding total out to more than 10.00 you will have to show them an I'd, and provide a phone number. Basically its to prove that there was an actual customer doing the refund and the employee wasn't doing fake refunds and taking the cash, cause dollar general thinks all of its employees are thieves. So you can't blame the employee for doing what they are told.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern, Let me start by saying I love my local DG in fact my step daughter works for you & my youngest daughter Taylor Gilchrest is also an employee of yours now as well at store # 01389. I inquired for them with the manager christy ( But they got hired all on there own ) who I think is amazing, I never shop at another DG even before my daughter's got employed there because I found her to be an extremely hard worker who took pride in her store, & I wanted my girls trained by her because she seemed to be a strong leader & wouldn't except anything less from her employees not to mention she reminded me of myself, young adults need direction and a strong leader because in my opinion I feel this generation has this idea in there head that they are entitled to everything and only have to work when they feel like it.I did not raise my girls that way, and for my youngest Taylor I needed to make sure that she continue in that direction so when I meet christy I knew right away I was leaving my daughter in good hands and that she would learn alot from her and strive for more to please her & christy has done just that, my daughter looks up to her. Your lucky to have her ( & my daughter of course :-) ) So with all that being said my daughter Taylor came up with a great idea for your business, however she still is a little shy & still working on her confidence & I know she will not tell you her idea, & she's gonna be embarrassed that I did this but she needs to know how smart she is & what a great idea she had. So hear it is. Arts & crafts are going viral pintrest, you tube and so on & alot of people are posting there ideas with items purchased at DG now wouldn't be great to walk into a DG & seeing a demonstration for a dyi project just using a few DG products & only spending very a few dollers . You can set a day an time a few times a wk and change the diy project weekly so you'll have that return cust. Who may not go online and see all the ideas that are there. Now they can just get to see it live and just pick up the pre/ packaged project you can have everything they need for that weekly project already to go and a step by step how to directions sheet stapled to the bag & maybe even a video tutorial on your website. I couldn't pass up this great idea of hers, I just had to write you about it & Taylor & christy even if my daughter doesn't talk to me for a wk cause she'll feel I have embarrassed her. Lol what are parents for. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this & I hope one day I can aee her idea come to life. Sincerely Kimberly ( A very proud mom )

Posted by Tarris

I really believe that the assistant manager should be salary also. Myself I would work more hours and not be overtime.
Never enough time to getting all done.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't trash any DG I have gone into lately. Everyone is always nice. I worked for this company for almost 2yrs and would probably still be there if I hadn't been talked to badly and called stupid by someone in upper management. There is days I wish I had toughed it out and ignored this man.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Dollar General employee for almost 3yrs now. I am a manager and often process returns.
I would like to apologize to all of you that have experienced poor customer service. Most of these complaints are inexcusable.
I can tell you that Dollar General values your business and suggest that if you have have problems with your local DG- you should complete the survey on the bottom of your receipt. Dollar General values your opinion. If there is a problem that needs to be fixed, the surveys for that store will bring it to attention. Surveys are analyzed monthly for every store.
I admit that have also disappointed a few customers, but not for rudeness. I enjoy my stores customers in Mabank, Texas and look forward to seeing them again.

Posted by Misty


Not happy
Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee), Newton Falls, OH â November 13, 2016
Pros: The girls i worked with were great.
Cons: The manager is a not so nice person.
I recently quit working at a dollar general in Newton Falls ohio. I worked at walmart for 10 years and never seen such horrible management ever. So sad at how poorly that store is ran and the rules dollar general has. The store manager has a not taped at the register that says we have to ask every customer for money for literacy or we will be wrote up. What the heck. We do all the work raising money for the charity and only person who gets anything is the manager. That is not right at all. And to have job threatened is crazy. I was a department manager at walmart and we worked overtime if needed for inventory. Not allowed to be off not one manager not store manager no one. The store manager at this dollar general goes on vacation for inventory every year and makes all that work fall onto us turn keys. We are not allowed to leave on our lunches which is our time. We can not be rung out by a regular cashier so on several occasions when just me and a cashier till the next turn key comes in i cant buy food for lunch or a drink. So i go the whole day with nothing if i forget my stuff. I was told i am not to miss one single day in December by my manager unless i have a death in the family. Seriously you can ask me and tell me we are so busy and need all hands on deck for the month but to be told im not allowed to miss work is craziness. Our cashiers if they work 5 hours they get no break and cannot have a drink. I dont understand why they can not even have a bottle of water to drink. When your running register and in between customers your putting away freight you get thirsty. I have never been talked to or treated so poorly. I was so excited when i moved far from home to this little town to go back to work with the public. I love people and to socialize and help them but this store definetly turned me away from that. Those girls there can not afford to leave. They are only ones working in there home and need that job and that manager knows it and treats them so poorly. Its so sad that they are treated like that. Im lucky i dont have to work and could walk away. I pray someone reads this and fixes the way that store is ran because those workers are such amazing workers and an asset to dollar general.

Posted by Not impressed

I applied for an Assistant Manager position with the new Dollar General Store that will opening soon in Mobridge SD. I received a voicemail message from the new store manager requesting to callback to set up an interview. I called back and left a voicemail message that I was calling back to set up an interview. Well it's been over a day and a half and I haven't received a response. While at my current job, another employee told me that they actually spoke with the new manager on the same day I got the call. The employee was verbally told by the new Dollar General Manager that they would call them the next day. I flat out find this unprofessional in terms of how the hiring process is done by a new Dollar General Manager. Since I haven't received a response in a timely manner back from the new manager and from what was said to another potential hire, I've decided to withdraw my application. Hopefully the store is better to shop at than to apply for.

Posted by Anonymous

The biggest problem with this company is corporate. You all wonder up there why all your stores are failing and are to stubborn to admit that you under pay and you give the stores NO hours to work with. How do you honestly expect a grocery store to run on 500 or LESS hours?! The DMs who work for this company are obviously trained to only give NEGATIVE comments about the stores and nothing POSTIVE. These stores are a joke. Signed a frustrated employee

Posted by Havanasdaughter

My local store has been hiring since the beginning of September. Along with signs stating a nation wide hiring event. I spoke with the manager of this location and was told that I would be able to work there to just fill out the application. He is an awesome manager. Has been fighting all along to help get me hired. I have applied to every position available at this location, twice. With no results. The manager doesn't receive my application. I do not receive any feed back. I have tried connecting with a live person about this issue and get nothing. I have even emailed and am told that there are so many applications sent in that they can't get to all of them that quickly. If that is true, then why does someone else application show up in 4 days and mine goes no where? Is this how you tell people they didn't pass, by not saying anything at all? I just want to work. I am a hard worker and very reliable. I am obviously ambitious or I wouldn't still be fighting to get hired.

Posted by Anonymous

I have read some of these reviews and in gonna explain a few things to you guys .....after 15 years of working for this company .your right floors are messy, cashiers are rude, stuff stocked to the ceiling praying nobody sneezes. buggies packed dolly carts every where .now you want to know why you had to wait 5 people in line for a cashier to come to the register ......ill tell you .a store is open 98 hours a week (+~) they give you.130 payroll hours for 7 employees 2 get 35 hours ast.mgr & aclead the other 5 get 10 -15 .oops they made a mistake another store went over his her u need to pay payroll back 20 hours . but your the manager so you pull it .BY THE time you do you make less than mim wage .then your 2000 box truck has arrived, Mary she called in sick, today is franks day off . Lisa is at the Er with kid . we hell what's next ....your D m calls you have a conference call at 10:00 whose gonna run the register, unload the truck, dang, milk man is here . did that customer just cuss me. SMILE TESS YOU CAN DO IT !!! well I got wrote up because I hung up on the conf. call to help customer find diapers. ........o well IT WAS ALL in a days work .Not any more . I had to just walk out ....dg can chew on a managers butt until they feel they have no choice .......BUT YOU DO .so customers please I now am a shopper no longer a manager .and being on both side of the fence .is no fun. when you stop and that cashier is ugly to you and that store is a mess . just remember we are mim.wage managers we really do work sun up to sun down .....this is just my story ....

Posted by Linda Luper

After an 18 year career with Dg I was put in a position where I had to quit. I want to thank Dg for all it has given me and for getting to work with some awesome people. Recently getting a visit from Steve was very exciting and getting my picture on dgme made me feel like a star. I just wish the promises made to me were kept and I would not have to drive so far to go to work. I was told it would only be a few weeks and it's been over a year. I think Dg does not value loyal employees and that makes me sad. Thank you

Linda Luper

Posted by Samantha

I am a previous employee (I was fired) as well as a frequent shopper at store #1059 located in Scranton, PA. I personally know Stacey James, Josh James and Janell Miller WHO ARE ALL FAMILY. BLOOD FAMILY. Jessica James also worked there, she was fired. Janell James is the mother to Josh and Jessica James. Janell is Stacey Jame's sister in law, Stacey's husband is Janell's brother. Stacey James who is currently an LSA knowing store policy on family working for Dollar General and specifically in the same store, did not advise against her family in applying for employment at Dollar General. John Parduski the store's district manager knows this, but has said to keep it hush and deny any accusations. His reasoning being, the store was losing a key manager Shannon Lewis (to a new store) who had brought that store back up from the ground. With this current store always being shorthanded (there's no question as to why, people get fired or quit because of they way the store is run. Getting written up for ridiculous reasons. As well as being treated unfairly, probably because we're not family, or just being spoken to with no requard to a person's feelings).

Janell always prefers closing, Hmmm wonder why? What's going on there! Janelle and Stacey have also worked the same shifts, they've even worked shifts with Josh, they are family why is this happening, family is not supposed to be working at all specially not in the same building.

This store needs a really good checking into! I wouldn't be surprised if shrink is happening behind the scene. Just my opinion. Store policy is store policy and when, policy is broken there's a problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello upon receiving my hire packet I didn't complete everything in one day ur took several days and was not told to complete within a certain time frame so after completion of the hiring packet the drug test dates had past do the district mgr told me she would give me another date but I have yet to recurve a new date ????

Posted by Anonymous

Hello Iam inquiring in reference to job employment. All my paper work is complete background complete but there was s discrepancy with my drug test so my question to you is can I get another date due to the misunderstanding of the hiring packet ?

Posted by OLD Assistant Manger

Have been trying to get my job back at store 06125 and the manager refuses to consider my application, I was wrongly dismissed by the former DM this fact is backed up by both HR and NYDOL, whats worse is my absence is costing the store business as most of the other businesses in town only bought there because of me knowing the people doing the purchasing for them.

Posted by Anonymous

Every comment I read is true and seems to be the norm for the CEO's idea of management.
The stores are operating on 1-2 employees per shift. New Merchandise delivered each week, keeps the stores crowed and disorganized.
Most employees are PT to keep CEO 1.6 billion net income.
No benefits;insurance, discounts, incentives, vacations, 401, nothing not even "good job, at a boy, pat on back".
As the customers complains, so does the over worked unappreciated one is happy and everyone walks on egg shells as this is the mentality of the CEO's way of unsecessful management theory.
I apologize for all the customer complaints and highly agree that the "King On The Mound", needs to think about the little peons that's keeping him there and make the necessary adjustments that would make this store a No 1, in retail.
As big as it is, more can be given to the employees that would change the face to a smile than an insult.

Posted by Donrb3724

i was employed at dollar General and after my shift i quite because i was the only one taken care of the customers and the other associate did all her stocking and talkedon the phone all night and when she noticed a customer was waiting at the counter she called me to take care of the customer when she had a till as well. i could not get any of my shevles organizd because i had to stop and take care of customers and she did not take care of one customer

Posted by Anonymous

I am an ex-employee,I was just terminated on May 30,2016 for being over $10.16,short $10.14,and short again so my manager says another $7.95.Now both ten dollar incidents seems so off but given I had new money I didn't say too much.They want you to move fast get the customers out but when a mistake is made it's hell to pay.Being short with the 7.95 is also a trip now after I counted my draw down I specifically asked how did I come out, my manager said you just a couple cents off I was like okay. I went to the front got my trash took it to the back in returning to the front I was informed by the manager that I was $7.95 short, so quite naturally I asked why you didn't say that the first time, her answer oh I really wasn't paying attention to the screen but she did look at the screen cause she turned around then turned back around. Then she says maybe it will show up tonight in the deposit, but before she left that Thursday she wrote me up again and this time it was termination. I went in to work Saturday worked went home that Monday I went in she says you are terminated so then she show me the write up say I didn't want to do this but I had to its protocol.This is where I have a problem if she was going by protocol I was suppose to get a verbal warning first,then a write up next followed by another write up last but not least terminated. I got wrote up all three times but terminated the third time. Her best friend that works there was over $3 one day and short $3 another.She only has one write up in her folder.I'm feeling like I wasn't treated fair. I'm a disabled person that was trying to do my best only to be done like this not to mention when I was working some weeks she would only give me one day on the schedule and make $25 dollars on Friday when everyone else had good hours.I wasn't asking for much just at least 15 hours a week I never got that.This was the worst experience I have had being a cashier the customers was great and for the short time I was there I never got a complaint from the customers, but when I wasn't working they got complaints. I'm just so out done with them I use to be a manager and I don't know but I would have done some of that a little different.I got so many compliments because I smiled and greeted each customer as if they were family one lady told me don't let no take my smile away but you know what I almost did today I'm okay with it and I'm still smiling. I'm not writing this to bad mouth them but they need to get their mess together.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to apply for a job at Dollar General in Crimora VA for the last 3 weeks and your application will not come up. You need to make the process less hard to find.

Posted by Son with it

Not happy with the way management employs hiring.....I got told today after being put out for three weeks and only having two days training on the register I was demoted and had hour and a ¢75 pay cut due to my having had dyslexia I had two...I repeat two days on a register and was expected to know everything! This makes me so upset having my manager tell me I'm not good enough.


Posted by Anonymous

BE CAREFUL WHEN PURCHASING GIFT CARDS, PREPAID VISA CARDS, OR PREPAID PHONE CARDS!! They cannot return your money to you if you purchase the wrong one, you have to call the company for which this card comes from (verizon, paypal, etc) to receive a refund from those cards. To answer the person who paid with paypal... I'm fairly certain that as long as you had your receipt you could just get actual cash back, it doesn't have to be returned to your paypal if they didn't know how to do it. --- Ex Employee ---

Posted by Anonymous

Honestly, in most situations, if the manager on duty is skeptical it's not even truly your fault, but the fault of all those customers preceding you who have continuously stolen and tried to return certain items. Customer service may approve a return, but it's easier to speak with a district manager vs. the customer service hotline as the district manager will give permission under the right circumstances, where any store has the right to reject a return under any suspicion of theft. There are policies which do not allow them to accept food returns that are not covered by the DG guarantee (clover valley and smart & simple products), and opened heaters or fans, or opened high expense electronics (including cellphones), instead they insist you call the manufacturer for a refund or replacement. --- Ex employee ---


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